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Story Title: Confusion

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Heath, April, Xavier, Bianca, Chax & OCs

BTTB rating: Teen 16+

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual Content, Language, V/D.

Summary: Confusion rocks the bay..

Chapter One

Running along the beach and attracting attention from females was something that rarely gets on Heath’s nerves but for some reason, he kept getting annoyed at the looks he kept getting. He was not interested, it was that simple and yet he didn’t encourage the looks but they kept on coming regardless.


‘Brax’ he said as he slowed to a stop when he saw his older brother approach him with Casey in tow.

‘You busy?’


‘Okay well, Casey wants to introduce his new girlfriend to us both later, are you free?’

‘Yes, I am. What time?’

‘You will be nice wont you?’ Casey asked Brax as he prepared to introduce them both to his new girlfriend, they had been together for nearly 6 months but it had been quiet due to the fact that he didn’t want Heath muscling in

‘This is me you are talking to’ Brax said as he smiled, Casey’s nervousness was fun to watch, he didn’t think it was needed but he couldn’t help but smile at it.

‘I will be nice’

‘Heath?’ he asked as he turned to his older brother who was watching tv and not really bothered.

‘I will be nice’

‘Heath’ Casey repeated echoing a warning as the doorbell went

‘I will be nice, it will be hard but I am sure I can stretch to it, he said as Casey scowled at him before walking to the door.

‘I mean it’ Casey said as Heath grinned but Brax intervened and glared at Heath resulting in him removing the grin from his face pretty quickly causing Casey to smile as well.

‘Come in’


Brax stepped forward ‘Do you want a drink?’

‘Yes, I would love a drink, orange juice?’

‘Coming up..’

‘Sorry’ Casey said ‘Guys, this is Ruby, Ruby this is Brax’ he said as he indicated to his back as he poured the orange juice into a glass and then pointed at Heath ‘and that is my other brother Heath’

‘Nice to meet you both’ she said politely as Casey gave her a hug, Brax gave her the orange juice and asked her ‘So tell me, are you at university?’

‘Yes, I am, studying English and Media’

‘Wow, and what do you want to do after?’

Ruby shrugged as they sat on the couch, ‘To be honest, I have only just started so I don’t really have any plans for after, just to get ahead in the course’

Brax smiled. He was impressed, it was not often he met anyone who had their head screwed on the right way, he was satisfied that Ruby would be a good influence on Xavier. Up until this point, Heath had stayed quiet, which unsettled Casey but chose to try and focus on Ruby.

‘Is your surname Buckton?’ Heath enquired after a few moments of silence

‘Yes it is’

‘So your mum is a police officer?’

Brax froze and looked at Heath before turning his gaze onto Ruby who nodded as a way of responding to Heath’s statement.

‘Yes’ she said a few moments later when neither of them uttered a word.

‘I think I am going show Ruby around and then head back to Summer Bay’ Casey interjected and both Heath and Brax nodded

‘Sure, have fun’


Xavier spotted April on the beach, she was always so quiet, she was a new addition to the Bay. He knew nothing about her but he knew he wanted to find out more.

‘Hi I am Xavier’

‘April Scott’

‘When did you move to the Bay?’

April smiled ‘What makes you think I am new?’

‘I know you are, because I have lived in the bay for a while now and I would remember seeing someone like you around’ he said as a grin formed on his face.

She knew he was a charmer and normally she avoided people like that but she couldn’t help but smile at him. He seemed like and he definitely wanted to get know her better. He was counting on it.


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Chapter Two

Xavier and April had begun to get closer as they both attended university together, Xavier would drive her to and from uni, and they would study together despite the fact that they both did different courses.

To all those who knew them personally, would be aware that they were not together but April wanted to.

She kept part of herself back with Xavier. She had reason to be wary, Xavier had a reputation and she was what was known as a good girl.

However the more time that she spent with Xavier, she began to realise that maybe he was not all bad.

Everyone had bad points but he came across as a nice guy.

‘Penny for them?’

‘Sorry?’ April asked with a dazed look on her face

‘You were miles away’

‘Just thinking’

‘About?’ he asked as he sat down on the grass next to her placing his bag on the floor next to him.

‘Everything really, I cant really explain it.’ She confided

‘Want to talk about it?’

She shook her head, she didn’t want to depress him or to let it be known as to how she felt because if she was honest with herself, she didn’t really know how she felt.

She was aware that Xavier liked her but she had to make it clear in her head before she made a step towards making a relationship work.

‘I am going to get myself a coffee. You want anything?’

April nodded ‘I need one but I will come with you’


Xavier helped her up and walked next to her as they made their way to the campus, April looked sideways and really wanted to hold onto his hand which surprised her but she took it in her stride and slowly interlinked her fingers with his.

He didn’t register it at first but once April had moved closer to him, he smiled and put his arms around her.

She didn’t object and let him hold her as they walked towards the canteen, for once April was content and she wanted it to continue..


‘Heath is a bit odd isn’t he?’ Ruby asked as Casey walked her home from the diner where they had just had dinner with Heath and Brax.

‘Odd is an understatement when it comes to Heath’ Casey replied which made Ruby laugh because she assumed that Casey was just being sarcastic but her expression faded instantly when she realised that he was in actual fact, serious.

‘Are you winding me up?’

‘No, he’s had some hard times which is why he puts on this act’

‘Wow’ she commented as her brain scrambled together trying to harbour an image of Heath being somewhat vulnerable, for some reason, she didn’t seem to be able to see it in her head.

‘Hard to picture?’ Casey guessed as Ruby nodded

‘I know, I don’t think anyone really truly knows Heath that well’

‘Don’t you?’ she enquired

Casey smiled wryly as they stopped just a few metres from her front door.

She could see Charlie hovering wanting to know how it had gone but she ignored her, this for the moment was a lot more important than Charlie’s inquisitive mind and overactive imagination at times. She was good at making a mountain out of a molehill.

