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Forever Yours

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Thanks everyone. :wub: So, I'm feeling a little lost again. I know what I want to happen, just struggling with the writing at the moment, so please bare with me. This isn't exactly the best chapter even written. :P

Chapter 41

Brax took a deep breath before he knocked on the door of the guest room. Charlie turned around in the bed as she wriggled further under the covers. “Charlie, please open the door.” Charlie sighed lightly as she got out of the bed and walked over to the door, opening it slightly as she peaked her head around it to see Brax holding a tray with breakfast meant for Charlie on it.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Charlie shook her head lightly before she went to close the door again, but Brax put his foot in the way, stopping her from doing so.

“Charlie please.” Brax said. Charlie sighed lightly as she opened the door, allowing Brax into the room. He put the tray down on the bed before looking back up to Charlie.

“So how’s the head today?” Charlie asked.

“Don’t ask.” Brax exhaled lightly. “I think I’ve had half a bottle of pain killers already.”

“Watch you don’t overdose on them.” Charlie said coldly.

“Of course.” Brax smiled. “So I eh made you breakfast.”

“So I see.” Charlie said as she glanced down at the tray. “So is this an I’m sorry I got so drunk breakfast? Or an I’m sorry I blamed you for Casey’s death? Or something completely different?”

“Eh....I guess both.” Brax sighed. “I eh...I didn’t mean it, Charlie.” Brax shook his head. “I don’t think it was your fault because it wasn’t. He went to jail because he needed to be punished for what he did and the guys who beat him....they are to blame.”

“Right.” Charlie nodded lightly. “Well forgive me if I don’t believe you. You seemed pretty convinced last night.”

“I was drunk.” Brax sighed. “I didn’t know what I was saying.”

“Funny that.” Charlie said. “They say the truth comes out when you’re drunk.”

“Charlie.” Brax shook his head as he stepped closer to her. “Baby please, believe me.”

“I eh....need to go get Jacob and the girls up.” Charlie said as she tried to walk away, but Brax pulled her back.

“I’m sure an extra 5 minutes sleep won’t harm them.”

“I think it’s going to take longer than 5 minutes to sort out this.” Charlie said as she took a step back and looked down to the tray of breakfast and noticed the promise ring was sitting there too.

“Charlie.” Brax shook his head once again. “Since the girls arrived...I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. And trying to get them into a routine and also keeping Jacob occupied and finding time for just us...I don’t know how we’re supposed to do it all.” Brax shrugged his shoulders.

“That will sort itself out over time.” Charlie said. “What we need to focus on right on is you getting over your brother’s death and stopping turning to drink.”

“It’s the only way to numb the pain” Brax said quietly. “I feel so guilty for not being there for him during what was probably the hardest two years of his life.”

“Brax.” Charlie shook her head. “You just....you can’t think like that. It won’t do you any good and it definitely won’t help you get past this.”

“I know.” Brax nodded lightly. “But I just....”

“Look, I know you feel guilty but all that matters now is you giving Casey the best send-off you can.” Brax exhaled lightly before he nodded his head.

“Yeah.” Brax nodded.

“So, are you planning on going into work today, or are you able to stay and help me with the kids? It might take your mind off things for a while.”

“I’m going out.” Brax answered. “I need to start planning the funeral.”

“Right.” Charlie nodded. “Well I can understand that, but I hope you’re only going to be planning the funeral.”

“Yeah.” Brax nodded. “I won’t drink, I promise.”

“Forgive me if I say I don’t believe you.” Charlie exhaled lightly as she looked away from Brax.

“Well you can.” Brax spat. “I won’t drink.”

Charlie nodded lightly just as Riley’s cries could be heard. “Well I will let you go.” Charlie said before she left the room to see to her daughter.


Ruby sat down on the couch, ready for the interview to start. She was extremely nervous today, for she knew that they were bound to ask her about the rape, and maybe, if they noticed, why she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring anymore. Matt took a seat next to her and lightly rubbed her arm. “Don’t be nervous, I’ve got you.” Matt smiled.

“What?” Ruby screwed her face up as she looked up at Matt.

“You’ll see.” Matt smiled lightly as Derek and Simon took a seat on the stools behind the couch. Ruby exhaled lightly before the host and hostess came into the room and took a seat opposite them.

“Camera’s rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...”

“Good morning and welcome to Wake up with Lisa and Scott” Lisa smiled as she looked into the camera.

“Kicking things off today is a chat with Ruby and her band.” Scott said before he looked over to Ruby and smiled. “So, welcome to the show guys.”

“Thanks.” Ruby smiled. “We’re glad to be here.”

“So, Ruby, obviously you are the singer, and we have Matt on guitar, Derek on drums and Simon on bass, is that right?”

“Yeah.” Matt smiled. “That’s how it is.”

“So, are you a solo artist with a backing group or are we a band? Because you are called Ruby, which is your name, but you appear to be a band?” Lisa questioned.

“Yeah.” Ruby laughed lightly. “We are technically a band, but we just decided to stick with the name Ruby.”

“She just wants all the credit.” Simon joked.

“No, seriously, we just liked the sound of Ruby.” Derek said. “It doesn’t really matter what we are called or if we are seen as a band or solo artist with her backing group, as such. Just as long as I get to make music and tour the world, it’s all good.”

“Well you’re first single topped the charts at number 1, and then you’re second single came straight in to number 1 as well. So that’s two for two, how are you feeling?”

“Eh...good.” Ruby laughed. “I didn’t really expect to get so big so soon, so really it’s been a bit of a shock. I thought we’d have to work harder but it’s great we have a lot of fans already.”

“They tell you that things can go either way.” Matt added. “That it could take a while to get big, or, like it seems to have gone with us, you become an overnight sensation. I’m not going to lie, I like it.”

Lisa and Scott laughed lightly. “So, what’s next for you guys?”

“We have the album coming out at the end of the week.” Derek smiled. “April 26th. Then our third single comes out in June, so I guess a lot of promoting that.”

“Then we go over to America in August to start promoting ourselves there, playing concerts and touring the album.” Simon smiled.

“So, you’re going to be busy.” Lisa asked.

“Totally.” Ruby nodded. “But, I’ve never been out of Australia before so I’m really looking forward to getting out there and seeing the world.”

“Get some stamps on your passport.” Matt laughed.

“Yeah, I’m excited. I had to get a passport.” Ruby said.

“You’ve mentioned before that you are close to your family. I guess you’ll miss them a lot?”

“Tremendously.” Ruby nodded. “But I’ve told my little brother that we’ll talk on skype. I think he’s excited at the thought of being able to see me via the computer screen.” Ruby laughed. “He’s only 3 and half so I think it’ll be exciting for him.”

“Aww yes, I bet it will.” Lisa smiled.

“So obviously, with you lot being in the public eye, articles are often written about you which may be nasty, untrue or hurtful. How do you deal with that?” Scott asked.

“I just laugh it off.” Derek said. “I think there was an article last week, which had a picture of me walking out from a club, and might I add, I was alone.” Derek exhaled. “But there was a lady standing pretty close to me having a ciggie, so now we were leaving the club together after a night of as a source said ‘being unable to keep our hands off one another’.” Derek laughed. “So, yeah, I think the only thing you can do is laugh at them.” Derek nodded his head ever so slightly. “Otherwise they’d probably start driving you insane.”

“Well, Ruby, you have been in the magazines this week, with a rather private story being splashed about.” Scott said. “Is there any truth to the story?”

“Eh...” Ruby cleared her throat as she started playing with her necklace. “It’s true.” Ruby said quietly. “I didn’t want that getting out there, but guess there’s not much I can do about it now.” Ruby said sadly.

“How did you feel when you found out you were a product of such a terrible act?” Lisa questioned.

“I eh....it was a hard time for me and my Mum.” Ruby sighed. “I know now that I’m in the public eye, to expect articles like these, but they didn’t need to go into my Mum’s past. She doesn’t deserve it.”

“What was it like for you, having to then go through that?” Scott questioned. Ruby took a deep breath before she felt Matt’s hand slipping into hers and squeezing it gently.

“I don’t really think this is something we need to talk about.” Matt said. “We’re here to promote the album and talk about our up and coming tour, not the past of Ruby.”

“Sure.” Scott gave Matt an annoyed glance just as Ruby looked up to him with an appreciative smile.

“So this tour then.” Lisa said. “Where is it starting?”

“We go out to LA in mid-September.” Simon answered. “We travel through the states and end up in New York on November 2nd. We play our last concert there before we head to Europe.”

“We get back into Australia on December 23rd and then we have a little break before we tour the album there.” Ruby said.

“So, what are you going to do with yourself in the break?” Scott questioned.

“I don’t plan that far ahead.” Derek laughed. “But probably just chill out on the coast. You know, get some rest.”

“I’m going to the Gold Coast with my girlfriend.” Simon smiled. “Spend some time just the two of us.”

“Going home for sure.” Ruby smiled. “Spending Christmas with my Mum and siblings.”

“I have no plans yet.” Matt shook his head.

“Wow, talking about Christmas already and it’s only April.” Lisa laughed. “But you do seem to be very busy till then.”

“Yeah.” Matt nodded. “It’s pretty hectic right now.”

“Yeah, but we have the young ‘un’s 21st in a couple of months time, so big party for then.” Simon smiled as he leaned forward and lightly rubbed Ruby’s shoulder.

“Ah the last to turn 21.” Scott said as he looked at Ruby. “So, the baby of the group. Are the guys protective over you?”

“Oh yeah.” Ruby nodded.

“We think of her like our little sister.” Derek smiled. “So of course, we need to protect her.”

“Well that’s good that you all seem to get along so well.” Lisa smiled. “Well it’s time we cut to a break” Lisa said. “So thank you so much for coming down talking to us today.”

“No problem. Thanks for having us.” Ruby smiled.

“Anytime.” Scott smiled. “And good luck with the album tour.” Scott said, before they cut to a break.

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Thanks for the comments. :wub: Hope you like this one. :)

Chapter 42

Charlie pushed the pram into the diner as Jacob ran excitedly in front of her and climbed up onto the chair. “Hello Bee-Bee.”

“Hey Jacob.” Bianca smiled. “How are you doing today?”

“Okays.” Jacob nodded. “How be you?”

“I’m okay.” Bianca smiled lightly as Charlie sat down at the table. “And how’s Charlie?”

Charlie sighed lightly as she shook her head. “Been better.” Charlie said.

“Anything you want to talk about?” Bianca asked and Charlie nodded lightly before turning the nod into a shake of the head.

“Not in front of Jacob.” Charlie whispered as she looked in Bianca’s direction. Bianca nodded understandingly before she looked down to the little boy.

“So, Jakey’s a pirate today.” Bianca smiled.

