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Forever Yours

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Story Title: Forever Yours

Type of story: Long

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax & Children

Others: Ruby, Xavier, Bianca, possibly more

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama & Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Drug references (DR), Death (V/D)

Summary: A sequel to Nothing Lasts Forever. Focusing on Charlie, Brax and kids coping with the struggles of everyday life and will Ruby’s new career cost her her relationship with Xavier?

So I was originally going to wait a while before posting this, but hey, here you go :P

Chapter 1

Charlie let out a yawn as she made her way back into the house she shared with Brax and her just turned 3-year-old son, Jacob.

“Mummy” Jacob smiled as he ran over to her and she bent down, as far as her 5 months pregnant stomach would let her and hugged her son.

“Hey, buddy, you have a good day with Daddy?” Charlie smiled as she put her hand on the back of the couch, pushing herself back to standing.

“We saw a big house” Jacob smiled before he ran off towards his bedroom.

“Hey” Brax smiled as he placed a kiss on Charlie’s lips. “How was work?”

“Not bad” Charlie smiled as she threw her bag down on the couch before she sat down and took her shoes off. “What’s he talking about, a big house?” Charlie asked as she rested her feet up on the coffee table, as Brax sat down next to her.

“Beats me” Brax shook his head, although he knew full well what was Jacob was on about, but that was for later. “Anyways, how have you been today?” Brax cooed as he placed his hand on Charlie’s stomach.

“Very active” Charlie yawned as she placed her hand on top of Brax’s, just as a kick could be felt.

“That’s amazing” Brax grinned as he felt another kick. “Seriously I could just keep my hand there all night”

“Well we would appreciate some food” Charlie grinned as she looked up at Brax.

“Dinner will be around 10 minutes” Brax replied and Charlie smiled before she shared a kiss with Brax, before resting her head against his chest.

“So how was your day?” Charlie asked.

“Good” Brax smiled “Jacob and I went to the park, then we had to pop into the restaurant for a bit, but he sat good and had some ice-cream”

“Why did you have to go into work?” Charlie questioned as she shifted her eyes up in Brax’s direction.

“Had to look at the accounts” Brax said hoping Charlie wouldn’t ask any more questions. Charlie nodded before letting out another yawn, accepting Brax’s answer.

“I’m so tired” Charlie said “I can’t do much these days, and I’m so big and I’m only 5 months”

“You’re not that big” Brax said as he stoked Charlie’s hair.

“Someone told me today I looked like I was about to pop any second, and someone else said and I quote ‘Oh you must be close to your due date now, are you getting excited?’”

“So, what does it matter what other people think?” Brax said.

“Oh it matters, Brax” Charlie said with anger building up. “What do you have to do? Nothing” Charlie said “I have to -”

“I know. I’m sorry” Brax said as he rubbed Charlie’s arm, trying to stop Charlie going into one of her hormonal rants, that were becoming more popular over the last month. “You know if I could, I do all this for you, but it’s just the way nature goes. It’s not my fault”

“I know” Charlie sighed “I’m sorry, I’m just really tired today”

“Well how about after dinner I run you a nice hot bubble bath and then you can have an early night?” Brax smiled and Charlie nodded lightly.

“It’s sounds lovely” Charlie said “But it’s my night to do the bedtime routine with Jacob”

“Oh I'm sure he won’t mind if Daddy does it two nights in a row” Brax smiled just as Jacob came running back into the room and climbed up on to the couch. “Isn’t that right mate” Brax asked and Jacob looked up to Brax.

“What Daddy?” Jacob asked as he looked to him questioningly.

“Daddy can read you a story tonight?” Brax questioned.

“No, Mummy’s turn” Jacob told him as he looked at Brax like he'd just said something really stupid.

“But Mummy is really tired, so she is going to go to bed even before Jacob” Brax said.

“Before me” Jacob giggled “Okay then Daddy can do it” Jacob said before he put his hand onto Charlie’s stomach and his eyes widened in amazement as he felt kicks.

“Oh he’s angry to Mummy” Jacob said as he looked back up to his parents.

“He?” Brax questioned and Jacob nodded.

“Mummy has boys” Jacob said as he looked back down to her ever growing bump.

“Is that so?” Charlie asked as she lightly ran her hand over Jacob’s head and Jacob nodded. “What about Ruby? She’s a girl”

“Eh well....ehm” Jacob said as he scratched the side of his head, trying to think of a response. “You have boys now”

“Ah” Charlie said as she looked up to Brax and smiled. “And what does Daddy want?”

“I don’t mind” Brax smiled “As long as everything’s all okay, I’m ecstatic about whatever we get. What about Mummy?” Brax asked as he looked to Charlie, a massive grin on his face.

“Mummy wants dinner” Charlie said as she pushed herself up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen. “C’mon Daddy make it hurry up and be ready” Charlie said as she opened the fridge and took out the orange juice, before she poured herself a glass.

“Yeah Daddy” Jacob said as he jumped down from the couch and ran across to the table, climbing up on his chair. “I wants dinner” Jacob said as he picked up his knife and fork and started banging them against the table. “I wants dinner. I wants dinner” Jacob sang as he continued to bang his knife and fork off the table.

“Jacob” Charlie said as she stood behind her son and placed her hand on top of his head. “Shhh”

“Yeah, the Palmers will probably here you from next door” Brax laughed as he made his way over to the kitchen.

“Not at the big house” Jacob shook his head. “Theys won’t hear me then”

“Okay, that’s twice he’s mentioned that now” Charlie said “Brax?”

Brax sighed lightly as he shook his head “You weren’t supposed to tell mate”

“Whoopsies” Jacob giggled as he put his hand over his mouth.

“You told Jacob to keep a secret?” Charlie questioned “Have you just met the boy?”

Brax laughed lightly as he took the lasagne from the oven, and began to dish it up. “Well I was going to keep it as a surprised for a little longer, but thanks to Jacob, I may as well tell you now” Brax said as he put Jacob’s bowl of the lasagne on the table, and Charlie picked up a knife and fork, and began cutting into bite size pieces for him. “I looked at a house for us to move into today”

“What’s wrong with this place?” Charlie questioned.

“Nothing, well it’s small” Brax answered “I know there are 4 bedrooms, but this area” Brax said as he pointed to the living room “It’s small, Charlie and with you expecting, you know our family is growing and I think we need a bigger place, with more room for the kids to run around in”

“I agree it’s pretty small, but Brax, we can’t afford to move elsewhere. With my crappy wage and -”

“Oooh Mummy sayed a bad word” Jacob said and Brax bit his lip, to stop himself laughing at the boy.

“With my wage being what it is and the restaurant making hardly any money right now, I don’t think we are in the position to be moving right now” Charlie said as she put Jacob’s bowl in front of him. “Especially considering I’m expecting, I think we’ve more important things to spend our money on, than an un-necessary move”

“Now Mummy?” Jacob questioned as he hovered his fork over the bowl.

“No it’ll be too hot. Give it a minute” Charlie said as she picked up the orange juice and poured some in her son’s cup. Brax sighed lightly as he put his and Charlie’s plates down on the table, before taking a seat himself.

“Well, I think we could at least talk about it” Brax said as he served himself some salad.

“It’s not happening” Charlie said as she sat down at the table. Brax sighed lightly as he took a drink of his water before he looked to Charlie. She looked mad with him. Sighing lightly he took a forkful of his lasagne and brought it up to his mouth. It seemed like he couldn’t get anything right these days.

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Wow thank you all so much for commenting. :wub: Cally, I know right, Canadian air must be doing something hey! I hope you aren't going to make me stay in Canada forever now as it seems to make me write a lot more! :lol: Anyways, hope you like this next one.

Chapter 2

“I don’t see why we can’t just talk about it” Brax sighed as he started to clear the empty plates away. Against Charlie’s wishes, the talk over dinner had continued to be about the new house.

“We don’t have the money” Charlie raised her voice as she stood to her feet, picking up Jacob’s empty ice-cream bowl. Jacob looked up to his Mother before looking to Brax who was running his hand through his hair and sighing.

“We’ll get money from the sale of this house, so we’ll have all that to use to put towards the next one. Then we’ll take out a mortgage on the rest. I’ve thought this through Charlie” Brax said “Yes things will be pretty tight for a while, but we will can manage, you know, and the Christmas holidays are coming up, so business might pick you know, with Christmas bookings. I got an idea that -”

“Damn it Darryl” Charlie yelled as she threw Jacob’s bowl down in the sink, on the good job that it was plastic, or it would have shattered into pieces.

“Ooo she sayed Dawyl” Jacob said as his eyes widened. “Yous in big twouble now” Jacob said, referring to how the only time Charlie ever called Brax Darryl was when she was really mad with him.

“Jacob sweetie, you go through to your bedroom, hmm” Charlie smiled down at her son.

“No” Jacob shook his head “I stay here”

“Go on” Charlie said “You go pick out a game and Mummy will come through and play with you soon”

“And Daddy too?” Jacob questioned and Charlie nodded lightly.

“Yeah, Daddy too” Charlie said and Jacob smiled as he jumped down from the chair and ran through to his bedroom.

“Babe, just calm down” Brax said softly as he took a few steps forward and lightly put his hands on her arms.

“Don’t” Charlie pulled away as she shook her hands. “Brax, we can’t afford this. Money is getting tight as it is and we’re about to have twins” Charlie said “That’s two babies” Charlie held up two fingers as she spoke. “Not one, two. Two babies. We need to buy twice the amount nappies, twice the formula, two bassinettes, two cots, two car seats, two prams, two -”

“Well we just need one pram” Brax said cutting Charlie off “Just a double one, eh”

“What?” Charlie questioned.

“Well you said two prams” Brax said nervously as he saw the look on Charlie’s face. “But we don’t need two, we just one double pram”

“Don’t get smart Brax” Charlie sighed.