‘I don’t know, I mean I thought I did but maybe I really don’t. To be honest, he doesn’t talk much about anything, so to know that he’s vulnerable and alone and essentially that I can’t do anything is actually quite hard’

‘I am sure he’ll talk when he is ready’

‘Oh I know that, it’s just the waiting, knowing he needs to talk and yet having to back off till he’s ready’

Ruby nodded and moved closer to him wrapping her arms around his neck and murmured to him.

‘I know, but don’t focus on it, focus on what you need to, when the time comes; you will be there for him’

‘How can you be so sure?’ he asked as he put his arms on her waist and pulled her closer to him.

‘Because you will, he’s your brother, you are so close to your family, its good to see, forget me for a second. Who has always been there for you?’

‘Brax and Heath’

‘Who will always be there?’

‘Brax & Heath’ he repeated

‘I get it, they will always be there’

‘Exactly, now shut up and kiss me’ she demanded as Casey lowered his lips onto hers and they kissed.

Charlie coughed and they moved apart, Casey grinned ‘You better go, your mum wants you’

Ruby rolled her eyes and laughed ‘Clearly, will I see you tomorrow?’

‘Try stopping me’ he said as he kissed her again before entangling himself from her reluctant move away from him and blew her a kiss before walking away.

Ruby watched him walk away, content and happy that the relationship was finally working, she had so many relationships that just got messy but Casey truly was a light in her life.


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Warning: Sexual Content

Chapter Three:

Heath had wondered why the hell he had not seen her before, she was hot and he always spotted the hot girls. She turned around and walked back across the beach.

She had the blondest hair and the longest legs but for some reason he felt it was rude to keep on staring at her. She was only a girl, why couldn’t he stop looking at her? It was making his eyes hurt and so he was thankful for Brodie intervening.

‘Come on. The waves are killer’

‘Come on then’ Heath said as he jumped up and grabbed his surfboard ‘let’s go and surf’.

Even as Heath was in the water, he couldn’t stop thinking about Bianca, he was not sure why but it was what it was.

Heath scrambled out of the water not long after, he didn’t feel like surfing anymore. He picked his towel up and walked up to the surf club.

‘…he just won’t listen!’ Heath heard Bianca say to April.

He frowned but walked past them and to a table not far from them. She had sparked his curiosity.

‘He needs to be in rehab’ April said gently. Heath figured that she was talking about Liam.

‘I know, I have had enough, I ended it’

‘Really?’ April said with disbelief or at least Heath thought it was disbelief, he was never the best at reading situations.

‘Yes, he just constantly lies and I know that there is a reason for that but I had enough lies and deceit with Vittorio, I won’t do it again’ she said with conviction.

So she is a feisty one then? Heath thought to himself, he could not help but grin at himself as Brax came over.

‘Are you not meant to be overseeing the shipment?’

Heath looked at him ‘It’s done’

Brax frowned. ‘All of them?’


Heath looked back in the direction where Bianca was but she had gone, he cursed silently.

‘No setbacks?’

‘No, I would have told you if there was’ He replied disgruntled and stood up, leaving Brax stood there with a bemused look on his face.


Heath spotted Bianca later on that day on the beach, she appeared to be thinking. He was not sure if he should approach her, his legs however seemed to make the decision for him.

‘You okay?’ he asked as he ended up sitting down next to her.

‘I am fine’

He looked out onto the beach, the sun was going down and it had left a red flicker across the ocean, he loved watching it.

‘I love watching the sun go down’ Bianca said.

Heath agreed ‘Same, it’s peaceful’

Bianca chuckled. Heath was confused, why would she laugh at that?

She looked at his confused expression ‘Sorry, you are a river boy’


‘Come on, you have a reputation for being hard and tough and whatever else it is people assume about you guys’

Heath smiled ‘and so the idea of me calling the image of the sun going down ‘peaceful’ is funny?’

‘Well let’s just say I never expected it’ she replied but she couldn’t help but think that maybe Heath had a softer side to me. She also couldn’t deny the fact that he was hot; anyone with half of a brain could see that.

‘So why are you on the beach?’ he asked in an attempt to break the silence.

‘Just wanted to think’


‘Do you always ask so many questions?’

He shrugged at that ‘I just wanted to get to know you’

Bianca narrowed her eyes but then she found herself leaning in towards him. Heath knew what was coming but he didn’t move from his position.

Their lips met and within moments, the atmosphere had changed. He put his hands around her waist and Bianca moved her hands to his neck. She wanted this and Heath was not complaining.

She let out a moan as Heath moved his hands up her dress across her thigh. She moved herself so that she was on top of Heath straddling him.

‘Wow’ she said as she pulled off his top.

He chuckled before pulling her down on top of him ‘Stop talking’ he said playfully as he trailed his fingers up her arms causing her to shiver with anticipation.

Heath moved back slightly. ‘Are you sure?’

She responded by kissing his neck and he rolled over so that he was on top of her. She began to unbuckle him before stopping ‘Maybe, we should find somewhere less…’

‘Public?’ he suggested with a smile as he got off her. He stood up and offered her his hand.

She took it and patted her dress down. ‘Your place?’


A few days later…

Heath was confused, it had been 3 days since he ‘sealed the deal’ with Bianca, she hadn’t called or texted.

Normally he wouldn’t have cared but there was something about her that just made him curious. He wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with him or not but he knew one thing, he was interested in her.

After the last relationship he had, he wasn’t sure that it was a good idea for him to be so involved with another person but at the same time, he didn’t want to talk away from her, he admired the tenacity he had seen in her, he wanted to get to know her better. He really did.


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Chapter Four

Ruby sat a table in the diner nursing a hot chocolate which had gone cold about an hour before.

She was thinking about everything, her plans for university, to maybe do a semester in London, it was such a perfect opportunity for her.

She could see another country and get some diversity in her learning but at the same time she didn’t want to leave Casey.

She loved him. It was that simple but did she love him enough to give up London? That just made it more complicated, she didn’t want to leave but would she regret not going?

She was honoured to be offered one of the 3 places to go; it was such a privilege to be chosen but was she ready to leave the place that had been home for her?

