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Sworn To Secrecy

Guest Lucii

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Title: Sworn to secrecy

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax and a few others

BTTB Rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does the story contain Spoilers: No

Any Warnings: Language

Summary: Charlie and Brax continue to hide their secret relationship from the residents from summer bay...but how long will it last and will they live happily ever after?

Chapter One

Charlie stared blankly at the tv screen unaware of the bright flickering images. Constantly she checked her watch, and then the clock just to make sure that the time was definately right. Where was he? They had agreed that he'd come over at 8pm to continue their secret affair when everyone was out. It sounded weird - but she already missed his shirtless body against hers and when he kissed her well she felt sure that she had never felt so much passion in her lifetime. Previous relationships had failed to make Charlie feel this way about another man, or even woman, but now...

There was a sharp abrupt knock at the door causing Charlie to become aware of reality. Without realising she jumped up with so much force at the thought of her secret boyfriend standing waiting for her to answer the door. Just a few more seconds and she'd feel his lips against hers and between them so much passion. The door creaked quietly as Charlie opened it, as if there were people in the house, and there stood Brax grinning

"Miss me princess?"

"Aren't we a bit early for the lovey dovey names?”


Brax stepped in the door of Leah’s, having become too used to the basics of his relationship with Charlie. He put his arm around her skinny waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Between breaths Charlie attempted to scold him for being late but Brax being Brax always had a way of getting Charlie to be forgiving.

”You’re....you’re late.” Charlie struggled getting the words out as every time she did Brax would kiss her even more. It became impossible to try telling him off and she soon resisted from even trying, just kissing him back.

Brax suddenly stepped back running his fingers through Charlie’s flowing hair. They both smiled and Brax pulled her in for a hug.

”I’ve missed you” he whispered stroking her hair gently as she stood with her head snuggled against his chest.

”It’s been a couple of hours Brax” Charlie replied but still a huge smile came across her face. Brax detached himself from Charlie and bent down to look in her eyes.

”I still missed you, I always miss you”

Not wanting to ruin this moment Charlie said nothing except but smiled to show she was extremely happy to be a part of whatever it was herself and Brax were doing. She grabbed a hold of his hand, proud to be his girlfriend or his secret girlfriend.

”The spaces between your fingers are where mine fit perfectly” She whispered smiling as she glanced up into Brax’s

Is it too soon to say I love you?” Brax asked gently stroking her cheek. Charlie blushed at the thought and her cheeks became warmer than her blood. She broke eye contact for a split second before gazing back into them.

”No...” She replied smiling a lot as she said this. ”Because I love you too”

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Aww thanks so much for the comments guys! They mean a lot :) here is the next part and I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 2

Charlie awoke early the next morning, still happy from last night with Brax. A smile appeared across her face every time she thought of him and every time she saw him she felt butterflies in her stomach and blushed like a silly little schoolgirl. She hadn’t been this happy in a long time; her life was her own to take control of, she had a great job, full trust in Ruby and now Brax – her Brax. Nobody else’s.

She glanced across at the clock as it read 7:10am. Soon this peaceful oasis would be filled with the other residents in Leah’s house and Charlie knew she had to take advantage of the shower while nobody was going to be doing any Olympic style running once the clock clicked 7:30am. The water streamed down her face as Charlie stood in the shower oblivious to anything that was happening around her. She had quite a lot on her mind with Ruby and work but above all seemed to only concentrate on Brax. His words ran through her mind as she shampooed her hair

”Y’know Charlie, I don’t get why we have to stay a secret”

”Why can’t we just be a normal couple like everyone else eh?

”Or is it because you’re ashamed of me?”

Those words played over and over again in her mind and nothing would make them disappear. He knew why they had to stay a secret; he couldn’t possibly be that naive could he? She didn’t want them to be a secret either, she wanted to e out in public and see him at the bar and point to her colleagues and say yeah...that’s my boyfriend.

Charlie got out of the shower five minutes before the house would become chaotic. Leah was already in the kitchen making coffee and looking at her phone. She was completely oblivious as to when Charlie walked into the kitchen.

”Hey Leah...who you texting at 7:30am?” Charlie grinned as Leah blushed. ”Cause he must be pretty great for you to have not noticed that you’ve just poured your coffee over your cereal

At once Leah became fully aware of her actions and jerked the coffee away from the cereal where the remainder splattered all over the table. She grimaced and put her phone down.