“I’m not getting smart” Brax replied and he looked to Charlie, who had tears rolling down her cheeks. “Sweetheart” Brax sighed as he moved forward and pulled her into a hug. “What’s these tears for?”

“I’m sorry” Charlie cried as she held tightly onto Brax. “I’m just sick of people commenting on my stomach and saying how big I’m getting” Charlie sniffed back. “I already feel horrible and they just make me feel worse. I shouldn’t be taking it out on you but I just -”

“Hey, babe, you’re absolutely gorgeous” Brax said as he tucked her hair behind her ear before he cupped her cheek with his hand. “Those people who make comments, their just jealous that you still look so hot and you’re having babies” Brax said.

“You must really love me to make up crap like that” Charlie said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I do” Brax smiled lightly “More than anything. And you know, now you are carrying my babies, I think I love you even more, although I never thought that would ever be possible” Charlie smiled lightly as she felt Brax’s hand touching her stomach. “And it’s not made up at all” Brax smiled “Pregnancy suits you, Charlie. You look radiant”

Charlie smiled as she placed her hands over her stomach. “I’m so scared about giving birth too” Charlie admitted “I mean its two babies Brax” Charlie bit her lip “Having Jacob was hard enough, not to mention the pain, and I’m going to have to do it twice”

“I’m sorry that there’s nothing I can do there for you” Brax said “But I’ll be right beside you the whole time, supporting you through it”

“You bloody better be Darryl Braxton” Charlie seethed as once again, she’d become angry. “You did this to me, it’s only right you see it through” Brax sighed lightly as Charlie pulled herself away from his grasp and walked off in the direction of Jacob’s room. He shook his head lightly as he exhaled. The next four months, at least, were going to be long and hard, with Charlie’s mood changing in the blink of an eye. He knew it wasn’t her fault, but it didn’t make it any easier for him to deal with.


Ruby walked into the apartment she shared with Xavier in Sydney and screwed her face up as she could smell burning. “What’s happened in here?” Ruby asked as she walked into the smokey kitchen.

“Well I was looking through the booklets I got from the school and I thought I’d try out a recipe that’s in there, you know, a little starter for when I start school after Christmas. But look at how it’s turned out” Xavier sighed “So, dinner might be a bit longer than expected” Xavier moaned as he threw the charred food into the bin. “I’m so stupid. How did I think I could do this? I may as well quit before I even start”

“Hey, you’re bound to make mistakes at first” Ruby said as she lightly rubbed his back in comfort. “I’m sure even the words best chefs made mistakes when they were starting out”

“Yeah, I guess” Xavier sighed. “I just thought it would be nice for you to come home to a nice cooked dinner”

“Well I did come home to a nice loving fiancé” Ruby smiled as she wrapped her arms around Xavier and kissed him softly.

Xavier smiled as he pulled back from kiss “Well how was work today?” Xavier asked. Ruby had taken a job with the Sony Music Record Label and the week previous to her starting she’d been on a high, telling everyone they met, whether she knew them or not. “Meh” Ruby sighed “Apparently I’m still just the coffee and bagels girl”

“Well you’ve only been there a few weeks. I’m sure you’ll do doing more soon, you know, managing the next big star” Xavier smiled.

“You betcha” Ruby grinned as she opened the drawer and pulled out the menu’s for some take-away restaurants. “Indian or Thai?” Ruby questioned as she looked up to Xavier.

“Thai” Xavier sighed as he took his chef’s apron off and threw it on the worktop. “I’ll have number 34 and add in a 6 as well” Xavier said before he walked out of the kitchen, failing to clear up after his disastrous attempt at creating the dish. Ruby sighed lightly before she picked up the phone, and called to order their dinner.


After playing a game with Jacob, Brax, as promised, went to run Charlie her bubble bath, leaving Charlie and Jacob in Jacob’s bedroom. “Mummy” Jacob asked as he looked up at her with his big, blue wondering eyes.

“Yeah” Charlie said as she looked to her son.

“Well you know the babies” Jacob said as he crawled closer to her and put his hand on her stomach.

“Yeah” Charlie answered again, wondering what it was her son was going to say.

“Do I still gets my room?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, of course you do” Charlie said “We are going to turn one of the guest rooms into a nursery”

“So all my toys are safes?” Jacob wondered.

“Of course they are” Charlie smiled as she pulled her son into a hug. “And I still get to play?”

“Yeah, of course” Charlie smiled as she ran her hand over Jacob’s hair. “You know just because we are having new babies, it doesn’t mean we don’t have room for you anymore. You’re always going to be my special little guy”

“Really?” Jacob smiled, sounding surprised.

“Yeah” Charlie smiled “And you know, you have a special job now you are going to be a big brother”

“I do?” Jacob smiled, excitedly. “Whats it?”

“You need to help Mummy and Daddy with the new babies and make sure that they are always safe”

“Coowl” Jacob grinned as he jumped up to his feet and ran over to his bed, picking up his tatty old blankie that he still occasionally slept with. “They could take this” Jacob said “I’s a big boy so I’s no need it” Jacob smiled as he gave his blankie to Charlie.

“Aww wow” Charlie smiled “You really want to give your blankie to your baby brothers or sisters?”

“I’s a big boy. I’s no need it” Jacob said again.

“Well it’s very kind of you Jacob” Charlie smiled. “But I think you should keep your blankie for yourself”

“No’s really” Jacob said as he pushed the blanket on Charlie’s leg. “I’s no need it” Charlie smiled once more as he pulled her son into a hug, kissing his forehead.

“You know, Mummy loves you so very much” Charlie said.

“I’s no” Jacob smiled “I loves you too”

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Thank you all so much :wub: Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 3

Charlie and Brax walked along the corridor of the hospital and into the room, where the ultrasound technician was waiting for them. “Charlie, Darryl” The lady smiled as Charlie got herself settled on the bed, pulling her singlet up, ready for the scan.

“Hey” Brax smiled as he took a seat next to the bed.

“So, how’s Mummy doing today?” Sara, the technician smiled as she looked up to Charlie.

“I’m good” Charlie smiled “I actually feel good today, which is rare. I’ve been a right moody cow this past week, and poor Brax here has bared the brunt of it”

“Well Dad needs to be useful for something until the babies arrive” Sara laughed.

“That I do” Brax smirked as he took Charlie’s hand into his.

“So, I’m sure your dying to see your babies” Sara smiled as she squeezed some of the gel onto Charlie’s stomach.

“Yeah” Brax grinned “I can’t wait”

Sara smiled once again. “So, are we finding out the sexes?” Sara asked and Charlie and Brax looked at each other, both with a questioning gaze.

“What do you think?” Brax asked as he moved the hair from in front of Charlie’s face.

“I personally don’t want to know” Charlie said “But if you do?”

“No no” Brax shook his head “A surprise is good for me”

“Okay, I’ll stay away from that area the best I can” Sara smiled as she started doing the scan’s for the babies. “So, baby A” Sara smiled as she moved to look at the first child. “Is very shy it seems” Sara laughed lightly as she looked to the parents-to-be. “The baby’s back is facing us, so I’m afraid you can’t see much” Sara said.

“Aww” Brax smiled “Still cute though eh, I mean that’s my kid” Brax grinned as he felt himself welling up. He cleared his throat as he tried to slyly wipe his eye, not wanting to show he was crying. Charlie looked up at Brax and smiled lightly, before she looked back to the screen.

“So, I’ll move onto baby B for now and hopefully baby A will wake and move into a better position so I can do the necessary checks” Sara smiled, before she went to look at the second baby. “Now, you can see this one. Looks like its waving” Sara smiled as they watched their child.

“Aww” Charlie smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I think this is the one who does most of the kicking” Charlie laughed.

“Yes” Sara agreed “Seems more active than its sibling at the moment”

“Is that anything we should be worried about?” Brax asked “That baby A doesn’t seem as active?”

“No, no” Sara shook her head “As I said it’s probably just asleep”

“Are you really sure? I mean it’s really still”

“Brax” Charlie said “There was a strong heartbeat. I mean you did hear that, right?”

“Yeah, but....”

“But nothing” Charlie said “It’s just having a little sleep. Jacob was the same at his 20 week scan and he’s fine, right?”

“Yeah he is” Brax smiled weakly. “So, Baby B” Brax said as he looked at Sara. “Well, measuring up good. Here’s the head, little hands and feet” Sara smiled as she pointed out the various body parts. “Oh wow, and nice strong heartbeat” Sara smiled before she looked down to the file, before looking back up to the screen. “Okay, so I’ll check the organs, and make sure everything is okay there” Charlie and Brax continued to look at the screen, staring at their baby as Sara did all the necessary checks. “Everything looks great” Sara smiled “That’s one healthy baby you’ve got there. Now, baby A” Sara said as she tried again, but the baby was still sleeping, with its back to the screen. “Okay, I’ll go get you a class of ice-cold water” Sara smiled as she stood up and walked out of the room, returning moments later with the glass, which Charlie drank down immediately, hoping this would help wake the baby.

“Wow that was cold” Charlie said as she brought her hand up and rubbed her forehead. Sara smiled lightly at Charlie as she poked the side of her stomach, trying to wake the baby.

“C’mon baby” Sara said “You going to wake up?” Sara continued to try to wake the baby, but she wasn’t having much luck. “I don’t think I am going to wake it”

“Great. Stubborn like Mummy” Brax laughed and Charlie lightly hit his chest.

“Okay” Sara exhaled lightly as she stopped prodding Charlie’s stomach. “I don’t think we are going to get anywhere with this one today”

“So, should we come back again?” Brax questioned.

“I’ll book you in for another ultrasound at 24 weeks” Sara said “Now would you like some pictures of your little ones?”

“Yeah of course” Brax grinned and Sara smiled as she printed them off some pictures. Charlie and Brax then left the hospital. As they were in the car park, Charlie looked up at Brax, a big grin on her face. “What?” Brax questioned.