The place that was stable, did she want to leave her mother?

‘Away with the fairies?’ she heard as she looked up to see April stood there smiling at her, over the past month, Ruby and April had started to bond through the fact that Casey and Xavier were good friends.

It worked out well as they both realised that they had a lot in common. They shared the same interests, apart from doing two different university courses with April studying medicine and Ruby doing English and Media.

‘Sorry, have you been standing there long?’

‘No, just got here, you okay?’ she asked

Ruby nodded before saying ‘Sit down, unless you are in a rush?’

‘Oh no, just got back from a lecture, am not in uni for the rest of the week but will have to go in and sort my assignments out.’

‘When are they due in?’

‘3 weeks’

‘How many do you have to do?’

‘One 5000 word essay and two 3000 words ones’ she said as she beckoned Irene over.

‘I don’t envy you’

‘Hey darl, what can I get you?’

‘A orange juice please’

‘Ruby?’ she asked as she jotted down April’s order

‘Same please and a slice of chocolate cake to share’

April smiled. ‘Thanks Irene’

April could sense that Ruby had a lot on her mind and while she didn’t want to push her, she didn’t want to know what it was. She chose to be patient; she knew that Ruby would tell her when she was ready to.

‘Thank you’ they both smiled at Irene as she came back with their drinks and the slice of cake before accepting the money and walking away from the table.

‘I need to talk to you but I need to know, whatever I say won’t be repeated to anyone’

‘Of course’ April reassured her.

A while later..

‘Wow. London?’

‘Yeah, London’

April could sense she wasn’t sure what to do but she put her hand on top of Ruby’s. ‘However hard it is you have to talk to Casey, he needs to know’

Ruby nodded. ‘I know, I know’ she conceded with a grimace, this was one of those conversations that she didn’t want to have but had to have.


‘So just how serious are you about Casey?’ Charlie asked when Ruby had come home later that day from a swim on the beach with April

‘Pretty serious’


‘What exactly do you want to know Charlie?’ Ruby asked slightly annoyed, there was not much to tell but at the same time, she was too worn out to avoid her questions. London was still playing quiet heavily on her mind.

‘If you are happy, essentially’ she asked again

‘Yes I am’ she said but she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say.

A while later…

‘Casey, I need to talk to you’ Ruby said a few seconds later as he picked the phone

‘Obviously otherwise you wouldn’t have rang me’ he replied jokingly.

‘Funny, no I am serious’ Ruby said with no humour in her voice

‘Okay, what is it?’

‘Face to face, my place, 9pm, tonight’ she said quickly before hanging up and putting her phone in her pocket as Charlie entered the room with plates of food that she had brought from the diner after her shift.

‘I am not hungry’ Ruby said when she saw the food.

‘When was the last time we ate together?’

Ruby shrugged, she was too focused on the conversation she had to have to be bothered about food.

‘Come on, just have a bit, we can chat’

‘I cant, I have work to do’

Charlie sighed, ‘Fine, I will be in the kitchen then’ she added ‘eating by myself, yet again…’


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Chapter Five

2 weeks later:

Casey was sat in a lecture room. He had absolutely no idea why he was there but he had to do something otherwise he was going to go mad. Otherwise he was going to go insane.



‘We were just discussing the impact of bullying.’

‘Right’ he said not sure exactly where his lecturer was heading but going with it all the same.

‘What do you think is the main cause of bullying?’

Casey pondered that for a moment. ‘Well it is hurting someone, inflicting pain and misery on them’

‘What kind of pain?’ his lecturer called Simon asked.

‘What do you mean? There are various different types of pain’

‘Yes but in bullying?’

‘Physical’ Casey adamantly replied

‘Just physical?’

‘Well there are different types of bullying so in physical bullying, yes it would be mainly that’

‘You say mainly that so what other types of pain would there be?’

Casey was not sure exactly why Simon had decided to make him answer all these questions but he was grateful that he didn’t have to think as much about it all and so he answered the question.

‘Emotional pain but that leaves a long last impact so maybe it cant be classed as pain?’

‘Oh it can, thank you for answering my questions’ Simon said as he then addressed the group of students.

‘Casey makes some good points, emotional bullying does leave scars, people tend to remember bullying and how it hurt them. Essentially it is making someone do something that they do not want to do.’

‘Hold on’ Casey interjected ‘so telling someone they can’t do something is classed as bullying?’

‘No, but forcing them to do something that they don’t want to do is and we also have to take into account, the relationship between the individuals.’

‘Okay, so hypothetically, if someone had said that they wanted to go abroad for a while, and that they wanted to leave, would it be classed as bullying to stop them?’

‘You see that is a good question, what are the reasons for stopping them? Does it suit your purposes or their purposes? Does it benefit you or them?’

‘You need to consider how it affects people but what from you have said, it sounds like a case of different perceptions of life as opposed to bullying’

‘So how would you actually define bullying?’ Casey asked as Simon smiled. Simon enjoyed debating with the students, it made the lectures more fun and it engaged all the students.

‘My opinion?’

‘As good as any’ came the response

Simon answered ‘Bullying occurs in various different situations, and in different institutions, it can take place in a household, educational institutions and even in the workplace. Bullying is a deplorable act. It can have long term effects on the children and adults involved’

‘That sounds like an essay’ one of the students said as the group laughed

‘It does’ he grinned eliciting a smile from Casey.

‘Does that answer your question?’

Casey nodded as Simon noticed the time. ‘Well our time is up, you can go but next week, we will talk about the impact of bullying so come with some ideas of how it can affect children in schools’

Casey left the room, he had no idea if he was bullying Ruby into staying, she wanted to go to London, she wanted to experience it, was he being fair demanding she didn’t go?

‘Case?’ he heard as he saw April approach him

‘Hey, you on your way to a lecture?’

‘I was, just found out it was cancelled’

‘Bummer’ he said as they walked side by side and headed out of the building walking towards the library

‘Yeah pretty much, I was only meant to come in for that so I could have stayed at home and studied

‘Well on the plus side, you got to see me!’ he joked making April laugh. He was surprised at how well they got on.

