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Life After Summer Bay


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Story Title: Life After Summer Bay

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Pippa Fletcher-Routledge, Ian Routledge, Tiegan Brook, Stephanie Mboto and other characters

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, drug references, violence and language

Summary: Set in 1999, Pippa Fletcher-Routledge and her husband Ian live in the peaceful suburb of Carrington Ranges with foster daughter Tiegan. Pippa's role as a foster mother has not changed since marrying Ian and dreams of bringing all the children that she has fostered over the years into one huge family.

Episode 1

On a cosy afternoon, Pippa Routledge was baking a chocolate cake in the kitchen of her home in the peaceful suburb of Carrington Ranges, on the outskirts of Sydney. Pippa and her husband Ian moved into the five bedroom bungalow in late-April 1998. Pippa's decision to move to Carrington Ranges was one of the most difficult decisions she has ever made. She had to leave behind her foster kids Justine, Sam, Tiegan, Aaron and Stephanie under the care of Travis and Rebecca Nash. But most of all, she had to leave behind her adopted daughter Sally, who shared a close bond with Pippa. Stephanie and Tiegan decided to move in with Pippa and Ian in October 1998. Now, Pippa was expecting two more foster children tomorrow morning.

*Stephanie walks into the kitchen*

Stephanie: What's that wonderful smell?

Pippa: I'm baking a cake for us.

Stephanie: What kind?

Pippa: Chocolate.

Stephanie: My favourite. Where's Ian?

Pippa: He's working on the road gang. Sweetheart, would you be able to get my spatula so I can spread the icing on this cake please?

Stephanie: Sure. *hands Pippa the spatula*

Pippa: Thank you.

*Tiegan enters the house*

Tiegan: I'm back.

Pippa: Hi sweetheart. How was the café?

Tiegan: Busy. Why is it that school holidays seem to be the busiest time to visit the Carrington Café?

Stephanie: Especially when they make a mess.

Tiegan: Too right Steph.

Pippa: Hey listen. I've baked a wonderful chocolate cake. So, don't make a mess on the carpet.

Stephanie: Oh that's right. Those new foster kids are coming tomorrow.

Pippa: I just hope all goes well.

Tiegan: Steph and I are grateful to have such a great foster mother like you Pip.

Pippa: Thanks girls. That means a lot. *hugs both girls*

Stephanie: Do you still keep in touch with all your other foster kids?

Pippa: Some of them. The ones I haven't heard from are Lynn and Jack.

Tiegan: Jack was quite a troublemaker wasn't he?

Pippa: That he was Tiegan.

*The oven timer starts dinging*

Pippa: The cake is done! *pulls out the chocolate cake from the oven*

Stephanie: Delicious!

Tiegan: We must wait for Ian to come home before we can eat it.

Pippa: Sounds like a plan.

That night, Tiegan makes a shocking announcement.

Tiegan: I want to quit my job at the Carrington Café.

Ian: Why do you want to do that Tiegan?

Tiegan: I find it really stressful.

Ian: You’ve only been there for two months.

Tiegan: It’s just I’m sick of cleaning up mess because of those bloody teenagers. I want a real job.

Pippa: What sort of job do you mean sweetheart?

Tiegan: I read in TV Week that Kimberley Joseph was leaving Gladiators to continue acting and that they were auditioning several ladies to join Mike Hammond as co-host.

Stephanie: It would really suit you Tiegz.

Tiegan: Thanks Steph.

Ian: When do the auditions start?

Tiegan: This Saturday.

Ian: You’ll get it for sure.

Tiegan: I probably wouldn’t beat those famous women who will audition for it.

Pippa: Who’s auditioning?

Tiegan: There’s Susie O’Neill, Kylie Gillies and a high-profile fashion model who I forgot to mention.

Stephanie: You’ll beat them easily.

Pippa: I must say this will be an interesting year. Steph going to TAFE and you trying to become a TV presenter. Moving to Carrington Ranges was the best idea ever, right Ian?

Ian: Right Pippa.

Pippa: I better be off to bed. I’ve got a long day tomorrow.

Ian: Leanne Martin says that she’ll bring kids over around midday.

Pippa: That’s fine. Good night girls.

Tiegan/Stephanie: Good night.

*Pippa walks upstairs closely followed by Ian*

Tiegan: I SO want to get this presenting gig on Gladiators!

Stephanie: You’ll do fine. At least I start TAFE in a few weeks.

Tiegan: What course are you doing?

Stephanie: I’m doing my Cert I in Business Administration.

Tiegan: Sounds great.

