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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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Chapter 32 - I wonder if Charlie will agree to Romeo moving in?

Chapter 33 - I'm glad that Charlie was happy about Romeo moving in.

Chapter 34 - I liked Ruby and Romeo's conversation.

Chapter 35 - Poor Ruby. :(

Chapter 36 - I hope Charlie and Brax can find their way back to each other too. Aw, Bean is a girl. :wub:

Chapter 37 - It's nice of Ruby and Romeo to decorate Bean's room. I felt so sorry for Ruby. :(

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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REAAAAAALY felt for Rubes [even more than usual] !!!!! GREAT chapter as always, especially ……

 “Be kinda weird would it not?” Charlie questioned. “A twelve year old still the size of a new-born.”

“Haha,” Leah said. “You know what I mean; they just grow up so fast.”

 Charlie exhaled as she rubbed her stomach as she felt her daughter kicking.

“So when did you find out it was a girl?” Leah questioned. “I thought you wanted it to be a surprise.”

“I did,” Charlie answered. “But Ruby really wanted to know. I think she’s scared she’s not going to be strong enough to make it through until the baby is born and....” Charlie took a deep breath as she looked down to the little yellow sundress that was sitting on the couch. She exhaled as she ran her hand over it. “It’s only 12 more weeks and she’s a strong girl, she’s already came through so much, I know she’s going to be okay, but I guess everyone worries right?”

 “Well at least you know she is going to welcome the new addition to the family,” Leah smiled. “No jealous big sister.”

“Giving the reason I am having this child there’s no way she could be the jealous big sister.” Charlie answered.

 Ruby sighed as she rubbed her forehead. The bandana often made her head sweat and she was feeling the heat today.

 The girl picked up the first paint brush but before she scanned it she caught sight of Ruby and stared silently in her direction. “Is there a problem?” Romeo asked as he saw her staring at an uncomfortable looking Ruby.

“No, sorry.” The girl started scanning the items through but she couldn’t manage to take her eyes off of Ruby.

“Do you want a picture?” Ruby questioned. “It will last longer.”

“I..I...” The girl stuttered.

“What, haven’t you seen a sick person before?” Ruby asked as she felt some angry build up inside her.

“Doesn’t your company teach you good customer service?” Romeo asked. “Staring at someone like that is quiet rude.”

“Sorry,” The girl cleaned her through. “I just thought.....she eh....she has no hair and I....”

“It’s called Cancer,” Ruby spat. “I can’t even go to the store with my boyfriend without having to be reminded of it now so thanks for that.” Ruby yelled as she gave Romeo the bank card and ran rom the shop.

“Rubes,” Romeo exhaled as he watched her leaving. “Don’t stare so much at your customers next time eh,” Romeo said as he paid for the items, before picking the bags up and leaving the store, inding Ruby waiting by his car for his return. “Rubes,” Romeo said softly as put the bags into the back of the car before pulling her into a hug. “She was just a stupid girl.”

“She didn’t really even say anything bad but it was just the way she was staring at me like I was some kind of freak.”

“You’re not a freak,” Romeo shook his head. “You’re gorgeous, and you always will be.”

“You have to say that you are my boyfriend,” Ruby exhaled. “I bet everyone else looks at me and see’s this sick girl with no hair and pale horrible skin.”

“It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you,” Romeo rubbed her back. “You’re gorgeous, and funny, and smart, and I love you, and right now, that’s all that matters. Not what stupid strangers think of you.”

Ruby exhaled lightly as she looked up to Romeo. “You know the thing I hate most about this is not having my hair,” Ruby said quietly. “The injections, blood tests, the chemo, they don’t bother me as much as losing my hair. At least when I had my hair people didn’t know as easily I was sick. You know I could still wake up every day and brush my hair and put it in a pleat or in a ponytail but now I don’t even get to do that.”

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