‘Of course’ she said in a way that made Casey laugh

‘Ah, well you got work to do?’ he asked as they made their way into the library, he was going to be meeting Ruby there before they went out for some food and to spend time together.

‘Yes but am meeting Xavier, you want to tag along and Ruby?’

Casey looked at her. ‘You know don’t you?’

April grimaced ‘Yeah but listen to me, she struggled to tell me, she loves you, remember that’

‘I know but our relationship will not survive the 6 months she is away’

‘Try, don’t give up’ she urged as they spotted Xavier making Ruby laugh, both of them didn’t even notice as April and Casey approached them.

‘Hey guys’

‘Casey, all set?’

‘Yep, lets go’

Xavier interjected and asked ‘Where are you two off?’

‘We were going to catch a movie. Why?’ Ruby asked knowing that it was their last date, like they had agreed.

‘Well…’ Xavier looked at April who nodded with a smile. ‘We were going to get some food, why don’t we all go together?’

Casey looked at Ruby who avoided his gaze but he agreed. As they made their way to the doors, he remembered the conversation that they had about her trip to London…


‘London?’ Casey said incredulously as they sat on Ruby’s bed. He was still in shock at the news that she could be leaving and that she was probably going to leave.


‘Wow’ Casey said not really knowing just how to process the news that she was potentially going away for 6 months.

‘You really want to go?’

Ruby nodded slowly trying to decipher his reaction, he looked so worn out and tired, she didn’t want to hurt him but she was scared that he might want to walk away, but again, she couldn’t complain.

She was leaving for 6 months and it was obvious that Casey didn’t think that they would survive, how could they when they both wanted different things.

‘When?’ he asked

‘I leave in 2 weeks’

‘2 weeks?!’

Ruby flinched as he raised his voice and paced around the room with both hands interlocked on his head, he was struggling to take it in, he was in shock..

She couldn’t really blame him, they had been together for about 7 months, she was going to be in London for their first anniversary if they stayed together which is what she wanted to do, she wanted to but would she at the expense of her relationship?

‘Well, I guess this is the end then’

‘It doesn’t have to be’

‘How do you figure that’ Casey scoffed

‘We love each other, so why not try and make it work long distance?’

‘6 months, with no physical contact, kissing or anything, you really think that will work?’ he bit back harshly.

Ruby winced and looked at him. ‘Do you want to be with me?’

‘Yes but it wont work long distance’

‘So its over?’ she asked holding back the tears that threatened to break through

‘Yeah but not till you leave, lets enjoy the two weeks and then let go’

Ruby nodded as she crossed her legs on the bed and sat there staring into space, leading herself into a frame of mind that just made her want to fall apart.

Casey scrambled onto the bed and put his arms out, she scrambled into them and cried her tears as they both rocked backwards and forwards not wanting to let go but knowing that the moment was going to come when they would have to separate and let each other go.


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  • 2 weeks later...

No problems at all, Zetti. I certainly know that a person's health etc is “slightly” more important than fan fics. Hope all goes well for your partner!!!!!

Coooooooooooooool, btw, that you enjoy reading my comments

Thankyou JosieTash. Yes he is much better, back to his usual grumpy self.. :P

Here is the next chapter, thankyou all for waiting :) hopefully the next chapter wont take as long..hopefully.. :)

Chapter Six

Heath groaned with annoyance at the fact that she still had not texted or rang him, it had been over a month and he had tried to get in contact with her but she resisted him.

‘What is up with you?’ Casey asked as he came back from the kitchen eating the sandwich he had made for himself.



‘None of your business’ Heath shot out

Casey put his hands up in a defensive motion ‘Fine, whatever’

Heath growled and picked up his keys, he needed to know what was going on and he was going to find out, he had to.


Bianca had just stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and in her dressing gown when she heard the door go, she frowned but went down to get it.


‘So how come you haven’t returned any of my calls or texts?’ he demanded

‘Excuse me?’

‘You heard’

Bianca was taken aback, they slept together once, it was not meant to be anything serious, just a bit of fun.

‘It was one night’

‘So?’ Heath responded ‘I gave you my number, why not ring?’

‘First off, I have been in the city seeing my friends so I haven’t had time, and secondly I don’t want anything serious.’

‘Why not tell me then?’

Bianca sighed in exasperation, she was tired, hormonal and still had a shedload of Spanish essays to mark, and she was not in the mood for a man and a river boy at that as well.

She glared at him which made him flinch ‘I am tired, I have not eaten, I have essays to freaking mark, go the f*ck away!’

‘All you had to do was say you didn’t want to talk!’ before walking out of the room and out of the house.

He found his way on the beach with a six-pack of beer and started drinking, he just wanted to drink the pain away. It was only one night so why did it hurt so much? Why?

Inside it was tearing him apart but at the same time, he realised that there was not much he could do. It hurt, you cant change the feelings but you can change your outlook.

I need to find someone else. Someone else. Someone that will make me forget but for now, I am going to get completely and utterly drunk. Get out of my own head.


Two Days Later:

Heath jumped into the shower. As the water ran over his body, he started to think about how much he missed his old life, it was much more simpler then.

He jumped into the shower. As the water ran over his body, he started to think about university essays he had done.

I really do miss university, the parties, the socialising. The lectures weren't that bad either… and neither were the women.

He poured the shower gel into his hands and lathered it all over his body exposing his defined muscles and letting the water run all over him.

For a few moments, the water went from hot to freezing cold.

'Damn, this stupid boiler' he cursed

He turned off the showerhead and shook off the water from his head. He could hear his phone ringing but he ignored it, it was probably Brax ringing to see if he could work at the restaurant. For jack all pay as well he thought to himself.

