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Unconditional Love (by Danni02) - comments


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OMG BRILLIANT!!!!! I agree with beebee Angelo is a jerk..but he doesn't deserve Charlie and certainly not Connor! I can't believe Angelo was more interested in what Brax was doing there then his own son, ugh!

Oh so close lol you really like to tease us! :P Cannot wait for more, please update soon Danni! Xx

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Was praying you would have updated this :)

Serious addicted to this fic already

So glad Charlie isn't going back to Angelo... cant believe he thought she would still take him back after what he said about Conner <_<

The ending had me grinning... love me some Chax :D

but I think it will take some time for Charlie to be ready for a relationship I just hope Brax continues to be her friend till that time (Hope its not too long though) :wink:

Eagerly looking forward to your next update

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Thank you for another amazing update. I am glad that Brax was there for Charlie and Connor. But words fail me with Angelo. He is getting a bigger pillock day by day. How he can blame for Connor for his sisters death is beyond belief. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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Just read this from the beginning.

How amazing??? I love it!

I feel so sorry for Charlie: Having to deal with the death of Lily, the loss of her marriage and the fact that the father of her son doesn't want to do anything to help her through any of the emotions! I hope Charlie has some good fortune coming her way, Ie Brax :wub: these two obviously have a connection already and they have shown that they are what each other needs at this moment in time :wub:

Connor is just so adorable! you write kids so cute in any fic you do! I love how he loves his haribo and how he calls Brax Daryll! it made me chuckle when he made Charlie sign her name on a piece of paper so she couldn't go back on her word :lol:

Angelo: don't even get me started! I can't believe he has little time for his son! I get that he is grieving, but to ignore his son, BLAME his son for the death of his daughter and then tell Connor that he can't talk to the one man who is actually being a father-figure to him??? nah, he can go do one! ;angry:

Poor Ruby, I hope she and Charlie can get back to a relationship soon and one that is strong. Looks like she and Romeo may become 'more than friends' and I wonder if she is actually going to go through with the adoption to Tony and Rachel; for Tony and Rachel it would be nice, but I can see where Charlie's arguement came in. