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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Yeah I have to say I am with beebee once again...didn't appreciate Romeo commenting on Brax! I can see both sides..but why can't Charlie and Brax try first? They test the embryos before they are inserted, right? I really hope they find a match soon before it's too late! Great writing once again Danni! :)

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This is such an ACE story !!!! especially …….

 Ruby smiled lightly as she joined her mother on the couch. “I take it Grant said no?” Ruby questioned as she lightly rubbed her mother’s arm.

“What makes you think that?” Charlie questioned as she turned the volume down on the TV and cleared her throat to compose herself.

“Well you’re eating ice cream straight from the tub, you have a weepy movie on and you’re crying.” Ruby said as she leaned forward and wiped her hand over her mother’s cheek, wiping away the tears.

 Charlie shook her head lightly as she pursed her lips together. “No I eh....I told him Grant was going to have the baby with me and he stormed out in his poor little Brax routine.”

 “And there’s no way I won’t. This has to be done for Rubes and at the end of the day if I am going to have to choose between my boyfriend and my daughter, well.....Ruby’s always going to come out on top.”

 “Ruby is my daughter and she is sick and I need to do whatever I can to help save her life. If I didn’t do this and she....” Charlie took a deep breath, trying to compose herself. “And she didn’t make it I would never forgive myself.”

“And what if you have this baby and she still doesn’t make it?” Brax questioned. “Do you think it’s going to make it any easier for you to grieve for her?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “But I’ll know that I tried everything I could to save her. Brax please put yourself in my shoes. Try to understand how I feel and why I am doing this instead of telling me it’s not right and.....and leaving me.”

“I can’t Charlie,” Brax raised his voice. “Because I don’t have a child so I am never going to understand what you’re feeling or why on earth you want to do this ridiculous thing.”

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Another great Chapter Danni

As much as I love Brax I think he needs to man up and support Charlie... I Think if he just thought about Ruby for a second and not his and Charlie's relationship he would understand. If Ruby is as important to him as he stated in a previous chapter then he should be willing to try anything. Not that it wouldn't be hard for him... it would be hard for anyone but if he really loved Charlie and Cared about Ruby he should maybe try putting them first. Maybe Ruby should have a talk with him... that might get him thinking

Really hope he doesn't break up with Charlie... although its not looking good :unsure:

And please don't let anything happen with him and Bianca :( if it did don't think Charlie would let him be there for her and Ruby even if he wanted to

update soon :)

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I wish we had a praying emoticon available. I can understand why Brax is leaving but I wish he hadn't. I am hoping that Tracey finds out and sticks her nose in big time or they find a donor. I hope Ruby is safe and well on her camping trip. I am enjoying the drama in your story but I have my fingars crossed for a happy ending.

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