”He? Oh no...erm I was texting Irene about work” She replied but still the faint redness from her cheeks wouldn’t disappear.

”Okay Leah...Irene doesn’t know how to text but I totally believe what you’ve just said” Charlie laughed sarcastically before pouring coffee and taking a seat next to Leah.

Leah grinned and Charlie knew there was no way anyone could make Leah smile this much unless she was falling for them or even in love with them. The two chattered about their day ahead in between Leah checking her phone and smiling for ages. They agreed to go out on a girly night out at the weekend and ask Bianca along and then both went their separate ways. Leah was due in at work at 8:30am and Charlie not until 11am. She texted Brax but got no reply because knowing Brax he would probably still be asleep. She’d see him later anyway.

Ruby and VJ were now up and the house was now no longer peace and quiet. Charlie watched TV as everyone rushed around her desperately trying to be ready and at school or work for 8:30am. Casey came at around 8:10am and made polite small talk with Charlie but other than that Charlie was in a world of her own. She said 3 rounds of goodbyes to Ruby and Casey, then VJ, then Leah and before long the house stood still again. Charlie had nothing to do except watch TV and maybe the clock. She texted Brax again, still no reply.

It had reached 8:35am when Charlie decided to go for a run. She put on her trainers and glanced swiftly at the weather. Good day for a run, not so much for wearing a stuffy police uniform she thought. When she opened the door the brightness of the sun burned on her face and she smiled to herself.

”You know that smile is what I like seeing” A voice spoke behind her. Charlie wasn’t even worried, she knew that voice so well she smiled secretly before turning around to find Brax removing twigs from his hair.

”I thought you weren’t coming” was all she had to say. However the smile still failed to disappear from her face.

”What and miss seeing your beautiful face? Nah I wouldn’t miss it for the world” Brax said before taking a hold of her and slowly kissing her neck while Charlie laughed. ”So you can forget...whatever you were about to do and come inside with me”

Charlie laughed still as Brax was kissing her neck.

”Okay” She said at last. ”But it better be worth my while”

”Trust me...it will be”

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! They’re all so positively lovely and it makes me really enjoy writing this :D There will be a few updates this week but after this it’s exam season :( I’ll try to update when I can so I’ll apologize in advance :)

Chapter 3

”I have to go to work” Charlie said checking her watch. ”Brax...BRAX! “

”Do you have to?” was all he had to say. ”Come on Charlie take the day off...Ruby and Leah and not even VJ will be here for at least...at least another four hours”

”Oh so that’s your game plan is it?” Charlie said whilst punching his arm playfully. Brax pretended to be deeply hurt.

”You know for a chic cop you’ve got a pretty heavy punch” he said constantly rubbing his arm but grinning at the same time to show he was playing the fool. ”If this bruises I have a right to sue you right?”

”Yeah probably but you won’t do that” said Charlie as she leant in for a kiss.

”Oh yeah? Any why wouldn’t I?”

”You love me too much”

”Well it does make you consider twice...especially when you’re going to sue somebody as hot as you”

”You’re only saying that so I don’t go into work!”

”Well is it working....because nothing can beat a bit of the Braxton charm”

”Braxton charm? It’s not working baby” Charlie smiled and leant in for another kiss but instead of responded Brax pretended to be offended.

”Well it’s worked on you so far...unless you just love me for my stunningly good looks which I have to say I can’t blame you”

”Alright big-head you’re....sexy and smart and funny” she gabbled putting her police shirt on. ”But I have to go to work”

Brax sighed but didn’t protest as much. He gazed at her while she got ready; smiling each time they made eye contact. He knew why they had to stay a secret, but there was nothing holding him back from pointing her out when she was in Angelo’s saying yes that’s my girlfriend, and I love her.

She got ready and Brax kissed her goodbye. They held hands until they reached anywhere in public where people could see them. Then they both went their separate ways. Brax gazed after her when she got into her police car and drove off. He felt the sudden urge to text her, and then he noticed the messages he had received from her previously that morning. Quickly he scan-read them and sent Charlie a quick miss you already text.

