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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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In some states Wed had a double ep so we don't see

Tam saying she's leaving and Kyle says to Tam when Casey appears at her door drunk let me talk to him then Tam announces to both Kyle and Casey she's leaving the bay and they have to convince her to stay

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In spoilers for week 24 from tv week.

Again, what it actually says is

they spent the night together.

This is exactly my point. It says

they spend the night together AGAIN. But the first time they "spent the night" was just her throwing herself at Kyle and him knocking her back.

So you can see why it's unclear what will actually happen between them.

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We see Kyle punch casey for talking to Tam drunk. Only Casey said Kyle was taking advantage of her. Thought he decided to stay away from her.

Ooo so we get to see two Braxtons fighting! :D

So you like a bit of biff then??

It's a shame that you didn't get to see the State of Origin I as there was a lot of biff in there.

Oh that's right you live in the UK so you didn't get to see State of Origin. Now that's a real pity!

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That is funny because I have never heard the term biff before but today I have seen it used 3 times :lol:. Does biff mean punch up?

Thanks! :lol:

It is Aussie slang.


Strike (someone) roughly or sharply, usually with the fist: "he biffed me on the nose".


A sharp blow with the fist.


strike - knock - pound

It was originally used in the slogan "Bring Back the Biff" by Matthew Johns's character Reg Reagan on the Footy Show.

To promote and encourage the punch up or biff back to Rugby League.

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It was mentioned by my uncle on facebook hours ago about the Rubgy League but now that you have explained it I completely understand. Although at first to sounded dirty :devil::innocent: .

Ooo so we get to see two Braxtons fighting! :D

So you like a bit of biff then??

Yes. Yes I do... but only when it doesn't happen all the time :ph34r: .

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