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That was cooooool, especially ……

 “Lilac huh,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “Thought I wasn’t allowed to know what colour the room was? Should have maybe changed your clothes if you wanted that to happen eh?”

“Well maybe this is just a red herring and the room is actually.....orange.” Romeo answered.

“I hope to God you haven’t painted my baby’s room orange.” Charlie widened her eyes at the thought.

“What’s wrong with an orange room?” Ruby questioned

 “Anyways missus I believe that you still have something of mines. It’s little, plastic, got my name on it.”

“Hmm, I don’t know what you are talking about,” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t have anything of yours.”


“It’s on your bedside table,” Ruby exhaled. “Thanks so much for treating us to a lovely lunch at Sergios though.” Ruby grinned.

“Jeez Rubes,” Charlie widened her eyes. “I don’t mind buying your guys lunch but did you really need to go to Sergios? That’s like the world’s most expensive restaurant.”

“Hardly,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “But it was nice thanks.”

“So you’ve probably already filled up on pizza today then?” Charlie questioned. “And here’s me thinking I was bringing you a nice treat for all your hard work in the baby’s room.”

“We had pasta,” Romeo answered. “So this is very welcome,” Romeo said as he picked up another slice. “So what did you do all afternoon since we chucked you out of the house?”

“Sat in the diner, spend a lot of my time in the restroom there actually,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “The joys of being pregnant.”

 “I just want you to be happy,” Ruby answered. “And you were with Brax.”

“Yes Ruby we were,” Charlie raised her voice. “That’s past tense, were. Stop with this....okay, just stop.” Charlie stood up from the table and left the kitchen, running up the stairs to her bedroom.

 “I dunno, I just.....” Romeo exhaled as he rubbed his forehead. “I wanted to do this for Rubes,” Romeo answered. “She’s not in school anymore and I wanted too....” Romeo trailed off. “Maybe it is for the best. And I can be there more for Rubes. She’ll be getting her transplant around the time of the exams and I’d want to be there for Ruby.”

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OMG !!!!!! That was soooooooooooooooooo powerful !!!!! I’m TOTALLY on the verge of tears!!!!!! My Rubes is actually going to DIE!!!!!!!!!

AMAZING stuff, especially ……

 Ruby’s health had continued to deteriorate and although they were all trying to keep a brave face, Charlie and Romeo were both now fearing the worst was about to happen, although they didn’t dare mention it in front of Ruby. The baby’s due date was only six weeks away they just had to hope that Ruby would be strong enough to make it through till then.

 “Haha,” Ruby laughed. “You’re only awesome because of me. Without me you’d still be a loser.”

“Ruby Buckton,” Romeo gasped mocking offence. “I ooze of awesomeness.”

 Charlie exhaled as she looked to her daughter who was grinning cheekily at her boyfriend. In that moment, with the sun shining around her, she looked so happy, so full of life. Charlie wished more than anything that everything would turn out to be okay in the end, and thought that things often had to get really bad before they could get better and hoped that was the case with her daughter.

 “I figure Bianca is working but as far as I was aware Heath’s never had a job. Or at least a legal one.”

 Oh Rocco you are very demanding.” Brax said as he picked his nephew up.

“Seem so,” Romeo laughed. “Promise me you won’t let our kiddies be like that?” Romeo said as he looked to Ruby.

“You can be in charge of that,” Ruby replied. “And the stinky nappies.” Ruby screwed her face up.

 The results of the tests weren’t great. Simply that Ruby was deteriorating more and more each day and Sid wasn’t sure how much longer Ruby would live for without the transplant. He had more results in his hand but was dreading going into the room to tell Charlie, Ruby and Romeo his latest discovery. He loved being a doctor but this part of the job was something that he hated doing, especially when it was people he was friends with, someone who was friends with his son.

 “I’m saying that there’s nothing else we can do for Ruby.” Sid took a deep breath as he saw Charlie and Romeo’s eyes welling up, their noses flaring slightly as they were about to cry.

 Sid shook his head as he looked to Ruby, who appeared frozen in the bed, to shocked to talk, to shocked to react.

 “Induce me now,” Charlie replied. “The whole point in me having this baby was to save Ruby and if Ruby isn’t going to make it then what the hell was the point in this.” Charlie yelled as she hit her hand against her stomach.

 “Mum, stop, just stop,” Ruby used all the strength she could to muster up an almost shout allowing Charlie, Romeo and Sid to face her. “You’ve tried all you can and I appreciate that, I really do, but it’s my time,” Ruby gave a gentle nod of her head. “I’m ready. I’m ready to go. I’ve had enough of fighting this and I’m ready. You have to accept it’s my time to go.”

“I can’t,” Charlie shook her head as she wiped the tears from her face. “Ruby I can’t. I can’t lose you.”

“Come...come here,” Ruby held her hand out and Charlie walked over to her and took a hold of her hand. “It’ll be okay,” Ruby spoke quietly. “You have her to help you through.” Ruby put her other hand onto Charlie stomach as she felt her baby sister kicking. “Now you may not respect hearing it from Sid, but there’s nothing more anyone can do and I’m sick of fighting this, I’m ready mum, I’m ready to go,” Charlie broke down into tears as she knelt down and hid her head against her daughter’s body. “How long?” Ruby questioned as she looked up to Sid. “How long do I have left?”

“Two weeks at most.” Sid answered.

“Then I’d appreciate being left with my mum and Romeo,” Ruby cleared away a lump from her throat and Sid gave her a gentle nod and left the room. “Babe,” Ruby made a head gesture and Romeo walked to the other side of her. He looked down to her and exhaled lightly before placing a soft kiss on her lips before he too broke down into tears.

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