Stephanie: Well, I’m off to bed. *goes over to Tiegan and hugs her* You have a great nights sleep.

Tiegan: Don’t worry. I will.

Stephanie: Good night. *walks upstairs*

Tiegan: Night.

*Tiegan turns off the lamp in the living room and goes upstairs into her own bedroom to go to sleep*


- Pippa and Ian’s new foster kids arrive

- Tiegan quits her job at the Carrington Café

- Stephanie receives a phone call


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Episode 2

The next morning, Tiegan goes over to the Carrington Café and speaks to her boss to see if she is allowed to quit her job.

Tiegan: Mr Jarvis. I want to quit my job here.

Mr Jarvis: Why Tiegan? You’ve only been here for two months.

Tiegan: I know. It’s just that I want to try my hand at TV presenting.

*Mr Jarvis laughs*

Tiegan: What’s so funny?

Mr Jarvis: I just can’t imagine you being a TV presenter. What are you trying out for?

Tiegan: I’m auditioning to be Kimberley Joseph’s replacement on Gladiators.

*Mr Jarvis laughs even louder*

Mr Jarvis: You will never be Mike Hammond’s co-host. Can’t you see that the Seven Network only wants female celebrities as his co-host. And last I heard, you were NEVER a celebrity!

Tiegan: What would you know anyway Mr Jarvis? I’m going to be a TV presenter no matter what my haters say! And as for this job, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine because I QUIT!!! *throws her napkin at Mr Jarvis and storms out of the café*

*Mr Jarvis just stands there and smirks*

Once she gets home, Tiegan is whining to Stephanie about what Mr Jarvis said to her.

Tiegan: And then he has the nerve to laugh in my face as I tell him what I want to do with my life!

Stephanie: Don’t worry about it. He’s just a jerk! You do what makes you happy.

Tiegan: Thanks Steph.

*Pippa and Ian come downstairs*

Ian: Miss Martin should be here soon.

Pippa: So, don’t make a mess girls.

Tiegan/Stephanie: We won’t.

*the doorbell rings*

Pippa: That must be them now. *opens the door to find Leanne Martin and two teenage kids standing there* Hi Leanne.

Miss Martin: Hello. *to Tiegan and Stephanie* How’s it going girls?

Stephanie: We’re all good Miss Martin.

Miss Martin: How that job at the café going Tiegan?

Tiegan: I quit this morning.

Miss Martin: How come?

Ian: She wants to be a TV presenter.

Miss Martin: Sounds interesting.

Pippa: Um, Leanne? Aren’t you going to introduce us to our new foster kids?

Miss Martin: Oh, I’m sorry. I got a bit sidetracked. *points to a 16 year-old Maori girl* This is Tiffany Rongo.

*Tiffany lets out a huge sigh*

Miss Martin: *points to a 14 year-old boy* And this is Matthew Conroy.

Matthew: Hello.

Pippa: It’s nice to meet you both.

Tiffany: I’m not pleased to meet you. I don’t even want to be here!

Miss Martin: Tiffany!

Tiffany: Well, I don’t! I want to be back in the city!

Miss Martin: Well, if you didn’t vandalise their house you would still be living with them, wouldn’t you?

*Tiffany just rolls her eyes*

Miss Martin: I better be off. You enjoy your new home.

Matthew: We will.

*Miss Martin leaves the house*

Ian: Welcome to the family Matthew and Tiffany.

*Matthew hugs Tiegan and Stephanie, while Tiffany just storms upstairs*

Pippa: *to Ian* I think we’re going to have a hard time with Tiffany.

Ian: She’s just got to get used to living with us.

Tiffany’s behaviour hasn’t improved once the family sit down to have dinner.

*Pippa and the family are having hot chips and salad*

Tiffany: What’s this crap?

Pippa: Garden salad with hot chips.

Tiffany: The chips are burnt and the salad tastes dry! It wasn’t like this back in the city!

Ian: Well, you’re not in the city now. You’re just going to have to enjoy the food that Pippa serves on the table every night.

Stephanie: This food is delicious.

Pippa: Thanks Stephanie. I’m glad someone likes my cooking.

Tiegan: What do you think Matt?

Matthew: The food is absolutely beautiful.

Tiegan: I agree.

Tiffany: Do you have any creaming soda?

Pippa: No we don’t. If you want something to drink, have some cordial.

Tiffany: I hate cordial. It tastes like contaminated water!

Pippa: Have some soft drink then. I’m not going to argue with you Tiffany.

Tiffany: Not only are you a lousy cook, but you have no taste when it comes to buying drinks!