Meanwhile Charlie was driving the car along summer bay when the text message sounded. For a split second whilst doing something really un-cop like she began to read her text. It made her smile just like anything Brax said or did. However whilst reading the text the car began to swerve and when Charlie glanced up she was a dead cert for crashing with the car coming along the opposite direction. Charlie swerved onto the correct side of the road missing the car by about a metre in which the car started to beep madly. Charlie slammed on the brakes and leaned back. She casually got out to go over to the car to apologize to whoever was driving it.

”Oh my god...I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to...” Began Charlie quickly as the driver rolled their window down. Charlie’s faced dropped when she saw the driver of the car. Their appearance had changed slightly but still bore the same features that pained Charlie to remember some of the previous memories she had shared with that particular person. The person glanced up, understandably angry but the anger soon began to disappear.

”Charlie?” the person smiled awkwardly while Charlie stared dumb-founded. ”Long time no see”

Shock played on Charlie’s memory as flashbacks were set off like fireworks in her mind. She felt she had lost the ability to speak, only had the ability to gawp like a goldfish. After a few seconds the initial shock kind of wore off, and spoken abilities became capable again...


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Thanks for the comments :) here is the next part and I hope you enjoy it x

Chapter 4

Once Brax had left Joey and Charlie alone, things began to get pretty awkward. Neither girl spoke much instead making polite conversation with one another. Charlie downed drink after drink in a sense to become more “sociable” whilst Joey stared into blank space.

”So Joeeeeey” Charlie slurred whilst drinking wine. ”Why are you here?

Joey snapped back into reality as the conversation began to pick up speed.

”I um well I wanted to see you Charlie. Look I know that the past is the past but I loved you. I still love you”

At this point a very drunk Charlie burst out laughing spluttering the remainder of wine in her mouth. Joey looked uncomfortable as people nearby tutted at a very drunk Charlie. Meanwhile Brax who had tried to take his mind of what had happened before had continued to stare across at Charlie who from where he was standing seemed to be having a good time. This worried Brax, he knew a girl who looked like her meant he would always have fierce guy competition but fierce chick competition? Brax wasn’t sure just how much he could handle.

”This is ridiculous Joey” Charlie nervously laughed after recovering from the spluttering. ”I can’t get back with you it’d never work”

”Why are you so scared of people judging you?”

”I’m not it’s complicated”Charlie said taking a quick glance at Brax who was still looking their way.

”We both love each other Charlie, please give us another chance”

”We both loved one another Joey, not now – I’ve finally got in a sense a normal relationship with Rubes you can’t come back here after what 2 years and

throw this in my face. You left for another job and I moved on”

”You don’t have to move on, please let’s give us another chance”

”There is no us, we were the past and if there’s one thing I learnt with my life it’s to never live in the past”

“Charlie please...”

”I’m sorry Joey I’ve got to go”

”That’s it run away from the truth again Charlie...this isn’t the end”

”What? What do you mean?

”I’m moving back to the bay. As of next week I’ll be your neighbour and I will get you back, even if it kills me”

With the last comment Joey upped and left Charlie at Angelo’s. Charlie felt her eyes watering and tears fell from her eyes as she watched Joey leave. Brax came over to Charlie but was unaware of the tears. As he noticed them he wanted so desperately to comfort his girlfriend infront of all the customers but he knew he couldn’t. He slipped his hand into hers under the table secretly and gave her hand a little squeeze. Charlie glanced up and smiled awkwardly but no words were spoken as Charlie was obviously too upset to speak.

Brax rubbed his fingers along Charlie’s hands as a way to secretly comfort her and it seemed to have worked as Charlie had stopped crying as much instead sat in complete shock. Brax smiled at her and released his hands from hers.

”Meet me on the beach after work, I love you” he said as he got up and ready to return to the bar. Charlie nodded quickly but never spoke and got up to leave the restaurant. Drying her eyes quickly she walked out of the restaurant with tear-stained eyes but even then while she was upset Brax still thought she was the most beautiful girl alive. He loved her and he’d never felt like he had been in love before but could he really compete to win her heart?

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Thanks for the comments guys! As I only have two exams left I have decided to update this fic at 1am in the morning :P So enjoy!

