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Joey Rainbow - Alex O'Han

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I've always liked Joey. He was my favourite character in the late 90's, I've discussed him at length somewhere on this forum before, but I can't find it.

I rated him and Justine as the best teenagers in the late 90's gang. I just enjoyed his journey and character focused plots, he wasn't your typical surf dude either. He had a great (on screen ) relationship with Irene, Selina and Chloe particularly. My favourite aspect of the character was his connection with Saul. I don't think you would have seen it in the commune fire episode, but leading up to it there are some very emotional scenes between him and Saul, where Saul is totally playing mind games with him and using the emotional bond he had with his dad, to screw with his head. I felt sorry for Joey too because everyone pretty much hated his father, but he still loved him.

When Saul was shot dead (when he kidnapped Selina on her wedding day, after the commune fire stuff) - again, we saw some really emotional scenes as Joey sat next to a dead Saul, pleading for him to live (as I remember it) and telling him that he loved him. Then Joey 'saw' Saul as a ghost hovering over his dead body and he put out his arms to him, like Jesus - it might sound funny, but it was actually quite poignant and sad. I really liked how the writers continued to explore Joey's obvious love for Saul.

And then of course his mental illness. That was a well written plot. Other than 'Saul' telling him to kill Irene - I particularly remember Joey giving a speech at school, it was outside - and he started talking nonsense - everyone looking concerned and freaked. It's always something I've remembered about that storyline.

I remember really hoping that he was going to return in 2009 - remember when they gave us that 'spoiler clue' and it said 'Joey's Rainbow' or something like that.

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Well I remember seeing bits and pieces of him on H&A back in the 1990s on my screens. What I can remember about him when he was on my screens. Here are my memories of him on the show...

*Joey's reaction to Stephanie Mboto's death when Casey Mitchelle tells him something like; "She's dead, Joey."

*Joey holding a newborn baby Olivia

*Joey seeing Saul's ghost and hearing him

*Joey knocking Irene out by pushing her or something like that-down to the floor

*The fire at the comune.

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On 16/08/2012 at 04:55, alexx said:

I remember really hoping that he was going to return in 2009 - remember when they gave us that 'spoiler clue' and it said 'Joey's Rainbow' or something like that.

Even though I didn't have any experience of Joey as a character until a lot later than 2009, I'd read up a bit about him after that rumour started going round and I was excited for him to return.

Instead, we got a new gay character called Joey (who was a girl instead), so I suppose the "rainbow" part could have come from that.

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