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Storming the Sand

Guest ScreamingQueen2006

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Story Title: Storming the Sand

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main characters: Dexter, Belle, Aden, April, Axel, Jai, Nicole and OC.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Tragicomedy

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Will let the reader know before the chapter if there is anything.

Summary: Dexter is a nerd at heart, who is more interested in Star Wars than romance. That is, until he meets Belle, who captivates him. They soon become fast friends, but Belle is light-years ahead in maturity, and she soon turns the head of the school jock Aden. What will Dexter do to keep Belle’s attention? Can a Sci-Fi geek find his rightful place and win in a social network he has no place in?

Author's Note: I announced this fic sometime back in June and now I'm finally posting it. I'm not really sure about this one just hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1

The footprints followed Dexter steadily across the dune as he stormed the sand in his Darth Vader helmet. He breathed heavy and shouted at the top of his lungs. “You underestimate the power of the dark side!”

Belle, who had been sat close by, jumped at the bellowed voice and saw the light saber pointing at her. “What on earth?”

“Fear not, Princess Leia!” Dexter’s voice boomed from inside the helmet.

Belle had gotten to her feet and started to make her way down toward the water’s edge. “I am not Princess Leia!”

Dexter tagged along behind her. “Of course you’re not. Sorry. I’m just playing Star Wars.”

Belle raised an eyebrow. “How old are you five?”

Dexter took off the helmet. “I get bored during the summer holidays. Did you know that one photon torpedo could ruin your entire day?”

“Random, but no, I’ll try my best to remember that one.” Belle replied, a hint of sarcasm in her tone. She proceeded along the beach, the smell of the sea water tickled her nose, and she could almost taste the salt on her tongue.

“Hey! Wait!” Dexter called after her. “Sorry if I offended you.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“So, I’ve not seen you around here before. Are you secretly one of those out of town girls that attend Summer Bay High?”

Belle shook her head. “I just moved here actually, but I guess I’ll see you there when it starts.”

“What’s your name?”

“Belle.” She called back in reply.

“Hey Belle, I’m Dexter.”

“Hi.” She looked at him awkwardly. “Bye.”

“Just a minute. I have a flat tire.”

Belle frowned her eyes locked on his. “Excuse me?

Dexter smiled awkwardly. “It’s my bike, must have run over a sharp object. Could I get a ride home? I saw you arrive in your car earlier.”

“A Star Wars nut and a stalker? Interesting. Guess I’ll give you a ride home then. Come on.”


“See all you need to know is one person. So when school starts you’ll have one good friend." Dexter said as he followed Belle to her car. "Do you think people need more than just one good friend?”

Belle glanced at him. “Well, yeah.”

“That’s good because I’ve got a lot of friends I can introduce you to. Hey guys!” Dexter shouted as he waved a hand at the crowd of teenagers on the track and field. “There’s the school football captain, Aden.” He pointed out to Belle. “There’s his girlfriend Nicole cheerleading, they’ve been seeing each other on and off since last year, since she transferred from a private school in the city. She caused quite an up roar on her first day.”

“I bet.” Belle looked over at Nicole, who smiled her perky cheerleader smile. “So you really know those guys?”

“Course I know them." Dexter insisted. "We don’t hang around or anything. I don’t like to get caught up in all their stuff. It’s too superficial. You know football heroes with scrambled brains from all the football hits, cheerleaders and parties. I mean, I’d play if that other stuff didn’t go along with it.”


Dexter looked out of the passenger window and listened to Belle as she drove down the road.

“So my mum is working for this Ad Agency in Canberra and there doing this jean design. Then along comes Mr designer jeans of Australia, who is 20 years old, and my mum’s like.” Belle did an impression of her mother. “Gee, I gotta work late again tonight Belle.”

Dexter shrugged. “It happens.”

“Not with a guy who’s 20.”

“Age difference can be a good thing. You have to keep an open mind. For example, I’m 16 and you’re 18.”

Belle cut him off. “Would your mum do something like this? No, I bet she wouldn’t.”

“She already did." He said disappointedly. "She ran off with my sister’s boyfriend.”

“Ouch. That’s awful.”

“Yep. That’s why I say, keep an open mind. You never know who’s going to walk through the door at breakfast and make you choke on your cheerios.”

“Which one’s your house?” Belle asked.

“Just back there.”

Belle reversed the car and stopped. “That one?”


“Wow, it’s awesome.” She admired.

“That materialistic monstrosity?” Dexter gestered to the outlandish glassed mansion.

Belle frowned. “You don’t look like you live there.”

Dexter hopped out of the car, avoiding the comment. “You should really keep an open mind though.” He lifted his bike out from the backseat. “See, your mum’s boyfriend. He may turn out to be a great father figure to you.”

“He’s two years older than me!”

“Ok maybe not so much a role model, but don’t worry about that. You’re just putting an unnecessary hang up on the situation.”

“Here’s your Darth Vader helmet and your light saber.” Belle said handing the items to him.

“You know, I bought two copies of the Star Wars trilogy just so I could have the full Darth Vader helmet.”

“You have a tan from wearing it too much." Belle smiled at him. “Well, bye Dex.”

“It’s perfect your name’s Belle.”


Dexter met Belle's eyes again and a smile danced on his lips. “Because you’re beautiful.”

"Oh." Belle said finally, breaking the gaze by averting her eyes.

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Thanks for the comments Kristen, Red, Sarah, Steve, JosieTash and Zetti. I didn't expect this story to receive this much feedback. It's nice to read your comments because it makes me want to continue writing.

I thought with it being Half Term this week that it would be difficult to find time to work on this fic, but luckily I got this ready for you guys. Enjoy.

Chapter 2

“This is creepy Dex.” Belle said feeling uneasy as she followed Dexter through the tunnels underneath the Sydney Opera House. “This place is so overrated too.”