“Thems are the best.” Jacob grinned. “I be one when I’m big and grown like Mummy is.”

“You’re Mummy isn’t a pirate.” Bianca laughed feeling confused.

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “She big and grown silly.”

“Oh.” Bianca laughed lightly at her misunderstanding of the boy. “Well I hope you’ll be a nice one.” Bianca said and Jacob nodded.

“Yeah.” Jacob said. “I be the friendliest”

“Ah well that’s good then.” Bianca smiled.

“Mummy can I have cake?” Jacob questioned.

“No.” Charlie shook her head as she looked down at her son. “I told you that you don’t get any cake because you didn’t eat your lunch.”

“But I wasn’t ungry.” Jacob shook his head.

“But you are now?” Charlie questioned and Jacob nodded.

“For cake.” Jacob smiled as he looked to Charlie with puppy dog eyes.

“Ah you’re hungry for cake?” Charlie questioned and Jacob nodded as he continued to give his Mother the eyes. “Sorry sweetie. Mummy said you wouldn’t get cake if you didn’t eat lunch.” Jacob pouted as he looked down to the floor with sad eyes.

“Aww how can you say no to that?” Bianca questioned as she looked to Charlie. “He’s making me want to buy him cake.”

“While it is very hard.” Charlie exhaled lightly. “He’s not getting cake. He didn’t touch his lunch.”

“I eat lunch now.” Jacob said as he looked back up to his Mother. “Thens I get cake.”

“Yeah?” Charlie questioned. “If you eat something, then I’ll order you some cake.”

“I wills.” Jacob nodded.

“Right.” Charlie nodded just as Leah came over to take their order. “I’ll have glass of orange juice and a slice of your lemon drizzle cake please Leah.” Charlie smiled. “And a ham toastie and a glass of apple juice for Jacob.”

“And my cake.” Jacob smiled as he looked up at Leah.

“No.” Charlie shook her head. “I’ll order that if you eat your toastie.” Jacob sighed lightly before he once again pouted.

“And for you Bianca?” Leah questioned.

“Latte and a chocolate cake.” Bianca smiled before Leah walked away to get their order ready. “Aww still look at his little face.” Bianca said as she looked down to Jacob. “He’s looks really sad.”

“I know and it kills me when he is upset with me, but part of being a parent is that you sometimes will do things you’re little one won’t like.”

“Aww no, I’d always want my little one to be happy.” Bianca smiled. “If I ever get lucky enough to have a child.”

“You might think that now, but once the kid gets here you’d realise that can’t always be the case. I’m not going to treat him with cake if he hasn’t eaten lunch.” Charlie said as she looked down to her son, and knew that no matter how much of the toastie he ate, he probably would get his wish and get his cake anyways, after all, she did find it extremely hard saying no to his little face.


Ruby walked back into Matt’s apartment and flung her bag down on the table. “So, thanks for sticking up from me this morning.” Ruby smiled.

“It’s no problem.” Matt shook his head. “I mean, it’s must be hard having it in the papers then having people question you on it. I’m sure you just want to forget.”

“Yeah.” Ruby nodded lightly. “Hopefully it’ll blow over soon enough. Or maybe I should announce my split from Xav, maybe that will get people talking about that instead of my rape.”

“It will calm down.” Matt said. “In a few days time there will be news on someone else and that will be all people are interested in.”

“Yeah, well I hope so.” Ruby smiled. “Anyways...we should probably get some dinner started.” Ruby said as she looked down at her watch and saw it was already after 7pm.

“Hmm....indian.....thai.....mexican.....chinese.....” Matt laughed as she opened the drawer full of take-away menus.

“We had take-away last night.” Ruby said. “Shouldn’t we just cook something?”

“We could if I had food in the house.” Matt laughed.

“Seriously you have nothing?” Ruby asked as she opened a cupboard to find it was empty. “Like you don’t have anything at all. Not even milk, flour, butter, cheese and pasta?”

“I have some milk and some cheerios.” Matt said “But that’s all. What you want to make with those ingredients?”

“Pasta with a cheese sauce.” Ruby sighed. “Seriously you don’t even know how to make that?”

“Nah.” Matt shook his head.

“You’re even worse than my Mother.” Ruby sighed.

“Well look, I’m a single 23 year old guy who is also a musician.” Matt said. “Why bother trying to cook when you have all these take-aways so close by?”

“We’ll get take away tonight.” Ruby sighed. “But tomorrow I am going to go to the supermarket and cook you a proper home cooked meal.”

“Oh sounds nice.” Matt smiled. “Almost like a date. You cooking for me.”

“It’s not a date.” Ruby shook her head. “Just a friend cooking a meal for another friend so he has a change from take-away food.”

“Well sounds lovely.” Matt smiled.

“When was the last time you had a home cooked meal?” Ruby questioned.

“Well my Mum died when I was 6 and my Dad never was great in the kitchen.” Matt shook his head. “So me and my sister didn’t really get the taste for home cooked meals. So I don’t really feel I am missing out on anything.”

“Oh.” Ruby said quietly. “I’m sorry about your Mum.”

“It’s okay.” Matt smiled lightly. “She was sick most of my life. I think it was for the best.” Ruby smiled lightly as she looked up at Matt. She’d never heard him talk about his Mother, but she’d never have thought that she was dead.

“Still. It must have been hard.” Ruby smiled lightly.

“Yeah...anyways....what are we having?” Matt questioned as he looked back down to the menu’s in this hand.

“I’ve not had indian for a while.” Ruby said and Matt nodded as he put the rest of the menu’s back down in the drawer.

“Indian it is.” Matt smiled as he looked down at the menu, deciding what he wanted to order.


Charlie tucked Jacob into bed, before she placed a kiss on his forehead. “Sleep tight sweetie.” Charlie whispered.

“Nighty Mummy.” Jacob yawned before Charlie left the room, and went into the nursery to check on the girls. When she saw they were both still sound asleep she walked back into the living room and took a seat on the couch, as she heard a noise from outside and the door opening, with Brax staggering into the house.

“Hellooooo.” Brax smiled as he walked over to the couch and fell down onto it, taking a seat next to Charlie. “So don’t get mad but I might have had a little bit of a drink.” Brax laughed. Charlie sighed lightly as she shook her head. “But I got the funeral all sorted.....Mon....it’s Mon....on Monday.” Brax announced. “At 10.30. The am.” Brax laughed. “Pm would be pretty dark.”

“So you lied to me.” Charlie sighed.

“Well just a little white lie.” Brax laughed. “But I’ve been a lot drunker than this before.”

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded. “Like last night and the night before that.”

“But not the night before that.” Brax said as she held his finger out. “So only the last.....” Brax trailed off as he counted on his fingers. “Three....three nights.”

“Three nights too many if you ask me.” Charlie exhaled.

“So what now we have the girls I’m not allowed to drink anymore?”

“I didn’t say that.” Charlie shook her head. “I just don’t think you need to get so drunk. It’s not helping you with Casey and.....and it’s definitely not helping us.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a frigid bitch I wouldn’t need to go out and get drunk.” Brax yelled.

“I’m not going to sit here and listen to this.” Charlie shook her head as she stood up from the couch.

“No, you run away to the guest room.” Brax sighed. “Anything to not sleep with me, eh.”

“I didn’t spend last night in the guest room to not sleep with you.” Charlie spat. “I’m just not happy with the way you’re acting right now.”

“Oh so you are little miss perfect are we?”

“I didn’t say that.” Charlie spat. “But I’m not the one who is going out and getting drunk every night.”

“No, no, you just sit at home doing nothing all day.” Brax yelled.

“You think looking after a toddler and 7 week old twins is doing nothing?” Charlie shouted.

“Probably easier than you are making it out to be, yes.” Brax sighed. Charlie shook her head lightly as she turned around and went to walk away. “Be a love and get me a beer when you’re going past the kitchen.” Brax smirked. Charlie sighed lightly as she walked into the kitchen and took a glass into her hand before she filled it with water. She turned around and walked up to Brax before she slammed the glass down on the table.

“I think you’ve had enough beer. Might be a better idea to drink some water and sober up.” Charlie spat before she walked out of the room, and into the guest room, to once again, spend the night apart from Brax.

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Thanks everyone. :wub: Hope this is okay. :)

Chapter 43

Charlie walked into the kitchen to find Brax making breakfast. “If that’s another attempt at an apology don’t bother going any further.” Charlie shook her head. “Just like yesterday I won’t eat it.”

Brax sighed lightly as he looked around at Charlie. “Well will you accept me saying sorry?”

“For what?” Charlie asked as she leaned against the wall and folded her arms together.

“Getting so drunk again.” Brax said as if it was obvious.

“That’s all?” Charlie questioned and Brax shook his head as he looked down.

“And for saying what I said.” Brax shook his head. “I don’t think you are frigid.”

“You know, you wouldn’t do it for 5 months while I was pregnant. And seven weeks after I had twins and I’m not ready...” Charlie shook her head as she trailed off. “If anyone has been frigid recently it’s you.”

Brax nodded lightly as he looked back up at Charlie. “Well I am sorry Charlie.”

“You know, this seems to happen way too often these days for my liking.” Charlie sighed. “Us arguing, you getting drunk....Jacob has started to notice we are always shouting and he doesn’t like it. I don’t want to upset him, Brax. We need to start talking like mature adults instead of you drinking away your problems or us always being at each other’s throats.”

“It helps me, okay.” Brax sighed. “It helps me forgot how my little brother is dead and I’ll never see him again and the girls have been a lot harder than I thought it’d be so if I need a drink to help me through the day then so be it.” Brax yelled.

“Brax, you don’t need a drink though.” Charlie shook her head. “That only makes things worse in the long run. Yeah it might help in that moment when you are drunk and forget what’s going in your life but what about the next day when the problems are still here, the twins still need looking after, but you’ve got a banging headache and can’t be bothered to get out of bed.”

“It’s good because it helps me for that moment.” Brax shouted. “I’m not going to stop drinking, because I like it.” Brax yelled. “It helps me.”

“Can you please stop shouting?” Charlie asked as calmly as she could. “I told you, it’s upsetting Jacob.”

“Well he’s not the only one upset right now.” Brax yelled just as Jacob came running into the kitchen and hit Brax’s leg.

“Daddy stop shouting to Mummy.” Jacob cried. “We’s no like it.” Jacob said as he continued to hit his leg.

“Oi.” Brax shouted as he bent down to Jacob’s level. “You don’t hit.”

“You no shout.” Jacob cried.

“You don’t tell me what to do either mate.” Brax raised his voice. Jacob continued to cry as he ran over to Charlie and put his hands up to go to her. Charlie shook her head at Brax as she lifted Jacob into her arms.