Chapter Five

Charlie glanced at the sun going down as the tears reflected in her eyes. She glanced at her watch, expecting Brax to come along any second now. She hastily got up and walked a few yards only to be left with dissapointment at the fact her boyfriend was still no where to be seen. The sun went down completely and Charlie was left to face her thoughts in the darkness. After ten fifteen minutes Charlie decided to get off home. As she did so she noticed a dark figure coming down the beach and as they got closer it became obvious it was Brax.

"You're late" Charlie half smiled, half cried as she still struggled to get over Joey's "surprise".

"I thought you'd like it if it was dark, with us being a secret and all" Brax replied. He took a hold of Charlie's chin and brought it up until her eyes met his. He gazed into them for what seemed like forever before placing his arms around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss.

"So" Brax said after pulling away from Charlie. "Sargeant Buckton swings both ways eh"

Charlie laughed nervously and Brax grinned as she buried her head into his chest.

"That was a long time ago, I was confused and helping out Joey around the same time" she said. "You're not grossed out or anything are you?"

This question made Brax laugh as Charlie gazed into hiseyes with all seriousness.

"Charlie Buckton as of tonight you have just become ten billion times hotter. And I thought that that wasn't possible" Brax laughed. "My girlfriends pashed another chick, it's like all my christmasses have come at once!

Charlie forgot Joey and began laughing as her tears dried up. She kissed Brax on the cheek and took a hold of his hand. Summer Bay was now in complete darkness and nobody was around for miles.

"So Braxton fancy a swim?" Charlie said with a gleam in her eye. Brax looked at her strangely.

"But we haven't got swimming stuff....and it's dark"

With that Charlie smiled at how Brax didn't know what she meant. She put her mouth up to his ear and whispered

"Who said anything about needing clothes..."

With that Brax grinned and kissed Charlie before breaking away to check for definate that no one was around. Meanwhile Charlie took of his shirt and began fumbling at his jeans. The spot they were at was secluded so they knew there was little chance of them being caught. Charlie pushed Brax into the water, wrapping her legs around his slippery body as his tongue slipped into hers.

Meanwhile unbeknown to both Brax and Charlie, someone had seen all that had happened on the beach. Their body was hidden by the darkness and the shadows and while the happy couple kissed in the water, the person in the darkness stood in the shadows in shock at what they had just witnessed...

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Thanks for the comments :) xxx

Chapter Six

The happy couple left the beach, broad smiles on their faces showing that they were completely satisfied. Charlie became self concious of her naked body and scrambled her clothes on quickly while Brax watched. Meanwhile the figure in the shadows had disapeared still shell shocked. Charlie smiled sweetly at Brax as she took a hold of his hands and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. Brax grinned and Charlie pulled away.

"That was amazing" she said smiling as she brung her head to rest on Brax's chest.

"No baby you are amazing" he replied hugging her tight because he didn't want to let her go.

Charlie looked up into his eyes and smiled and Brax grinned. He took a hold of her hand and walked down the beach with her.

"You know if we told everyone, we could do this in daylight"

"I'm pretty sure having sex on a beach is public indecity" Charlie wickedly said. "And then I'd have to arrest myself"

"You know what I mean" Brax replied. "I want to walk across the beach holding your hand instead of us being at each others throats, I want you to see me in Angelo's and being to point out to all your friends that I am your boyfriend, I want to be able to come around to Leah's whilst everyone's in just to show them that what we have is amazing because I love you Charlie Buckton"

"I want that too you know how badly I do. But I can't with my job"

"It's been two months Charlie since we first slept together. And since then I've fallen for you and I know you've fallen for me too. Who cares about what people think it's none of their business"

"I want to..."

"Then let's..."

"Brax just give me time, I promise not that long just let me sleep on it"

"Okay well I gotta go, speak tomorrow"

"Yep bye"

Brax kissed Charlie on the cheek and smiled sheepishly at her.

"Y'know Brax how we were talking about sleepovers..." Charlie began.

"Yes I do remember this topic coming up las time we had sex"

"Let's go back to mine, Ruby's out at a friends house tonight and Leah and VJ well not even an earthquake would wake them pair up"

"That sounds like a plan Miss Buckton"

With that Charlie and Brax quietly mae their way to Leah's. Charlie shushed Brax to be quiet as she turned the key in the lock. Soon they were in the kitchen kissing passionately in the dark while Charlie took Brax's shirt off. All of a sudden the light flickered on and there stood Leah in next to nothing followed closely behind by a clearly flustered Miles

"Charlie? Brax?" Leah stared at them in surprise wondering if it was all in her dreams or not. She became aware of Miles's presenc and her cheeks glowed. "Miles erm Miles was staying the night due to...due to"

"Due to VJ...Me and VJ were playing games

"Yeah and it was way to late for him to go home so I said he could stay the night here..."