Dexter shrugged. “Who cares if no one goes here? We’re famous for it anyway.”

They had spent their entire summer together and were enjoying the time immensely.

Dexter stepped down a narrow passage and with the aid of a torch to help guide them, they soon found the hatch to the auditorium. He used all his strength to prize the lid open with his bare hands. At long last Dexter looked up to see a few hundred people engaged in Star Wars in Concert: The Orchestra Tour.

A man seated close by had noticed Dexter’s bizarre entrance. “Can I help you kid?”

“Do you mind if we listen?” Dexter asked.

“No, not at all.”

“You wouldn’t by any chance have a program I could borrow?”

The gentleman handed Dexter a show program and continued to watch a film montage which accompanied the current musical compendium.

Dexter read the program eagerly. “Woah, get your light saber ready Belle, it’s going to be a great show tonight.”


Dexter turned the pages of the phone book, as he and Belle had decided to make a prank call. Now it was just a matter of which person and to where. He placed the book down and lifted up the screen of his laptop.

Then all of a sudden he looked like a light had switched on in his head. “Brainwave, let’s call the Pentagon.”

“What? Why? That’s in America. Why would we want to call there?”

“Trust me. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.” Dexter dialled the number he’d just found on a website, and as a woman answered he pressed the loudspeaker button so Belle could listen.

“Hello, you have reached the Pentagon. How may I help you?” The secretary asked.

Dexter cleared his throat. “We have information about an invasion from the Darkside.”

There was silence for a moment then the lady on the other end finally spoke. “Is that a terrorist organization?”


Belle sat in the passenger seat as she let Dexter experience driving her car, a red light soon caught her attention and she shot straight up in the seat.

“Dex stop! That was a red light back there!”

Dexter, startled by Belle’s sudden outburst jerked the wheel to the right which caused the car to swerve into the wrong lane.

Belle saw the horror on Dexter’s face as an angry driver made an obscene gesture through his window. “Just pull up at the curb.”

Dexter let out a sigh of relief as he managed to manoeuvre the car into the correct lane. He flipped on the blinker and pulled up alongside the pavement. “That scared the hell out of me, and that guy I thought he was going to murder me. Remind me not to get behind the wheel again.”

Belle smiled. “Noted. Maybe we should find something to do that’s a little safer.”


Dexter eyed Belle as he laid upside down, his head hanging off the bed. There was an unspoken appreciation between them as they listened to music in silence.

Belle noticed Dexter’s expression change. “What’s the matter Dex?”

“Just wishing school would never start.”


The first day of the new school term had commenced, and assembly loomed over everyone like a cloud that kept any light and happiness from those that stared upward from below.

“Now if you could make your way to the gymnasium in an orderly fashion.” Mr Bartlett said to the congregating students. “Jai Fernandez, tuck your shirt in please.”

Jai tucked his shirt into his trousers as he walked alongside Dexter. “Did you hear about Ruby?”

Dexter looked puzzled. “No. Why?”

“She went psycho on someone’s car. Cut the brakes.”


“Yeah, it’s pretty bad. She’s expected to get some jail time.”

“Hey Dex.” April beamed at him, a bow in her long black hair. “How was your summer?”

“It was ok.” He said returning the smile. “How was yours?”

“I had the best summer ever, France is just great. Now it’s over and I miss it.”

“Did you hear about Ruby?” Dexter asked her.

April nodded. “Yeah, so awful. I didn’t think she was the type to do such a thing.”

“Why did she do it?”

“She was in love with someone who didn’t want her.” Jai cut in. “Apparently he still had feelings for his ex. Ruby thought it was an idea to hopefully bump her off so she could have the guy for herself.”

April frowned. “That’s just delusional.”

Jai nodded in agreement. “Guess love makes you do stupid things.”

“I guess.” April turned to Dexter. “Want to go to the cinema tonight Dex?”

Dexter was oblivious to April’s question as he spotted Belle amongst the many faces. He had begun to walk in her direction, but with the hundreds of people passing through the corridor, it was ultimately impossible to reach her.

Inside the gymnasium the coach stood on the stage, a microphone to his lips. “They fly like butterflies and sting like bees. Give a round of applause for our very own Summer Bay Stingers. Come on up boys.”

As the jocks were heading toward the stage one of them caught sight of Dexter. It wasn’t clear why, but he had left his seat and was sneaking past the rows of students.

Axel grabbed a hold of his t-shirt and pulled him up. “Hey, look what I got. Walker’s trying out for the team.” He hauled Dexter into a fireman’s lift and proceeded to the stage.

“Put him down Axel.” Aden said disapprovingly.

Axel popped Dexter at the other end of the stage and returned to stand with his fellow team mates.

As the coach began to praise the team and discuss the upcoming game Dexter pumped his arms in the air, which received excited applause from the seated students.

“If we can get serious here.” The coach said hotly, trying to get back on topic.

Dexter gestured his thumb out at the coach.

“Ok Dexter will you get off the stage.”

Dexter gestured his thumb again. The audience laughed and cheered as he mocked the coach.

The coach, unable to curb his frustration bellowed. “Get off the stage now!”

Dexter ran down the steps. The gymnasium seemed to go on forever, and the shiny wooden floor loomed in front of him. He could hear the whispers of his classmates closing in around him. He bolted out the school doors and kept walking until he heard a familiar voice.

“Dex? Are you ok?”

He turned round to see that Belle had followed him outside. “That was funny wasn’t it? It was planned.”

“You know I remember you telling me they were superficial.”

“Who is?”

“Football players, you were right about them. They think you’re someone to make fun of.”

Dexter glanced at her. “Some of them do. Some of them treat me like I’m a frog being dissected.”