“You cried” Charlie smiled as she stopped in front of Brax, linking their hands together.

“Did not” Brax cleared his throat as he looked down to Charlie.

“You did. You cried” Charlie smiled once again as she looked into Brax’s eyes. “I thought it was really sweet” Charlie said as she took a step closer to Brax, closing the gap between them. “You showing your softer side”

“Well their my babies” Brax said, feeling himself begin to well up again.

“Aww you going to go again” Charlie smiled as she moved her hand up to his face, wiping away the tear.

Brax smiled lightly as he looked into Charlie’s expressive eyes. “Well, you’ve made me the happiest guy ever” Brax smiled as he put his hands over Charlie’s stomach. Charlie returned the smile, before they shared a kiss.


Ruby walked into the room, carrying the tray of coffees. “Dave, Steve” Ruby said “You’re coffees”

“Thanks coffee girl” Steve smirked as he picked up his mug and took a drink. Ruby sighed lightly as she looked down at the older man. She may have only been there a few weeks, but she hated Steve, and his comments. The way he often spoke down on her.

“Thanks Ruby” Dave smiled up at her. He was much nicer than Steve, and actually treated Ruby like a colleague should.

“Okay, so we’ll try again” Dave said as he spoke to the girl sitting in the recording booth. “And try and get it right this time” Dave sighed. Ruby went to walk out of the room, but Steve clicked his fingers at her, wanting her to stop.

“Yes?” Ruby questioned.

“Sit there and put the booklets into the CD sleeve” Steve said and Ruby nodded lightly as she did as instructed, taking a seat at the back of the room.

“Okay, Esmee” Dave sighed. “Try and get it right this time” The girl nodded her head as the music began and she started singing. About a minute into the song Steve stood up as he shook his head.

“No no no” Steve yelled “Something’s not right”

“There’s not enough notes” Ruby said quietly as she looked up from her task.

“What?” Steve questioned as he looked down at her.

“She’s got too many words to fit in” Ruby said “She’s struggling to fit them in. It moves back to the chorus to quickly so she’s not getting enough time to sing the last few words of the verse”

“Let’s just leave this to the experts, yeah” Steve said rudely before he turned and looked at Esmee again. “Okay, we’ll try again”

“No” Dave said as he looked to Ruby. “I think she might be right. Okay” Dave said as he looked to the boys of the band. “Give me the notes for the verse, and then play the last line again, before going into the chorus” This time Esmee sang her song, without the struggle of trying to keep up with the music. “Okay stop” Dave said “Ruby, you sing?”

“A bit” Ruby said as she bit her lip.

“Okay, Esmee, go take a break. Ruby in the booth” Dave said.

“What, me?” Ruby questioned “But I’m not -”

“Go” Dave said.

“I don’t know the words” Ruby said as she rubbed her forehead. Was she really being asked to sing a song in front of record label producers and managers?

“The words are there in the booth, now go” Dave said. Ruby took a deep breath before she walked over and into the booth. As the band started to play the music, she felt her heart beating faster and faster, as she suddenly felt nervous. She began singing the song, starting off quiet, but as time passed she quickly became more confident, as was soon giving it her all. Dave and Steve stood with their mouths open wide as they started at each other, with a glowing glint in their eyes.

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Thank you Aden_Belle, Shezza, Dingo x, JosieTash, Sarah, Zoe, totally, once_upon_a_mind, pembie, Red Ranger 1, RoRo90 and Cally for the coments. :wub:

Chapter 4

Charlie and Brax went to the Diner to grab some lunch before Brax started his shift at the restaurant. “Look, Brax” Charlie sighed lightly as she took a seat at the table. “I’m sorry about last night” Charlie said “You know, the whole moving house thing. Honestly I’d love to move house, but right now, with the wage I have and the restaurant not bringing in much money in the last couple of months, I just don’t think now is the right time”

“Okay” Brax sighed lightly as he nodded “But we have savings, Charlie, you know we’re not exactly struggling just yet”

“No” Charlie said “But do you think these two are going to pay for themselves?” Charlie asked as she placed her hand on her stomach. “Brax, babies cost a lot of money and we are going to need to use what we do have on them, not on something like a new house”

“Okay, I understand” Brax said “I just always had this dream that I’d live in a nice big house, just outside of town, so we didn’t have any neighbours, but it was still close enough to civilisation” Brax laughed lightly “You know, the whole white picket fence, the kids, the dog. I always dreamed of the kids and I playing outside in the big garden while mum stayed in the kitchen baking us up some nice treat for when we came in” Brax smiled as he thought about the life he’d always wanted to have.

“It’s sounds lovely” Charlie smiled “And you know, one day, we can have that. As you say, Christmas is coming up so you could get a lot of bookings, maybe things will pick up again soon” Charlie smiled.

“Yeah, I hope they do” Brax smiled “And one day I know we’ll have that. I’ll make sure of it”

“Yeah, just don’t count on me baking up any kind of treats” Charlie laughed before Colleen came over to take their order.

“Charlie” Colleen said as she smiled at the woman. “How are you feeling today?”

“Oh not bad thanks Colleen” Charlie smiled. “How are you?

“I’m good” Colleen smiled before she gave Brax a disapproving look. “And you, Darryl, when are you going to make an honest woman out of her?”

“I think we are fine as we are at the moment” Brax answered as he continued to get the look of death from Colleen.

“Well I think you’re doing this all wrong” Colleen screeched. “You know in my day people got married then had children”

“Thanks for the concern Colleen” Charlie smiled politely “But, I do think Brax and I have enough going on right now without the worry of a wedding” If Charlie was being honest, she’d love Brax to ask her to marry him, but she’d just need to wait until – or if – he did.

“Well I think it’s wrong” Colleen continued “You’re living in sin” Colleen whispered. “Not to mention little Jacob. I mean right now you’re just his Mum’s boyfriend although he calls you Daddy. It would make more sense if you did get married, then you’d be his Step-Dad and him calling you Daddy would actually make sense” Colleen said as she glared at Brax. “It’s a bad example to set Jacob, and young Ruby come to think of it. Although at least she is engaged, so she might get this right”

“Colleen” Brax said “Thank you so much for your lecture. Now, if it’s not too much trouble do you think you could get me a bacon cheese burger and fries and a class of coke and for you Charlie?” Brax said as he looked at Charlie.

“A chicken burger with cheese. And maybe fries too. And a piece of the chocolate cake, oh and also a slice of apple pie with custard, ooh and a flapjack, and a coke” Charlie smiled as she looked up to Colleen who’s eyes had widened at all the things Charlie was ordering.

“Are you sure you want all that?” Colleen asked.

“Yes” Charlie nodded and Colleen scurried away to the kitchen, muttering under her breath. Charlie looked up at Brax who was staring at her in amazement.

“So I take it you’re not hungry then?” Brax laughed “Didn’t order much”

“Hey, I’m eating for 3” Charlie replied “And I’m starving. You know I was only given one egg with my breakfast this morning, I don’t know what the chef was thinking”

Brax laughed lightly at Charlie. “Well you see his assistant hadn’t been to the shops so there was only one egg left in the fridge, so really the chef was very nice in giving it to you and not keeping it for himself”

“Ah I see” Charlie said “I knew I had forgotten something at the store yesterday”

“Don’t worry about it” Brax laughed “I enjoyed my cereal and fruit”

“Well at least I have an excuse when I forget things these days” Charlie laughed.

“So I can’t get away with saying I have baby brain?” Brax questioned and Charlie shook her head.

“Haha no” Charlie said, just as Colleen brought their drinks over and Charlie gulped it down in one. “Can I get another please” Charlie said as she held her glass back up to Colleen and she pulled a face before she walked away to get Charlie another glass.

“Okay, so since when have you gulped down glasses of coke?” Brax questioned “You normally hate the stuff”

“I know” Charlie screwed her face up. “But I’ve just got this craving for it”

“Well I don’t think you should drink too much of the stuff” Brax said “It’s loaded with caffeine, you know”

“Yes sir” Charlie laughed, as Colleen came over with their lunch. Looking down at all the food in front of Charlie, Brax’s eyes widened as he picked up a few fries in his hand.

“You are never going to eat all that” Brax said before putting the fries in his mouth.

“Oh I will” Charlie said “Just you watch”


Ruby sat at the desk in the back of the room once again, after singing the song a few times. Sitting alone in the room, Ruby couldn’t help but sing the catchy chorus over and over in her head. She wasn’t sure what really happened or what was going to come from it, but she was excited about the prospect that she could be asked to do something like that again. As she sat putting all the booklets into the CD sleeve, Dave came walking back into the room.

“Ruby” Dave smiled “I have a proposition for you”

“Oh” Ruby said as she looked up from the desk “What would that be?”

“Ruby we think......I think you are amazing” Dave smiled “You have a lovely voice that I think would do great out there in the market”

“You....I....what?” Ruby stuttered as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was Dave about to offer her a recording contract?

“Ruby, I want you to sing this song” Dave smiled “I want to offer you a recording contract”

“But I’m here to work in -” Ruby started to talk as she felt her heart beating faster and faster. She couldn’t believe what Dave was saying.

“Ruby, I wouldn’t say no to this if I were you. This could change your whole life. You can fly around the world. Shoot a video in Barbados, concerts in LA, you could be huge” Dave said “But, I guess it is your choice”

“Well I....” Ruby said as she was shell shocked. She couldn’t believe she’d just been offered this. And Dave was right; this was a chance of a lifetime.

“Look why don’t you go home, talk it over with your fiancé, your parents” Dave said “It’s a big decision but I’m sure you’ll make the right one” Dave smiled as he lightly rubbed Ruby arm before he let the room, leaving Ruby to think about this very big decision.