Ian: THAT’S ENOUGH!!!! I am NOT going to allow this sort of backchat in this house. Now, Pippa has made a nice meal for the whole family and I expect you to eat it!

Tiffany: I’m outta here! *throws her fork down onto the plate and storms upstairs*

Ian: Sorry about that everyone. I’m not normally like this.

Matthew: Don’t worry about her. She was like this in the city too. She refused to go to school for six weeks because she wouldn’t apologise to the principal for swearing at him.

Tiegan: I’m sorry about that.

*the phone rings*

Pippa: I’ll get that.

Stephanie: Where did you live in the city?

Matthew: Some place called Balmain.

Stephanie: I love the city! I want to go there and see friends one day.

*Pippa returns with the phone*

Pippa: It’s for you Steph.

Stephanie: Thanks Pip. *takes the phone* Hello?

Tiegan: I just hope this audition goes well.

Matthew: What are you auditioning for Tiegan?

Tiegan: I’m trying out to be Mike Hammond’s co-host on Gladiators.

Matthew: Gladiators? I love that show!

Tiegan: So do I.

Ian: Tiegan will do a magnificent job as always.

*Stephanie returns with a confused look on her face*

Stephanie: You won’t believe who was on the phone?

Pippa: Who sweetheart?

Stephanie: That was my long-lost mother.

*Pippa and Ian look shocked*


- Stephanie agonises over deciding to see her mother

- Tiffany causes more problems in the Routledge household

- Pippa helps Tiegan with her audition


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BobbyForeverMissed wrote this episode with my permission.

Episode 3

*Stephanie and Pippa talk for a little while*

Stephanie: Pippa my mum wants me to go see her in Africa

Pippa: what do you want to do sweetheart?

Stephanie: I really don’t know I want to see her but half of me doesn’t

Pippa: whatever you decide will be fine with me and Ian

Stephanie: thank you Pippa

*they hug*

*Kierain Geaney gets off the bus and rings the doorbell Tiffany answers*

Tiffany: WHAT are you?

Kierain: I’m looking for Pippa Fletcher

Tiffany: WHO?


*Tiffany just closes the door*

*Kierain gives her the finger from the outside*

Pippa: Tiffany who was that?

Tiffany: some guy in a wheelchair looking for a Pippa Fletcher

Pippa: that’s me!

Tiffany: no it’s not ROULTLEDGE!


*Tiffany storms upstairs*

Pippa: oh that girl

*Matthew comes out and puts his arm around Pippa*

Pippa: thank you Matthew

Matthew: no worries ignore her she’s just a brat

*Pippa smiles*

*The next day Pippa is helping Tiegan practice for her “Gladiators” audition*

Pippa: Tiegan you need to have a bit more enthusiasm now, again!

Pippa (pretending to be Mike Hammond): Hello I’m Mike Hammond and welcome to Gladiators now please welcome Tiegan Brooks!

Tiegan: yes! Hi everyone what a night of high octane action we have tonight right Mike?

Pippa: right Tiegan!

*Matthew applauds them*

Tiegan (slightly embarrassed): how much did you hear?

Matthew: all of it you’ll be great

Tiegan: you think so?

Matthew: sure! *smiles*

*Tiffany is out with a group of rebellious teens in the shopping centre*

Tina: hey wanna go shoplifting?

Tiffany: yeah alright sounds fun

Chuck: umm I don’t know about this you guys we could go to jail

Tiffany/Tina: whimp!

*as Tiffany and Tina walk out of the shops the police approach them*

Officer: please empty your bags

*Tina legs it at this point*

Officer (to Tiffany): EMPTY YOUR BAG!

*Tiffany empties it and a stolen Cadbury bar falls out*

Officer: Tiffany Rongo you are under arrest for shoplifting you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defense anything you do say can be used in evidence against you

*Tiffany is taken away*

*Kierain actually made it in the house this time*

Pippa: how is it with Erica sweetheart?

Kierain: it’s great I love living with Aunt Erica

Ian: oh you’re here! *screws up his face*

Kierain: you got a bloody problem?

Ian: yeah! I don’t like little cripples like you!



*Kierain leaves Pippa storms off on Ian*

Ian: oh WHAT?

*Tiffany is brought home later*


Tiffany: WHATEVER *Storms off*


- Tiegan goes to her audition where she faces some stiff competition

- Stephanie's old school friend Ursula visits Carrington Ranges

- Ian and Kierain continue to fight

- Tiffany continues to give Pippa grief


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BobbyForeverMissed wrote this episode with my permission again.