“Aww Dex, at least you’ve got me.”

“What did you think of me when we first met?”

“I thought you were a walking encyclopaedia of weirdness, Sci fi weirdness, in a good way. I also thought you were interesting and cool.” Belle spoke honestly.

“I thought you were awesome.” Dexter said a smile spreading across his face.

Belle moved towards him. “I hear there’s a good movie on at the cinema tonight. We should go.” She dangled her bag strap over Dexter’s shoulder and linked her arm through his.

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Thanks for the comments Steve, Kristen, Red, JosieTash and Sarah.

Sorry it's taken me a while to update.

Chapter 3

Belle, Dexter and Jai walked over to the counter to order popcorn and drinks where Axel happened to be.

“So you guys finally decided to come and see Attack of the Zombie Mutants. This must be a real change up from Sesame Street.”

“Shut it Axel.” Jai said.

“And what you gonna do if I don’t?” Axel towered over Jai as he gritted his teeth.

Jai shook his head. “You’re not worth it.”

“What’s going on Axel?” Aden cut in.

“Karate kid here thinks he can beat me to a pulp.” Axel replied.

“Maybe you should just leave them alone, they’ve come to see a movie just like us.”

Axel glared at his friend. “Why do you always stick up for the losers?” He then took his box of popcorn and headed towards the cinema door that would show the movie they had all come to see.

“So most of my gang are heading to the beach after. If you guys want to come.” Aden said to the trio.

“I can’t with it being a school night and all, maybe next time.” Jai said.

“Oh well, I suppose I could go for an hour or so. You don’t think anyone will mind?” Belle said hesitantly.

“I already asked them. Trust me they’ll be fine with it.”

Inside the movie theatre Jai was sat in front a couple of dense people who didn’t know what was going on in the story.

“Wait is that her sister?” One of them said.

“I don’t know. I don’t get it.”

“Oh my gosh is he dead?” The other asked.

Jai had quite enough of them talking over the movie. “How the heck am I supposed to know? I’m watching it with you dummy.” He said exasperated.


Later that evening Belle and Dexter walked down the beach. The waves calmly drifted across the shore line and back out into the ocean. The pair spotted a group of merry partygoers round a fire in the distance. Some of the gang were messing about throwing girls into the surf.

They were introduced to the rest of the group. Their reception was met positively with smiles and thumbs up. Everyone seemed to not mind them being there, except one person.

“Who said her and the geek could come?” Nicole asked an edge of envy in her voice then wrapped her arms around Aden.

Belle blinked at Nicole in surprise. “I believe Aden invited us.”

“C’mon Nic, lighten up. They’re not doing anything to you.” One of the teenagers called out.

“Fine. As long as they stay at the opposite end of the beach.”

“I’m guessing save the cheerleader, save the world never got off the ground here.” Dexter whispered to Belle.

Belle agreed, but she couldn’t help feel inferior compared to the well groomed cheerleader. She watched as Nicole broke away from Aden’s hug, and with an obnoxious huff she walked off to join her other friends.

“Her barks worse than her bite.” Aden said, excusing his girlfriend’s behaviour. “So this is your first time to an after-hours beach party?”

“Very much so actually, I don’t really get invitations to these types of things.”

“Me too.” Dexter said feeling left out of the conversation.

Belle noticed a few couples running off into the dark and she could guess what they were dong.

“So.” Aden began, finally ending the silence. “I hear you’re into photography?” He eyed the camera which hung around her neck.

Surprised by his sudden question she blushed and nodded.

Aden took a step forward and sat down. “How long have you been taking pictures?”

“Since I was twelve.” Belle mumbled as she sat down next to him. “I remember when I was little I used to pretend to take pictures with a plastic pink camera I got from a My Little Pony magazine.” She scolded herself. That was a stupid thing to say she thought. He probably thinks you’re a childish preteen who’s up past bedtime.

Aden smiled. “I never picked you out as a My Little Pony fan.”

“I’m not…I am…I mean…I was.” Belle stuttered.

“Can I take a look at your photos?”

“Sure.” Belle would have normally been uncomfortable if a guy had been so forward, but she couldn’t help feel that there was something about Aden that was confident and charming, and she liked it.

She lifted the strap from around her neck and passed the camera to him. As he took hold of the metal object his arm brushed against hers. She studied him as she held back a shiver. His bright blue eyes were crystal clear like small lakes and he wore a smile that made her heart feel light for the first time in her life.

“So how do I work this thing?”

Belle snapped out of her thoughts. “You have to adjust the focus. Here, let me show you.” She reached over and placed her hand on top of his while she helped him with the lens.

Aden moved the camera away from her and snapped a close range shot of her. “Smile.”

Belle looked away.

“What? The photographer doesn’t like her picture taken?” He asked as he snapped another.

“No, not really.” Belle took the camera back and dropped the strap around her neck. “I prefer to be behind the lens.” She focused on his face before she snapped a sneaky photograph. “It’s best when the person doesn’t know you’re looking. It’s more beautiful and real that way.”

Aden stared at her. “What if they knew you were looking?”

Belle focussed the camera on him again, her finger poised on the capture button then she pressed it multiple times. She moved the screen away from her face to study the portraits. “Those can be beautiful too.”

Aden looked over at Dexter who now had a stick in his hand and was using it to write in the sand. “Is Dex a good friend of yours?”

“Yeah he is.”

“He’s kind of cool. I like him. He helped me out once.”

“What did he help you with?”

“Ready, aim, FIRE!” Someone shouted as an array of objects were launched in Aden and Belle’s direction.

Belle shot up into the air as a boy jumped out from behind them. Something green and slimy had hit her shoulder. She looked down at her camera, afraid that some of the goo had landed on it, but it was slime free. Before she could prize her precious from her neck a water balloon smashed against her chest.

