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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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I find Kyle's introduction a bit bizarre.There seems to be a policy these days of taking the most unlikeable character on the show and making them permanent, sometimes making them likeable in the process, sometimes not.Having Kyle's first major appearance portraying him as an evil psychopath who tries to murder people in cold blood seems a rather curious decision, before turning round and making him out to be just a messed up kid.Maybe they were trying to surprise people by having a rather weak villain turn into a central character but the masses of publicity kind of put paid to that.I'm cautious to see how they develop him.I'm not keen on the idea of him getting it on with Sasha though.It'd make more sense to pair him with Tamara, who seems as messed up as him at times.

I can't help feeling the writers missed a trick here.If they were going to bring in a fourth Braxton brother, then instead of having yet another family member with anger management issues and a dodgy moral compass, it might have been more interesting to go the other way and come up with a character who would be a genuine contrast to the others:Maybe he could have been given up for adoption or something and brought up by a well off, law-abiding family, then he could have been orphaned and reunited with his birth family, so there'd have been the culture shock of him seeing his brothers doing things a different way than what he was used to and maybe them having to change some of their attitudes to accomodate him.But I guess characters like that aren't as easy to create drama with.

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I don't think Kyle was/is an evil psychopath, I think he was just angry and wanted revenge for his dad's death and now he knows what he did was wrong.

I kind of felt sorry for him when he was talking to Brax in the desert about their dad which showed his vulnerable side.

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I'm still playing catch up with the Nov. 2012 episodes, so at this point, Kyle has just arrived in the Bay...i do like the character so far.....anxious to see what happens.....will be current with H&A later today....only 19 episodes to go before watching the new ones

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Despite what people have said, I don't think he went back to 'desert Kyle', I think he just wanted to get to the truth as he's desperate for a relationship with his brothers, and he doesn't want anyone to infringe on that.

I totally agree with you.

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I don't know if people will jump at me for this but here goes :)

I'm finding Kyle pretty pointless as a character. Firstly he seems to have taken Casey place somewhat. And I just don't buy that you would just forgive someone who had kidnapped your brother, and left him to die in the desert. So I can't believe Brax and Heath have so easily :D And I have no idea why or how they can trust him so well as they do.

Another thing is why on earth would Kyle want to get too know Brax,Heath and Casey surely he would still be blaming them for Danny's death

So yeah that's what I think :P

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