Episode 4

SIDE NOTE: it is November 6 1998 the day of Tiegan’s audition

*Tiegan is getting ready for her audition. Stephanie enters*

Stephanie: good luck mate

Tiegan: thanks mate

*Kierain enters*

Kierain: Tiegan good luck mate and be tough on the other ladies otherwise it could snowball

*Tiffany walks past*

Tiffany: what would you know cripple?

Kierain: a lot more than you Rongo!

Tiffany: don’t call me that!

Kierain: then don’t call me cripple!

Ian: Kierain that is enough!

Kierain (sarcastically): yeah because I SO started that

Ian: watch it boy! *walks off*

Tiegan: Bitch Tiffany!

Stephanie: yeah totally

Kierain: well I’ll see you guys later

Stephanie: where are you off to? *smiles*

Kierain: Tanya Doko from Bachelor Girl is signing copies of their album waiting for the day

Tiegan: I love that song Busses and Trains

Kierain: me too it’s my favorite song by them

*Kierain leaves*

Stephanie: do you want me to come for support?

Tiegan: if you want Pippa is coming too

*Stephanie smiles*

*a girl (Ursula Nunes gets off the bus*

Ursula: excuse me I’m looking for the Roultledge place

Lady: just there dear *points*

Ursula: thanks

*Ursula knocks on the door*

Kierain: yes?

Ursula (being patronizing): is your mummy or daddy home?

Kierain: look lady I dunno who you are but don’t ever condescend me again!

Ursula: look kid just tell me where Stephanie Mboto is

Kierain: she’s not here!

Ursula: no duh Sherlock but where is she?

Kierain: 7 studios!

*Kierain leaves and locks up the house*

*over at the 7 studios Tiegan sees what competition she has*

Pippa: don’t be nervous you can do it

*Suzie O’Neil walks over*

Suzie: hi *smiles*

Tiegan: hey

Suzie: Nervous?

Tiegan: a little

Suzie: I’m sure you’ll go fine *smiles*

Tiegan: thanks

*Kristy Stone appears*

Kristy: her as a host? Please!

Suzie: she’d be better than you bitch!

Kristy: shove it O’Neil!

Mike Hammond: Tiegan Brooks?

*Tiegan goes in*

*Kierain returns home*

Ian: quiet!

Kierain: I only opened the door


Kierain: NO!

*Ian storms off*

*Tiegan comes home later*

Tiegan: I got it!

*everyone runs up and hugs her*

Pippa: oh I knew you would!

*Ursula is lying in an alleyway drunk*


Kierain moves out

Ursula is found by Stephanie

Tiegan starts at Gladiators

Tiffany gets worse


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Episode 5

Stephanie gets off the bus after spending the day with one of her friends and sees Ursula Nunes in the alleyway.

Stephanie: Ursula?

*Ursula wakes up, hungover*

Ursula: Is that you Stephanie?

Stephanie: Of course, it's me. *smiles*

Ursula: Look at how much you've grown since primary school! *gives Stephanie a hug*

Stephanie: I know. Why were you sleeping in the alleyway?

Ursula: Must be from the plane.

Stephanie: Good old jet lag, huh?

Ursula: Uh huh. Anyway, I might head off to bed. Where am I sleeping?

Stephanie: It's 4:30.

Ursula: I'm still really tired from the plane AND bus ride here. We'll talk later. *heads inside*

*Stephanie looks concerned*

(Inside the house, Kierain has his bags packed.)

Kierain: Goodbye Pip. I'm going back to Aunty Erica's.

Pippa: Can't you stay just another day?

Kierain: No.

Pippa: Please...

Kierain: No! If Ian's there, I won't stay!

Pippa: *defeated* Fine.

*Kierain leaves the house and gets into the taxi*

Pippa: Goodbye Kierain.

*Kierain waves as the taxi drives away*

That night, Pippa and the rest of the family watch Gladiators on Channel Seven (known as PRIME in Carrington Ranges.)

Stephanie: Look, there she is!

*they see Tiegan on the TV*

Pippa: She looks amazing.

Ian: She sure does.

*Tiffany just rolls her eyes*

Tiegan: *on TV* Let's meet tonight's female contestants. They are Emma Kerrigan and Sarah West!

*When Gladiators finishes, Tiegan arrives home.*

Tiegan: How did I go?

Pippa: You did really well, sweetheart.

*Everyone except Tiffany hugs Tiegan*

Tiffany: What's so good about her presenting?

Matthew: Do I detect some jealousy there?

Tiffany: SO WHAT?!?

Tiegan: *ignoring Tiffany* So, where's Ursula?