The attack had stopped and everyone looked at each other.

“Well that wasn’t weird at all.” Dexter said as he picked a pair of boxer shorts off his head.

The hooded prankster tossed a can of silly string onto the sand and headed toward everyone. “Sorry about that.” He said brushing off some string off Aden’s shoulder.

“No problem Jonah.” Aden replied just as lost for words as everyone else.

“What’s going on?” Belle asked.

Jonah sighed. “Let’s just say I have an on-going war with these guys. Me and my crew like to torment them with tricks before we hit them with the heavy stuff.”

“Valiant attempt to ruin the party Jonah, and I hate to burst your bubble but you’re a fake.” Nicole said. “Now can you stop being an annoying cousin and leave.”

“Which crew are you with?” Dexter asked.

“I’m in a white supremacist crew. They have a base close to my home.”

Aden laughed. “A fifteen year old white supremacist. Nice.”

“Gotta love the young people.” Nicole replied. “They’re the future. Shed a tear.”

“Well the world is ending this year so nothing to worry about too much.” Dexter said as he dumbfounded looks.

“Translation?” Nicole asked.

“The world’s coming to an end in a couple of months. The apocalypse is coming; we’re going to explode or something.” He answered.

“You know I totally forgot about that. I’ll start a count-down on my calendar.”

“Ok, Miss 9021Obnoxious.” Jonah spoke.

Nicole scowled at him. “Oh please build me a time machine so I can get out of here. Come on Aden lets go.”

“Sure.” Aden glanced at Belle as he passed by her.

Dexter noticed the look between them, but didn’t say anything. He hoped it wasn’t anything but platonic because he had grown fond of her.

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Thanks for the comments Red, Kristen, Sarah, Steve and JosieTash.

Here's the next update.

Chapter 4

Aden looked at the board and jotted down the key notes the teacher had written. He glanced over at Belle’s paper. “You always have nice handwriting.”

Belle gave a slight smile as she took down the notes on Wuthering Heights as well.

The teacher handed out assignment sheets, one landed on Belle and Aden’s desk.

“And you can work in pairs.” The teacher said as she walked back to her seat at the front of the class.

Belle glanced down at the paper. “What’s the assignment?”

“Some creative thing about any of the books we’ve studied, but isn’t it cool. We get to work together.” Aden grinned.

Belle smiled back at him. “Yeah it is.” She scanned over the assignment: each pair was to recreate one of the scenes from any of books they had read that year. “Which book did you want to use?”

Aden shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m gonna let you decide. I mean lets face it, most of those books are what the majority of chicks read.”

“Ok well, how about Pride and Prejudice? There’s a great dialogue between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.” She noticed Nicole across the room. The cheerleader’s face twisted into a bratty selfish frown, obviously miffed that she hadn’t been partnered with Aden herself.

“Yeah sure. So when do you want to work on it?” Aden asked as he crammed the paper into his English folder.

“Uh well. How about my house tonight?”


Belle was eager for this assignment and to hopefully get to know him better.


Dexter entered the school’s side entrance and made his way to his locker. He seemed upbeat, listening to the music on his IPod. As he closed the metal framed stickered door he noticed Belle at his side.

“Hey Dex. How are you from last night? It was pretty weird with all the gunge and stuff.”

Dexter gave a nod pushing books into his bag and zipping it up. “So I was thinking tonight we could hang out and watch a…”

Belle cut him off. “Dex, I’ve kinda made plans already. Well, they were made for me.”

“What plans?”

“I wouldn’t call them plans. But Aden and I will be working on an English assignment.”

Dexter looked at her awkwardly. “Together?”

“Yep.” Belle replied matter of factly. “So we can arrange to hang out another time.”

Dexter felt like she didn’t think that their time was important from the way she was speaking and snapped. “He’s a jock. I’m not. He’s popular. I’m not. Is there a basement at the bottom of the foodchain?”

“Where’s all this come from Dex?” Belle asked as she looked at him oddly.

Dexter sighed. “We’re friends right?”


“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Dexter turned his shoulder away from her and set off down the corridor.

Belle watched him depart and couldn’t help but wonder what had caused his sudden out of character behaviour.


Aden pressed the bell and straightened his jacket as he peered into the shiny door handle to check out his hair. He felt a little awkward as the door opened and Belle’s mum welcomed him inside.

“So you’re Belle’s partner in the literature project. She never told me you were so cute. If I wasn’t with Ethan I’d have you for myself.” Amanda spoke. “Belle’s upstairs with her head in the books already. If you would like a drink just help yourself.”

“Thanks Miss Vale.”

“Please, call me Amanda.”

Aden walked the flight of stairs and entered Belle’s bedroom. “Hey. No offence, but your mum is all kinds of bunny boiler.”

Belle looked up from the open book she was reading. “No surprises for guessing what she said.”

“I can’t blame her really women just can’t resist me.”

“Well then you can just sit your ego down so we can get on with this assignment. I got it all written out. I figured we could do the scene where Mr Darcy and Elizabeth realize they love each other.”

“Ok, this should be easy enough.” He walked over to the desk chair and sat down. “So who goes first?”

Belle sensed his nervousness as she handed him a copy of the lines. “Oh well you have the first line. Don’t worry we can have the sheet with us so you don’t have to memorize.”

Aden took the sheet and glossed over the words. He wasn’t thrilled at the obvious past century language. “Maybe we could use our own words in place of theirs. I mean, I don’t understand this classic talk, modern all the way.”

Belle gave a slight laugh. “I’m not sure if that’s allowed. Just try to read it like this and if it doesn’t work we’ll just improvise, ok?”

Aden started the first line. “Miss Elizabeth I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer.”

“That’s great.” Belle said happily.