He rubbed the soap into his muscles and across his arms. He had a tan and every time he moved his arm, you could see his tattoo move, some people like Casey thought it was gross but others thought it was cool. Heath in particular wasn't that

His phone started ringing again. He ignored it once again but it wouldn't desist so he pulled on a towel and answered the phone

He poured the shower gel into his hands and lathered it all over his body exposing his defined muscles and letting the water run all over him. For a few moments, the water went from hot to freezing cold.

'Damn, this stupid boiler' he cursed

He turned off the showerhead and shook off the water from his head. He could hear his phone ringing but he ignored it, it was probably Brax ringing to see if he could work at the restaurant.

For jack all pay as well he thought to himself. He rubbed the soap into his muscles and across his arms.

He had a tan and every time he moved his arm, you could see his tattoo move, some people like Casey thought it was gross but others thought it was cool. Heath in particular.

He was sick of working there; he would rather be surfing and generally going out to have some fun.

His phone started ringing again. He ignored it once again but it wouldn't desist so he pulled on a towel and answered the phone.

'About time' he heard Brax's voice in the phone

'What do you want?' he said a bit annoyed

'I need you to do a shift'

'No' Heath said simply

'Why not?' Brax was confused; normally Heath didn't mind doing any shifts at the restaurant. 'I will pay you' he added as if that was going to make Heath happier.

'At your rate, I would rather not' he responded

'$200 for 4 hours'



'I am not negotiating. You need me not the other way around' he smirked down the phone knowing Brax couldn’t see him but it made him feel happier.

Heath was adamant; he had no intention of working for peanuts. It was not like Brax didn't keep him in money but he was not going to waste his time when he had decided that he was going to enrol in uni again.

He had to drop out but now he wanted to go back, to do something productive in his life.

'Bro! Please!' which caused Heath to smile, Brax rarely begged, it was not in his nature but he thought that a lot had changed.

If you pay me $300 then I will!' Heath said with a grin on his face.

'I will pay you $275 and you can keep any tips you get'

Heath smiled, he loved it when a plan came together. 'I will be there soon'


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Thankyou all :wub: and I have nearly finished the next chapter so it shouldnt be too long till its posted! :) Enjoy and comment please :)

Chapter Seven

Summer Bay had seen its fair share of drama and heartache but it had also seen happiness even it if was at times fleeting and for one Summer Bay resident.

She had just got the news that was destined to change her life. Bianca looked at the sink where she had just dropped the pregnancy test.


She never in a million years thought she would end up pregnant and to a river boy of all people! It had been over 2 weeks since she and Heath slept together again, she didn’t even think about the consequences, just that she had wanted him in her arms.

She did in a way regret it, she was tied to him but as her hands fluttered to her stomach, she smiled.

Now that she knew that she was carrying a baby, she wanted it more than anything despite the fact that Heath was the father.

‘Bianca?’ she heard April call. Bianca quickly stuffed the pregnancy test in the pocket of her dressing gown and plastered a smile on her face as she strode out of the bedroom, rubbing her arm and attempting to calm herself down.

‘Here’ she said in what she assumed to be a calm voice, or well it must have been because April beamed at her and didn’t take any notice of her flushed face.

Bianca was incredibly grateful for that, she didn’t think she could cope with any scrutiny at the moment especially since she didn’t even know what she was going to do.

Not in terms of keeping the baby but whether she told Heath. She wasn’t ready for that yet, and she didn’t know if she would ever be ready for that.

‘I got in!’

‘In where?’ she questioned slightly confused

‘To the conference, the medical conference in Paris!’

‘Oh wow!’

April beamed and started talking about what she was going to do, when she was going to fly and the itinerary of the conference.

Bianca managed to nod in all the right places as to not draw attention to the battle she had in her head as to whether or not she told Heath, and if she did tell Heath, when would she do it?

She hadn't seen or spoken to him in over two weeks. Roughly since the second time they had slept together.

She'd been lying there next to him when the urge to flee had overcome her and moving quietly, she'd grabbed her clothes and snuck out.

How then could she face him again? Even though she wasn't actually sure she did want to see him again.

She frowned with confusion as her chaotic thoughts chased each other through her head.


‘Sorry’ Bianca instantly replied moving herself slightly to the right so she could steady herself, the dizziness taking her by surprise.

April was still too excited to take much notice; again Bianca was increasingly grateful, she wasn’t sure she could cope with any questions.

‘I was just saying, we should go to Angelo’s to celebrate, but you are obviously busy?’ she said framing it as a question.

‘Of course, we should’ Bianca enthused whilst her stomach was turning inwardly at the thought of it, how was she supposed to not drink alcohol?

What’s more, how was she supposed to hide from Heath? His brother owned Angelo’s.

Great, I need to go and tell Ruby and Xavier, say 8 at Angelo’s?’

‘I will meet you there’ she responded smiling at her and watched as April went to the stairs and practically ran up.


‘So how long has it been?’ Xavier asked as he spotted Casey sitting on the beach.


‘Since you spoke to Ruby?’

‘Since she left’ he said with a forlorn expression.

‘Seriously?’ he asked with disbelief

Casey nodded ‘We agreed a clean break so no contact at all’

Xavier sighed and looked out at the beach where the normal daily activity happened, there was people sunbathing, surfing and general talking and running.

‘Is that working very well?’ he asked raising his eyebrows

‘Just miss her even more’

‘Case, mate, talk to her, she misses you’ he said as he stood up.

‘Hold on, you have talked to her?’

‘She rang me last night hoping I could convince you to talk to her, so yeah I have, talk to her’

Xavier didn’t even wait for Casey to respond, he just left him stood there to think. He watched the waves crashing against each other. He thought of Ruby in her bikini, and how much he just wanted to see her.


He looked up and frowned ‘Dex?’

‘Can I sit?’

He shrugged which Dex took to be yes so he sat down ‘I have to ask you something’

‘Have to or want to?’ he asked

‘Does it matter?’ he enquired

‘not really’ and after a short pause ‘what is it?’

‘Oh right yes’ he coughed and swallowed the saliva in his throat ‘You know April pretty well right?’

‘Well enough’ he replied giving him a questioning glance, which Dex avoided.

‘So what does she like?’

