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How not to get lost in the soap wash-up

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In the latest showbusiness brouhaha that has inflamed the world like an extremely important ingrown toenail in the past couple of days, actress Melissa George insulted every proud Australian by telling them to stop referring to her past as a soap opera ingenue. Instead they should focus only on her more recent work, lest she become enraged and abandon this country forever to spend more time eating croissants with her dog.

You can't hang around a soap opera too long if you want to ever be referred to as anything but “Neighbours star Kym Valentine” or “Home and Away's Kate Ritchie”

other Home And Away's soapie stars also get a mention.


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That was a rather lighthearted article, made me laugh in parts and cringe for the actors in others. Whoever wrote it has done their H&A research!

I agree with pretty much all of those points, it's interesting. I think the main point I agree with is:

4. Stretch yourself creatively: Perhaps Melissa George suffers because all the roles she's played since Home and Away have been variations on “woman who looks like Melissa George”. If you want people to forget you were a soapster, you need to go a bit more experimental. Play a skinhead psycho like Crowe, or a Norse god like Chris Hemsworth, or a demented game show host like Cornelia Frances – anything to put the memory of your soap character out of people's minds. If Alex Papps had quit Home and Away to play a transsexual werewolf on The X-Files, maybe he'd be a major film star now, instead of the poor man's John Waters on Play School.

To me though when I hear of Melissa George in a new role, I immediately presume she is going to be in a horror movie. But it's a good point - a lot of her characters have looked and felt the same.

I refer to Guy Pearce as a great example - an actor who went from an iconic Aussie soap actor, to International film actor. His role in Priscilla Queen of the Desert couldn't be any more removed from Mike Young in Neighbours and he's just got a decent variety going on.

Also a great point that is, I presume, both flattering and a burden - to be remembered instantly as -character name- from H&A. Bobby, Sally, Pippa, Angel, Marilyn, Alf, Irene, Fisher, Ailsa etc. they've all made such an impact playing their characters that it is quite difficult to see them as someone else. Unless of course they go to point 4 and really 'become' someone else, a major change in costume and accents would probably help.

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1st I love Australia and Sydney! that being said I have a high regard for Aussie actors becasue as my mates say they are hard working and kind people. I been lucky to have a good record of replies about 80% . Although living in the USA I havent met any Stars from Down under yet many mates have and had good and bad meetings!

Most of the time actors do care and I been very happy to support them. Yes they are some people who are hard to contact and despite my disapointment over not getting a promised gift from Melissa I still admire her work and look back on Angel years with fondness. Im not putting down H&A. I think its a great show yet I just dont have a Bobby,. Angel or Hayley to call a fav. I just miss the past seasons!

That can be said for many other shows. Theres alot of great Aussie series that no longer around like McLeods daughters, Blue Heelers and Sea Patrol. I heard good things from them and their stars! I do have some disapointments as other show lose actors, have bad writing and just bad news! I am very disapointed yet I wish other fans and their favs all the best!

Sadly I held some people to a standard only to find they are as we are here in America. It can make you look at all in the bad way yet I will continue to say H&A done a great job and I wish it well. Yes Melissa maybe had some bad times while on H&A yet there worse people out there so Im willing to accept her apology!

Guy He was in a classic Aussie Show The Snowy River series!

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