“Shh it’s okay.” Charlie said as she gave Brax a disapproving look. “You going to come help Mummy get the girls fed and dressed?”

“Y...y-e..s” Jacob cried as he held onto his Mother. Charlie turned around and walked out of the room, leaving Brax standing alone in the kitchen.


Ruby sighed lightly as she got out of the bed and made her way down the hall and into the bathroom. She switched the shower on before she opened the cupboard and took out a towel, and laid it over the heater, before she began to undress herself. Just as she was about to step into the shower, the bathroom door opened and Matt walked sleepily into the bathroom, in only his boxers. “Ahh. Get out.” Ruby screamed as she reached for her towel to cover her body from Matt’s view.

“I’m so sorry.” Matt said as he covered his eyes with his hand.

“I thought I’d locked that.” Ruby said as she tightly held the towel around her body.

“The lock is broken.” Matt shook his head. “Hasn’t worked since I’ve lived here.”

“And how long has that been?” Ruby asked.

“Almost 3 years.” Matt answered.

“And you haven’t fixed it yet?” Ruby questioned.

“Well since I live on my own I didn’t really think I’d need a lock, so no.” Matt shook his head. “And any girl who was going to be using my shower during that time.....well obviously it would be okay if I walked in on her naked....well you know what I mean, she’d be my girlfriend so....” Matt trailed off as Ruby nodded her head slightly.

“Well maybe for the time being with me staying here and not being your girlfriend you could possibly get a new lock?” Ruby questioned.

“Sure.” Matt smiled lightly.

“Thanks.” Ruby smiled. “And eh.....you didn’t see me.....did you?”

“Eh....” Matt cleared his throat, the both of them suddenly feeling even more embarrassed. “I’ll just leave you to have that shower.” Matt grinned before he closed the door and walked back down the hallway.


Charlie got the girls settled into the pram, ready to take them out. “Mummy were we go?” Jacob questioned as he looked up at her with a cheeky grin on his face.

“We are going to go and see Auntie Bianca.” Charlie smiled as she hung the nappy bag over the handle of the pram.

“Yey Bee-Bee.” Jacob jumped up excitedly.

“You going out?” Brax questioned as he walked back into the living room, having just had his shower and gotten dressed. Charlie nodded lightly as a response. “Well where are you going?”

“Too see Bianca.” Charlie answered.

“Well if you want you can leave the kids with me.” Brax smiled lightly. “I’ll watch them and you and Bianca can go and have a good catch up.” Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked down to her girls before looking back at Brax, a look of uncertainty plastered across her face. “You can trust me with them.” Brax said.

“Can I?” Charlie questioned. “All you’ve done the last 3 days is go get drunk. What if you start drinking and the one of the girls needs you and -”

“Charlie I’m not going to drink if I am looking after the kids.” Brax sighed. Charlie exhaled lightly before she bit her lip. She hated that she now felt wary of leaving the girls in Brax’s care, but giving his behaviour the last few days, she thought it was understandable. “C’mon Charlie, you don’t need to go over-reacting here. And besides their my girls. You can’t not let me spend time with them.”

Charlie nodded lightly as she took a deep breath. “I’m just scared you’re going to start drinking.”

“Charlie, show me a bit of credit.” Brax sighed. “The girls will be my number 1 priority.”

Charlie nodded lightly. “Okay. It would be great if you could stay in and watch the girls.”

“And of course Jakey.” Brax smiled as he bent down to the boys level. “What do you say to a little bit of footie or soccer, or we could build something cool with your lego.”

Jacob shook his head as he moved closer to Charlie and wrapped his arm around her leg. “Mummy can we go to see Bee-Bee now?”

“You don’t want to stay and play with Daddy?” Charlie questioned and Jacob shook his head as he moved even closer to Charlie and further away from Brax.

“Aww Jacob you’re making Daddy sad.” Brax pouted, showing the boy upset.

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “Daddy shout to me. I stay with my Mummy.”

“I’m sure Daddy didn’t mean to shout.” Charlie said before she shot Brax an annoyed look. “Did you?”

“No no.” Brax shook his head. “Of course not.”

“You’s don’t shout.” Jacob shook his head.

“Look mate, Daddy is very sorry for shouting at you. He didn’t mean too. He’s just sad right now.” Brax said. “Now, how about we build a pirate ship with the lego?”

“No, I no stay.” Jacob shook his head. “I’s want to be with Mummy and Bee-Bee.”

“C’mon then.” Charlie said as she pulled Jacob from her leg and took his hand in hers. She looked down into the pram and her sleeping daughters and exhaled lightly before looking up at Brax.

“Look like you trust me.” Brax mumbled. Charlie pursed her lips together she exhaled lightly.

“I’ll see you later.” Charlie said coldly, before she and Jacob left the house.

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Thanks everyone. :wub: So, really not happy with this one, but hopefully you think its okay.... :unsure:

Chapter 44

As soon as Bianca opened the door Charlie burst into tears. “Hey, hey.” Bianca said as she pulled Charlie into a hug. “What’s this?”

“I eh...” Charlie sniffed back as Jacob ran into the house, seemingly unaware that his Mother was crying. “I just...I can’t do this anymore Bianca.” Charlie shook her head as she looked into the house to see Jacob was chatting away to April. Charlie smiled lightly as they walked out of the house, and sat down on the porch bench.

“You can’t do what, Charlie?” Bianca questioned.

“Any of this.” Charlie cried. “I feel like I am a single parent to 5 kids right now.” Charlie sniffed back a tear. “Ruby was home and upset as her and Xavier broke up, the twins and Jacob are hard work, and then there’s Brax.” Charlie sniffed. “He got drunk again last night and we had yet another fight.”

“He got drunk again?” Bianca questioned and Charlie nodded.

“It’s all he’s done since he found out about Casey.” Charlie said as she wiped the tears away. “I was scared to leave the girls with him today in case he drinks. I’m terrified now sitting here thinking what he could be doing.”

“Charlie, I don’t think he would be stupid enough to anything when he was looking after the girls.”

“I hope not.” Charlie shook her head. “He shouted at Jacob this morning and he’s scared him. He wouldn’t stay with him.”

“Jacob will probably forget all about it by this evening.” Bianca said.

“It doesn’t make it okay though does it?” Charlie questioned. “I mean he’s 3 and half years old and already he’s complaining about how me and Brax are always shouting. He’s already noticing things.” Charlie sighed. “It’s not fair on him.” Charlie shook her head.

“Well then I’m going to suggest for Jacob’s sake that you two get this sorted as soon as you can.”

“It’s kinda hard when he goes out all day and then he comes home so late and so drunk.” Charlie exhaled lightly as she wiped the tears from her face. Bianca wrapped an arm around Charlie in comfort.

“Well he’s home now, yes?” Bianca asked and Charlie nodded lightly. “Well why don’t you leave Jacob here with me and go home and talk to him now, when he’s sober.”

“You really think he will talk to me?” Charlie asked. “He hates me because I can’t go to Casey’s funeral. I know I said I’d think about it, but the way he’s acted these past few days....” Charlie trailed off as she shook her head. “I don’t think he deserves me going for him after how he’s gone on.”

“Well I think hate is a very strong word.” Bianca said. “I don’t think Brax could ever hate you.”

“Well it certainly doesn’t feel like love right now.” Charlie said, as once again she felt tears forming in her eyes.

“Charlie, just home and talk to him. The longer you leave things the worse it’s going to get.” Charlie nodded lightly as she wiped the tear from her eye.

“I will.” Charlie nodded. “But eh...I promised Jacob we’d spend some time with his favourite Auntie at the beach, so I’ll come there with you for a bit first and it’ll give me time to work out what I’m going to say.” Charlie smiled lightly, as Jacob ran out onto the porch, just like he knew he was being spoken about.

“Mummy Bee-Bee can April come to the beach too?” Jacob asked as he climbed up onto the seat and settled himself on Bianca’s knee.

“Sure she can.” Charlie smiled.

“See they say yes.” Jacob said as he looked up at April.

“I can’t.” April shook her head. “I have a lot of uni work I need to do. Cya later.” April smiled as she ruffled Jacob’s hair before she walked back into the house.

“Mummy been crying.” Jacob said as he reached his hands forward and rubbed her cheeks. “Why you sad?”

“Oh I’m just being silly.” Charlie smiled down at her son. “Now, let’s go the beach, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Jacob cheered as he jumped down from Bianca’s knee and ran off excitedly as the adults walked quickly to catch up with him.


Charlie walked back into her house after spending a couple of hours at the beach with Bianca and Jacob. She’d left Jacob with Bianca, like she had offered, so she could talk to Brax, both when he was sober, and to not get an interruption from Jacob, or upset him even more, if indeed it did turn into another screaming match. “Hey.” Charlie said as she opened the door. She looked up to see Brax and Cheryl sitting on the couch talking, seemingly ignoring the screaming coming for the nursery. “You do here Riley crying right?” Charlie questioned as she walked further into the room, sitting her bag down behind the couch and it was then when she noticed the four empty beer bottles sitting on the coffee table and the two freshly opened bottles sitting in Brax and Cheryl’s hand.

“Yes genius we hear her crying but we are working on the cry it out technique.” Cheryl said as she looked up at Charlie.

“She’s only 7 weeks old.” Charlie said. “Brax, don’t you think she’s a bit young?”

“She’s never too young to start anything.” Cheryl answered.

“Well that’s completely untrue.” Charlie sighed. “Brax, how long have you left her crying for?”

“Oh about 20 minutes.” Cheryl answered once again.

“If you don’t mind, I’m talking to Brax.” Charlie said as she shot Cheryl an annoyed glance.

“No.” Cheryl shook her head as she stood up. “You’re being an over-bearing and controlling bitch.”

“Hey, hey, Mum no need for that.” Brax said as he looked from Charlie to Cheryl and back to Charlie again. “Charlie, no, I haven’t checked on her since she started crying. Mum thinks this will be good for them, you know the whole self-soothing.”

“They’re seven weeks old.” Charlie yelled before she walked out of the room to see to her daughter and returning once she’s managed to settle her.

“You just wasted all our good work.” Cheryl scoffed.

“Good work?” Charlie questioned. “You think leaving a seven week old baby, a seven week old colicky baby to cry and cry and cry for over 20 minutes is good work?”

“It would have worked.” Cheryl spat.

“Yeah and so would have going into nursery to see the only reason she was crying was because she had a dirty nappy.”

“Well we tried it out.” Brax shrugged his shoulders. “No harm done.”

“Well I’d think differently.” Charlie sighed. “And you’ve been drinking.” Charlie shook her head as she gave Brax a disappointed glance. “Brax you promised me.”

“Oh shut up will ya.” Cheryl scoffed. “If the lad wants to drink he can.”

“He was supposed to be looking after the babies.” Charlie said.