Stephanie: She's in my room sleeping. She had a long ride getting here.

Tiegan: I'll talk to her in the morning then. I can't wait to meet her.

Tiffany: You're all a bunch of goody-goody hicks!

Pippa: *offended* I beg your pardon?

Tiffany: You heard! The last thing I need is some stupid couple thinking that they're a gift from God trying to make be be a part of this stupid family! You hicks sicken me!


*Tiffany stomps upstairs*

Stephanie: Don't worry, Pippa. She's just a brat!

*Ian hugs Pippa*


- Ursula spends time with Tiegan

- Stephanie decides to enrol in a different TAFE course

- Tiffany does a runner!


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Episode 6

On Monday, Stephanie arrives at the TAFE Carrington Ranges campus to meet the head teacher over her course enrollment.

*Jenny Douglas pokes her head out*

Jenny: Stephanie Mboto?

Stephanie: That's me.

Jenny: Hello, I'm Jenny Douglas - the head teacher here at Carrington Ranges TAFE. We spoke on the phone.

Stephanie: That we did.

Jenny: Come inside.

*Stephanie enters Jenny's office.*

Stephanie: What did you want to talk about?

Jenny: I understand that you applied for a Certificate I in Business Administration. Am I right?

Stephanie: That's correct.

Jenny: I'm saddened to tell you that the course won't run due to a lack of enrollment numbers.

Stephanie: *looks disappointed* That's a shame.

Jenny: But, I was thinking of a great course to put you in.

Stephanie: Really? What course is that?

Jenny: A Certificate I in Information Technology.

*This lightens Stephanie's mood*

Stephanie: I would love to do it! *smiles*

Jenny: Then, it's settled. We'll go down to the office now and enrol you in Cert I I.T .

Stephanie: That's excellent. Thank you so much Jenny.

*Jenny smiles at Stephanie*

At Pippa and Ian's, Ursula is talking to Tiegan.

Tiegan: So, how did you and Steph become friends?

Ursula: We were friends until I moved to London just before we started high school.

Tiegan: And you both lost contact?

Ursula: Well, not quite. We still kept in touch via e-mail and over the phone.

Tiegan: That's nice. How long will you be staying for?
Ursula: Two weeks.

Tiegan: If only you lived with us instead of that other little sneak!

Ursula: Who?

Tiegan: Tiffany!

Ursula: Is she that loudmouthed girl that woke me up last night?
Tiegan: Yes. It's only 10:30 and she is STILL asleep. Thank you!

Ursula: How did you and Steph meet?

Tiegan: We met in Summer Bay in 1996. I was fostered by Pippa and she was living with Travis Nash and Kelly Watson. But then Travis and Kelly decided to move away, so Steph came to live with Pippa.

Ursula: Sounds neat.

*Pippa comes into the living room*

Pippa: Girls, have you seen Tiffany? I want to talk to her about her outburst last night.

Tiegan: I'm sorry Pip, but you can never get through to that girl. She's just hard work!

Pippa: It's my job as a foster mother to find out and solve her problems, Tiegan. *smiles before heading upstairs*

*Stephanie arrives home at this front*

Tiegan: Oh hey. How did it go at the TAFE?

Stephanie: It went really well. Instead of doing Cert I Business Admin, I'm doing Cert I in Information Technology instead.

Tiegan: I'm happy for you, Steph.

Ursula: So am I.

Stephanie: Thanks girls. *hugs both Tiegan and Ursula*

*Pippa runs downstairs*

Pippa: I'm ringing the police.

Stephanie: Is something wrong, Pippa?

Pippa: Tiffany's gone!

Ursula: Are you sure?

Pippa: Her clothes drawer is half-empty and her backpack and wallet are gone. *dials the number of the Carrington Ranges police*

*Stephanie, Tiegan and Ursula look at each other with worried expression on their faces*

At a bus stop not far from Pippa and Ian's, Tiffany is waiting for a bus to take her to the train station when Tina Denkova, one of the girls who shoplifted with Tiffany, approaches her.

Tina: You leaving town?

*Tiffany just glares at her*

Tina: Look, I'm sorry for dogging you. I didn't want to get caught, that's all.

Tiffany: Whatever.

*Tina sighs and starts to walk away. As she does, Tiffany grabs a baseball bat and whacks Tina over the head with it!*

Tiffany: That'll teach you to ditch me, bitch! *throws the baseball bat on the ground and runs off*

*Tina lays on the ground, out cold*


- As Tiffany hides from the police, Pippa and Ian hear about Tina's vicious assault

- Ursula hides her drinking problem from Stephanie and Tiegan


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