‘Why?’ came his automatic response frowning at Dex



‘I like April’

Casey looked at him. ‘You do realise she’s with Xavier’

‘I know but I don’t intend on getting together with her, just getting to know her’

Casey gave him a look which translated into I don’t believe you and he stood up. ‘Talk to her, but remember she’s in a relationship’

‘Got it’ he said as Casey walked away to brood on whether or not he should call Ruby or not. He wasn’t sure, it was not an easy decision to make. They had decided to stop so was talking to her going to make it any easier? Probably not.


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Thankyou for the comments..here is the next chapter :)

Chapter Eight

‘So you haven’t spoken to Ruby since she left?’ Brax asked Casey when he came back from the beach

‘No I haven’t’ he sighed

‘Do you plan to?’

‘Probably not’

Brax glared at him ‘She is one of the best thing to happen to you, don’t mess it up’

‘She left me’

‘To get a better degree..’

Casey couldn’t argue with the logic but he wasn’t ready to drag up those feelings of pain that he had when she had walked away and got on the plane to London.

He remembered how much it had hurt him and he wasn’t going to do that again. He couldn’t, he was not going to let himself get that hurt again. It had been so painful when she left, and he couldn’t handle anymore.


‘So its goodbye?’ she asked when as she placed her head on his chest in his room. Charlie didn’t even kick up a fuss when she announced her last night was going to be with Casey at his place.

‘It has to be, how can we do it?’

Casey felt something wet on his chest and then cursed under his breath as he realised she was crying.


‘No don’t please’ she sat up and looked at him. ‘I cant do it.’

‘its something else’ he said as he took her hands in his.

‘I am just going to miss you’ she said as tears threatened to fall.

‘Are you sure?’ he said somehow knowing that there was something going on.

‘I am but I need one thing from you’

‘Sure what?’ he asked wanting to do anything to make her happy.

Keep in contact, I don’t want to lose your friendship’

He nodded as the tears fell from her once again ‘Shh, don’t cry, please’

He leant in and kissed her for the last time. He sat up and brought her onto his lap and kissed her. ‘I love you’

‘I love you too’

‘It is really goodbye isn’t it?’ Casey asked

‘I think it is’ she said with a sad experession.

‘Lets just sleep, we can do this tomorrow’ he said holding onto his tears, there would be plenty of time for that’


‘Wait, Heath?’ she hissed under her breath as Bianca paced the room.

‘Yes’ she said as she wondered what she was supposed to do.

Charlie stared at her in shock ‘Heath?’ Heath!?’

‘Yes, stop saying his name, Heath, it was him!’ she spat out as she tried to control her emotions and anger was the ruling emotion at that point. Anger that she had allowed herself to end up in a situation like this.

Charlie grabbed Bianca’s arm and dragged her to the bed where she sat with her. ‘Look at me, calm down, the anxiety does you nor the baby any favours’

‘I know’ she said as she began to breathe in and out steadily and calmed herself down

‘Okay?’ Charlie asked a few moments later once she was sure that Bianca could respond.

Bianca nodded and sat with her legs on the bed pulling the duvet up over her. ‘Sorry, just overwhelmed’

‘Of course you are, its not every day you find out you are pregnant’

‘True, but I am not exactly dealing with it right’ she argued

Charlie shot her a bemused look ‘Is there a book that tells you exactly how to behave when you find out?’

Bianca looked at her ‘Overreacting?’

‘No, but you need to remember, it’s a big thing to deal with.’

‘So do I tell him?’

‘He’s the father’ she simply stated.

‘So yes essentially?’

Charlie sighed as Bianca’s face clouded with some unreadable emotion that Charlie couldn’t fathom but she didn’t react to it.

‘Think about it, 10 years down the line, do you want your child to have his father in his life?’

‘Of course’ she automatically said

‘In what capacity. Every other weekend, weekly visits?’

‘I don’t know’

‘But you know that you want your baby to have both of its parents?’

She nodded realising she had to talk to Heath; she had no right to deprive him of his child. He might not even harbour any desire to have any involvement, which if she was perfectly honest with her actually scared her.

She couldn’t imagine not having him helping her even if it was just money.

‘Alright I will talk to him but not till I have spoken to the hospital and got a proper checkup and dates and you know’

She started to babble on until Charlie put a calming hand on her shoulder.

‘Hey…it’s okay, just breathe’

‘I can’t believe I am actually pregnant’

Charlie sighed with exasperation and breathed in so she didn’t hurt Bianca’s feeling but her best friend needed to face the truth, she was carrying a baby. Something that will depend on her for its life.

‘But you are’

Bianca nodded with resigned fate to the fact that she was pregnant. She stood up and looked at Charlie ‘I need to get ready’

‘Alright you going to be okay?’ she asked as she picked her sandals up and placed them on her feet.

‘I will be fine’ she said though Charlie saw straight through it, she knew her best friend way too well to know that she was putting a mask on.

‘You don’t have to hide how you feel from me’ she said with a small curve of her lips

‘I know but I have to get ready for the staff meeting’

She nodded and headed to the door with Bianca in tow, she turned and hugged her.

‘Whatever happens, I am here’

Bianca nodded and smiled gently ‘Thank you’


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Warning: Mild Sexual Content. You have been warned!

Chapter Nine

It had been two weeks since Bianca realised she was pregnant and she had fast come to the conclusion that she couldn’t tell Heath.

He was too busy with his own life and she didn’t want to pause it for a baby. She wanted the baby but she knew staying in Summer Bay with a child was not what she wanted to do when the father didn’t even know.



‘You okay. You seem off with the fairies’

‘I was just thinking that’s all’

Gina smiled ‘I heard that you applied for a transfer’

She nodded ‘Yes but April isn’t aware of it..’

‘Well I just got notified that its been approved’

Bianca smiled ‘Really?’

Gina nodded and smiled ‘yes as of now you are no longer a Summer Bay High teacher’

Now comes the hard part she thought to herself, I have to say goodbye to April and Charlie all the while avoiding Heath which to be honest wasn’t hard as he was hardly around.