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Thank you so much charlieandbrax, Jen1205, Sarah, JosieTash, Dingo x, Soph1303, Aden_Belle, Lucii, totally, pembie, Red Ranger 1, Samantha1, Cally and Zoe. Love your comments. :wub: Hope you like the next one. :)

Chapter 5

Brax sat in amazement as he watched Charlie scraping the last of the custard onto her spoon, before bringing it to her mouth. “Mmm” Charlie sighed as she put the spoon into the bowl and sat back in the chair.

“You actually ate it all” Brax said in disbelief as he looked down at Charlie’s empty plates and bowl.

“I told you I would” Charlie grinned as rubbed her stomach, feeling full.

“You did” Brax grinned before he looked down to his watch. “I gotta go to work” Brax said sadly. It was a rare moment these days that Charlie was in such a good mood so he would be sad to leave her.

“I should probably go save Bianca from Jacob” Charlie laughed as she stood up. “But first I gotta go pee” Charlie said as she disappeared to the restroom. Brax watched as Charlie waddled away to the bathroom. He smiled as he walked over to the till, and paid for the lunch, before once again getting the deathly look from Colleen.

“Here’s your change” Colleen said as she handed Brax back the $5 dollar note.

“Oh you keep that Colleen” Brax winked “Never know when you’re going to need to buy a hat, eh” Colleen shook her head before she walked away from Brax as he laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Charlie asked as she waked back over to him, linking her hands around his arm as they walked out of the Diner.

“Oh just winding Colleen up” Brax answered as they began to make the short walk to the Surf Club.

“Don’t be mean” Charlie said as she lightly hit Brax’s chest.

“Hey, she was mean to me first” Brax said as he pouted.

“Aww did Colleen upset the baby” Charlie cooed as she squeezed Brax’s cheek. Brax laughed lightly before he pulled Charlie closer to him, and kissed her softly.

“No, but she did get me thinking” Brax smiled.

“Oh yeah?” Charlie smiled. “About?”

“Well that would just be telling” Brax grinned before he kissed her once more. “Mmm I eh, really need to go to work” Brax sighed.

“Well stop kissing me then” Charlie smirked before they kissed one again, before they continued to walk along the road. “Actually, you are the boss” Charlie smiled “Can’t you just take the day off. Come home and hang with me and Jacob?”

“I’d really love too” Brax said “But I can’t. Someone has to bring home the bacon” Brax grinned before he quickly dropped the smile as he saw the look on Charlie’s face. “Look, I know the restaurant has been really slow for business lately, but it will pick up” Brax smiled “And I’ve been thinking of changing the menu. The tapas stuff just isn’t selling at all. The pizzas are what’s keeping the restaurant open, so I’m thinking of getting rid of the tapas all together, and seeing what the customers want. I’ve been getting the customers we have been getting to fill out a short questionnaire, you know, to get their opinion”

“It sounds good” Charlie smiled “How come you’ve not mentioned it before?”

“Well I’ve been going to a few times, but you’ve been so.....hormonal that I’ve never really thought I had the right time” Brax said and Charlie nodded as she pursed her lips together as they stopped outside the Surf Club.

“Hormonal?” Charlie questioned “I’ll show you hormonal” Brax braced himself for getting yelled at but Charlie just laughed before she gave him a peck on the lips. “I know I’ve been.....hard to deal with lately. I really do try to keep it under control, but you know, it is twins so I guess you could let me off considering I have double the hormones to contend with”

“Hmm, I’m not sure it works like that” Brax said as he shook his head. Charlie looked up at him and raised one eyebrow. “I mean of course it does” Brax corrected.

“That’s better” Charlie laughed.

“And you know, I will can deal with it because at the end of this you are going to give me two beautiful babies” Brax smiled as he tucked Charlie’s hair behind her ear and once again, kissed her softly. “And I think that’s going to be worth your.....moods” Brax said and Charlie smiled before she looked up into his eyes.

“So really, you’re going to go to work?” Charlie asked and Brax nodded.

“I’ll try to get away early” Brax smiled “Cya” Brax said before he turned around and walked into the Surf Club. Charlie smiled lightly to herself before she walked off in the direction of Bianca’s house.


Ruby walked into the apartment to find Xavier sitting watching the TV. “Aww, no cooking attempt today?” Ruby asked as she sat herself down on the couch next to Xavier.

“No” Xavier answered.

“Aww, Xav, don’t let this one little mistake get you down” Ruby said as she moved closer to him. “You were really excited about this”

“I know” Xavier exhaled lightly “I think I just tried something too fancy to soon”

“Well maybe you could cook me some of your awesome spag bol for lunch?” Ruby suggested, trying to get Xavier to feel better about his cooking abilities.

“Sure” Xavier smiled as he wrapped his arm around Ruby as she snuggled into him, resting her head on his chest. “So, what are you doing home anyway? As you said, it’s just lunch time”

“Well” Ruby said slowly. “Dave just offered me a recording contract”

“What?” Xavier said sounding surprised. “Ruby.....what?” Ruby sat back up on the couch and looked around at Xavier.

“Okay so story goes I kinda helped them with the song problem this girl Esmee had, then they asked me to sing, and I think they loved it. Dave offered me a contact. He told me to go home and think about it. Talk it over with you and my parents”

“Ruby that’s fantastic” Xavier shrieked. “You have to take this”

“Yeah?” Ruby asked “Because it’ll mean I need to travel a lot and well, be away from you. And not see Mum and Jacob as much. You know, and she is having twins, I mean I’m getting siblings and I should be here to see them grow up right? I don’t want to be the big sister who they hardly know and only see like a few times a year, if that. But then I mean being a professional singer, it would be awesome”

“Well yeah so you’ll be away from me and you’re family a lot more, but that wouldn’t really be until you were touring, right?”

“I dunno” Ruby shrugged her shoulders “I guess.....maybe”

“Well it’s entirely up to you, but I think you should take it. And besides you are an awesome singer so you’ll do great”

“Yeah?” Ruby smiled unsure. “I think I still need to think about it”

“Well you know I’ll support you no matter what your choice” Xavier smiled as he lightly kissed her forehead.


“Hey” Charlie smiled as she walked into the open door of the house, knocking on it softly.

“Mummy” Jacob grinned as he ran over to her, holding his arms out to go into a hug. Charlie smiled as she bent down and hugged her son.

“Have you been a good boy for Bianca?” Charlie asked as Jacob pulled back and ran back in the direction of the coffee table where he continued to draw his pictures.

“Yeah” Bianca smiled as she appeared in the kitchen. “We’ve been drawing”

“Ooh that sounds good” Charlie smiled, as she remained bent down.

“Need a lift up fatty?” Bianca laughed as she walked forward and held out her hands for Charlie to take. Charlie smiled at her friend as she put her hands into hers and Bianca helped her back to her feet.

“Thanks” Charlie said as they made their way back through to the living room, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on the way by.

“So, how was your morning with Brax?” Bianca wondered as she sat down on the couch next to her friend.

“Great” Charlie smiled.

“And the scan went well?” Bianca asked and Charlie nodded as she fished the scans out of her bag. “Baby A was asleep, with its back facing us, so we could see much, but Baby B made up for it. Little poser” Charlie laughed as she handed Bianca the scans.

“Aww the little babies” Bianca smiled “You know it’s not fair, Buckton” Bianca sighed “You’ve got Ruby, Jacob and you’re getting these two. I want one” Bianca pouted.

“Aww I’m sure one day soon you’ll meet someone and then you can have babies till you hearts content”

“No” Bianca shook her head “You should just give me one of yours. I mean, you have enough. So, which one is it going to be?”

Charlie took a bite of the apple as she thought about what Bianca said. “Which one do you want?”

“Hmm well I could either take a brand new cutie baby or the world’s most adorable toddler who comes potty trained” Bianca said “Think I’ll go with Jakey”

“You hear that Jakey?” Charlie said “You’re going to come live with your Auntie Bianca now”

Jacob looked up from drawing and looked from Bianca to Charlie. “No” Jacob shook his head as he climbed up onto Charlie’s knee. “Jacob live with Mummy”

“Well I don’t know anymore” Charlie sighed.

“No” Jacob said as his bottom lip trembled. “I no want too”

“Aww sweetie Mummy is only joking” Charlie said as she ran her hand over his head.

“It no funny” Jacob said as he shook his head before grabbing the apple in Charlie’s hand and taking a bite.

“Well look at you. You come into my house and eat my apples but you won’t let me have your son” Bianca shook her head “Talk about a fair trade”

“No” Jacob shook his head once again “I stay with Mummy and the babies too. Not with you”

“You know” Charlie said “I don’t think you’d want him anyways. While he may be adorable at times, he can be a naughty little monkey too”

“I’s no a monkey” Jacob shook his head “I’s a boy”

“Aww see, adorable” Bianca smiled and Charlie laughed lightly as she hugged her son. “You know, Buckton, I’d never have though this of you when I first met you” Bianca said “You never seemed like the motherly type, no offence”

“None taken” Charlie said “I didn’t really see this for myself either” Charlie replied honestly. “But now my life has happened this way, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Having kids is just....” Charlie trailed off “It’s amazing”

“Yeah, well for now I’m just going to have to take your word for it and spoil you and the babies rotten” Bianca smiled as she tickled Jacob’s cheek and he giggled as he hid his head against Charlie’s shoulder.

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Thank you Aden_Belle, Dingo x, Sarah, JosieTash, Soph1303, Red Ranger 1, Pembie and Samantha1 for commenting. :wub: Special thanks to totally, you know why :)

Chapter 6

Charlie was sitting on the couch eating her third bowl of cereal when Brax arrived home. “Hey” Brax smiled as he walked over to the couch and leaned over, kissing Charlie’s cheek.

“So, so much for coming home early tonight” Charlie sighed as she looked around at Brax.

“Sorry” Brax said as he walked over to the kitchen. “I couldn’t get away. It was totally full tonight, which makes a change” Brax smiled.

“Well I’ll let you off then” Charlie smiled “So, what’s that you’ve got in your hand?” Charlie asked as she looked quizzically at Brax.

