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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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I think it's down to the fact that he now realises that Brax, Heath and Casey are also victims of his father's neglect, and due to barely knowing his father, this distorted his judgement when he kidnapped Casey and took him out to the desert. Heath and Kyle seemed to have the closet connection together, as they were both stuck in the middle and they know what its like to be neglected by their father. Danny used to focus his attention on the threat Brax posed to him, and Casey because he was the youngest and most naive out of the all Braxton kids, and Danny tried to get to Brax by exploiting Casey's naivety.

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I think people make assumptions about Kyle, especially with regarding Casey, in order to make the character more palatable:I'm not entirely convinced he feels particularly bad about what he put him through.I think Kyle always wanted to be acknowledged by Danny as on a par with his other sons and he thinks that becoming one of them is a kind of vindication.He does seem a very strange choice of characters to keep around but I get the feeling that he's an investment for the future, so there'll still be a Braxton on the show when the others have left.Wonder how Cheryl feels about Brax playing families with him, given that last time we saw her she was insisting he make Kyle pay for what he did to her boy.

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I think a more realistic situation (cliched as hell though) would be Kyle slips while out on Jump Rock (purely a hypothetical location) and Casey is there to save/drop his arse (delete as applicable). With a good writer, a situation like that could really divide the audience

A) "Kyle deserves it for leaving Case to die like a dog in the desert; drop him like a spoiled premier league player!"

B) "Case will be no better than him; pull him to safety!"

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