“And I did. We fed them and pulled silly faces to get them to smile. We put them down to sleep.” Brax said. “I looked after them and I’ll say it’s hard work so I deserved some beers.”

Charlie shook her head lightly at Brax before looking over to Cheryl. “Could you please go? I’d like to speak to Brax alone.”

“Nah, you don’t tell me when to leave.” Cheryl spat before she took a drink of her beer. Charlie looked up at Brax as she pursed her lips together.

“Go on eh.” Brax said. “You can come around again hey, see the girls again.”

“She has you wrapped around her little finger.” Cheryl scoffed before she stormed out of the house. Brax and Charlie looked to one another silently.

“So, bring on the lecture eh.” Brax sighed as he rubbed his forehead.

“You promised me, Brax. How the hell am I supposed to trust you now? You’ve sat here and drank, while Riley’s been crying for you to go and comfort her, to go and change her dirty nappy.”

“So I had a couple of drinks while catching up with my Mum, no biggie.”

“Why did she even come here?” Charlie questioned.

“To see her granddaughters.” Brax yelled. “I know you two don’t get on, but she still deserves to see her grandkids.” Charlie sighed lightly as she picked up Cheryl’s bottle of beer from the table and walked over to the kitchen sink. “Hey, what you doing?” Brax asked.

“Pouring this away.” Charlie said coldly.

“Don’t waste it.” Brax said as he ran forward and grabbed the beer from her hand.

“Brax, pour the beers out.” Charlie said.

“I’ll drink them.” Brax said. “We’re not going to go wasting good beer eh.”

“Brax if you can’t pour those beers out then you have a problem.”

“Ah don’t be ridiculous.” Brax shook his head. “I don’t need alcohol.”

“Then you won’t have a problem in pouring the bottles down the sink.” Charlie said.

“I want to drink them.” Brax said. “Then that’ll be me for the day.”

“Brax.” Charlie shook her head. “We can’t go on like this. You have started to become to dependant on alcohol and -”

“I’m not dependant on it.” Brax yelled.

“Then then throw it out.” Charlie shouted. Brax shook his head as he took a drink of the beer.

“Ahh that’s good.” Brax smiled. Charlie pursed her lips together as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I can’t....I can’t take this anymore.” Charlie shook her head before she walked out of the kitchen and along the hall to her bedroom where she lifted the suitcase up from the under the bed, and opened the wardrobe and started packing away some clothes.

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Thanks everyone. :wub: I hope this one is okay.

Chapter 45

Charlie walked back into the living room with a suitcase packed. “What’s this?” Brax asked as he pointed to the case, before taking another swig of the beer.

“Your clothes.” Charlie answered.

“My clothes?” Brax questioned. “What you go packing them for?”

“You’re going to go to rehab.” Charlie answered and Brax laughed.

“I don’t need rehab.” Brax shook his head. “So I’ve been drunk the last what, 3 days and I’ve had a few today, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic and I definitely don’t need rehab.”

“You’re going, before this gets worse.” Charlie sighed.

“I don’t need rehab.” Brax yelled as he shook his head.

“Fine. Then you can move out, because we’re finished.” Charlie cried.

“So wait.” Brax said as he held his hand out. “You’re going to say its rehab or losing you and the kids?”

“That’s exactly it.” Charlie said as she wiped the tears from her face. “If you want us to work, then go to rehab. If you don’t think we are worth trying for then don’t go to rehab, but you can find another place to live.”

“So, I’m getting an ultimatum hey.” Brax laughed lightly as he shook his head. “See if you loved me, you wouldn’t go giving me ultimatums.”

“I do love you Brax.” Charlie shouted. “I love you so much that it’s killing me seeing you like this. I want you to go and get help so we can be a proper family again.”

“But I don’t need rehab.” Brax shook his head. “I’m not an alcoholic.”

“I want you to do this before the problem gets any worse.” Charlie sighed. “Then we can work through re-building our relationship and our lives with Jacob and the girls, because we are not going to work if this drinking continues.”

Brax exhaled lightly as he looked like he was thinking about what Charlie was saying. “I don’t need rehab. I don’t have a problem.”

“Okay.” Charlie sniffed back her tears. “I can’t make you go to rehab, but I can end this relationship, and I am. ”

“So that’s it?” Brax questioned. “Just like that, we’re finished? You just had my girls 7 weeks ago; don’t you think we are worth trying for them?”

“This is the best thing for them right now.” Charlie cried. “They can’t have a father who drinks all the time, and drinks when they are in his care. Jacob is scared of you now and to tell the truth, I’m scared when you get drunk too. We can’t have a relationship like this Brax.” Charlie shook her head as the tears continued to roll down her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to end this, but we need too. It’s what we need to do.”

“No it’s not what we need to do.” Brax said as he felt tears in his eyes. “How can us breaking up be the right thing? I love you so much and the kids too. Please don’t end this.” Brax said as he stepped forward and took hold of her hands.

Charlie shook her head as she pulled her hands away. “I have too.” Charlie said. “Now, maybe you should go.” Charlie wiped the tears from her face as she looked away from Brax.

“Charlie, please I -” Brax started but stopped when Paige’s cries could be heard. “I’ll go.”

“No, you can leave. I’ll go.” Charlie said as she disappeared down the hall and into the nursery to see to her daughter.


“So, what we going to do today then?” Matt questioned as he sat down on the couch next to Ruby. “Getting a whole day off is rare at the moment.”

“Eh yeah, I don’t know.” Ruby shrugged her shoulders.

“Well you did promise me a home cooked meal tonight.” Matt smiled. “So you need to go shopping.”

“Ah I did.” Ruby nodded. “And I shall keep that promise.” Ruby smiled. “And you said you’d get a lock for the bathroom, so you need to go and buy one of those.”

“Sure.” Matt nodded. “So, we’ll go shopping....I guess.” Matt laughed as he looked to Ruby. “You know you don’t have to be embarrassed. You looked...eh well...” Matt cleared his throat. “You’ve got a hot body.”

Ruby turned red with embarrassment. “So you did see me.”

“Yeah, but as I say....you’re hot Rubes.” Matt smiled.

“I think I know what we can do.” Ruby smiled as she looked up at Matt and into his chocolaty brown eyes. She smiled suggestively before she stood up and took his hands in hers, pulling him up to standing. Matt smiled as he moved his head in closer, their lips only inches apart, their eyes not breaking contact. Ruby smiled as she ran her hands up his back, before taking his t-shirt off him.

“Someone moves fast.” Matt laughed as he leaned down to kiss Ruby. She turned her head to the side and his lips brushed softly against her cheek. Ruby smiled as she already started to work on his jeans button, before letting them fall to the floor. “Really fast.” Matt grinned before he placed a kiss on her neck. Ruby smiled cheekily as she moved back slightly, looking down at Matt’s body as he stood before her only in his boxers. She bit her lip seductively as she pulled his boxers down, leaving Matt standing in the nude.

Ruby stepped in closer to him, as big smile swept across her face. She leaned up so their lips were only millimetres apart. Matt smiled as he puckered up for a kiss, but it was then when Ruby moved her head up to the side and whispered in his ear. “You saw me naked; it was only fair I got to see you naked too.” Ruby smirked as she stood back and looked down to Matt’s naked body once more. “Not bad....not bad at all.” Ruby grinned before she turned and walked out of the living room, the smile never leaving her face.


Charlie walked back into the living room after settling Paige down again. “She okay?” Brax asked. “It’s not like her to cry like that?”

“She’s fine.” Charlie said coldly. “Maybe she’s just picking up on this as well.”

“Charlie -”

“I thought I’d asked you to leave.” Charlie said, not able to look at Brax, for if she did she knew she would burst into tears once again at their situation.

“Charlie, if there’s anything that’s going to keep us together, please....I’ll do it.”

“I’ve told you.” Charlie exhaled lightly. “You going to rehab and getting help for your drinking is the only way.”

“I’ll stop, I promise. I don’t need rehab.”

Charlie shook her head. “No, because you’ve said it before and you haven’t.”

Brax pursed his lips together as he ran his hands through his hair. He was about to reply when the door opened and Jacob came running into the house. “Sorry.” Bianca said. “I couldn’t keep him away any longer. He wanted to come back to Mummy.”

Jacob ran over to Charlie and gave her a hug. “Mummy sad again.” Jacob pouted sadly. Bianca looked from Charlie to Brax and could sense the tension in the room. She bit her lip feeling like she’d just interrupted something badly.

“Can you do Mummy a big favour?” Charlie said trying to sound as happy as she could. Jacob nodded lightly as he looked up to her as he widened his eyes, wondering what she was going to ask him. “Can you go and check on your sisters for me?”

“Yeah. I can do that.” Jacob nodded excitedly as Charlie put him down on the ground, and it was then when he noticed the suitcase. “We go on holidays?” Jacob asked excitedly.

“No, sweetie.” Charlie shook her head. “Go on, check on the girls please.” Jacob pulled a face of confusion before he ran out of the room. Bianca stood in the room, feeling awkward and uncomfortable and she noticed the glance that Charlie and Brax were giving each other.

“Do you want me to go?” Bianca asked.

“If you don’t mind.” Brax said.

“No.” Charlie shook her head. “Can you stay, please?” Bianca looked from Charlie to Brax and back to Charlie again, unsure of who to listen too. “Brax, I think you should leave now.”

“Charlie please reconsider.” Brax pleaded. Charlie shook her head as she still wasn’t able to look at Brax.

“Well can you at least let me go say bye to Jacob and the girls?” Brax asked.

“You can come around before Jacob’s bedtime.” Charlie sighed. “I want to explain things to him first and with the way he’s feeling about you right now, I think I should talk to him alone.”

Brax exhaled lightly before picking up his suitcase and walking out of the house. “Charlie, what’s happened? I thought you were going to talk it out?” Bianca questioned. Charlie broke down into tears and Bianca stepped forward and pulled her friend into a comforting hug.

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Thank you so much Sarah, CharlieAndBrax4Ever, Red Ranger1, MatildaHunterFan, JosieTash, caroline77, Samantha1, CharlieAndBraxLover, Sazzle, Zoe, Jen1205, Dingo x, Spotd1 and pembie for the comments. :wub: Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 46

Charlie sat down on the couch, as Bianca prepared a coffee for them. “He wouldn’t go.” Charlie shook her head as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I really thought if it meant losing us that he’d go.”

“I’m so sorry” Bianca said. “I eh...” Bianca trailed off as she shook her head. “I thought he wouldn’t want to lose you either. That he’d do whatever it took to keep you.”

“Maybe we don’t mean as much to each other as I first thought.” Charlie sniffed back as Bianca joined her on the couch, with the coffees. “Thanks.” Charlie smiled lightly as she took a drink.

