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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Can't believe Charlie is planning to have another child with Grant. I suppose if she thinks it will keep her daughter alive then she'll do anything. I don't think Grant will agree though. I understand why Brax is annoyed too. And I don't think Ruby will allow Charlie to do that. Was funny with Brax saying he'll tell Ruby about his and Charlie's sex life :lol: Good chapter, looking forward to more :)

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Really enjoyed Chax at the start ... Having some them time ... But Charlie wanting to have another child with Grant Whoa!! That's huge!!

Fingers crossed that some one soon of a match .... I'd hate to be in their situation!

Brilliant writing Danni, look forward to more x

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Chapter 4 - I hope one of them is a match for Ruby.

Chapter 5 - That was so nice of everyone turning up at the hospital to be tested. :)

Chapter 6 - I hope Grant is a match. I'm glad Brax is going with Charlie to see Grant. The ending was so sad. :(

Chapter 7 - I'm glad Grant agreed to be tested.

Chapter 8 - I hope Grant is a match.

Chapter 9 - I love how Brax is there for Charlie.

Chapter 10 - I can't believe Charlie wants to have another child with Grant. I can understand Brax's reaction.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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I can honestly say I didn't see that one coming..a child, yes but with Grant?! :unsure: I know Charlie's reasons and I can understand to a degree but I really hope it doesn't come to that..and that ultimatum Charlie just gave Brax...so unfair! :angry: I just hope he doesn't leave or if he does, he doesn't do anything


Another awesome chapter, Danni! Looking forward to the next one! Xx

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Wow Danni, another story on the go!

It's great so far; I feel so sorry for Ruby been so sick :(

Charlie and Brax :wub: love them!

I can understand why Brax is a bit resistant to the idea of Charlie having a baby with Grant, but it might be the only way to have a certain match. I can understand why Charlie is determined to have a baby with him, I just hope she gets the support she will need.

Great writing Danni, :D

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Aw I don't want Charlie/Brax to break up :( I hope they work everything out. I loved the part with Ruby/Charlie and also was nice having Romeo/Brax. I can't see Grant agreeing to having this baby. Looking forward to reading what happens in the next chapter. Good chapter :)

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