"On the couch" Miles piped up.

"Definately on the couch"

Charlie and Brax stayed frozen to the spot but there was no deying what Miles and Leah found them doing. And what Charlie and Brax found Leah and Miles doing even though they tried to hide it. Charlie glanced up at Brax. She had to tell Leah now.

"Brax and I, we're together like in secret" She finally said glancing at Leah to notice any changes in reactions.

"Oh my god, OH MY GOD" Leah replied in ecstatic thrills. "How, when, where...."

"About two months now..."

"OH MY GOD, CHARLIE WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME. I'M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU" Leah replied before pulling Charlie in for a massive bear hug.

"So is this just a chick thing or can anyone join in?" Brax slipped his arms around Charlie's waist while Leah smiled at how happy they were together.

"Charlie we have to speak in the morning, I want all the details - well maybe not them all. I can't believe you kept it a secret this long!"

"Her call Leah not mine" Brax said.

"Well I am going to go back to bed and Miles, Miles is going to go back to the couch because that is where he has been sleeping haven't you Miles?"

"Mmmhhmmmm" Miles was still in shock and Brax and Charlie and their surprising secrets.

Both Charlie and Brax spluttered at this as it was increasingly obvious that Miles was spending the night with Leah in her bed.

"What?" Leah asked as Charlie and Brax struggled to tame their uncontrollable laughter.

"You're pashing Miles!"' Charlie teased and Leah's face went from pale to crimson in half a second.

"Miles is here you know and I seem to remember a Miss Buckton who didn't complain when she pashed me a couple of years ago" Miles became aware of the use of his voicebox now he had fully woken up.

"Alright Miles, the past is the past and let's leave it like that" She replied. "I'm so happy for you both!

Leah looked at Miles and the pair smiled at each other.

"Thanks Charlie, we should really head back to bed then" Leah said aiming the last part of her answer at Miles who grinned. "And I'll see you in the morning Missy...g'night!"

Miles and Leah left the room laughing and giggling while Charlie turned around to kiss Brax.

"I think that we should head to bed too" She said in between kisses.

She took his hand and dragged him through the front room into her bedroom. The bedroom door closed as Brax took Charlie in his arms while she wrapped her body around his legs and he kissed her whilst leaning against the door. They undressed each other and Brax playfully pushed Charlie onto the bed as he kissed her.

They fell asleep with Brax's arms around Charlie's naked body but were so close to each other their bodies were hot and sweaty.

The next day Brax woke miles before Charlie and he had to head to work early. He glanced over at her sleeping and even though he couldn't see her eyes she was still the prettiest woman alive. He kissed her head, breathing in the smell of her shampoo and began to get ready hastily shoving on last nights clothes. He didn't want to leave her but he had to if he wanted to earn money.

Leah was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Miles was still asleep, the same with VJ and Ruby was still out. Brax and Leah smiled awkwardly at one another and Brax asked her to explain to Charlie that he had to work. Leah smiled and said she would and Brax left but not before making her promise she wouldn't tell anyone. He didn't know why he said it as he wanted him and Charlie to be out in the open but he knew she was a respected policewoman and he knew he had to respect her wishes.

He didn't have time to go home , wash or even brush his teeth as he walked to Angelo's. He checked his reflection in passing cars hoping that he didn't look to grubby to face the customers as he knew that Angelo wouldn't like this. Angelo's was empty which didn't surpriser Brax but it meant he could take advantage and pour himself a drink in a bid to waken him up. He turned around making himself a strong alcoholic drink and was blissfully unaware f the footsteps that were sounded behind him.

"I saw you last night, you and Charlie...together kissing all that stuff" a voice said and Brax stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around abruptly causing the tiniest amount of vodka to splash on the floor. Meanwhile the other person in the bar stared straight through Brax, eyes made of stone. Brax stared back in shock and struggling to find the right words.

