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Forever and a Day

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Thanks Sarah and Red.

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Summer Bay House

It was mid-morning, and Matthew was sat at the computer desk visibly talking to someone. “No doubt this is gonna be uncomfortable.” He said as he held a shirt and tie up by its hanger.

“You’ll look cute.” Annie’s voice sounded from the computer.

He set the garment back on the couch. “That’s exactly what mum and Martha said.”

Inside the Skype window on his screen, Annie laughed. “You’re afraid of looking dapper for a change?”

“Well it’s not really me is it? On the plus side I might be able to snag a drink at the reception.”

“Don’t go getting drunk will you. “

“I don’t think they’d know what to do if something else bad happened.” Matthew said, settling back into the computer chair.

“Duncan still not come back?” Annie replied as she picked up a glass of water and paused to take a drink from it. “What he did to Melody was revolting.”

“Nope. Granddad went to look for him a few days ago but didn’t have any luck. He must have left town by now.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing he’s gone. “ She offered gently. “He’s out of everyone’s lives, and Melody can begin moving on from what he did.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“That’s what friends are for.”

Matthew wished she hadn’t said the word friends and that they weren’t having this conversation via Skype so that he could see her face to face. He noticed her flash her Bambi brows and smile at him. He was unable to grasp how they had actually made it to this point or that they had decided to stay friends. But he remained silent on his feelings because this is what Annie had wanted after all.

“You who only me.” Colleen called as she entered the house.

Matthew turned back to the screen. “I gotta go.”

“No worries have fun.” Annie waved at him then signed out of her account.

"I hear there's not a lot of people coming to the Christening." Colleen spoke, holding her handbag firmly.

“Yeah well Martha only wanted a small gathering, just family and some friends.” Matthew said as he shut down the computer.

“I suppose she would considering the way things are at the moment. She's lucky I was able to attend at such short notice. So where’s the little bundle?” She asked.

“Upstairs with Martha and everyone, they’re all getting ready. I’ll let them know you’re here.” He headed out into the hall and ran up the stairs.

Pier Diner

Gina sat at a table dressed in her usual school attire, nursing her second coffee of the morning. John had been called to drive the busses so she had decided to make the short drive to the diner to have a much needed breakfast by herself for a change.

There were a few distractions with other customers ordering from the counter and side conversations taking place, but it didn’t seem to faze Gina as she was someone who could work any place.

She took the last sip of her drink and noticed Brax at the counter. She had been disappointed of Xavier losing his job and wanted to air out her concerns. “Brax, over here. I’d like a word.” She called.

Brax casually made his way over to her. “Yeah?”

“I wanted to know why you thought the only way of dealing with my son was to sack him.” She said bluntly.

“He was having a go at me. I wasn’t in the right head space for a confrontation.”

“Well that’s interesting because I noticed Ruby hasn’t been attending any of her classes.” Gina focussed on him. “Xavier tells me she’s gone walk about trying to look for her biological father.”

Brax nodded. “Yeah, but why you telling me?”

“Because Xavier went to you for help when he thought there was nothing more he could do, and you turned him away. So what I’m saying here is don’t treat my son like garbage. I’ve heard some very serious accusations made against you.”

“Yeah, accusations which are gonna be proven false.” Brax held his ground.

“Cheating on Charlie with Martha, is that false?” Gina asked.

Brax shook his head. “No, but that’s my business.”

Gina nodded her head and began to get up from her seat. “Very well, and Xavier is my business. If anyone causes him upset I look into it. So if I hear you’ve given him another piece of your mind, we won’t be having a conversation like this.”

“Is that a threat Gina? Cos according to the town people that’s my territory eh.”

Gina didn’t know what she meant by her last quote, but she knew she had to get out of there before she ended up making things worse.


Angelo’s had been rearranged to accommodate the christening reception. The tables had been pushed to the side of the wall to create more space for people to congregate.

“I’ve never been much of a church goer, but I’ve been to a few Christenings in my time, and that was a delightful ceremony.” Alf said happily.

“Isn’t she adorable, my first little grand baby.” Roo cooed as she held on to Amelia’s hand.

“So if she’s your grand baby that makes her Alf’s great grand baby.” Miles said.

“Stop Miles, now you’re just making me feel old.” Alf replied.

They chattered a few moments before Roo noticed Martha, who was half listening, but she stood there ever so slightly tense.

"Is everything alright Martha?" Roo asked.

"Yep everything's fine, never better." Martha said hesitantly.

“Dex! Couldn’t you at least try and save some for other people.” Sid spoke over the rim of his wine glass.

“But it’s tasty.” Dexter managed to say as he shoved food into his mouth.

“You’re such a pig.” A girl with black hair said.

“Hey Dex.” Matthew said grabbing himself a paper plate.

“Hey.” Dexter replied with a mouth full of chicken.

Matthew scrunched up his face. “That’s gross Dex.”

“Dex was born without manners. I’m Sasha by the way.”


“I think we can eat whatever we want. Brax is paying for all these people to line their stomaches, the least we can do is trough. I’ll just remind myself when mine hurts later that it was all free.” Dexter said as he chomped on the last piece of chicken he had selected.

Brax glanced at everyone from the bar as he handed one of the guests a glass. He was about to join Martha and baby Amelia when he felt something cold and hard pressing into his back.

“Don’t say a word.” He heard a woman’s voice order, in a close whisper.

Brax swivelled his head, trying not to make it any worse than it had to be. “Sarah?”

“Shut up and come with me.” She jabbed the gun harder into Brax’s spine to emphasize her request.

“How did you get out?” Brax asked as he slipped into the back of the restaurant.

“Let’s just say I took lessons from Houdini. Now come on.”

Brax, with no choice, followed Sarah’s direction and guided by the concealed gun walked up the stairwell.

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Well they were two exciting chapters to catch up with.

Had to laugh though in true soap fashion. A huge event of celebration just had to have a mad stalker turn up to it. :) It just wouldn't be the same without something dramatic happening. Oh well makes the day even more memorable for everybody :lol:

Hopefully someone notices Brax is missing.

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