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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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We hear she is dead then alive. I doubt we see her but he does have his own story late this year so I hope we find out more.

I might have missed this, but when has it ever said she was dead?

We hear she is dead then alive. I doubt we see her but he does have his own story late this year so I hope we find out more.

I might have missed this, but when has it ever said she was dead?

It hasn't but it just rumours.

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Kyle's backstory has been vague overall with only an explicit reference about him going through foster care and completing high school. The Braxtons trip to Melbourne may have given us a clue about the kind of lifestyle Kyle was living before him and Danny reconnected with each other.

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IF Kyle's mother was an alcoholic and/or violent it annoys me that they haven't brought it up on screen. Casey's drinking would have been the perfect time to bring the alcoholic part up. There was something doing the rounds once that she'd drunk herself to death, again if true would have made perfect sense for Kyle and Jett to interact more. The fact that the other brothers always resort to violence pretty quick too could be used to explore Kyle's past. I remember when Romeo first showed up he was reluctant to get into fights because of how his father had been. We've seen nothing like that from Kyle.

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We haven't learned anything of note about him. Anything we think we know has come from reading between the lines of little throw away things that the writers probably didn't even give that much thought to when they put the lines in.

I agree with PM, we won't see anything real of Kyle until one, or more, of the original Braxton's leave. He was brought in to kidnap Casey and set all that stuff off, then he was used to be the bad guy for cracking on to Tamara the first time, then he was the bad guy when she had amnesia and we had to suffer through 2 months of Casey's reaction to Kyle and Tamara but got absolutely nothing from Kyle in all of that. It's just so frustrating. He's being used as a plot device over and over. He's barely a character at this point. He's like Natalie. Brought in to facilitate something else happening to another character and then given no thought or attention beyond that.

I did see on twitter a few things from Nic Westaway that suggested some big things coming up for Kyle. Timing wise I guess it'd be around the end of the year, maybe into the next year, but I'm not holding my breath for anything of substance.

At this point I'd be happy for Kyle to end up in hospital just to see how anyone reacts to it. I still question if any of the Braxton's give a stuff about him. Obviously the original three are closer to each other than they would be to Kyle but would Heath come back from his honeymoon if Kyle was in hospital? Would Brax be willing to go to jail to avenge Kyle? I doubt it

I agree 100% which sucks because I want to see more of a storyline for Kyle.

They can do so much with his character but yet he just being used to help everyone else

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Nic Westaway stated in the 25 year anniversary magazine that his mum died at a young age. :)

I'm hoping Evie will start to trust Kyle and see a friendship start, not anything romantics as she only 15!!

I could see something romantic between them two, and I know he is like what 6-7 years older? But you know, in Home And Away there is always something that stops people from getting together at first. It's a classic soap opera twist.

Brax and Charlie- Cop/Criminal

Brax and Natalie- Charlie

Brax and Ricky- Adam

Casey and Tamara- Sasha

Kyle and Tamara- Casey

(and now again) Casey and Tamara- Kyle

Sasha and Spencer- Maddy

I could go on forever. But I won't. :-)

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