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Forever and Always

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: Forever and Always

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Romeo Smith,Indi Walker, Charlie Buckton and Brax

Other Characters: Heath,Casey,Ruby,Nicole

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance Spoilers: No

Any warning No

Spoilers??? No

Summary: Romeo and Indi are happily married and are awaiting the arrivail of their baby girl Hayley, Chax have lost one daughter to the big city and now they are awaiting the arrivail of their second daughter Alex.

Chapter 1.

Charlie and Brax were on their way to the airport.

“Claire are you sure you want to do this?” Brax asked

“Dad that’s the tenth time you’ve asked me that yes I’m sure” Claire responded

“Brax she will be fine she’s almost 18”Charlie told Brax rubbing her stomach.

“Anyways by the time I get back Alex will be here “Claire responded smiling

“Well I’m sorry Claire but to me you’re still that little girl” Brax said

Charlie shook her head just as they arrived at the airport.

Charlie and Brax walked Claire to the gate and waited for the plane to board.

“Flight 667 to New York now boarding” A voice over the intercom said

“I’m going to miss you sweetie” Charlie said as she gave Claire a big hug.

“Have fun sweeie”Brax said

Brax hugged Claire.

“I will don’t forget about me” Claire joked

Claire waved to her parents and Casey, Ruby and Hayden

“Why can’t I go to New York?” Hayden asked

“Because you’re not old enough” Casey responded

“Why?” Hayden asked

“You’re 17” Ruby responded

“So’s Claire” Hayden responded

“Yeah but she’ll be 18 in a couple of weeks” Brax responded

Back at the Walkers.

“Um excuse me” Indi said to Sasha

Sasha looked up at Indi and slided out of the way.

“So have you decided on names?” Sasha asked smiling

“Well I’m sure it’s going to be a girl” Romeo responded

“Yeah so if it’s a girl we’ve decided on Hayley” Indi added

“Aww that’s a cute name “Sasha responded smiling

“Yeah her full name is going to be Hayley Ann Walker”-Smith Romeo said

“Cute I wish to have a baby one day” Sasha responded

“You will when you found Mr Right” Indi responded smiling

“I’m in love with Casey Braxton but he doesn’t know I exist” Sasha responded sadly

“Have you talked to him?” Indi asked

“I’ve tried but I get so nervous” Sasha responded

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Thanks for the comment Sandie.

Not sure if I'll continue this fanfic.

Here's the next chapter

Chapter 2

Romeo and Indi we’re having a lazy day in bed.

“When Hayley is born I want to get a tattoo of her first two names Hayley Ann “Romeo told Indi

“You will do no such thing Romeo Smith” Indi responded

While Romeo and Indi both had the day off Sasha had to go to school.

“Hey Sash” Casey said

“Oh Hey” Sasha responded

“What’s up?” Casey asked

“Nothing” Sasha responded

“Sasha Bezmel I know you and it’s not nothing so you better tell me or I’ll tickle you” Casey responded

“Fine” Sasha responded

Sasha pulled Casey in to the nearest class room and closed the door.

“What’s going on?” Casey asked

“Just be quiet and listen I’m in love with you Casey Braxton have been since the day we meet” Sasha responded

“Aww Sash I’m in love with you too” Casey responded

Sasha and Casey exited the class room holding hands.

“Since when are you two together?” April asked

“Since Now” Sasha responded

“She just told me how she feels and vice versa” Casey added

“I’m happy for you two you’ve been dancing around each other for months” April said laughing

Charlie was missing her first born Claire.

“Remind me again why we agreed to Claire going to New York” Charlie said

“Because we can’t hold her hostage she’s almost 18 and she’s finished school” Brax responded

Charlie rubbed her stomach.

“I just wish this little one would just hurry up and pop out” Charlie said

“I know but Alex will pop out when she’s ready” Brax said smiling

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