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Forever and a Day

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Thanks for the comments Kristen, Red and Steve.

It's been a real challenge writing some of the stories in this as there do appear to be a few inconsistencies, especially with the stalker storyline. The Sarah/Brett saga isn't finished, just as some others aren't, but the former will be featured in the next chapter or so.

Chapter 3 – Part 2

Austin’s House

“It got really nasty out.” John observed as he looked out of the window of the Austin’s home.

Gina stood in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. “Well that’s the late night stroll we’d arranged cancelled then.”

“We can still spend time together.” John wrapped his arms around Gina’s waist. “Or have an early night.”

“Would you like to go there now?” Gina asked.

“Oh yeah, you bet.”

Xavier slammed the front door shut, and eyed the pair of them with distaste. “You know you should both find somewhere private seeing as you’re not getting any younger.”

Both Gina and John exchanged shocked glances.

“It’s nothing you don’t do sunshine.” John commented.

“What’s the matter Xave?” Gina asked. “This morning you were fine, now you come home with a foul mouth and a sour face.”

“Brax fired me from my job at Angelo’s.”

“What heavens for?”

Xavier looked his mum in the eye. “Because I had a go at him. See, Ruby’s gone looking for her dad and I think she could be in trouble. I asked for Brax’s help and that’s when I told him to stop wallowing in his own self-pity.”

“At least you took the thug down a peg or two.” John said.

Gina glared at him. “John! Don’t encourage.” She finished peeling a potato and washed her hands. “I have no idea how you’re going to pay me back the money you owe from L.A, but I’d like you to come up with some ideas.”

“What?” Xavier looked shocked. “He’s the one who sacked me. I didn’t say I didn’t need a job.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be having a little word when I see him.”

Bus Stop

Brax pulled down the window of his black ute as he drove alongside Ruby. “Hey Rubes, get in.”

“Get lost.” Ruby persistently kept walking.

Brax killed the engine and jumped out of the ute. “Listen, I hear you’re on a mission to find your biological dad. I might be able to help, if you come back with me.”

Ruby stopped in her tracks and turned round to face him. “Well since you didn’t help Charlie when she needed you, I don’t.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I did all I could to stop her getting shot. If you don’t believe then that’s up to you, but that’s the truth.” Brax eyed her. “I’m sorry about your mum, but she’d want me to help you.”

“No she wouldn’t. All you do is help people get killed.” Ruby said, losing her patients.

“Ok, so I’m not good at keeping people out of dangerous situations, but I can track your dad down for ya, if that’s what you want. I mean, it’s gonna be better than going it alone. Not trying to scare ya but you don’t really know who’s out there.”

“For the last time Brax, just get lost.”

The Pier

Matthew scanned his surroundings, but the darkness made it hard to see. The only light was that of the inside of the diner, and the lights that hung from the pier which cast reflections over the water.

The sound of footsteps indicated that someone was approaching, and Matthew’s attention followed it.

“Hey Annie.” He said a little too eagerly as he caught a glimpse of her face. “How are you?”

“I’m ok, I guess.” She replied. “How about you?”

“Not too bad. I just wanted to…” He stopped himself to take a moment to think about his words before he spat them out. “I’m still really sorry for that whole thing with Nicole. It was really dumb to go over to her house like that, but I swear nothing happened.”

“I believe you, but I don’t think I can go through that again.”

“You won’t.”

Annie kept her eyes on him. “I can’t be with you Matt, that’s final. I’ll always be wondering if you’ll go over to hers when something goes wrong in your life.”

“You sure?”

Annie wiped her tears. “Yeah.”

“Can we still be friends?” He asked.

“Of course we can, I don’t want to be without you completely.”

Matthew gave a small smile and placed his arm round her shoulder. “Let me shout you a milkshake. That’s a good start for a friendship, right?”

Annie nodded and they both headed toward the diner.

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Oh dear Gina and John's night of passion was ruined there abit with Xavier coming home. Laughed at John's reaction to him getting sacked, also Gina's disapproval of John's encouraging remarks about Brax to Xavier.

Good on Brax for trying to help Ruby out there.

Hopefully Matt will be able to make it up to Annie.

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Thanks for the comments Kristen, Sarah, Red and Steve.

Just a brief post to let you guys know that I'm working on the next update and it should be up sometime tonight or tomorrow. Also, after this next update I will be taking a short break for a couple of weeks because of Christmas, and to plan the next batch of storylines.

Thanks again guys.

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They'll be another 3 more updates after this one before my Christmas hiatus from the fanfiction world. So here's the next installment. Hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 4 – Part 1

Summer Bay House

Matthew stepped inside the kitchen and saw Melody happily humming to herself while baking cakes. He thought her behaviour was rather odd. He grabbed hold of Martha’s arm and dragged her towards him. “Why’s Melody so happy?” He asked quietly.