‘You’re leaving?’ April said as she sat on the sofa next to Charlie.

Bianca was stood up with her bags in the car ready to leave ‘Yes, I need to get away’

‘Wow’ Charlie said giving Bianca that look but Bianca simply ignored it, she didn’t want to get into why she was leaving.

‘How long?’

Bianca sighed ‘I am not sure’

Charlie looked at her ‘Well keep in contact’

‘Of course, I will’

April sighed ‘You really have to go?’

‘April. I need this, I need to go’

April sighed ‘You and Ruby, who else do I have?’

‘Me’ Charlie said and April smiled at her ‘Thanks’

‘I will be back just I need this, and I really really do need this’

‘Okay I get it’

Bianca smiled ‘Thanks sis’


‘Ready?’ Ruby heard as she prepared to go to the hotel as an escort for the first time. She couldn’t even believe that she was doing this but she needed the money and Charlie couldn’t know why.

No one could know the reason she was actually in London. It wasn’t fair to worry them or to make them feel anxious.

‘Ready as I ever will be’ she replied as she looked at her reflection; someone she didn’t even recognise

She hated the way she looked and she had wished that her father hadn’t put her in this position. How could he?

She thought as her anger bubbled over the top of her head but she had to do it, Grant would hurt Casey, and Charlie and every single person that she cared about. Unfortunately this was her only option; it was why she wanted to see Casey.

She needed him. A simple hug or a warm smile from him helped her so much, it gave her so much to be grateful about but she had to do this, she had no choice.

‘The car is outside, go straight there and don’t deviate. I will know if you do’ he threatened her with a serious glare on his face.

She nodded, as she felt unable to say anything to him in fear of his response. She walked out of the room with as much grace as she was able to muster and walked to the car.


‘Call me Ruby’ she told him as she settled in the front passenger seat and got ready for the drive to the hotel

‘Ruby it is’ he smiled before adding ‘My name is Kyle’

‘Nice to meet you... how long you worked for my father?’

‘Nearly 3 years’

‘Like it?’ she said sarcastically but Kyle ignored the sarcasm and merely shrugged ‘it’s a job’. He stopped the car as they reached their destination.


‘I will be here when you finish’

‘Great’ she smiled. She didn’t mind Kyle; he was a nice enough person. She never thought that anyone that her dad hired could be a decent human being but this guy was actually to her surprise not that bad a person.

She walked towards the building; it looked exactly like her dad had described it. A tall building that looks a bit like a business to keep tracks clean, he had said.

As she entered the building, the smell of fresh pain intruded her nasal cavity as she breathed it in. Walking further along the smell of disinfectant was obvious and it began to make her feel slightly queasy.

‘Hello’ the female and elderly receptionist asked ‘Can I help you?’

‘I was told that Mr Green had left a key for me’

She looked at a computer screen and said ‘Name?’

‘Ruby Bledcoe’ she shuddered inwardly when she said it but she had to appease Grant. She had no choice, which meant

‘Ah yes, he phoned down, he is already waiting for you, room 244. Lift is around the corner’ she said as she pointed to the right and gave Ruby a smile.

She trailed up the stairs, why was she doing this? She didn’t have to leave Australia for a pretend semester in London, she could have just told Charlie but she didn’t, and now she was alone and scared and didn’t want this to happen.

‘Ruby?’ the man asked when she knocked on the door and it opened.


‘Come in’

She didn’t respond just walked into the room, she scanned her surroundings, it was a very nice room, large windows that stepped onto a balcony, the bed was a king-size one with cream covers.

There were also marble pillars that separated various different areas from each other, wrapped around the pillars were various different engraved pictures and patterns.

Ruby could have spent hours looking at them but she felt a hand on her waist, which encircled her, and she could smell his aftershave which clearly was used to mask the smell of cigarettes.

He brushed her hair out of the way and pressed his lips to her neck. ‘You smell beautiful’

She didn’t respond so he kissed her neck and then spun her around forcing her to look at him.

He pulled her up against his hips and she had no choice but to place her arms around his neck. He had green eyes, she didn’t know why she noticed that but it was actually green.


‘First time’

‘Ah.’ He leant down to her lips and whispered ‘I will be gentle’

‘Not first time having you know, but first client’ she clarified

‘Oh..’ he said and then leant down to kiss her. She didn’t respond straightaway so he pulled away.

‘I am not going to force you into this, I was told you wanted this’ he said as he realised she was trembling.

‘I can’t do this’ she admitted as tears fell.

‘Hey, it’s okay’

‘No its not’ she said as the tears fell thick and fast ‘My father is going to kill me’

‘Is he?’ he asked as he led her to the bed and sat her down and kneeled down so that he was at eye contact level.

‘Yes. He said I had to do what you wanted and if you were upset then I would be in trouble’ she sobbed as she struggled to regain control of her emotions.

She felt so alone and scared. There was no way out of this, she would have to do whatever this man wanted, she didn’t even know his first name just that she was expected to sleep with him.

‘Your father told you, you had to what I said right?’ he asked her and she nodded. ‘Well you look shattered, so why don’t you get in the bed and sleep, when your father asks, I will be here to tell him that you did whatever I asked.’

She rubbed her eyes but tears still fell. Her face was in shock ‘Why would you do that for me?’

‘Because I don’t believe in exploiting people’

‘But you sleep with people and pay for it’

‘Yes, I do, but I am human, I don’t always make the right decisions but I do my best’

‘Thank you’ she replied earnestly as she felt a weight drop off her shoulders. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Ryan’ he said as he pulled the covers over her and stepped back. He was going to have watch himself around this girl. She got under his skin but first things first; he was going to need a very cold shower. ‘Well thank you Ryan’ she said with a smile and allowed her eyes to drift shut and found herself wishing he was in the bed next to her.


The next chapter jumps five years into the future

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Chapter Ten

Ruby watched as the world went by, she hadn’t been in summer bay for nearly 6 years now and she missed it, she really missed it but she was happy.