Bianca smiled lightly. “Look, I’m sure Brax will soon realise you and the kids are more important to him than drinking and he’ll do the right thing.”

“I don’t know what to think anymore.” Charlie shook her head just as Jacob came running back into the room.

“Them girls are good.” Jacob smiled as he climbed up onto the couch. “Were Daddy go?”

Charlie took a deep breath as she leaned forward and put her coffee cup down on the coffee table. “Daddy isn’t going to live here anymore, sweetie.”

“So he can’t shout to me no more?” Jacob asked and Charlie shook her head.

“No, he’ll not shout at you anymore.” Charlie said as she ran her hand over her son’s head.

“But where he stay?” Jacob asked.

“I eh....with his Mum.” Charlie guessed.

“I no no her.” Jacob shook his head. “We be okay with no Daddy.” Jacob smiled lightly as he gave Charlie a hug. Charlie smiled as she held onto her son tightly.

“Hey, you can still see Daddy, okay.” Charlie said. “Just for now, he and Mummy aren’t together.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “He shouts to me. I no want to see him.” Charlie sighed lightly as she looked to Bianca who shrugged her shoulders at her.

“Aww sweetie, you know Daddy didn’t mean to shout at you. He’ll be sad if you don’t want to see him anymore.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “I won’t go.” Jacob announced, before he jumped down from the couch and ran off in the direction of his bedroom.

“As much as I don’t blame him for being scared to see Brax again, I don’t want their relationship to suffer.” Charlie sighed. “Brax loves Jacob like he is his own, he’ll be devastated if he doesn’t want to see him. Actually he’ll probably accuse me of poisoning him against him.”

“Look Jacob just got a fright.” Bianca said. “I’m sure in a few days it’ll all be forgotten about and he’ll want to spend time with Brax.”

“Actually I don’t think I’d like him to be alone with the kids right now anyways. I mean I come home today and there he is drinking while Riley is screaming out for attention.” Charlie shook her head. “How do you think he’d react if I told him I didn’t want him being alone with the kids right now?”

“He probably wouldn’t take it too well.” Bianca shook her head. “But, I do think it would be understandable.”

Charlie sighed once again as she looked down at her watch. “I eh...I need to go feed the girls.”

“You want me to stay a little longer?” Bianca questioned and Charlie nodded her head.

“If that’s okay?”

“Of course.” Bianca smiled. “While you’re feeding the girls, I can go hang out with Jacob. I can even stay and help make dinner if you wanted. You know, show Jacob what food is really supposed to taste like.”

Charlie laughed lightly needing her friends little joke. “Would be nice, thanks.”

“Don’t need to thank me. It’s what best friends are for.” Bianca smiled.

“Well I think I do. I’d not be getting through this if it wasn’t for you.” Charlie said and Bianca smiled once more before they both left the living room, Charlie walking to the nursery to feed the girls and Bianca into Jacob’s room to play with the boy.


“Well Ruby that was lovely.” Matt smiled as he took a drink of his beer.

“Thanks.” Ruby smiled lightly as she put her knife and fork down on the table. “Ah I don’t think I could eat another bite.”

“Me either.” Matt said as he patted his stomach. “Need to keep the 6 pack nice and toned.”

Ruby laughed lightly as she took a drink of her water. “Funny that, I don’t remember seeing a six pack this morning.”

“Ah well you mustn’t have been looking closely enough. It’s there baby.” Matt grinned as pointed to his stomach.

“Haha you wish.” Ruby laughed.

“Is this just a way to get me to show you again?” Matt questioned. “Prove it is there?” Ruby laughed lightly as she shook her head and began clearing away the plates. “I’ll do that.” Matt smiled as he stood up as reached his hand out to take the plate from Ruby, his hand brushing over hers. They smiled awkwardly at each other before Matt cleared his throat. “You cooked so it’s only fair I do the washing up.”

“You mean lift the plates from the table to the dishwasher?” Ruby laughed.

“Well someone needs to put them in.” Matt said. “Not going to get there themselves, are they?”

“Well no, I guess not.” Ruby shook her head as she watched Matt moving the whole two plates from the table and into the dishwasher.

“Hard work that.” Matt joked. “Worked up a bit of a sweat there.”

“Oh you’re so funny.” Ruby laughed sarcastically.

“So, you didn’t make dessert?” Matt questioned and Ruby shook her head.

“Dessert was never mentioned.” Ruby shook her head as she found herself taking a step closer to Matt. “But if you wanted to make something?” Ruby questioned.

“No.” Matt shook his head as he too took a step closer to Ruby. “It’s fine.” They both smiled at each other before looking into each other’s eyes.

“So, eh...” Ruby cleared her throat as she broke eye contact. “Maybe we could watch a movie or something?”

“Yeah.” Matt smiled. “Eh...whatever is cool.”

“Eh.” Ruby nodded lightly as they both found themselves walking forward till they were only inches apart. Matt smiled before he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. “Mmm.” Ruby moaned as she pulled back. “Maybe not this.” Ruby shook her head but she was unable to move, liking the closeness between her and Matt, before she leaned in and kissed him this time.

“If you want to stop just say the word.” Matt whispered before the kiss became slightly more passionate. Ruby shook her head lightly as the kiss deepened and they made their way down the hall and into Matt’s bedroom, before they started tearing at each other’s clothes.


Bianca hadn’t long in left the house when Charlie looked down to her watch, thinking Brax would probably be making an appearance to see the kids soon. “Mummy I go for a bath now?” Jacob questioned.

“Eh no.” Charlie shook her head. “I thought maybe Daddy could bath you tonight.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “I no want Daddy.” Jacob said on the verge of tears. “I want you to do it.”

“Aww Jakey.” Charlie said as she bent down to her sons level and pulled him close to her. “You know Daddy didn’t mean to shout at you.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “I no like it.”

“I know you don’t like it.” Charlie said. “But he won’t shout at you again and he is very sorry for what he did.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “I no have a bath if Daddy do it.” Jacob said before he ran out of the room and into his bedroom.

“Jacob.” Charlie sighed as she walked after him. She walked into his bedroom to see he had taken refuge under his bed covers. “Ah no, were did Jacob go?” Charlie said, playing along with his little game. “Is he in his wardrobe?” Charlie questioned as she opened the doors as she heard the sounds of Jacob’s giggles. “No, he’s not in there....oh where could he be....is he behind the door?” Charlie said as she looked around the side of the bedroom door. “No, not there either.” Charlie sighed. “Oh, I don’t know where he could be. I give up. I think I’ll just sit down on the bed instead.” Charlie joked as she went to sit down. As she touched Jacob lightly she let out a scream and jumped up, much to the delight of Jacob who was giggling hysterically before threw the covers from himself.

“Boo.” Jacob giggled.

“Hey, there you are.” Charlie smiled as she sat down on the bed, and Jacob crawled up onto her knee. Charlie wrapped her arms around him as she placed a kiss on his forehead. “Jakey you know you don’t need to be scared of Daddy?”

“But he shout to me.” Jacob pouted.

“I know, but remember Daddy is sad right now and he didn’t mean it.”

“No.” Jacob shook his head. “I just want you Mummy.”

Charlie sighed lightly at a loss at what to say to her son. She didn’t want to make things worse by keeping on at him, and she knew he was a stubborn little thing, just like his Mummy. “Okay, so Mummy will bath you tonight.” Charlie said as Jacob smiled.

“Can I play with my pirates in the bath tonight?” Jacob questioned and Charlie nodded lightly.

“Sure, how about you get the bath toys you want sorted and I’ll be through in a minute.” Charlie smiled as Jacob jumped down to the floor and ran off to the bathroom. Charlie exhaled lightly as she pulled her mobile out of her pocket, and rang Brax’s number, finding it going straight through to voicemail. She sighed lightly before she stood up and walked through to the bathroom, ready to start Jacob’s bedtime routine.

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Thanks everyone. :wub:

Chapter 47

Charlie opened the door to find Bianca standing at the other side. “Hey, thanks for coming around on such short notice.” Charlie smiled lightly as she gave her friend a hug.

“It’s fine.” Bianca smiled. “What’s wrong?” Bianca said as she looked at Charlie, and it was then when she noticed she was wearing a simple black dress and a pair of black shoes with a very small heel.

“It’s Casey’s funeral today.” Charlie answered quietly.

“You’re going to go?” Bianca said sounding surprised.

“I haven’t heard from Brax in three days.” Charlie shook her head. “I thought he’d have been around wanting to see the kids, but.....” Charlie trailed off as she shook her head. “I’ve tried calling him but his phone is always off and I even drove up to Mangrove River, but there was no answer at the house.”

“So, you’re hoping to go to this funeral to talk to him about this?” Bianca questioned. “Charlie, I don’t think today would be the right time to -”

“I have to go.” Charlie said. “Maybe me showing I still want to be there for him, that I still want to support him and help him through this....maybe that will give him the push he needs to see going to rehab is a good thing, not only for him, but for us too.”

“Well if you think it’s worth a chance.” Bianca smiled lightly.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Charlie smiled nervously. “So the girls have just been fed and changed, so they shouldn’t really be any trouble. I’m sure Jacob will be able to keep you entertained till I get home.” Charlie smiled lightly.

“Mummy, where you go?” Jacob asked as he ran over to her and took hold of her hand.

“I’m just going out for a little while.” Charlie said softly.

“I come too.” Jacob smiled.

“No.” Charlie shook her head. “You stay here and help Bianca with the girls.”

“No, I come.” Jacob said.

“I need to go and talk to Daddy on my own.” Charlie said and Jacobs eyes widened.

Oh no Daddy.” Jacob shook his head. “I stay here then.” Jacob took hold of Bianca’s hand as he looked up at her with a big smile on his face. “We play yeah?”

“Yeah.” Bianca smiled before she looked back up to Charlie. “Take your time and don’t rush home because the kids will be fine.” Charlie nodded lightly before she left the house, and got into her car and made the short drive to the church, where Casey’s funeral was taking place. Taking a deep breath she turned off the car engine and stepped out of the car and walked up to the church. She walked through the doors and started too walk up the aisle, as she noticed how bare the church was, as Brax has said to her, it was only himself, Cheryl, Heath and his officer standing at the top of the church. As they heard footsteps, Brax turned around and was shocked to see Charlie walking up the aisle.

“Charlie.” Brax said as he walked over to her. “What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t come after what he did to Ruby?”

“I eh....” Charlie shook her head. “I was worried about you. You’ve not been in touch for 3 days. I thought you would have wanted to see the kids by now.” Brax shook his head lightly as he walked closer to Charlie and put his hand on her arm and walked her back down to the doors of the church, so they could talk more privately.