"Im sorry...Heath

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Thanks for the comments heres the next part I hope you enjoy it :) xxx

Chapter Seven

Heath stared at Brax showing nothing but anger in his eyes. Brax stood terrified of what might happen because he knew what Heath was capable of but he wouldn't do that to his own brother would he?

"Heath mann" Brax tried to reason with him but Heath was having none of it.

"Don't Heath mann me" he kind of spat the words to express his disgust at what his brother was doing. "Bro's before hoes...I guess that's long out of the window"

Brax didn't know what to say. He stood facing Heath wondering what he could do to make it alright but there was nothing.

"I love her...I can't help that"

"You don't know the meaning of the word" he glared at Brax. "I broke up with Bianca because of you. YOU! You said the Riverboys mattered more and now you're sleeping with the enemy"

"She's not the enemy"

"She's a cop...of course she's the enemy. It's her or it's us Brax"

"She has a name"

"Yes ofcourse sorry...SARGEANT...or did you forget that whilst you were f*cking her?"

"You can't do this to me Heath, you know how much you boys mean to me

"Then it should be an easy decision then" Heath smirked as he uttered this last sentence out to Brax. "Later...Bro"

With that Heath walked out of the resturaunt and Brax buried his head in his hands. He hastily poured himself a large vodka and downed it before grabbing his phone to text Charlie.

Meet me l8r it's urgent. I love you. Brax xxx

Almost instantly he recieved a reply

Not at work until tonight. Come round to mine during lunch? Love you too xx

Brax sighed at the morning's events. From what was the happiest moment of his life had gone from a flash when the one person that Brax didn't want to find out about him and Charlie had found out. He couldn't change what had happened and he wouldn't for the world because the whole of last night with his girl was amazing. But now Heath found out and god knows what was going to happen next.

He threw himself into work. Angelo came in about half an hour later whilst Brax was still busy in his thoughts. Neither spoke to each other alot as it became obvious Brax had a lot of stuff on his mind and Angelo didn't want to provoke this. Charlie or the boys...Charlie or the boys? He couldn't make that decision, it was too hard for him.

"Brax...BRAX" Angelo interupted Brax's thoughts. "Lunch break. One hour. Be back here after"

Brax smiled and sped off to Charlie's at top speed. He ran up the path and knocked on the door rapidly. Charlie answered and without warning Brax took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She pulled away when she noticed tears in his eyes.

"Brax whats wrong" she asked him concerned and trying to look him in the eye but couldn't

"Heath...he knows about us"

"How?" was all Charlie had to say. She was shocked and she knew it must be bad if Brax had tears in his eyes.

"Last night he saw us on the Beach...he's making me choose you or the riverboys"

Charlie looked up at Brax. She kissed him on the lips whilst the tears formed in her eyes too.

"I'll make this easier for you. I'll always love you" She said before she shut the door. For the second time in the day Brax buried his head in his hands. He'd lost the only girl he loved in his lifetime.

"Charlie please" he begged her to open up the door.

"Go be with the riverboys...it's always bro's before hoes right?"

Brax knew there was no point trying to beg as he knew how stubborn his baby could be. Except she wasn't his baby no more. He wiped away the few tears in his eyes and texted Heath

Meet me at Palmie...Now

He walked to the beach mopily and waited for Heath to arrive. He finally did, still angry at what he had witnessed the night before

"So?" Heath turnedd to his brother expecting an answer. "The riverboy's or Buckton"

The next part of the story will be set a couple of months ahead but who will Brax choose and how does that affect his life?

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Thanks for the comments! You inspire me to write this so here is the next part. Also when I said from the last chapter that this will be a couple of months later I mean about a year ish :) P.S writers block :( so sorry for this and sorry its short!

Chapter Eight

A young familiar woman stood gazing at the sign that said Welcome to Summer Bay. So many memories she had of this place – some good, some bad but that was what made her stronger. It had been a long year since she had upped and left Summer Bay leaving everyone that mattered to her behind. Now she was back, worried about how everyone would react to what surprise she had for them. She held in her arms a little baby around 2 months old – her daughter. When Charlie looked at her baby all she could see was the Brax looking back at her. Charlie was only back to put things right, so her little girl could meet her daddy even though Charlie didn’t want anything to do with him.