“Oh” Brax laughed as he lifted the packet up for Charlie to see. “I told you I would bring the bacon home” Charlie laughed lightly as Brax put it away the fridge before he walked over and joined her on the couch. “And what’s this?” Brax asked as he looked at Charlie to see she was wearing a pair of his boxers and one of his t-shirts.

“My pyjamas” Charlie answered as she leaned forward and put the bowl down on the coffee table.

“Oh see I was under the impression that those were my boxers and t-shirt” Brax said “Silly me”

“Yes, silly you indeed” Charlie laughed “Although I think that you need to put on weight because these are getting pretty tight for me”

“Or you could just buy maternity pyjamas” Brax answered.

“Yeah, because that will make me feel sexy”

“Oh babe, you are sexy” Brax grinned before he pulled her into a soft kiss. The kiss soon deepened and became more passionate and Brax rested his hands on Charlie’s back and she wrapped hers around his neck.

“Mmm” Charlie smiled as she pulled back and stood up from the couch, taking Brax’s hand in hers and leading him through to the bedroom, where once again, they met in a passionate kiss. Charlie smiled as they stood in the passionate embrace, Charlie’s stomach pressed up against Brax’s.

“Whoa” Brax said as he pulled back from the kiss and looked down. “Did you feel that kick?”

“Yeah” Charlie nodded as she screwed her face up. “I did”

“Of course” Brax said. Charlie smiled lightly before she leaned up to kiss Brax again, but he pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” Charlie asked.

“I eh...” Brax said as he rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t want to hurt the babies”

“What?” Charlie questioned “It’s never bothered you before”

“I know, but you’re getting bigger....they’re getting bigger.....what if I poke the baby -”

“Aww babe, you are not going to reach that far” Charlie laughed and Brax tutted, looking offended. “I mean, no-one would. The babies are perfectly safe in there” Charlie smiled before she once again went to kiss Brax, and this time he responded, before stopping again as another kick could be felt.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” Brax said as he shook his head.

“Brax....this is the first time I’ve actually felt like doing this in weeks. I thought you’d be jumping at the chance considering how long it’s been”

“I know....but I -”

“Ahhhh” Jacob screamed as he ran into Charlie and Brax’s bedroom. “Mummy Mummy there’s snakes in my bed” Jacob said as he clung onto Charlie.

“Snakes?” Charlie questioned as she looked down at her son, resting her hand on his head. “I don’t think so sweetie”

“Yeah yeah” Jacob said “Blue ones and red ones and orange ones and yellow ones and green ones”

“Wow that’s a lot of snakes eh” Brax said as he bent down to Jacob’s level. Jacob nodded as he continued to hold onto Charlie. “C’mon mate, how about I take you back to your bed and we’ll get rid of the snakes”

“No” Jacob shook his head “I stay with Mummy tonight”

“You may as well for tonight” Charlie sighed before she looked up to Brax. “Nothing stopping you. Go on, up you get” Charlie said and Jacob grinned as he climbed up onto the bed and got himself all comfy in the middle. Charlie sighed lightly as she looked up at Brax.

“Mummy you come to bed too” Jacob said and Charlie nodded her head.

“Yeah” Charlie answered “I’m just going to go and clean my teeth first” Charlie walked out of the bedroom and along to the bathroom, with Brax following her.

“Charlie” Brax sighed as he watched Charlie put the toothpaste on her brush, before she began brushing her teeth. “Can’t you send him back to his bed? C’mon, I’m sorry. I won’t stress out about the babies again, I promise” Brax smiled as he came up behind Charlie and rested his hands on her stomach as he kissed her neck. Charlie shook her head and spit into the sink.

“I’m not in the mood anymore” Charlie said coldly as she walked back out of the bathroom, leaving Brax standing alone. She walked back into her bedroom and got into her bed, and wrapped her arms around her son, placing a kiss on his forehead.

“Love you Mummy” Jacob whispered sleepily.

“Love you too sweet pea” Charlie smiled as she closed her eyes to sleep.


Brax walked through to the kitchen to find Charlie sitting at the table, eating a sandwich. “What you doing up at this time?” Brax asked as he looked at the clock, and saw it was 4.33am”

“I was hungry” Charlie said as she took a bite of her sandwich. “Why are you up?”

“I couldn’t sleep” Brax yawned “Kept getting woken up by someone whose cold feet kept kicking me. Does he ever lay still?” Brax asked “He’s moved all night” Charlie shrugged her shoulders as she took another bite of her sandwich. “Oh and I smelt bacon” Brax grinned as he grabbed the sandwich out of Charlie’s hand and took a bite of it. “Eeew” Brax screwed his face up as he swallowed. “What the hell was on that?”

“Bacon, cheese, peanut butter and banana” Charlie laughed as she took her sandwich back into her hand.

“What kinda combination is that?” Brax asked as he went to get himself a glass of water to wash away the taste.

“I like it” Charlie smiled.

“Bacon and cheese is fine together. And peanut butter and banana actually sounds pretty good, but all 4 of them together?” Brax pulled a face.

“Well you don’t need to eat it” Charlie said “I made it for myself. Not you”

“God pregnancy gives you some weird cravings” Brax said as he walked back over to the table and took a seat next to Charlie. Taking her sandwich from her, he placed it down on the table and took her hands into his, sitting staring at her with a huge grin on his face.

“What?” Charlie questioned.

“What Colleen said today really got me thinking about us, and our future together and Jacob calling me Daddy” Brax smiled. “And you know, I think she’s right. We should become a proper family” A smile started to grow on Charlie’s face as she thought about what Brax may be about to ask her. Although a part of her thought this was hardly going to be the most romantic proposal ever, with Charlie sitting in Brax’s clothes, and Brax just in his boxers, she was excited for what may be about to happen. “Charlie, I want to adopt Jacob”

“Yes.....I mean” Charlie paused as realisation of what Brax actually said hit her. “You want to adopt Jacob?”

“Yeah” Brax grinned “I love that little kid like he is my own and every time he calls me Daddy I just.....my heart feels like it’s going to explode with the love I have for him. You know it’s like it’s the first time he’s called me Daddy, every time he says it. I can’t explain the feeling Charlie. It just feels so great and so.....right. I want to be his Dad and be there for him no matter what. I want to adopt him” Brax smiled as he thought back to that first day that Jacob had called him Daddy for the first time.

Jacob and Brax were running around the house, playing pirates, of course Brax playing the ‘bad guy’, a few weeks after Brax had moved into the house. “Aarrgghh” Jacob yelled as he hit Brax’s plastic sword with his and Brax fell backwards, onto the couch. Jacob jumped up onto him as he giggled. “Got you now Mister”

“No, please” Brax pleaded “Please, spare me pirate, I will do anything...” Brax said before he began to tickle Jacob, while Jacob giggled in hysterics as he sat on top of him.

“Stop Daddy, please stop” Jacob giggled causing Brax to sit up on the couch, still holding Jacob in his hands.

“Did he just.....” Brax trailed off as he looked up at Charlie, who was standing in the kitchen, preparing sandwiches for the boys’ lunch.

Charlie nodded “He did. Jacob sweetie, that’s Brax” Charlie said as she turned to face them.

“No” Jacob shook his head “He not Bax. He Daddy”

“Are you okay with that? You know him calling me... yeah” Brax asked “Because I like it” Brax smiled as he felt his heart going ten to the dozen. He loved that little boy like he was his own and him saying Daddy felt amazing.

“I think so” Charlie answered “I mean I expected it one day”

Brax's face lit up again “It’s just the best feeling ever”

“I still want to tell him about Angelo one day, but when I look at you with him, you are his father Brax, and I am so grateful for that” Charlie smiled as she felt herself tearing up, as she walked over to the couch and sat down next to her two favourite boys. “I take it you are happy with it”

Brax smiled as he looked into Charlie expressive blue eyes “More than anything” Brax grinned as he leaned forward and gave Charlie a soft kiss, the kiss deepened momentarily, before Jacob pulled on Brax’s cheek, pulling him out of the kiss.

“Come play Daddy” Jacob pleaded as he jumped down from his knee and started to run, wanting Brax to chase after him. Brax looked at Charlie and smiled before he stood up and ran after the little boy.

“It’s making me tear up just thinking about it” Brax sniffed back “Charlie, I love Jacob like he is my own son. I would die for that boy”

“Brax” Charlie shook her head lightly “I know how much you love Jacob and how much he loves you, but Angelo is his biological father and I -”

“Yeah and he always will be” Brax said “And I’m not going to stop him ever finding out about Angelo, because he deserves to one day know about his biological Dad, but I want to show him how much he means to me too” Brax smiled as he rubbed Charlie’s hand. “So?”

“Is this just some kind of reaction to what Colleen was saying today about him calling you Daddy and it not making sense, because you don’t need to listen to Colleen, Brax, she -”

“No, it’s not” Brax shook his head “I’ve been thinking about it since that first day he called me Daddy all those months ago now. Colleen just made me realise how much I really do want this”

“I don’t know” Charlie shook her head as she tried to stop the tears of upset that Brax wasn’t actually prosing from falling down her cheeks. “I eh....I....let me think about it” Charlie said and Brax nodded lightly as he stood up.

“Are you going to come back to bed?” Brax questioned.

“When I’ve finished my sandwich” Charlie said before she picked it and took a bite. Brax laughed lightly before he placed a kiss on Charlie’s head, before he left her in peace.

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Thanks so much RoRo90, Sarah, Samantha1, Freakie42, RoRo90 again :P, Red Ranger 1, Cally, Dingo x, mizziette, Zoe, Aden_Belle, JosieTash, Shezza and soph1303 for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 7

Charlie and Jacob walked into the Diner, to find Bianca already sitting waiting for them. She walked over to the table with Jacob walking close to her, and took a seat. “Hey” Charlie smiled as Jacob climbed up onto her knee, although her bump was starting to get in the way of this. “Hey, Jake, are you not going to sit in your own seat?”