“I’ve not really been so sober the last 3 days.” Brax said feeling embarrassed with his behaviour. “You’re right, Charlie. I need help.” Charlie could see tears forming in Brax’s eyes. She exhaled lightly as she leaned forward and gently rubbed his arm. “But I can’t do this without you.” Brax shook his head. “Please say I’ll have your support if I go.”

Charlie took a deep breath trying to stop herself from crying. “Of course.” Charlie nodded. “Of course you will. All I want Brax is for you to get better and for us to work all this out.”

“Me too.” Brax choked back a tear. “It’s all I want too.”

Charlie smiled lightly as she stepped forward and pulled Brax into a hug. Brax smiled lightly as he held Charlie in his arms, and breathed in the smell of her coconut hair conditioner. It felt like it had been so long since they even hugged, and Brax knew it would be hard to get things back to the way they were, especially with everything he’d did and said since Casey’s death. “I love you.” Charlie said quietly as she remained in the embrace.

“I love you too.” Brax smiled. “So much and I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry for everything I’ve put you through. And little Jacob. I’m going to make it up to him because I know I scared him when I yelled. And the girls, I’ll never leave them to cry for so long again. And as for drinking....” Brax shook his head as he trailed off. “I’m going to go to rehab and sort this out.” Brax sniffed back. “And then when I get back, we’ll work at this and everything will be perfect. If that’s what you want, of course.”

“It’s all I want.” Charlie smiled.

“Eh, Mr Braxton.” The minister spoke quietly, causing Charlie and Brax to pull out of the hug. “If you’re ready?”

“Yeah.” Brax took a deep breath before he looked from the minister back to Charlie. “So I guess now we’ve kinda sorted things, you’ll be off home.”

“I eh...if I’m still welcome, I want to come. I want to be there for you.”

Brax smiled lightly as he and Charlie walked up the aisle together and took a seat at the front next to Cheryl and Heath, and his officer. “What’s she doing here?” Cheryl spat.

“Don’t do this today, Mum.” Brax shook his head. “It’s time to say goodbye to Casey.”


Ruby turned around in the bed and rested her head against Matt’s chest. He smiled lightly as he wrapped his arm around her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Morning.” Ruby smiled.

“Morning.” Matt smiled back at Ruby.

“I don’t want to get out of bed today.” Ruby sighed.

“Well then let’s not. A day in bed with a hot chick sounds great.”

“Except we need to go into the studio at 11.” Ruby said and Matt frowned.

“Rubes....so what’s....like, what’s happening with us?” Matt questioned.

“Eh....well let’s see....a few days ago we had sex. Then there’s been lots of kissing and flirting, and then again last night, we had sex.” Ruby said.

“Well yeah.” Matt nodded. “But like are we starting a relationship here?”

Ruby sighed lightly as she sat up in the bed and leaned her head against the headboard. “Do we have to put anything on this right now?” Ruby asked. “Can’t we just take it as it comes and not define it right now?”

“Well....I guess.” Matt said as he rubbed the side of head.

“You know I’ve only just broken up with Xav and I’m not really ready to go jumping into anything right now.”

“So what are you saying you just want to be fuc....friends with benefits, for lack of better terms?” Matt said and Ruby shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know. Can we just not put any label onto it and just see what happens?”

“Sure.” Matt nodded lightly as he reached to the bedside table for his phone. “Crap.” Matt shouted as he jumped out of bed. “Get up.” Matt raised his voice. “It’s 10.45.”

“What the hell?” Ruby questioned as she jumped out of the bed. “How did we sleep in so late?”

“I have no idea, but we are so going to be late.” Matt said as he fumbled around his room, trying to find some clothes.


Charlie and Brax walked across the graveyard, and took a seat on the bench. “It was a beautiful service.” Charlie smiled lightly as she looked up at Brax. “The eulogy was lovely.”

“I tried.” Brax smiled lightly. “I’m surprised I’ve stayed sober enough to write it to be honest.”

“These past few days been that bad?” Charlie questioned and Brax stayed silent and he nodded lightly.

“I eh...definitely not my proudest moments.” Brax sighed.

“Well you’ve admitted you need help, so it’s a start.” Charlie smiled lightly.

“You will visit me, won’t you?” Brax questioned. “I’m sure knowing you’re coming to see me and knowing when I get out, I still have my life with you -”

“Brax.” Charlie shook her head lightly. “Once you get out, we can try. We can try to rebuilt what we had, but I don’t think it’ll be so easy. Don’t expect this to be all sunshine and lollypop’s straight away.”

“I know.” Brax nodded. “But I mean....I mean we are both wanting to try, right?” Charlie nodded lightly as a smile came to her face. Brax took a deep breath before he admitted something to Charlie. “I’m scared, Charlie.”

“You’ll be fine.” Charlie smiled lightly. “You’re strong and you’ll get through this.”

“I’m not strong.” Brax shook his head. “Because if I was I wouldn’t let alcohol get me like it has.”

“You’ve admitted that you need help and you’re going to go rehab. That shows to me that you are strong.” Charlie smiled lightly as she rubbed his arm.

Bra nodded lightly as he took another deep breath. “So eh....how’s the kids?”

“Not much has changed.” Charlie smiled. “Paige is still a quiet little thing, but Riley has been making up for it.” Charlie laughed. “Jacob....we’ll he’s eh, he’s been a little clingy and having a few more tantrums, but I think it’s just confusing for him. I don’t know if he’s still mad with you for shouting at him, or if he’s mad because you’ve just up and left and not seen him for the last 3 days, but hopefully things with him will settle soon.”

“Well I didn’t exactly up and leave.” Brax said quietly. “You kinda threw me out.”

“Yes.” Charlie sighed. “But you’ve not been to visit have you?”

Brax shook his head lightly. “I just...I don’t want him seeing me drunk and I’ve just....”

“Yeah, I know.” Charlie said softly. “You’ve said.”

“So, I’m eh....I going into the city tonight. I think I will be there for 3 weeks, but we just need to see how it will go.”

“Wow, as soon as that?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded.

“I need to get it sorted eh.” Brax exhaled.

“Well, I’m sure the girls will love a visit from Daddy before you go.” Charlie smiled lightly as she once again rubbed his arm.

“I’d love to come see them.” Brax smiled before he and Charlie stood up, and made their way to Charlie’s car.

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Thanks everyone. :wub: So, not liking this one much at all. I guess maybe it's kinda a filler chapter....or at least I'm saying thats what it is now. :lol: I know what I want to happen, just having a little bother getting it into writing at the moment..... :unsure: Anyways, here you go. Hope you like.

Chatper 48

“Mummy Mummy.” Jacob said excitedly as he ran over to her as she walked through the door. “We mades a cake.”

“Ah wow.” Charlie smiled. “What kind is it?”

Jacob looked up to Charlie and pulled a face, as if she’d just asked him a really stupid question. “Chocolate silly.”

“Of course.” Charlie smiled. “Did you leave some for Mummy?”

“Yeah.” Jacob smiled. “It a big cake. There lots left.”

“Good.” Charlie smiled.

“What about Daddy?” Brax questioned. “Do I get any cake?”

“No.” Jacob scowled as he clung tighter onto Charlie. “You go away.”

“Aww mate.” Brax said sadly as he went out to touch Jacob. “You -”

“No no no.” Jacob squealed as hid his head against Charlie and held tightly onto her.

“Don’t push it.” Charlie said as she looked up at Brax. “You’re only going to make him worse if you keep trying today.” Brax sighed lightly as he nodded at what Charlie said. “And besides, you’ve won him over before, I’m sure you’ll can do it again.”

“Yeah.” Brax smiled lightly as Charlie tried to put Jacob down but he clung tightly onto her, not wanting to let go.

“No, Mummy I just want you.” Jacob cried.

“Jacob let go of me.” Charlie said softly. Jacob shook his head as he continued to hold onto his Mother.

“No.” Jacob cried. “Daddy go.”

“No Mummy wants Daddy to stay.” Charlie said.

“But I don’t.” Jacob shook his head as he looked at his Mother. Charlie smiled lightly as she wiped the tears from her son’s cheeks.

“Look, Mummy wants to talk to Daddy so why don’t you take Bianca into your room and you can build something cool with your lego.”

“And Daddy no come to my room?” Jacob questioned and Charlie shook her head. “Okays.” Jacob sniffed back as Charlie put him down on the ground and he ran over to Bianca. “You come build legos wiff me?”

“Yeah, of course I will.” Bianca smiled as Jacob took her hand. Charlie gave Bianca a thankful smile before they walked off to his room.

“God, he really is scared of me isn’t he?” Brax sighed as he took a seat on the couch. Charlie nodded lightly.

“It’ll pass.” Charlie said hopefully, before she reached into the moses basket lifted Paige out into her arms, before handing her to Brax and lifting Riley into her arms and taking a seat next to him on the couch. Brax smiled as he looked down to his girls, Riley still sound asleep in Charlie’s arms, and Paige beginning to wake in his arms.

“I need to do this not only for me, or us, but them.” Brax smiled. “They need to have...no, they deserve the best Father in the world, and I’m going to be that.” Brax said as he felt himself tearing up. “I’m going to go and fix this and I’ll be the best Father I can to them, because let’s face it, these past seven weeks I’ve been a bit hit and miss.”

Charlie smiled lightly as she looked down at Paige, who gave her Daddy a big gummy smile. “She’s happy to see you.” Charlie said. “And I know you’ll be a great Father once this problem is sorted.”

“If only Jacob thought so.” Brax said sadly.

“Look, he’s.....you can make it up him.” Charlie smiled. “I’m pretty sure at the moment all you’ll need is a toy relating to pirates in some way and some chocolate cake.” Brax laughed lightly as he nodded his head.

“Well I might need to remember that for when I get back.” Brax said.

“Why don't I give you some alone time with these two?” Charlie questioned as she handed Riley to Brax also.

“You actually trust me not to do something stupid?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded lightly before she walked out of the living room, leaving Brax with his girls.


“Mummy hurry.” Jacob sighed. “I want to see Ruby.”

“In a minute.” Charlie said as she put the last of the dinner plates into the dishwasher.

“How you do it?” Jacob questioned as he started to push buttons on the laptop.

“Don’t touch it Jakey.” Charlie shook her head as she walked over to the kitchen table, and lifted her son from the seat and sat down on it, placing him down on her knee, before she logged into skype.

“We see Ruby now?” Jacob asked. “I don’t see her.”

“I need to call her first.” Charlie said, as she hit the call button before the laptop started ringing, like it was making a call.

“It’s like a phone.” Jacob giggled. “Oh I see her.” Jacob said excitedly. “Ruby....Ruby....I see you.” Jacob shrieked with excitement.

“Hey, Jakey.” Ruby smiled.

“She’s there. I see her. Look Mummy.” Jacob pointed to the screen. “It’s Ruby.”

