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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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That was cooooool, especially ……

 “Well we could just get married and make it Smith & Smith,” Romeo said as he gave Ruby a smile. “Or then I suppose it could be Smith Decorators.”

“You think about us getting married?” Ruby smiled up at Romeo.

“Well you’ve already named our children,” Romeo laughed. “So, is it really that big a shock that I’ve thought about us getting married?”

“I suppose not no.” Ruby shook her head.

“But yeah, I wouldn’t marry you right now though,” Romeo shook his head as saw that Ruby looked slightly disappointed. “Not when you have paint on your shirt.”

“What, already, where?” Ruby asked as she looked down to her shirt, but didn’t see any paint.

“There.” Romeo laughed as he pushed his roller full of paint against her, getting her shirt covered in paint.

“Romeo Smith,” Ruby gasped in shock at what he’d done. “You little....” Ruby trailed off as she held her roller out in his direction, getting paint on this bare arm.

 She exhaled lightly as a part of her hoped Brax was working, and it was then when she felt someone bump against her leg. “Rocco,” Bianca exhaled as she was running towards her son. “What did mummy tell you about watching where you are walking?”

“Waa ba waa.” Rocco babbled. Although he’d mastered walking, he was yet get to get his head around the talking thing, and so far could only managed mamma, dadda, no, juice, hi, bye-bye and referred to his big sister as Da-cee.

 “But this is for Romeo to decide and I’m not actually sure why you are telling me.”

“He’s living with you,” Bianca answered. “He may be 18, but he’s still in school and right now you are kind of his guardian, so we thought you could maybe talk with him, let him know it’s okay to give up this year as he does have something very important to worry about,” Bianca said. “And he can come back next year and finish school with April, Dex, Xav, and most of his friends are actually in year 11 right now anyways.”

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Good chapter.

Yeah I think it is best for Romeo to take some time out from worrying about his exams for the time being.

On another note I seem to remember my first bedroom being orange. So yeah that would be a awesome choice for Bean's room :lol:

update soon

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