Aden smiled at her and traced his finger back to where he had paused and continued. “I have fought against my feelings for you and ask you to end my agony.”

Belle looked down at her paper and took her cue. “To be honest Mr Darcy I am not sure if I should spare you the pain you are suffering. You should know that you are the last person in the world I could ever marry, even though I may be suffering as well.”

“But I love you. Most ardently. I willingly would put aside the turbulent quarrelling’s of our families and my rank. Please do me the honour of accepting my hand.”

Belle took in a deep breath. “I love you as well. But are you not already engaged to be married. Your Aunt Catherine spoke to me that you were promised to her daughter.”

Aden seemed to getting into it now. “That was my Aunt Catherine’s meddling and arranged it. I’ve walked the streets of London reminding myself of the unsuitability of such a marriage. I won’t marry her. Please accept my proposal.”

Belle nodded. “Mr Darcy, I accept your proposal. I am yours and will very be yours.” She smiled at Aden with wide eyes. “That sounded really good. What do you think?”

“I think we’ve got this down.” Aden slouched back in the chair and looked at her. “So what do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. Is there something you want to do?”

“Just hang out.” He glanced at his watch. “I should probably be heading home now anyway. Thanks for having me round.”

“Sure it was my pleasure. And for the record, you might have a gift for acting.” Belle smiled at him before she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

In the tree outside Belle’s bedroom window Dexter sat with his legs wrapped around a branch, a pair of binoculars strapped to his face. As soon as he caught sight of the peck on the cheek he lost his balance toppling over, hitting the ground with a thud.

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Thanks so much for the awesome comments again guys: Steve, Red, Kristen, Sarah and JosieTash.

I finally got this next part finished so enjoy the read. Currently working on Chapter 6.

Chapter 5

The scorching Summer Bay sunshine battered down on Dexter’s bare arms as he lay sprawled across Belle’s green lawn. He felt dizzy to the point of seeing stars, and hearing birdies singing above his head. He knew if he was to remain in the grass without so much as a painkiller he would surely pass out. He noticed two shadows above and looked up to see Belle and Aden.

“Dex! What the hell?” Belle cursed.

“Surprise!” He said weakly.

“You’ve been spying on me Dex. I’ve a good right to call the cops.”

“Please don’t.”

“Give me one good reason why not?” Belle folded her arms. “I can’t believe I’m allowing you to explain. I should go inside and call them right now.”

Dexter, with the aid of his arms managed to pull himself up off the grass. “I think I twisted my ankle.”

“Serves you right.” She said hotly.

Aden tried his best not to laugh, but with a grin upon his face it was hard not to show how amusing he thought it all was. “Give the guy a bit of credit. I mean that has to be one of the most original entrances I’ve ever seen.”

“I want to explain, but I can’t.” Dexter said, balancing to stay upright. “Not while he’s here.”

Aden frowned at Dexter. “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing. I know it was a stupid idea being in that tree, but if you knew the reason you wouldn’t be angry.”

“Whatever Dex, just go home.” Belle replied. “I’m kinda busy.”

“Yeah I noticed.” Dexter began to hobble away. “Just don’t call the cops, I don’t want an asbo.”


The next day arrived and soon enough both Belle and Aden were stood in front of the class to perform the literature piece they had chosen.

Belle began the scene reciting her lines easily. “What brings you to Pemberly, Mr Darcy?”

Aden stood nervously trying to muster the courage to wing it. “I came to see you Miss Elizabeth.”

“Mr Darcy I accept your proposal.”

The class applauded enthusiastically as the pair finished their lines. Some of the students walked up to Belle, and told her how good they thought she’d been in the scenes.

Aden breathed a sigh of relief that it was all over and looked at Belle. “You did great.”

“You did great too. I’ll see you in the cafeteria.” She flashed him a fleeting smile before heading out the door.


The cafeteria was full to the brim with students. Aden was sat with Nicole at the popular table. Belle walked in from the far end of the hall and made her way over to them.

“Well if it isn’t the acting queen…I knew she came down with a bug, but I didn’t think it was that bad.” Nicole sniggered.

Aden shot her a glare. “Nic shut up.”

Belle glared at Nicole too. “I agree. Just because you didn’t like your partner doesn’t mean you should treat me like that. So I suggest you leave me alone.”

Nicole took a sip from her soda. “Aww it’s only light criticism.”

“Nicole! That’s enough.” Aden scolded.

“Alright, alright, no harm done.”

“Don’t you ever think of anyone but yourself?” Belle asked. “It’s a constant headache listening to your putdowns. One of these days you’re gonna be one lonely cheerleader.” She swung her bag over her shoulder and took off towards a quieter, less crowded table far from them.

“She’s such a loser.” Nicole tuted.

“Nic, we need to talk.” Aden said, not wanting to beat around the bush. “Alone.” He eyed the other people who sat nearby and motioned for them to leave.

Nicole halted them. “Aden, they don’t need to go. They’re our friends.”

Aden took a deep breath. “Nic, I think we should break up.”

The collective gasp that ensued turned the entire cafeteria silent. Suddenly everyone was watching the popular table.

“I just can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”

Nicole’s lips quavered, she was insulted and hurt, but she tried her best to hide it. “You’re breaking up with me in front of the whole school?”

“You said they didn’t need to go.” Aden shot a glance at the crowd.

“Yeah, that’s because I didn’t know you were going to break up with me.”

Aden pushed his chair back and got to his feet. “Well I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer.” He had broken up with Nicole Franklin, and he looked like he felt good about it.


“Whoa. Aden Jefferies broke up with Nicole Franklin?” April’s voice echoed through the corridor. “I did not see that coming. I always thought they were one of those couples that would be crowned prom king and queen, and happily head off to college together.”

“Apparently I’m not the only one surprised by the revelation.” Dexter said as he walked up to his friends.

