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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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You know what? Looking at the spoilers for the next few weeks I don't think anything else actually physically happens between Kyle and Tamara, other than the kiss we've already seen. That magazine article about their "steamy night" seems to have just been the kissing.

So a lot of the Kyle bashing based purely on speculation seems a bit silly now.

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Kyle did well to put a stop to things which can't have been easy for him.But looking at the TV Week scans

it does seem like something else is going to happen at the end of the week, after he talks her out of leaving, although whether it's the same thing or whether they take it further I couldn't say for sure.

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I am confused about what will or won't happen, but I'll gladly eat my words if it turns out I'm wrong :)

EDIT: I re- read the TV Week article and it says that after she tries to leave they "spend the night together again". Now, as they didn't actually "spend the night" together the first time I'm not sure what it means. Unless they're being literal, as in they spent the night in the same house as each other. We'll have to wait and see.

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It says the week after they had sex. I wonder where it happens. Kyle moved
back in with his brothers. Does she go with him there or does he go to her.

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