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Nicola Charles (Sarah Beaumont) returning to Neighbours?!

Guest Nasty_robinson

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Yeah she is definetly returning its in TV WEEK. I bet they are just bringing her back to cause a further rift between Karl and Susan. Maybe Karl and Susan should just leave already their constant breaking up/getting back together has ran its course

Anyway Sarah left Erinsbourough a married woman. Also its said Sarah and Karl had an affair they didnt they kissed like two or three times. Its not like he slept with her like he did with Izzy

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I only vaguely remember the Karl and Sarah thing but I'm kind of hoping she and Karl get together again.I'm more then a little sick of the constant making up and breaking up of Karl and Susan.

At the moment it's hard to see why Karl and Susan have split once again. If you're a viewer who only watches Neighbours on and off, you would be convinced that they're together.

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