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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments

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Another awesome update Danni ... I can't believe how vested you have made me become in this story .. i feel like it's real life LOL

I found myself getting to anxious at what was going down between Chax at 1st then with Brax & Bianca .. i wanted to chuck my computer out the window LMAO .. thank god for Rocco making a noise LOL

Really hope that it was just in the moment for Brax & Bianca and that it makes Brax realise how much he really wants Charlie .... i wait in hope :D

Please update soon :) x

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GREAT chapter !!!!

I’m soooooooo on Charlie’s side about all of this. I too would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to save Rubes …..and I don’t really care about Chax !!!

Especially enjoyed this line though …….

“And are you going to have some super-fast pregnancy where the baby will be here next week?” Brax questioned. “You’re not even pregnant yet then you need to wait 9 months till the baby is born. Surely in that time you’ll find a match.”

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Although I don't want Chax breaking up I am a little glad Grant agreed to help Charlie.

I think any mother would do anything to save their child and as much as I understand where Brax is coming from I think if roles where reversed Brax would do anything to save his kid too, even if it meant him doing something he didn't want to... I think someone needs to make him see this. So so glad that Rocco woke up I would have been mortified if Brax and Bianca had kissed... I really do hope nothing happens between them and this only makes Brax thing about who and what is important to him.

I just hope everything works out for the sake of everyone involved :)

Loving this fic please update soon :)

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