“Well everything happens for a reason.” Jai added.

“Jai you’re a genius!” Dexter patted him on the shoulder. “I need to find out the reason.”

“What reason?” Both April and Jai were confused.

“I’ll let you guys know, but right now I have to go.”

“But Dex, you just got here.” April frowned.

Dexter raced off down the corridor leaving behind a bewildered April and Jai.

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Thanks for the comments Sarah, Red, Steve, Kristen and JosieTash.

This chapter is shorter in comparison to the others, but I hope you all like it. Scroll down to find out what Dexter does next. :)

Chapter 6

“Belle, wait up.” Dexter called as he ran through the school parking lot. “Can we talk really quick about what happened the other day?”

“I’m not talking to you remember.” Belle said stubbornly.

“Just hear me out. I just need to explain and I can’t pretend like it doesn’t matter, because it does.”

“What can you possibly say about the incident outside my house? It was ultimately weird.”

“I guess you’ve heard about Aden and Nicole breaking up.”

Belle nodded. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“I just get the feeling that their split came quite soon after you and him started to hang out a lot.”

“That was for an assignment Dex. Oh and just so you know, I can hang out with whoever, not that it has anything to do with you. I was deluded in thinking we could be friends, you obviously get too jealous over little things.”

“I like you ok!” Dexter shouted out frustrated. “I know that’s no excuse to go all peeping Tom outside your window but that’s the truth. I like you Belle, so much I can’t express the exact amount. See I’ve never been any good with girls, that’s why I got this so wrong with you.”

“Oh.” Belle said taken aback.

“See, you share in the awkwardness of how dumb that sounded too.”

“It wasn’t dumb. I’m just not looking for a relationship right now, and least of all I expected was you to like me this much.”

“So why did you kiss him?”

Belle bit her lip. “I don’t know, I honestly don’t. But Aden’s going out for pizza later, and he’s invited me. You’re welcome to come along. I’d like you to.”

“You want to make room for a third wheel? I think we both know three’s a crowd, besides I’ll be busy switching off my feelings. It shouldn’t be too hard.” Dexter said deflated.

“Dex, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It doesn’t matter.”


Aden and Belle exited the pizza parlour.

“I don’t have any cheese on my teeth, do I?” Belle asked, peering up at Aden.

“Just a little.” He replied, a smile forming on the corner of his mouth.

Belle didn’t hesitate to brush it away. “Hate when that happens, so embarrassing.”

“Only if you’re trying to impress someone.”

Belle shook her head. “Not me. I’m happy being single. Aren’t you?”

“Well that depends. I actually like someone but she seems to be M.I.A…” He trailed off.

“Who’s that then?”

Aden leaned in close, his spearmint breath fanned across her face. “Take a guess.”

Belle had turned a deep shade of red as his lips began to meet hers.


“Ok so I’m practically the Prince of the Kingdom of Awkward, and if I wasn’t poor old me I’d make a joke about it.” Dexter said as he followed Heath along the beach. “But I seriously need to borrow your surf board as of right now.”

“I don’t know if I like the idea of a nerd being seen thrashing my board about.”

“I know I have bad balance because I’m always falling off, but isn’t that all part of the fun.”

Heath laughed. “If you can ride a bike you can surf. I mean you get up no worries, you just have to place your feet properly. I’d give you a demo but I’ve gotta go sort something.”

“What you mean I can take it out?” Dexter asked in surprise.

Heath thought for a moment. “I guess so. Just don’t lose the darn thing will ya.”

Dexter beamed. “Don’t worry I won’t lose your beloved board.”

Meanwhile over on the dashboard of an abandoned Lifeguard buggy a radio sputtered to life as an announcement was made. “Listen up Summer Bay lifeguards this is Vince from the Flying Doctors Service. We sighted a shark at Stewart’s Point, heading in your direction. We advise to get everyone out of the water pronto. I repeat, this is a shark alert.”

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I will try not to make you guys wait too long for the next chapter, which sadly will be the last for this fic. I originally planned to have 6 chapters, so to go a further 2 has been an added bonus. Thanks so much for all your comments. I can't believe how lucky I am to have such loyal readers.

Chapter 7

Belle’s heart fluttered, and then stuttered for a beat as Aden’s eyes locked with hers. “I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

Aden smiled. “Tell me, you’ve never been kissed, right?”

Belle blushed. “Am I that easy to read?”

“You are to me. It’s easy kissing you though cos you’re so beautiful.” He pulled her into a sweet embrace and was about to kiss her again when Jai interrupted them.

“Guys, you best come quick. Dexter took Heath’s board out surfing and now he’s missing, and there’s a shark lurking close to the beach too.”

Belle and Aden gave each other stunned looks and took off after Jai in search of their friend.


The sun had disappeared behind a fluffy white cloud, and everything below the sky was dull and less warm for a moment.

Belle had no idea in which direction to head in, and Aden had been no help either, since all he wanted to do was take a break. She found this quite ironic, the school jock tired of walking and wanting to laze on the sand.

“Hey.” Aden said as they passed another sand dune. “How about we take a break here?”

Belle sighed in response. “Ok then, but we really need to find Dex soon before it gets dark.”

“Relax. A few minutes won’t change anything. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

Belle glanced at him out of the corner of her eye to see that he had moved close, his arms wrapped around her shoulder. “Do you expect me to be like Nicole or something?” She remarked as she pushed his arm away.

Aden knew what she was hinting at. “No I don’t expect you to but if you want to...”

“I don’t know if you’re like this with other girls, but that’s not me.”

“I kinda thought you were giving me the green light, my bad.” He lay back on the sand looking up at the glorious blue sky. “So what do you want to do instead?”

Belle frowned. “What? Did you think I was easy or something like that?”