“No” Jacob shook his head as he gave Bianca a quick gaze, before looking back at Charlie. “I sit here”

“Aw but you’re a big boy” Charlie said “Don’t you want to sit on your own seat?” Jacob glanced at Bianca once more before looking up to his Mother and whispering in her ear. “No” Charlie tried to hold back a laugh. “She’s not going to make you go live with her”

“Promise?” Jacob asked shyly.

“I promise” Charlie said softly.

“And not the babies either?” Jacob questioned.

“No” Charlie shook her head “I told you Auntie Bianca was just joking”

“It wasn’t funny” Jacob pouted before he jumped down and sat on his own chair.

“I’m sorry Jacob” Bianca said as she looked down at the little boy. “How about I buy you some orange juice and a nice big piece of chocolate cake?”

“And a pack of chips” Jacob grinned and Bianca looked to Charlie who nodded.

“Sounds fair” Bianca smiled, just as Leah walked over to take their order.

“Oh Charlie, you are getting bigger every time I see you”

“No” Jacob shook his head “Mummy no like it” Leah looked up to Charlie confused. “You no keep saying she is big”

“Oh” Leah said “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay” Charlie laughed lightly at her son’s comment.

“So, what can I get you?” Leah asked.

“Just a ginger tea for me please” Charlie asked and Leah nodded as she wrote it down on the pad.

“I’ll have a latte and a piece of your chocolate cake” Bianca asked, and once again Leah nodded as she wrote the order down.

“And for Jacob?” Leah asked as she smiled down at him.

“Orange juice and chocolate cake and a packet of chips” Jacob grinned “Mummy what’s the kind I get?”

“They don’t have chips here” Charlie said “Well get some at the shop later”

“Oh okay” Jacob said as Leah left to get their order, before returning moments later with Jacob’s juice and Charlie’s tea, as Colleen brought over Bianca’s latte and the chocolate cakes.

“So, I forgot to ask you yesterday if you found out what the babies where?” Bianca asked as she put some sugar into her latte.

“No” Charlie shook her head “We didn’t. We wanted it to be a surprise”

“Well how am I supposed to know if I need to buy cute little dresses or little dungaree suits or one of each of those or what?” Bianca sighed. “Seriously Charlie, sometimes you really need to think about others”

Charlie laughed lightly as she stirred the sugar into her tea. “Well, I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you, Bianca, but as the Mother and Father, I do think Brax and I get the final say”

“Well I’m not sure. You know you can’t just swoop in with the Mummy and Daddy roles” Bianca laughed before she took a drink of her coffee. “Oh my gosh thought, how cute will it be if you have two of the same” Bianca said “You can dress them in little matching outfits”

“Eh no” Charlie shook her head “I will not be doing that”

“What, why?”

“I don’t like it” Charlie answered “They aren’t the same person. They're two different people, why should they be dressed the same?”

“Because it looks so fricken cute” Bianca gushed.

“Maybe you think so” Charlie said “But I’ll not be doing it”

“Not even if they are identical?” Bianca questioned.

“Even less likely if they are identical” Charlie answered “They are different people so I will be dressing them differently”

“Well I’m still going to buy you the same outfits for them if they are two girls or two boys”

“That’s fine” Charlie said “Doesn’t mean I need to have them wear it at the same time”

“Yeah Bee-Bee it dunt mean she has to dress them the same time” Jacob said as he looked up to Bianca before he stuck his tongue out cheekily. Bianca laughed at the little boy who had chocolate cake all over his mouth before she stuck her tongue out as well. Jacob giggled before he pulled his glass closer to him and put the straw in his mouth, to take a drink.


Charlie was sitting on the couch relaxing, when there was a knock at the door and Ruby walked into the house. “Rubes” Charlie said, surprised as she tried to stand up.

“Don’t get up” Ruby laughed as she walked over to the couch and sat down next to Charlie, giving her a hug.

“What are you doing here?” Charlie questioned.

“Oh fine then I’ll just go home instead of driving for 2 hours to see my Mum and Jakey and Brax”

“No no” Charlie shook her head “Of course you can come visit. It was just a surprise that’s all. If you told me I could have had a nice dinner prepared” Charlie said and Ruby looked at her Mother as she pulled a face, thinking of Charlie’s cooking. “Oi” Charlie lightly hit her daughters arm “I didn’t say I’d be doing the cooking. Brax would have done it”

“Oh well in that case, it would have been lovely” Ruby laughed.

“So, Xav not come down with you?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah, we popped into see Gina and John first. He’s still there” Ruby said.

“Of course” Charlie grinned “So, can I get you a drink or anything?” Charlie questioned as she tried to push herself up from the couch.

“I’ll get it myself” Ruby laughed as she stood up and walked over to the fridge and pulled out the orange juice. “So, how are the bubbas?” Ruby asked as she looked out the kitchen window to see Brax and Jacob playing with the soccer ball.

“They’re good” Charlie smiled “We got some scan pictures yesterday actually.....Brax was looking at them before, I’m not sure where he put them though”

“Well I can ask him when he comes inside” Ruby smiled as she took a seat next to her Mother again. “Did you find out what you were having?” Ruby asked and Charlie shook her head.

“No, we want it to be a surprise” Charlie smiled as rubbed her stomach.

“Yeah” Ruby grinned before she placed her hand on her Mothers bump. “You know I think you have one of each in there”

“Yeah?” Charlie smiled “That would be nice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d be over the moon if we got two boys, but I want a girl. I really want a girl”

“Well it’s not as if you don’t have a girl already” Ruby said as she smiled up at her Mother.

“I know, but I never got the chance to be a proper Mother to you” Charlie said “I didn’t raise you from the get go, and I’d really love the chance to raise a girl. Especially after having Jacob, it’d be nice to get some pink in this house again. Jakey and Brax are all about soccer or footie and fighting and silly boy’s games”

“What if she is a tomboy who hates pink and girly things?” Ruby laughed.

“Well for the first few years, I get to decide what she wears, so she’ll like it” Charlie said before she laughed.

“So, there was actually a reason I came down” Ruby said as she pursed her lips together. “I’ve been offered a recording contract”

“What” Charlie screamed “Ruby, that’s amazing. Oh I am so proud of you” Charlie beamed as she pulled her daughter into a hug, causing her to spill the orange juice over Charlie’s top.

“Sorry” Ruby said as she pulled back and went to stand to get a cloth.

“Don’t be silly, that can wait” Charlie said “You need to tell me about this deal”

“Well, I’ve not took it yet” Ruby said “Dave said I should think about it. Talk with you and Xav”

“Well I guess that’s sensible” Charlie smiled “Do you want to take it?”

“I think so” Ruby smiled “I mean it would be great. But I’m sure it would take me away from Xav, and you guys a lot. You guys are so important to me and I don’t know if I want to give that up”

“You don’t need to give us up” Charlie said “We’ll always be here. And the times that you do see us, it’ll be all the more special”

“Yeah, that’s true” Ruby grinned “I think I really want this”

“Then take it” Charlie smiled.

“Well Dave has given me this weekend to think about it, so I mean, I don’t think this is something I should rush, so”

“No” Charlie smiled as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear. “But you just make this choice based on what you want, yeah”

“Yeah, I will” Ruby smiled before hugging her Mother once more.

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Thank you Aden_Belle, Sarah, Dingo x, Chickiboomxx, JosieTash, Zoe, Red Ranger 1, totally, Lucii, Cally, Samantha1 and Sabrina for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 8

Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Xavier and Jacob were sitting at the dinner table, enjoying their dinner and talk had turned to names for the babies. “So” Brax said “We can’t really go on calling them Baby A and Baby B once they are born, so what about DJ and CJ” Brax grinned “Darryl Junior and Charlie Junior. And that’ll work for boy and a girl or for two boys” Brax grinned.

Charlie sighed lightly as she reached out and hit his arm. “Be serious”

“I was” Brax said.

“Then no” Charlie shook her head.

“You know this would be easier if you knew what you were having” Xavier said before he took a drink of his beer.

“But we know” Jacob said seriously. “She aving babies” The adults all laughed at the little boys comment. “No laugh at me”

“I’ve always liked Imogen and Lucy for girls. Rory and Zack for boys” Ruby smiled.

“Aww I like Imogen” Charlie smiled.

“No” Brax shook his head. “Zack?”

“No” Charlie shook her head. “Samuel?”

“No way” Brax said “Jude”

“Jude” Charlie repeated as she smiled “It’s pretty cute”

“Oh and Oliver, I love Oliver. Little Ollie” Brax grinned and Charlie smiled weakly. “You don’t like it?”

“No, I do, it’s just that’s one of the names that me and Angelo were debating on for Jacob”

“Oh, so we can’t use it?” Brax asked.

“No, we could” Charlie smiled “I really like it”

“And I love Olivia. Imagine if we had boy/girl twins. Oliver and Olivia”

“I love both the names, but we can’t call our children Oliver and Olivia. They’re too samey”

“Okay, well Oliver and.....something” Brax laughed.

“Okay, so there’s a lot of boys names flying around” Ruby noticed “What about some girls’ names?”

“That’s easy” Brax laughed “Riley, Taylor, Emily, Amelia and Marissa”

“They are actually all lovely names” Ruby smiled. “Mum?”

“Aimee, Megan, Leila, Maya and Paige” Charlie smiled as she felt her hand rolling over her stomach as she got a response from one of the babies”

“I love Leila and Paige” Brax smiled.

“I love Riley and Emily” Charlie said and she once again got a response from a baby.

“Well looks like you got some girls names to choose from” Xavier smiled. “And what, Jude and Oliver so far for boys?”

“Yeah, so far” Charlie smiled “We still have time to think, and you know maybe when we see the babies the right names will just come to us”

“Yeah” Brax smiled.

