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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway

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After a less than promising start in 2012, Kyle has blossomed into one of my favourite characters.Along with Heath, he seems to represent the genuinely nice face of the Braxtons, along with possessing

I feel that it was totally ridiculous... All or nothing... But for what? Some chick that came in for a few scenes then he loves her and goes to jail for her so she can have her family.  Like what

I thought there was room to explore a bond between Kyle and Oscar/Evie after they all got kidnapped together by the twins father. Afterall Kyle did risk himself to try save them but nope instead we go

They're gonna have to do one heck of a turnaround job on Kyle for me to like him. You wanted brothers boo hoo, if you wanna make friends you probably shouldn't go around kidnapping people. Just a thought. I have zero sympathy for him, so it'll be interesting to see how they try and make him likable.

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I didn't like Kyle and I still don't really like him hoping that he will turn around and then maybe I'll like him I'd punch Kyle too if I saw him after what he did to Casey.

Glad Casey punched Kyle

I look forward to next week and the storyline hopefully won't drag in to next year but I have a feeling it might.

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So Kyle

finally confessed to kidnapping Casey in court.

I knew

Kyle would keep to his word now we will have to see if Brax and Heath will keep to their word.

Got to admit i`m loving the new Braxton boy.

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I really enjoyed seeing Kyle and Heath bond together over the death of their dad.

Both Kyle and Heath never got to find out why their dad never cared about them always putting Brax and Casey first.

Really gonna enjoy watching them bond.

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