It had all started a year ago when Charlie found out she was pregnant again. Brax was forced to pick the river boys, they would have killed him if they didn’t but still that didn’t stop the constant I’m sorry messages and the way he’d try sneak around to Leah’s in the hope he’d only catch Charlie in. He left Charlie broken-hearted and when she started to feel sick constantly she put it down to all the junk she was eating whilst trying to mend her broken heart. When she finally got round to the doctor, Sid told her she was pregnant. The truth was that both of them were in shock as Sid wasn’t under the impression that Charlie was even seeing anyone. Charlie asked him to keep quiet about the pregnancy not to tell Indi or even Marilyn and Sid swore that he wouldn’t after looking into her terrified eyes. Later that night she packed her bags and left two letters on the kitchen table. One for Ruby and the other for Leah. She by-passed the station and quit her job, making Watson sergeant. And then she left for the city.

Every sonogram she went to only refreshed the pain and the anguish from what she had left behind in Summer Bay. Month after month Charlie seemed to find more strength to move on with her life while her belly blossomed. Yes there were the occasional flashbacks to the pregnancy she experienced with Ruby and what had happened with Brax but Charlie felt she owed it to the baby to bring it up right. She had considered adoption in the early stages and even abortion but she knew she couldn’t go through with any of them.

She gave birth in the early stages of 2012 with nobody except the midwife by her side. She screamed out for Ruby, Brax and even Leah and Bianca and some stages but she was all alone until her baby had come into the world. Weighing 5lbs 10oz Olivia Buckton was born after an excruciating 2-day labour. Charlie cuddled her close to her chest with the tears rolling down her face as she was reminded once again of what she lost except now she looked at Olivia she also reminded herself of what she had gained.

Looking care of a little baby was new to Charlie as she wasn’t around to do this for Ruby. She hadn’t realised how much her life would have changed with being fully responsible for her baby as with Ruby she had a lot of help and support from her family. As each day went by, Charlie found herself missing her home life in Summer Bay even more. However it wasn’t until Olivia was 2 months old that she decided to return.

And now here she was again, looking at the sign that held so many memories. Olivia was asleep in her arms and Charlie smiled down at her little bundle of joy. She strapped Olivia back into the car in her baby seat before putting the keys in the ignition and beginning to drive to the place where Charlie loved most. Home.

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Thanks for the comments again guys! They mean so much sorry it’s been a couple of days since I updated x

Chapter Nine

As she approached home, Charlie had become increasingly nervous at everyone’s reactions. She didn’t know whether anyone would be in or not and how they would react to her being back and with a baby in tow. She sat a bit outside Leah’s quite hidden so she hoped no-one would see her and breathed in and out whilst checking on Olivia who was asleep and oblivious to any fears her mummy was feeling. Charlie ran her fingers through her hair, again surprising herself at how short she had had it cut. Instead of her long flowing hair, her hair had now become a longish bob, instantly making her feel a more glamorous and sophisticated woman and as men often said gave her that “yummy mummy” look. Little did they know she also had a 17 year old daughter back home in summer bay.

Charlie stepped out of the car leaving her belongings and Olivia asleep in the car. She knew she’d be safe while she checked whether anyone was in. She didn’t know the best way to approach this should she knock and wait for an answer or let herself in? She opted for knocking, after all it had been a year since she’d left and knocking seemed more polite.

There was no answer so Charlie knocked again. No answer. Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, never being so glad that no one was in since...the times she shared with Brax. She looked around and already memories of Ruby, Brax and Leah were filling the place, reminding Charlie of how much she regretted leaving home. She turned back around in the direction of the car, to find a crying Olivia wondering where her mummy had gone. She took her in her arms and cuddled her until her cries had stopped. Charlie fumbled around in her bag for her keys and let herself in. Home sweet home.

It hadn’t changed much, infact it was pretty much the same as it was when she left. Charlie went straight to her old room, noticing it hadn’t been touched from the way she’d left it. A picture of her and Ruby was lay on the side of her drawers, both were smiling and it was taken just after Ruby found out that Charlie was her mum. Charlie kissed the photo frame and a few tears rolled down her eyes. She decided against the idea of unpacking or moving anything around and she didn’t want to impose any ideas about moving back in especially when she didn’t know how much she had missed. Instead she went back to the car, unpacked Olivia’s pram and wheeled her to the diner. Her eyes were covered by big huge sunglasses; nobody would recognise her unless she took them off. Olivia was awake and gurgling, making the most peculiar noises which Charlie found herself laughing at. She also focused on the surroundings, making sure her face was hidden enough so that nobody would recognise her. She noticed Miles walking down the beach with Romeo and Roo, but Charlie was too far away for any of the three to recognise who the woman was.