“Well Xav and I were planning on going to see April and Dex, but it’s cool if we stay here this weekend, yeah?” Ruby asked and Charlie nodded lightly.

“Of course” Charlie smiled before Ruby and Xavier excused themselves and left the house. “Okay, Jakey you can go play with your toys for a bit before your bath”

“You come play too?” Jacob asked as he looked up to his Mother.

“Sure” Charlie said “Just let me help Daddy clear the table first” Jacob nodded as he jumped down from table and ran through to his bedroom.

“So” Brax started tentatively. “Did you think about what I said last night?”

“No” Charlie shook her head.

“No as in you don’t want me adopting him or no as in you haven’t thought about it?” Brax questioned as he started stacking up the pates.

“No, I’ve thought about it a bit, but.....I dunno” Charlie shook her head “I need to really think about this. You know, I need to think about what would be best for Jacob”

“I understand” Brax smiled softly as he opened the dishwasher and began to load in the plates as Charlie picked up the empty glasses and laid them on the worktop, before picking up Brax and Xavier’s empty beer bottles. “But not that I want to blow my own trumpet or anything, but, I do think I’d be pretty good for that kid”

Charlie laughed lightly as she put the bottles down on the worktop and turned to face Brax. “I know, but Brax, this is a big thing you want here and I just want us to think it through at bit. I mean, there are things against us already that I bet you haven’t even thought about”

“Like what?” Brax questioned as he crossed his arms and leaned against the worktop.

“Like we aren’t married” Charlie spat “And we’ve only been together around 18 months. That’s not long Brax”

“It’s long enough for us to decide to have a baby of our own” Brax said “I mean surely that’s shows a bigger commitment to each other than any marriage ever would and technically, if you add on the 8 months we were dating before I went to jail we’ve been together nearer two and half years”

Charlie sighed lightly as she bit her lip. She wanted Jacob to have a Daddy, a father to look up to, and he already had that with Brax. He never knew of Angelo’s existence and truly believed that Brax was his father anyways. “We can try” Charlie smiled “But, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up”

Brax grinned as he pulled Charlie into a hug. “I’m feeling confident about this” Brax smiled as he held Charlie in the embrace.


Ruby sat on the couch trying to find something to watch on the TV. It was 2.07am, so chances were that there wouldn’t be much on. “Hey, whatya doing?” Brax asked as he walked into the living room as he yawned.

“I couldn’t sleep” Ruby sighed “My mind is in overdrive. Things just keep going around in my head”

“Makes sense after the deal you’ve been offered” Brax said as he sat down on the couch next to Ruby.

“What do you think I should do?” Ruby questioned as she hit the standby button on the TV and turned in the couch so she was facing Brax.

“Take it” Brax smiled “You’re really talented Ruby”

Ruby smiled lightly at her Mum’s boyfriend “Ahh. We’ll see. So, what are you doing up?”

“Jacob” Brax sighed “He’s in our bed again. Never lies still for a minute and his feet are bloody freezing. Gee it’s the middle of summer, you’d think he’d be warm, no?”

“I don’t know” Ruby laughed “Has he been in your bed a lot lately then?”

“No” Brax shook his head “Just tonight and the night before. There are snakes in his bed”

“Oh dear” Ruby said “Well lucky for you I bought my snake zapper with me”

“Yeah?” Brax smiled and Ruby nodded.

“Yip” Ruby said “Tomorrow, Jakey and I shall be zapping the snakes away”

“Worth a shot” Brax laughed “I know it’s only been two days but I’d love a good night’s sleep”

“Yeah” Ruby laughed “Get them while you can now because once the babies get here, well, you’ll not be sleeping much”

“Well Charlie will be the one who is feeding them so she’ll need to get up”

“No no no no no” Ruby shook her head “Brax, don’t you ever let Mum here you say that. You need to get up for them too”

“But I don’t have the equipment” Brax argued “Or I would”

“Please Brax, to spare yourself a lot of lectures and moaning from Mum, just get up with her or offer to feed them with expressed milk, or hold one while she feeds the other, I don’t know how you are going to work it, but my only bit of parenting advice to you is get up during the night”

“Okay” Brax nodded “Then I shall”

“Good” Ruby smiled “So, do you have a preference of what you get?”

“Honestly, I’d love a little girl” Brax grinned “You know, Jacob, I think of him as my son, so it would be nice to have a daughter” Brax smiled as he looked to Ruby. “Maybe one of each would be ideal, the boy being born first, the girl second, so the brothers would be all protective of their little sister”

“Oh” Ruby bowed her head down sadly. Brax hadn’t included her in this picture. She was going to be these kids’ siblings too, but he didn’t seem to acknowledge that.

“Yeah” Brax grinned, not seeming to notice Ruby’s change in mood. “I’m even looking into adopting Jacob” Brax smiled “We’ll be a proper little family after that”

Ruby smiled lightly before she faked a yawn. “Sounds lovely” Ruby forced a smile. “But I’m going to go to bed. Goodnight” Ruby said as she jumped up from the couch and walked quickly out of the room as the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

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Wow, thank you so much Cally, Sarah, Jen1205, Dingo x, Aden_Belle, Samantha1, soph1303, JosieTash, Pembie, Chickiboomxx, Arielxo, totally, Zoe and Red Ranger 1.

Chapter 9

“Okay, Jakey, you ready?” Ruby said as they both held their ‘snake zapping’ guns, which were really two water pistols that Jacob was obsessed with the summer before.

“Yea” Jacob said “But Ruby will it really work?”

“Of course” Ruby said seriously. “Now, let’s go” Ruby said as she and Jacob ran into the bedroom and started shooting away at the bed, to make sure the snakes never came back.

“You go snakes, you go” Jacob yelled as he shot towards his bed. “They going, they going” Jacob screeched as he jumped up and down excitedly.

“Yeah, I told you this would work” Ruby smiled as she turned around and noticed Charlie standing in the door way. Charlie silently mouth a thank-you to Ruby before Jacob ran over to her his eyes all wide in excitement.

“Mummy they’re really gone forevers” Jacob beamed before he ran around her in circles, cheering.

“That’s great” Charlie smiled “You going to come and get some breakfast now?” Jacob nodded as he ran from his room, keeping a hold of the ‘snake zapper’ just in case the uninvited guests ever came back. “What do you want sweetie?” Charlie asked as Jacob climbed up onto the chair.

“Coco pops and toast and a glass of milk” Jacob smiled up at his mother who nodded at his request, and took the bread from the bread bin before putting it in the toaster. Taking the milk out for the fridge, she picked up Jacob’s cup and poured him a class, before she got him his coco pops.

“Where did Brax and Xav go?” Ruby asked as she made her way into the kitchen.

“They went surfing” Charlie answered as she looked up to Ruby.

“Oh right...Xav didn’t bring his board though”

“No, he is using one of Brax’s” Charlie answered and Ruby nodded before she sat down at the table. “Can I get you any breakfast?”

“Nah, I’m fine with this” Ruby sighed as she leaned forward and picked up a banana from the fruit bowl, and began to peel it open.

“Mummy” Jacob said as he looked up at Charlie as he had a milk moustache. “Where my toast?” Just then the toaster popped and Charlie pulled the toast out and began to butter it, before she cut it into soldiers for the little boy.

“Here you go” Charlie said as he put the plate down on the table, and Jacob grinned as he picked a piece up and took a big bite.

“So, Brax tells me he wants to adopt Jacob” Ruby said as she looked up at Charlie.

“Yeah” Charlie smiled lightly as she sat down at the table and poured herself a bowl of cereal.

“Are you going to let him?” Ruby questioned.

“Well we are going to look into it” Charlie smiled.

“You know” Ruby said quietly “Not that I don’t think it’s great for Jacob, I mean Brax has been great with him, and he loves him, anyone could see that, but is it wrong that I’m jealous?”

“What have you got to be jealous about?” Charlie questioned.

“Jake’s getting a Dad” Ruby said sadly. “I know I’m 20 and I don’t need to be adopted by your boyfriend, but I still want to feel accepted by him”

“Ruby, don’t be silly of course he accepts you” Charlie said as she stood up and moved over to where Ruby was sitting, taking a seat next to her again.

“I don’t think he has” Ruby said as he pushed her tears back. “Last night we were talking, and he said that he hoped the twins were a boy/girl set, and that it would be nice to have a daughter, and that the boys could be all protective of her. He didn’t say that he saw me like a daughter, but he said that he say Jacob like his own son. He didn’t mention me in the little family he wanted to create once he’d adopted Jacob and the twins were born” Ruby looked down sadly as Charlie placed her hand on her back in comfort. “I don’t need him to adopt me. But it would be nice to think that he’s there for me if I ever needed fatherly advice”

“Sweetie” Charlie said softly. “Of course Brax would be there for you”

“He didn’t make it feel like he would” Ruby sighed as she looked back up at her Mother. “With Grant being who he was, and Angelo leaving us, and you know the only ever Father I had was my Granddad, but now he is dead.....and you have Brax and he’s accept Jacob so much he wants to adopt him, but me.....I still need a father figure in my life, but he doesn’t seem interested to be that person”

“He does Ruby” Charlie said “Of course he accepts you” Ruby sighed lightly as the door opened and Xavier and Brax walked into the house.

“Daddy” Jacob shouted as he ran over to him. “When I go surfing?”

“When you’re bigger eh” Brax smiled as he bent down and ruffled Jacob’s hair. “Daddy will teach you”

“Yay” Jacob yelled before he ran off towards his bedroom, with Xavier following him down the hall, and into the guest room. Brax smiled as he walked over to the kitchen, to where Charlie was sitting and placed a soft kiss on her head and he ran his hands down her arms.

“How are you this morning?” Brax smiled.

“Good” Charlie smiled softly as she stood up and began to clear Jacob’s breakfast away.