Aden sat up. “I guess not, but you weren’t exactly pushing me away earlier. So I thought I’d see if you wanted something more of a level up.”

Belle crossed her arms over her chest, as if daring him to lie. “Was I some sort of bet or charity case? Try to seduce the new girl?” She realized her tone was rising in anger.

“Whoa, let’s just chill a second.”

“You can chill by yourself. I’m going to look for Dex.” Belle got to her feet, giving Aden a very intimidating glare and began to walk away.

Aden who usually wore a big idiotic grin was now frowning, and there was a little crease between his blonde eyebrows.

Belle kept walking down the beach, her eyes scanning the surroundings, searching for Dexter.


Meanwhile Dexter was sinking like a rock, and as he sank he looked up at the water above him. He saw the distorted sunlight dancing on the top of the waves, making the water feel warm against his skin. It was an almost tranquil atmosphere, except for the very jaw dropping fact that there was a shark circling.

Just as his lungs began to gasp for air, something disrupted the deafening silence. A figure came crashing through the waves blocking out the sunlight, and grabbing two handfuls of Dexter’s t-shirt they pulled him out.

Dexter felt himself being lowered onto the sand, and looked up to see Heath’s brown eyes staring down at him.

“Hey Walker. Don’t flake out me will ya.” Heath said kneeling over Dexter, dripping wet from head to toe.

“Seeing as I’m still aware of my senses, I vote for no mouth to mouth. Ugh, I’m never going swimming again.”

Heath, bombarded by the people yelling and pointing, returned his attention to the water where he saw his board floating, a huge chunk bitten out of the side. “You’re really lucky mate.”

“I’m really sorry about your board.” Dexter replied.

“No worries, I’ll just beat you up later.”

“Dex! Are you alright?”

Dexter tilted his head and saw Belle as she raced towards him. She looked more traumatised by the situation than he seemed to be.

Heath turned to her. “Listen, just stay with him. I’m gonna go get the Ambos just in case he’s suffering from pneumonia or something.”

Belle nodded and sat down beside her friend. “I was with Aden when I found out you were missing.”

“That’s really comforting considering I was just almost shark bate.” He tried to sit up, to show he was ok, but Belle reached out a hand and pushed him back down on the sand.

“Seriously Dex, we were all worried about you. And I’m sorry for mentioning him, but I can’t help how I feel, even if he did just act like a jerk.”

“The big macho man has finally tried it on.”


“Don’t make me say it.” Dexter grumbled.

Belle narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t make you say what?”

“I told you so.”

Belle frowned at him. “Why are you doing this?”


“Because what?”

“I really thought I had a chance that’s why I told you I liked you, but now it’s just making me feel bad. So that makes you.” Dexter pointed a finger at her. “Dangerous.”

“How does that make me dangerous?”

“Because I got so worked up over it that my judgement was skewed, and managed to almost get killed by a shark.”

“That wasn’t anything to do with me. That was you.” Belle hissed. “Passing the blame isn’t fair.”

“Yeah? Well a lot of things aren’t fair.” Dexter retorted.

“Dex, you and I we’re just friends, even you must understand that.”

“Yeah, but why?”

“What do you mean why?” Belle asked.

“Why are we just friends?”

“Because that’s all we’ve ever been. I guess there are certain people who you like in a certain way and others who you like as a friend. I don’t know why it’s like that, but that’s just the way it is. Surely you’d know about that being clever and all.”

“It’s called Natural Selection.” Dexter said simply. “The base of evolution, a theory created by Charles Darwin. The males who demonstrate physical prowess are the most attractive to the females, and by breeding with the strongest males the females ensure the survival of the species.”

“You really are amazing.” Belle said fondly.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t turn you on, does it.” Dexter sat up, his head throbbing in protest. “Why don’t you just leave? It’s not like you have to be here anyway.”

Belle got to her feet. “Fine, have it your way. It’s not like I didn’t try.”

Suddenly Dexter clasped his hands over his throat. There was no air in his lungs. He tried to inhale but nothing happened.

“He can’t breathe!” Belle cried. “Somebody do something. He can’t breathe!”

Before Dexter passed out from the lack of air, someone pressed down in the space just beneath his ribcage. All at once, everything that was in his lungs was forced upwards, and he began to cough up water like a fountain.

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Massive thanks to everyone who has commented on this fic. JosieTash, Sarah, Kristen, Red, Steve and Zetti. I spent most of today putting this together for you guys, the drama is pretty much over and I just wanted to have everything wrap up for a nice ending. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. Keep an eye out for my own character Jonah as he makes a quick reappearance.

Chapter 8

“How can I repay you? You’ve saved my life twice, and as yet I’ve done nothing but trash your board.” Dexter spoke from his hospital bed.

“You can buy me a new one.” Heath replied.

“As soon as I get out of here I will.”

Heath eyed him with interest. “So what’s the story with you and Belle?”

“Why?” Dexter asked raising an eyebrow.

“I just saw tension between you two earlier.”

Dexter collected his thoughts for a moment. He figured he could use some advice on girls, and decided to ask Heath. “What’s your philosophy on women?”

Heath remained motionless. He looked like a statue, with his tanned muscular body, and a black sleeveless top clinging tightly to his torso. “Treat them mean, keep them keen.”

Dexter was about to reply when he heard a familiar voice and closed his eyes, as if asleep.

“Hey Heath.” Belle greeted, taking a few small steps into the room. “Can I talk to Dex for a minute?”

“Sure. I have to go anyway.” Heath exited the room, leaving them alone.

Belle touched Dexter’s arm lightly and watched as he moved his head to face her. “You’re awake.”

Dexter blinked. “Yeah.”

“I thought you were unconscious.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Was it scary?” Belle asked, her eyes glazed with worry.