Ryan loved her, she had a baby girl that she adored and the world had been good to her. The biggest surprise of her time in London had to be when Ryan turned out to be an undercover cop who was working to bring down her father.

She had to testify but her father got 12 years for prostituting women, she was not that shocked to realise that her father was the leader of a prostitution ring that spanned the entire region of London.

‘Stop thinking so much’ he said as he turned over in the bed to see her looking out of the window.

‘Sorry, just weird’

‘Same dream?’

‘Yeah, I don’t know why, I thought I had let it go but I haven’t done’

Ryan sighed and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He opened his arms out and she moved into them and sat on the bed leaning on his shoulder.

‘You need to talk to your mum’

Ruby sighed ‘I wish I could, its been 6 years, what am I meant to say?’

‘You know what you need to say, I cant do it for you’ Ryan said gently brushing away her hair and her tears. ‘I am here for you but you know you need to do this’

‘Okay I will, as long as you are there’

‘I promise’


‘So Heath, are you going to grace us with your presence?’ Brax asked as he walked in rubbing his head nursing a hangover

‘Stop talking please, feels like a bomb going off in my head’

Brax smirked ‘I warned you’

‘Thanks. How’s Buckton’

‘Charlie to you’

‘Fine Charlie’

Brax didn’t answer his question but it had only been 3 years since he and Charlie got together. He never expected her to want to be with him, it was strange that she had fallen for him but he loved her and planned to prove it.

‘So are you coming in?’

‘Yes I need to sort the books out’ Heath had managed to prove himself by attending a business course at Yabbie Creek University and then Brax had given him a chance at the restaurant.

‘Bianca’s back’ Casey said as he walked into the room closely followed by April. It had shocked a lot of people when Casey and April announced they were dating, but it had been two years and well they were happy with each other.

Heath acted indifferent, he was upset when Bianca walked out of the bay without so much as a goodbye but he had spent a long time not talking about it and he wasn’t going to start now’

‘Since when?’ he found himself asking

‘About two days now’

He frowned and then straightened up ‘Say hi from me then’

‘I will’ April responded as he walked out. She turned to Casey who handed her a glass of orange juice. ‘Do you think he’s okay?’

‘Heath’ he asked and when she nodded, he said ‘Yes he’s fine, it did hit him hard when she left’

April wasn’t sure what to say, he didn’t know that he was a father to twins, to two beautiful children that she adored.

‘What is it?’ Casey asked as he spotted the battle in her head.

‘There is something I didn’t tell you’


‘Bianca has two children’

Casey’s eyes widened ‘Wow, how old are they?’

‘4 now’

‘Oh’ was all he managed to say as he took the news in and April was aware that he was piecing the jigsaw together.


She nodded ‘Bianca is going to tell him’

‘Wow, she should have told him from the beginning’ he pointed out

April agreed ‘She should have yes I agree but she was scared and alone’

Casey knew he shouldn’t lose his temper but he didn’t like the way April was justifying Bianca’s actions.

‘Heath would have never shirked his responsibilities’

‘I know he wouldn’t but you don’t get it. Bianca was not ready to tell him’

‘Okay I understand that, but 5 years?!’

April sighed and sat down nursing the glass. She didn’t know what to say. She knew Bianca was in the wrong, but at the same time it was her sister they were talking about and her niece and nephew.


‘Bianca’ Heath said as he saw her. The phonecall had shocked him but he knew that he had to step up to the plate.

‘We need to talk’ she heard him say to her.


‘You know what about, we can’t tiptoe around it anymore, it is not fair on either of us’

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘Talk to me, why didn’t you tell me?’ he asked but as gently as he could. He was still reeling from the fact that he was a father; he missed the first steps, the first word, and the late nights.

‘You had uni and you were finally doing something, I didn’t want to hold you back’

‘So you thought hiding my children was a good thing?’

‘What was I supposed to do?’

Heath was slowly beginning to get angry. ‘All you had to do was talk to me; I would have never walked away from you.’

‘You were starting uni’

Heath waited for her to finish her sentence but moments passed and she didn’t say another word ‘and? Just because I had plans to go to uni, does not mean I wouldn’t have been there for my kids’

‘How was I supposed to know that?’

‘By talking to me!’ he threw his hands up in exasperation, this woman was going to drive him to an early grave just by being completely irrational.

‘I didn’t think you would embrace it’ she admitted

‘Well how would you have known if you hadn’t had told me?’

Bianca couldn’t deny the logic of what Heath was saying; it was not like she hadn’t played the same scene in her head countless times.

‘Look I can’t change what happened but I do want us to work out a way to see the kids’

Heath swallowed and said ‘I can only see one way’

‘What is that?’ she asked nervously biting her lip unaware that it just annoyed Heath that little bit more.

‘You get married to me’

Bianca rocked back on her heels ‘What?’

‘Yes marriage or I go for full custody, and I promise you I will win’

‘Hold on, I am not going to stop you seeing the kids’

‘I know because I will be there watching them grow up.’

‘We do not need to be married for that’ she argued

‘No we don’t I agree if I hadn’t already missed 4 years of their lives’

‘So what marriage or a court case, they are the only options?’

He nodded and Bianca wanted to cry, she was terrified that he might take her two children away from her.

‘What are their names?’ he asked a few moments later as he realised Bianca was still processing the ultimatum.

‘Lola and Max’

Heath sighed ‘I want to meet them’

‘Of course’ she replied


Bianca sighed ‘I need to prepare them so Saturday’

Heath narrowed his eyes at her, she was testing his patience, he didn’t want to lose contact with his kids but she was right, the kids needed time to get used to the idea that they are going to be meeting their father.

It wasn’t fair that it was sprung on them but at the same time it shouldn’t have ended up like this. He was so angry that she hadn’t just told him that he was a father.

Granted his own childhood was not perfect but he would have never denied his own children existence, he had always vowed to not be his father, and he was going to fight to have his kids be it with Bianca as his wife or without her, he didn’t care as long as he had his kids.


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