“I see.” Charlie smiled. “Hey, Rubes. How’s it going?”

“Good.” Ruby smiled. “How’s little Jakey?”

“I is good too.” Jacob said. “What you doing?”

“Oh I was busy today Jacob.” Ruby said. “I had a radio interview, then I was on a TV show, then I was in the studio working on some songs.”

“Cool.” Jacob smiled. “I’s went shopping wiff Mummy and them girls. I no like it.” Jacob shook his head. “But Mummy got me some new clothes.” Jacob smiled. “Thems were cool.”

“Ah wow did you get spoiled?” Ruby questioned and Jacob nodded.

“And them girls.” Jacob smiled. “They gots new clothes too cos thems are getting big.”

“Aww I bet they are.” Ruby smiled. “I miss you and the girls.”

“I miss you too.” Jacob said sadly. “When you come home.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Ruby shook her head and Jacob sighed.

“Oh Ruby I went swimming with pre-school.” Jacob said. “I’s no liked it. They made me put my head under the water and it hurt.” Jacob said as she pointed to his eyes. “My eyes go red.”

“Aww you’ll need to tell Mummy to get you goggles.” Ruby said and Jacob nodded before he looked up to Charlie.

“You get me goggles.” Jacob said. “Oh Ruby, I let you see my clothes.” Jacob said before he jumped down from Charlie’s knee and ran off excitedly.

“Someone’s in a good mood today.” Ruby laughed.

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled. “So, how are you doing since you’ve been back in the city?”

“Eh....good.” Ruby smiled. “I’ve been kept really busy with work so I’ve not had time to think about much else really.” Ruby said, knowing her Mother was asking how she was feeling about her break up with Xavier. “But Matt’s been really good letting me stay with him so that took a weight off me straight away, you know having a place to live.”

“So, you’re staying permanently?” Charlie questioned and Ruby shrugged her shoulders.

“He doesn’t seem to be in any rush to chuck me out, so it would save moving all my stuff again.” Ruby laughed.

“Right.” Charlie nodded lightly as she bit her lip.

“What?” Ruby questioned. “I may be looking at you via a computer screen but I know when something’s up.”

“I just.....I’m not really comfortable with you staying with a guy I’ve never met.”

“He’s my band mate Mum.” Ruby sighed. “He’s perfectly fine.”

“I know.” Charlie nodded. “But maybe it is time I met him anyways.” Charlie said. “I mean Matt and the other two guys are obviously becoming good friends of yours and you’re spending a lot of time with these guys. I think I should meet them.”

“Okay, well I guess, we could maybe get down next week sometime....”

“Well, I need to come into the city to visit Brax, so maybe to save you the trip I can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.”

“Oh...how is Brax doing anyways?” Ruby questioned.

“I don’t know.” Charlie shrugged her shoulders. “This first week I’ve not been able to see him. They want him to settle in, as such, as begin the process with no interruptions, but he goes into his second week tomorrow, so I can go and see him anytime for tomorrow onwards.”

“Oaky, well, I know tomorrow isn’t good for us, or the next day, or the next day.....I could maybe spare a few hours on Friday?” Ruby said.

“Friday...I can do Friday.” Charlie smiled.

“Great it’s a date.” Ruby grinned. “So...where are you and Brax at the moment?” Ruby questioned. “Like are you a couple or separated or?”

“Well technically I broke up with him before he left the house, but we have both said we want to work on us when he gets out of rehab, so I guess maybe we are just on a break.” Charlie said.

“Well I hope you two sort this.” Ruby smiled softly.

“Yeah, me too.” Charlie smiled as Jacob ran back into the room with his new clothes.

“I gots them Ruby.” Jacob smiled as he threw them down on the chair next to where Charlie was and climbed back up onto his Mothers knee. “Now, this one first.” Jacob said as he picked up the orange t-shirt and lifted it up in front of the laptop.

“Aww wow that’s nice Jakey.” Ruby smiled as Jacob continued to excitedly show her his new clothes.

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Thank you all so much. :wub:

Chapter 49

Charlie walked across the gardens of the rehab centre and over to where Brax was sitting. “Charlie.” Brax smiled as he stood up and the pair met in an embrace. “It’s so good to finally see you.” Brax smiled as he pulled back from the hug, and looked at her beautiful face. He cupped his hand around her cheek and smiled as he looked into her expressive blue eyes.

“Nice to see you too.” Charlie smiled. “So, how’s it going?”

“It’s....hard.” Brax spoke honestly as the two began to walk through the garden. “I’ll tell you I’m glad I came when I did because some of the people here have serious problems.”

“Well, I’m proud you realised this early enough.” Charlie smiled. “It won’t be long before you’re home and we can work at our relationship.”

Brax smiled lightly as he sat down on a bench that over looked a lake. “It so beautiful out here.” Brax said. “I’ll come out here in our free time – which isn’t really much to be honest. We have meeting and programs and all things on all the time – but I’ll come out here when I can, and all I‘ll think about is what you and the kids will be doing.”

Charlie smiled lightly as she fished into her bag, and took out a piece of paper. “Jacob has been asking for you the last couple of mornings. I told him you were away trying to get better and he said he wanted to give you a picture as it would make you smile and then you’d feel happy and could be better.”

“Aww.” Brax smiled as he took the drawing from Charlie. “So he’s forgiven me then, has he?”

“Seems so.” Charlie laughed. “Eventually.”

“He’s just a kid, eh.” Brax sighed. “I should never have shouted at him. I don’t blame him for taking so long to let it go.”

“Well, he may have slightly over-reacted.” Charlie said.

“Nah. He was within reason.” Brax said. “You know he is just little and I get why he would be scared. And he’s like his Mum there eh.” Brax laughed and Charlie gave him a questioning look. “A stubborn little thing who just won’t let go.”

“Ahh that’s what you truly think of me?” Charlie questioned.

Brax laughed lightly. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, how are the girls?”

“Good.” Charlie smiled. “I think they know you’re not around though.” Charlie sighed. “Riley seems even more unsettled, and even Paige has been a bit less content as usual.”

“I’m sorry.” Brax sighed. “It must be hard with the 3 of them on your own.”

“Yeah, it can get tough.” Charlie sighed. “But Bianca has been a great help.”

“Good. I’m glad you’ve got someone.” Brax smiled before he looked down to his watch and exhaled. “Well it’s almost time for me to go to a session.”

“Already, I just got here.” Charlie said.

“I know, but they keep us busy.” Brax sighed. “I guess they want to ‘cure’ you, as such.”

“Well like I said I’m really proud of you Brax.” Charlie smiled as she rubbed his arm. “Keep being strong and you’ll be out of here in no time.”

“Yeah.” Brax nodded. “You eh, will come again, next week, right?”

“Sure.” Charlie smiled as she stood up from the bench and began to walk away with Brax walking close to her.

“So, I guess you’re just going back to the bay now?”

“Nah, I’m going to see Ruby.” Charlie smiled.

“Ah well that’s be nice.” Brax smiled and Charlie agreed.

“Yeah, well I’ll see you again soon.” Charlie smiled before she once again rubbed his arm before leaving the centre.


Charlie knocked on the door of the apartment and eagerly awaited for her daughter to answer the door. As the door opened and a tall, brown haired man answered, Charlie smiled as she held her hand out. “Matt, I presume.”

“And you must be Mrs Buckton.” Matt smiled as he shook Charlie’s hand.

“Miss.” Charlie corrected. “And call me Charlie.”

“Charlie hey. I’m Matthew, but everyone calls me Matt.” Charlie smiled as she walked into the apartment and followed Matt through to the kitchen. “So can I get you a drink? Tea, coffee, something stronger maybe?”

“Eh, do you have orange juice?” Charlie questioned and Matt nodded before he poured her a glass.

“So, I can see where Ruby gets her good looks from.” Matt grinned as he handed Charlie the glass. Charlie blushed slightly before she took a drink of the juice.

“So eh...is Ruby here?” Charlie questioned.

“She just popped out for a few things.” Matt said. “She shouldn’t be too long.”

“Oh right.” Charlie nodded lightly before her and Matt looked at each other in an awkward silence. “So eh...you’ll be going out on tour soon.” Charlie said.

“Yeah.” Matt smiled. “I’m really looking forward to it. Especially as I’m getting to see America with Ruby. She great.”

“Yeah, I think so too.” Charlie smiled.

“She’s just so sweet and kind, and she makes me laugh...she’s a great cook, not to mention talented singer...” Matt smiled fondly as he thought about Ruby. Charlie smiled as she saw the glow on the boy’s face as he spoke about her daughter.

“So eh, you don’t mind Ruby living here then?”

No, not at all.” Matt smiled. “I love having her here.”

“Hey, I’m back.” Ruby smiled. “Some stupid paparazzo was following me so I had to lose them, otherwise I wouldn’t be late.” Ruby said as she walked into the kitchen. “Mum.” Ruby smiled as she ran across to her and gave her a hug.

“Hey sweetie.” Charlie smiled.

“So I hope you two found something to talk about?” Ruby questioned.

“We did.” Charlie smiled as she saw the look Ruby and Matt were giving each other. Just then Charlie’s phone started to ring. She looked down to the screen to see it was Marilyn calling her. “I gotta take this. It’s the sitter.” Charlie said before she disappeared from the room.

“So, you’re Mum seems nice.” Matt smiled as he looked down to Ruby. “Might have to watch out, maybe I’ve gone for the wrong Buckton.” Matt teased as he pulled Ruby closer to him.

“Oh really?” Ruby questioned. “You watch what you’re saying mister.” Ruby said as she lightly hit his arm. “If you want to keep this going I wouldn’t go saying things like that.” Matt laughed lightly.

“Nah, you’re the one for me.” Matt grinned.

“Good.” Ruby smiled. “And besides I don’t think my Mum’s boyfriend would be keen or sharing her anyways.”

“Well that settles it then.” Matt laughed before he placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips, just as Charlie walked back into the room. She smiled lightly as she stepped back and nodded her head as they’d just confirmed what deep down, Charlie already knew was going on.


After spending the afternoon with Ruby and Matt, Charlie decided it was probably time to head home. “Well hopefully I’ll see you again soon.” Ruby said as she gave her Mother a hug.

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled. “Im coming up to see Brax again next week, so maybe if you’re not busy I’ll come see you for a bit.”

“Sure.” Ruby smiled. “Maybe you could bring the kids?” Ruby asked.

“I don’t think so.” Charlie shook her head. “I’d rather not take them to the rehab centre and Brax doesn’t want them there either.”

“Well if I’m not busy you could leave them with me while you’re seeing Brax.”

Charlie exhaled lightly as she pursed her lips together. “We’ll see.” Charlie smiled. “Nice seeing you Matt.” Charlie smiled as she looked in his direction.