She reached the diner, trying to make herself secretly hidden because she knew that it was likely Leah was here, especially if Miles was at the beach. Not that Charlie even knew if Leah was with Miles. Leah was serving, but was too wrapped up in a whiny customer to notice a mysterious woman with a baby sitting down at a table in the corner. It was only when Leah came up that Charlie began to feel panicky. But Leah was too wrapped up in everything around her that she just smiled and tried droning out to anything unnecessary. She took Charlie’s order, not even asking her to remove her sunglasses as she tried dealing with a customer that Charlie swore was a younger version of John Palmer. It was only when Leah came back up with the coffee that Charlie was asked to remove her sunglasses.

”Excuse me lovey, but we have a no sunglasses policy here so if you wouldn’t mind removing them” Leah asked and Charlie smiled at her.

She removed the sunglasses slowly, watching Leah’s mouth gasp in shock as she realised who she was. She glanced from Charlie to Olivia and back to Charlie.

”Charlie” she whispered slowly and quietly so that no-one would hear. ”What are you doing here?”

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Thanks for the comments they all mean so much! :) xx

Chapter Ten

It wasn’t long before Charlie found herself sitting on Palm Beach alongside Leah who rushed out of her shift at the diner leaving Colleen to speculate what could be so important. The two sat in silence at Palm Beach, their silenced only interrupted by Olivia’s cries. Leah glanced at the baby in the pram and smiled. If anything, she understood why Charlie would run away.

”You left because you were pregnant right?” Leah felt the need to check with Charlie who smiled sheepishly at Leah.

”Yeah, Leah I am so so sorry” She apologized. ”For leaving without any goodbye’s for leaving you to cope with a 17 year old hormonal teenager and for leaving my life’s problems for you to deal with”

”You could have told me, you know I wouldn’t have said anything. Ruby was really upset.”

”I can see that now, it’s just all the memories from when I was 14 came flooding back. The rape, the pregnancy and I ran again because I didn’t know what to do”

”You left a lot behind” Leah stated the obvious to an ashamed Charlie who found herself shedding a few tears.

”I know” Charlie didn’t know what else to say as the tears rolled down her eyes. Leah found her best friend instinct kicking in and pulled Charlie in for a hug whilst what was a couple of tears turned into a massive sobbing session. Sensing that her mummy was crying, Olivia cried too which is where Charlie broke off from Leah and scooped Olivia in her arms soothing her until her cries stopped. Leah awed at the bond she shared with her tiny daughter.

”She looks so much like her Mummy”

”Really? I think she looks more like her daddy” Charlie replied but froze at the mention of Olivia’s daddy. Leah sensed how uptight Charlie had become.


The tears flowed again but Charlie was determined not to be defeated again by the guy she foolishly loved. The guy who broke her heart and the only guy she felt that she didn’t have to be perfect around.

”Charlie you have missed a lot in a year, so many things have happened some due to your absence and just general things you should have been here for. Ruby finished her exams and passed them all but her mother wasn’t here to support her. She split up with Casey because Brax told him to stay away from any of the Buckton family...”

”What?” Charlie stared in disbelief at Leah. She was thrilled for Ruby passing her exams but felt guilty as she may have been the cause which made Casey and Rubes split up

”I know he broke your heart but you broke his a thousand times more when you left. He’d come around every night just to feel a sense that you were around. Ruby was always asleep but I was always up. I could see him looking through the windows with sorrow in his eyes.But...”

But Charlie wasn’t listening to Leah anymore. Instead she focused on a blurred figure from a far end of palm beach. There was a body she knew so well. Charlie’s heart skipped a beat when she saw who it was. Then her smile disappeared as she noticed that the man she loved had his arms around another woman. They were both happy and smiley and Charlie felt a pang of sadness. Leah noticed this.

”But Brax moved on Charlie...Brax moved on”

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