“You know, I can’t actually wait to teach him how to surf. Will be some great father son bonding time” Brax grinned “Oh I really hope that this adoption goes through and then the 5 of us can be one big happy family” Brax smiled and Ruby stood up from the chair, he’d done it again, saying the 5 of them.

“I’m going for a shower” Ruby said quietly as she ran from the room.

“Don’t you mean 6 of us?” Charlie questioned and Brax looked to Charlie confused. “Ruby, Brax” Charlie sighed “You should be including her as well”

“But Ruby lives in Sydney” Brax exhaled lightly.

“She’s still a member of this family” Charlie sighed “And she’s upset that you want to adopt Jacob”

“So, what?” Brax questioned “She’s wants me to adopt her too?”

“No” Charlie shook her head “But she does want to feel accepted”

“Of course I accept her” Brax said. “Ruby’s great”

“Well can you just let her know that please” Charlie said softy as she walked over to Brax.

“Sure” Brax nodded “If you think it’s necessary”

Charlie nodded lightly “I do”

“Okay” Brax smiled as he pulled Charlie into a hug. “I’ll talk to her later”


Brax had taken Ruby out to the Diner for this talk. Ruby took a seat at a spare table as Brax placed their order, before walking back over to where Ruby was sitting. “Leah will bring it over” Brax smiled as he took a seat. Ruby smiled shyly at Brax before she exhaled. “So, Rubes, you know that I do think of you like a daughter. You mean a lot to me too”

“It’s okay, Brax” Ruby sighed lightly “You don’t need to pretend. I mean accepting a toddler is one thing, but getting me as well. I mean I was 19 when you and Mum started dating again”

“But Ruby, it doesn’t matter how old you are” Brax said “You are like a daughter too me. The only reason I didn’t include you is because....well.....I didn’t think you’d want me coming in an replacing your Dad”

“But, I don’t really have a Dad, Brax” Ruby sighed “Ross will always be special to me, but he’s dead now, and I still need someone there for me”

“Well you can count on me for that” Brax smiled “And you know, I think I need you too” Ruby gave Brax a questioning look “I need someone to help me out with how to deal with your Mother”

Ruby laughed lightly “She’s relaxed around you. You get on just fine”

“Yeah, but since she’s been pregnant” Brax shook his head “She’s not been as easy to deal with”

“Just make sure that she is always right” Ruby said “And do as you’re told and don’t do anything to get her angry or stressed. Maybe keep telling her that you still think she is beautiful and that you still find her attractive. Don’t do anything to make her think otherwise”

“That all?” Brax laughed lightly as Leah came over with a coffee for Brax and a banana milkshake for Ruby.

“Banana milkshake” Ruby smiled. “That’s my -”

“You’re favourite. I know” Brax smiled as Leah appeared once again with a slice of lemon drizzle cake and put in down in front of Ruby. “And you love Leah’s lemon drizzle cake?”

“Yeah, I do” Ruby smiled up at Brax. Maybe he had accepted her after all.

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Thank you so much totally, Red Ranger 1, CharlieandBrax4Ever, Cally, Dingo x, Samantha1, Lucii and JosieTash. Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 10

Charlie was sitting up the bed when Brax came into the room, and sat down at his side, as he went to take his watch off. “Hey, you finally came to bed” Charlie grinned as she moved over in the bed, wrapping her arms around his chest, starting to undo the buttons of his checked shirt as she softly kissed his neck.

“Mmm. I thought you’d be asleep” Brax smiled as he stood up and turned around to face Charlie, his shirt open, showing off his chest.

“I don’t want sleep” Charlie grinned as she pushed herself up on the bed so that she was on her knees, smiling up at Brax as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close as she softly kissed his ‘blood and sand’ tattoo.

“Charlie” Brax said softly as she kissed up his neck until her lips met with his. “Mmm” Brax gave in to the kiss, before gently laying Charlie back down on the bed, and climbing on, lying next to her as his lips met with hers once again. Charlie smiled before the kiss deepened and Brax ran his hand up Charlie’s stomach, resting it over her left breast, before pulling back, and sitting down on the bed again. “I’m sorry, I can’t” Brax shook his head as Charlie sat up in the bed.

“But they didn’t even kick or move or anything there. What’s stopping you now?” Charlie asked, exasperated.

“I know that they’re there though” Brax sighed “It’s just freaks me out thinking about doing that when they’re inside you”

“They’re probably not even going to know what we’re doing and you know some people even say that the rocking motion can put the baby to sleep” Charlie said hopingly, but was met with the same look of un-want on Brax’s face.

“I’m sorry” Brax said “But you know it’s only for a few more months then once the babies get here we can get right back to -”

Brax stopped talking as Charlie’s laugher increased. “Oh Brax” Charlie shook her head. “No no, I don’t think so. Once the babies get here we are going to have less time for sex. And between getting up for them through the night, to be feeling like we have the energy for it....” Charlie trailed off. “Not to mention we are advice to wait 6 weeks before we should do it again”

“Six weeks?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded. “Well I didn’t know that....but I’m sorry, I just....I can’t do it”

“It’s not the babies at all is it?” Charlie questioned “It’s just me. My body. You’re not turned on by me anymore. You don’t think I’m attractive”

“Charlie, of course I do” Brax said “I still think you’re gorgeous. And those breasts. Mmmhmm. I love your new breasts”

“You know they probably won’t stay bigger forever. Once I lose the baby weight and stop breastfeeding, they’ll probably go back to normal size”

“Oh” Brax said, sounding slightly disappointed. “Well, they were nice breasts too” Brax smiled as he went to put his hand on Charlie’s arm, but she batted his hand away before she got up from the bed and stormed out of the room.

“Charlie where are you going?” Brax questioned as he followed after her.

“To bed” Charlie spat as she walked into the second guest room that would soon be changed into the nursery for the babies.

“Well our bedroom is that way” Brax sighed as he tried to grab her arm and Charlie pulled back as she span around and tripped on one of Jacob’s toys that was left sitting in the hallway, and fell to the floor, hitting her stomach against it. “Baby” Brax said as he bent down and helped her to sitting, resting her head against the door frame.

“I’m okay” Charlie said as she tried to stand up.

“No” Brax shook his head as he put his hand on her stomach, hoping to feel the babies moving. “Why can’t I feel them moving?”

“They’re probably sleeping” Charlie answered.

“No” Brax shook his head “I want to go to the hospital. C’mon” Brax helped Charlie up to her feet as he pulled his mobile from his pocket.

“I don’t need the hospital” Charlie spat as she pulled her arm away from Brax.

“Charlie, you’re five months pregnant and you fell onto your stomach. You’re going” Charlie sighed lightly.

“Well let me get changed first” Charlie said angrily before she walked over to her bedroom and slammed the door shut. Brax exhaled lightly before he called ahead to the hospital.

“Everything alright?” Xavier asked as he appeared in the hallway from the kitchen, with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. Brax shook his head lightly before explaining to him.


“Ruby....Xava” Jacob cried as he pulled at Ruby’s arm.

“Mmm” Ruby groaned as she turned in the bed and snuggled into the sheets.

“Ruby” Jacob shouted as he climbed up onto the bed, the tears rolling down his cheek. Before he started jumping up and down, desperately trying to wake his sister.

“What the heck” Ruby said as she rubbed her eyes before sitting up in the bed. “Jakey, what you doing?” Ruby questioned.

“Mummy and Daddy are gone” Jacob said sadly as the tears kept falling.

“What do you mean baby?” Ruby asked “They’ll be in bed”

“No I see’d their gone” Jacob cried. Ruby sighed lightly as she got out of the bed and lifted Jacob into her arms and walked through to Charlie and Brax’s room to find they were indeed gone. She pulled a face of confusion before walking back through to what used to be her bedroom.

“Xavier” Ruby said “Xavier” Ruby raised her voice before she hit him hard in the chest.

“What the” Xavier sat up as he woke. “What the hell” Xavier rubbed his chest.

“Mum and Brax are gone” Ruby said.

“Ah yea” Xavier said “They were having some kind of argument when I was in the kitchen making a hot chocolate and your Mum tripped over one of Jake’s toys”

“Oh my God” Ruby said as she covered her mouth with her hand. “Is she okay?”

“She said she would be but Brax was adamant that they went to get the babies checked over”

“Well why didn’t you tell me” Ruby yelled as she slapped his chest again.

“Quit hitting me” Xavier sighed “And you were asleep so I didn’t want to wake you”

“Okay” Ruby said before looking down at her brother who was sitting on their bed, his bottom lip sticking out and his face tear stained. “Hey, Jakey, Mummy and Daddy just went out for a little bit. They’ll be home soon”

“But it dark” Jacob sniffed back “Where they go?”

“They just went out for a little bit” Ruby said “Now how about I take you back to bed”

“No” Jacob shook his head “Bad dream. I Want Mummy”

“You can’t get Mummy sweetie” Ruby said softly as she pulled him close for a comforting hug. “How about you tell Ruby all about it and then we can take you back to bed”

“No” Jacob cried “I Want Mummy. I Want Mummy now” Jacob screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Ahh” Xavier scrunched his face up at the high pitched scream. “Hey, mate, c’mon big boys don’t shout like that”

“I’s no a big boy. I want my Mummy” Jacob cried.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what” Xavier said “I’ll phone your Mummy and tell her to come home, but you need to go back to your bed and lie quiet”

“No” Jacob shook his head “I stay in this bed till Mummy comes” Xavier and Ruby exchanged a glance with each other.

“It’s better than him screaming” Ruby said and Xavier nodded lightly.

“Okay, you stay in here” Xavier said as Jacob wiped the tears from his eyes before crawling in between the two of them.

“Look at that” Ruby grinned “You’re going to be great with our kids one day” Xavier smiled lightly.

“Call my Mummy” Jacob said as he put his hand on Xavier’s arm. Xavier exhaled lightly before he picked up his phone, and pretended to call Charlie for the benefit of the little boy.

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