“She’s happy because she just conned me into baking cakes with her.” She answered with an amused grin.

“Right. It’s just I’ve never seen Melody like that before. What you making?”

“Apple Pie.”

Matthew’s eyes widened. “Make me some, I like that.”

Martha moved to the fridge and took out some more ingredients. She turned on one of the stove’s front burners and waited for the pan to heat up.

“Thanks.” Matthew said, glancing around the room to see his mum at the table, a wine glass at hand.

“How did the date with Annie go?” Roo asked after noticing him there.

“It wasn’t a date. We’re just friends now.”

Martha smiled. “Just friends? How long for?”

“For forever.”

The sound of the telephone ringing caused Martha to spring into action. She walked over to the phone while finishing the conversation with her brother. “That’s what they all say. You hang out with her and you won’t be able to stay friends for long.” She picked up the receiver and answered. “Hello speaking.” She nodded her head slowly. “Yes, this is Martha Mckenzie.”

After a few minutes Martha placed the phone back into its cradle, and without a word to anyone she picked up her car keys and headed for the door. The cold, hard slam of the car door echoed throughout the Caravan Park. It sounded cruel to Martha to be so fiery tonight, but with the news she had just received she couldn’t help it.

Patterson Residence

“I think I fancy something else.” VJ said as he pushed away his dinner plate.

Leah frowned at him. “VJ."

“I don’t like Moussaka.” VJ whined again.

“Fine then, don’t eat it.” Leah scolded. “But there’s nothing else.”

“Leah, you don’t have to be hard on him.” Vinnie cut in. “He’s only little.”

Leah looked at Vinnie, her face still with daggers. “Yeah and it’s while being little that they pick up all these habits. I don’t want him doing this every time we have a meal.”

Vinnie picked up his and VJ’s plates. “I think you’re just stressed.”

“Stressed because I miss my friend? I think that’s reasonable, don’t you?”

Vinnie nodded in agreement. “Course I do babe, but I just think your moving that stress on to other things like with VJ refusing to eat his dinner.”

A knock at the door turned Vinnie’s attention away from Leah. He moved toward the door and opened it.

“Brax.” Vinnie finally said in surprise. “What do you want?”

Brax furrowed his brow. “Can I speak to Leah?”

“It’s nearly VJ’s bedtime, she’s giving him a bath.”

“It’s ok Vinnie. I’ll see what he wants.” Leah said passing through the kitchen to Vinnie’s side.

Vinnie moved away from the door and went to check on VJ.

“What do you want Brax?” Leah asked coldly.

“I came to tell you that I tried to get Ruby to come home, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it.” Brax replied.

“Can you blame her? I mean if it wasn’t for you her mum wouldn’t be dead.”

“I get that you’re grieving but I’m trying to help here.”

“You still got Charlie killed. End of story.” Leah said with gritted teeth.

Brax fell quiet as he began to step away from the door. The tension between them was immense. Leah grabbed the handle ready to close the door on the one person she wished wasn’t alive.

Yabbie Creek Police Station

“I got the call. What’s so urgent?” Martha said as she approached Jack.

Jack placed a hand on her shoulder and beckoned her closer, out of people’s earshot. “Sarah’s escaped.”

“She’s escaped a high security prison?” Martha replied, trying to keep her voice low.

Jack nodded. “It was when she was outside on her break. The guard on duty didn’t stand a chance.”

“There was only one guard?”

“Blame the budget cuts. We’re living in austerity times after all.”

“I can’t believe the incompetence.” Martha said in a raised voice.

“Just try and calm down Martha.” Jack tried to soothe her already brewing temper.

“How can I calm down? The woman who took me hostage and who I thought I was safe from is now on the loose again. Can’t you people do your job properly?”

“We’re doing our best.”

Martha glared at him. “Well obviously it’s not good enough is it. You better not expect me to stay quiet about this.”

“You can’t tell anyone, it could endanger everyone.” Jack interjected.

“People have a right to know.”

“Yes, but when we decide to tell them.”

“What if she comes looking for me again?” Martha’s face was now a depiction of worry.

Jack hesitated then tried to answer. “She’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. I’m sure she wouldn’t try it a second time.”

“I’m really scared about this Jack. I have a small baby who needs protecting.”

Jack looked into her eyes and held her gaze. “I understand that Martha, but you need to trust that we’re doing all we can.”

Just then Senior Sargent Emerson butted into the conversation. “Jack. Some more information on the connection between Sarah and Brett has come to light. I really think you should see this.”

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