“Yeah, you too, hope to see you again.” Matt smiled before Charlie and Ruby walked down the hall to the door.

Ruby gave Charlie another hug. “See you soon.” Ruby smiled.

“Yeah, and Matt is lovely.” Charlie said. “I’d have no problem welcoming him into the family.”

“We’re just friends, Mum.” Ruby said, trying to sound truthful.

“Mmm hmmm.” Charlie shook head. “Ruby, I’m not stupid. I can see something is going on okay, and I saw you pash when you thought I was still on the phone, so if that didn’t confirm my thoughts...”

“We’re just......it’s new.” Ruby exhaled lightly. “We’re not like boyfriend and girlfriend just yet....I don’t....you know I just broke up with Xavier like 2 weeks ago and...”

“Rubes.” Charlie shook her head. “It only took me a week after Angelo left me to end up in Brax’s bed. Sometimes good things happen when you don’t expect them too. I still loved Angelo when I started seeing Brax.....just....if you are happy and you like Matt, then let things happen.” Charlie smiled. “I know how much you loved Xavier and were upset that you ended, but you deserve to be happy, so if Matt is going to give you that, then go for it.”

Ruby smiled lightly before she gave her Mother a final hug. “Love you Mum.”

“Love you too sweetie.” Charlie smiled as she placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead. “See you soon.” Charlie said before she left the apartment to make the drive back home.

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Thanks Sarah, CharlieAndBraxLover, pembie, Spotd1, Red Ranger 1, Zoe, Aden_Belle and JosieTash. :wub: Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 50

“Again, Again.” Jacob shouted excitedly as he jumped up and down.

“Oh Jacob, I can’t.” Marilyn shook her head as she sat down on the chair on the porch.

“Don’t you like playing wiff me?” Jacob asked sadly as he looked down to the floor.

“I do Jacob, but we’ve been playing a very long time. Marilyn is very tired.” Marilyn yawned. “Why don’t we sit down and have a little chat?”

“Bout what?” Jacob asked as he climbed up onto the chair next to Marilyn.

“Oh anything you want.” Marilyn said.

“Daddy no happy.” Jacob shook his head. “But he go to get better.”

“Yes.” Marilyn nodded, unsure of what to say to the boy on the subject.

“I drawed a picture to make him better.” Jacob smiled.

“Aww I’m sure that would have helped him.” Marilyn smiled.

“Yeah.” Jacob grinned as Charlie’s voice could be heard coming from the house.

“Mummy is home.” Jacob grinned excitedly as he jumped down from the chair as Charlie appeared outside. “Mummy.” Jacob smiled as Charlie lifted him into a hug.

“Hey baby, you had a good time with Marilyn?”

“Yeah.” Jacob nodded. “We play all the day.”

“Ah wow. Have you made her tired?” Charlie questioned as she looked to Marilyn, who looked like she was about to fall asleep on the chair.

“I think so.” Jacob giggled as Charlie put him down on the ground and he ran off across the garden.

“Where does he get all that energy from?” Marilyn asked as Charlie sat down on the chair.

“God only knows.” Charlie laughed as they watched Jacob running around the garden is circles. “How have they been?”

“Great.” Marilyn smiled. “It’s hard work, Charlie, really, how can you do this? And you’re on your own right now, it must be so hard.”

“Bianca has helped me a lot.” Charlie smiled. “But Paige is always so good, and Jacob is great most of the time too, and loves to help me with the girls. It’s just Riley who likes to be noticed.”

“There’s always one.” Marilyn said. “So, how’s things with Brax going if you don’t mind me asking?”

“He’s seems to be doing well in rehab.” Charlie smiled. “I think the hardest part of this will be fixing our relationship to be honest.” Charlie exhaled lightly. “I know it’s what we both want, but...well see how things go.”

“Just take it a day at a time.” Marilyn smiled. “And if it’s meant to be, it’ll all work out.”

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded just as the girls’ cries could be heard. “Well I’ll go see to the girls. And thanks for today, Marilyn.” Charlie smiled as she walked Marilyn through the house and to the front door, before walking into the nursery to see Jacob had already ran in the house and over to the cot and was trying to shush his baby sister. “You trying to help Mummy?” Charlie smiled as reached into the cot and picked up Riley. Jacob nodded as he reached his hands out wanting to hold her.

“I do it.” Jacob smiled.

“You sit on the chair then.” Charlie smiled as she lightly rocked Riley in her arms, trying to stop her tears. Jacob smiled as he jumped up on the chair and Charlie placed Riley in his arms. Jacob very gently rocked Riley as he shushed her. Charlie smiled lightly as she lifted Paige into her arms, and very quickly she settled and looked up to Charlie with her big blue eyes and smiled.

“Mummy why Riley still cry but Paige stop?” Jacob asked.

“Some babies just take longer to settle.” Charlie answered. “Riley has colic so it makes her feel uncomfortable and cry more.”

“Oh.” Jacob answered. “Wells can I hold Paige not Riley then.” Charlie laughed lightly as she took Riley from his arms, and handed him Paige, making sure he was holding her safely.

“You’re a very good boy helping Mummy.” Charlie smiled as she rocked Riley in her arms, trying to settle her.

“Yeah.” Jacob smiled as he looked lovingly down at Paige. “She smiles at me.”

“Yeah, because she loves you.” Charlie smiled as Riley’s cries finally stopped.

“Can we take them girls to the park?” Jacob questioned. “We could put them on the swings.”

“No, they’re too little for the swings.”

“Well I could go on the swings.” Jacob smiled.

“I need to make dinner soon.” Charlie said.

“Eh....we could quickly go.” Jacob pouted.

“Of course.” Charlie smiled, always finding it hard to say no to his cute little face. “For a little bit then.” Charlie smiled as she took Paige into her arms also, as Jacob jumped down from the chair and ran excitedly from the room.


Xavier took a deep breath before he knocked on the door of Charlie and Brax’s house. “Xavier.” Charlie smiled, slightly surprised to see the boy standing before her. “What brings you here?”

“I was wondering if I could talk to Brax?” Xavier asked nervously.

“Eh, come in.” Charlie said and Xavier gave a nod of his head before he walked into the house. “Eh...Brax isn’t actually living here right now.” Charlie said quietly as she shook her head.

“Oh.” Xavier said sounding surprised at Charlie’s words. “What ehm....” Xavier trailed off as he rubbed the back of his head.

“He’s in rehab.” Charlie answered.

“Oh wow. I’m sorry, I eh...I didn’t know. I guess now me and Rubes aren’t together....” Xavier trailed off as he looked down, sadly.

“It’s okay.” Charlie said. “What did you want to talk to Brax about?”

“I was hoping to get some work experience at the restaurant.” Xavier said. “I’m sure it would help me with uni and I’m there Monday to Thursdays, so I thought I could come down here and work Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday lunch, then head back up to the city for university.”

“Well some experience might be a good idea.” Charlie smiled. “But eh, Brax is away for at least another week, so maybe you could leave it with me, and I can call you when he gets back.”

“Right, thanks.” Xavier smiled. “So how did...”

“It started when Casey died.” Charlie answered.

“Casey died?” Xavier said sounding shocked. “Oh wow, what happened?”

“Some prison fight.” Charlie sighed. “Brax took it hard and turned to the drink.”

“Well at least he is getting help.” Xavier smiled. “It takes a strong person to admit he needs help.”

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled. “So anyway, how have you been?”

“As good as I can be I guess.” Xavier smiled lightly. “I miss Ruby like crazy and keep wondering if I should call her and tell her I made a huge mistake and want us to get back together, but I don’t know how Ruby feels and I don’t want to hurt myself even more and -”

“Mummy Ruby is on the TV.” Jacob smiled as he tugged on her hand. Charlie and Xavier looked around to the TV to see Ruby, Matt, Derek and Simon sitting being interviewed.

“So, Ruby, we’ve noticed you aren’t wearing you engagement anymore and you have been seen around the city looking very cosy with your band mate, Matt. Is there anything you want to share with us?”

Ruby laughed nervously as she played with her necklace. “Eh yeah, Xavier and I did break up, coming up for 3 weeks ago now.” Ruby said softly.

“Oh I’m sorry. What happened?” The hostess asked.

“We just drifted apart.” Ruby said sadly. “Our careers were taking us in such different directions; it was hard to keep us together.”

“What does you’re ex-fiancé do?”

“He’s at uni studying to be a chef. He’s an awesome cook so I know he’ll do great.” Ruby smiled.

“Seem like it wasn’t a bad break up then?”

“No.” Ruby shook her head. “I dunno. It was just unfortunate that we came to the point where we had to break up. I love him and want him to do well and be happy in life.” Ruby smiled sadly as she thought at Xavier and what she’d gave up.

“So, these rumours circulating about you and Matt hold no truth to them?”

Ruby paused before she looked to Matt. He shook his head ever so slightly as he gave Ruby a smile. “No.” Ruby shook her head. “Matt and I are just friends and nothing more.”

“Wow.” Xavier exhaled. “She’s screwing him.”

“Xavier.” Charlie sighed as she turned her attention from the TV to Xavier.

“Well did you see the look on her face?” Xavier sighed. “And she paused before she answered.”

“That’s doesn’t mean anything.” Charlie said, not knowing if it was best to tell Xavier the truth or not. “She’s clearly still upset over your break-up.”

“I don’t know.” Xavier sighed. “Anyways, no point getting worked up if we don’t know the full story. So I’m sorry about Brax and eh, just let me know about getting some work at the restaurant.” Xavier smiled.

“Yeah, sure will.” Charlie smiled as she showed Xavier out and closed the door behind him.

“Mummy.” Jacob questioned. “Where is Daddy now?”

“He’s still away getting better.” Charlie answered as she looked down at her son.

“He’s been ages.” Jacob sighed. “I miss him.”

“I know sweetie.” Charlie sighed. “I miss him too.”

“How much more longer is he?” Jacob asked.

“Maybe another week.” Charlie said as Brax had just started his third week in the program a few days before hand.

“Can I no see him where he is?” Jacob questioned.

“Eh, yeah, you can. If you want too.” Charlie smiled as she ran her hand over Jacob’s head.

“We go now?” Jacob asked.

“No, sweetie, it’s almost time for you to go to bed.” Charlie said. “How about we go on Saturday?”

“What’s today?” Jacob asked.

“It’s Thursday today.” Charlie said.

“So when’s Saturday?” Jacob asked as she scratched the side of his head.

“Two days away.” Charlie answered.

“That’s ages too.” Jacob sighed and Charlie smiled lightly as she lifted him up into her arms.

“C’mon let’s get you in this bath hmm.” Charlie said before she walked out of the living room with her son.

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