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TWO life changing chapters there !!!! REAALY enjoyed that, especially ……

 “I didn’t think adults fell out,” Darcy sighed as she looked up to Bianca. “Can’t you just say sorry and be friends again?”

“I’ve said sorry,” Bianca smiled down at her sort of step daughter. “And I would like to be friends with Charlie again but I don’t think it’s what Charlie wants.”

“Why not?” Darcy questioned as she looked to Charlie.

“It’s complicated, Darcy.” Charlie exhaled. “Look I have to go but it was nice talking to you.”

 “Well even so, there’s a lot against us.” Brax exhaled.

“Like what?” Heath questioned. “The baby and you having slept with Bianca the day you broke up with her?” Heath said. “That’s not anything you can’t work through. Remember when you guys first got together? You were growing drugs and selling them, doing dodgy deals for money. Look at you now. A respected member of the community who wouldn’t dream of breaking the law. You changed your whole life for her and now you are a much better person, we both changed our live so much for our women and I love it, yeah so I just had a little wobble but being away made me realise what I had was so good I’d be stupid to leave it for good and turn back to the endless cycle of drugs and being in trouble with the law.”

 “Someone’s being a clingy little monkey.”

“Romeo,” Ruby hit his chest lightly. “I’m trying to be serious and tell you how much I love you and want to be around you. I don’t need an animal joke.”

“I wasn’t aware I made an animal joke,”

 “You hate the idea don’t you?” Ruby questioned. “You don’t want to live with your girlfriend who has Cancer, of course you wouldn’t. Why would anyone want to -”

 “What do you want Ruby?” Charlie questioned, knowing her daughter was wanting something.

“Nothing,” Ruby shook her head. “Can’t a girl be nice to her mother without raising suspicion?”

“A girl can yes,” Charlie answered. “But on this occasion I know you want something.”

 “Why are you in such a rush to grow up?” Charlie questioned.

“I’m not in any rush,” Ruby answered. “Romeo and I are in love and I just want to wake up with him every morning.”

“Right,” Charlie nodded her head as she looked to her daughter. They were in a serious relationship and you could see they were going to be together forever, they just had something there. “Okay, I eh...if it’s what you two want then yes, Romeo can move in with us.”

“I so thought I would need to do more pleading than that,” Ruby said before she jumped up and walked over to where Charlie was siting and pulled her into a hug. “Thanks so much.”

 “Now, the whole reason I came here was to tell you that if you want my forgiveness then I’ll give you it. I’ll forgive you, but right now, I also feel like I want to forget you.”

“What?” Bianca was shocked. She thought that by getting Charlie’s forgiveness they could start to repair their friendship.

“You know forgive and forget,” Charlie said. “That’s what I want to do.”

“Charlie we can -”

“Right now, Bianca, no we can’t,” Charlie shook her head as she stood up from the couch. “I might can say you’re forgiven but right now, I want to forget you ever existed in my life.”

“Charlie,” Bianca stood up and reached out to her arm. “Don’t you think you need people in your life right now? Surely having me as a friend, someone to turn to for support right now, it’s better than shutting me out of your life.”

“I don’t need a friend who can do something like that to me,” Charlie shook her head. “So you can stop feeling guilty for sleeping with Brax, if you ever actually did, I don’t know, but you can know that you ruined our friendship because of a moment of passion.” Charlie said before she walked out of the house, and slammed the door shut behind her, leaving Bianca quiet stunned at what Charlie had said.

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Great chapter Danni, glad Charlie finally let Bianca know how she felt and that she couldn't forget! Wondering if she will talk to Brax..and what she will say if she does! So happy Charlie said yes to letting Romeo move in! Looking forward to more, please update soon! Xx

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was surprised by Charlie and Bianca's convo wasn't expecting that outcome but I can understand where Charlie is coming from

glad that Charlie agreed to Romeo moving in :)

As or Brax I just want to head butt him <_<

Great chapter Danni update soon :)

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