“Not that scary.” Dexter lied, his voice cracking. “I’m sorry for how I acted.”

“I guess you had to, survival of the species and all. I never want us to argue again.”

Dexter hadn’t considered getting out of his bed, but with Belle there he wanted to begin putting the foundations of their friendship back together. In oversized shorts borrowed from Heath, and the t-shirt he had worn the day before he threw the covers off him and leapt out of bed. He enveloped her in a bear hug and whispered. “I never want us to argue again either.”


Later that day Belle lay on a sun lounger, a pair of black sunglasses hid her eyes. She could hear the sound of an engine, and tires running over gravel, but the slamming of a car door made her sit up fast. She pulled off her sunnies and noticed Aden walking across the lawn towards her.

Behind Aden she saw a beat up car with a dented rear bumper and faded baby blue paint that had started to chip round the door handles. She guessed its wear and tear had been due to Aden’s road rage.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“To see you, unless there’s another chick called Belle who looks identical to you.” He said sarcastically. "I hope I didn’t come across as too much of a jerk the other day. If I did I’m really sorry.”

Belle scanned his face. “You’re not a jerk, not really.”

Aden smiled a little. “So does this mean you forgive me? If yes, will you be my date at the formal?”

“I forgive you, but are you sure it won’t hurt your reputation to be seen with me. I mean Nicole thinks I’m low class and all that.

“Of course I want to be seen with you. Right now I don’t care about anything else.” He said as he gazed into her eyes. “You’re an elite, there’s nothing low class about you.”

Belle looked up into his face, touched by his words. No one had spoken that highly of her, or at least not to the point that she believed. “Thanks Aden, that means a lot.”


“Hey Dex. What you thinking?” April asked as she poured herself a drink.

Dexter looked at her expressionless. “Just about life.”

April’s eyes grew wide as if an idea had popped into her head. “Oh, life, the universe and everything?”

“Yeah, but the universe doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

“I don’t believe that. I think you’re very likeable.”

Dexter gave a slight smile. “Thanks. At least one person does.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Dex. When the right person comes along you will no longer feel like this. I guarantee it.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I am, trust me.” April said positively with a smile.

“Well, you have done something to me.”

“What’s that?”

“I suddenly feel inspired to dance. You’ll have to help me with the steps. I suffer from the two left feet syndrome.”

April laughed. “Let’s get our groove on then.”

Dexter reached for April’s hand and headed for the dance floor. He had never really touched a girl before, let alone one touching him. It felt awkward, but this was the happiest he’d been in quite a while.

The DJ hosting spoke to the crowd. “Now let’s slow it down for a little something, for the lovers.”

As April moved closer, Dexter could smell a scent of strawberry and gingerbread in her hair. They stared at each other for several seconds, until April shivered and looked away.

Dexter turned his gaze in the same direction as April. He spotted a mop of blonde shoulder length hair that belonged to Nicole. Dexter could make out that she was annoyed, by what he didn’t know, but he made use of his two left feet to get closer to the heated conversation.

“Jonah!” Nicole glared at him as she managed to make out his face in the dim light.

“Hey Cousin.” Jonah’s chipper voice replied.

“It’s rude to sneak up on people”

Jonah smirked. “I didn’t mean to give you a fright. Now help me find a sexy school chick to get with.”

“What?” She frowned.

“Come on, I need a date.”

“No!” She snapped, finally letting her anger speak. “You know you’re such a douchebag.”

“And you’re a whore. So what’s new?”

“Will you just leave?” Nicole cried. “You’re being creepy.” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Hey Jonah. How’s the white supremacist crew thing going?” Dexter asked, gaining the youth’s attention.

“Ah that, I got bored and left. I’m now in the process of finding a celebrity to date.”

April shoved her fist in her mouth, trying not to laugh. All Dexter could do was smile, but underneath he wanted to laugh out loud too.

Meanwhile in another pocket of the crowd, Aden and Belle were slow dancing close. Belle could hear the change in music from a typical CD to the very distinguished voice of a physical person singing.

“Sitting here on this lonely dock, watch the rain play on the ocean top.”

Belle’s eyes lit up. “You got Joshua Radin to play?”

“Yep.” Aden smiled.

“Isn’t there a footy game you’ve got to train for?” She asked remembering his schedule all of a sudden.

Aden nodded and smiled again. “I should, but I’d rather be with you.”

Belle giggled. “So cheesy but so sweet.”


It was evident that the teenagers had partied until the early hours as April walked bare foot along the pavement, carrying her shoes in her hands.

Just as she placed a foot on the front step of the beach house, a car horn honked behind her. She spun round to see Belle, who had pulled up and leaned across the passenger’s seat to poke her head out of the window.

“By the way.” Belle called. “He likes you too.”

“What?” April asked, not catching what she had said.

Belle rolled her eyes. “Dex, he likes you too.” She leaned back into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the curb.

April watched as the car disappeared down the street and turned to enter the house. As much as she wanted to write off what Belle had said she couldn’t ignore the glint of hope that bubbled up inside her, the possible start of something special and new.

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It's a shame that some were disappointed with the eventual pairings. Deep down I preferred to keep them as they were/are in the show, and to keep them as true to their characters as I could. I am open to exploring different pairings though, so will keep that as an option for the future. I'm really happy that everyone enjoyed reading this fic so thank you once again for all your comments. :)

This is random, but I found it in one of my fanfiction books so thought I'd use it as an outtake.


Heath hesitated in the doorway. “You guys make me mad and with all this saving Dex, I refuse to be the monkey in the middle.”

Belle smiled. “That’s fine, as long as you’re a talking monkey.”

“Oh you guys stuck for conversation?”

Dexter fidgeted in his hospital bed which caused Belle and Heath to look at him. “We’ve already signed the peace treaty.”


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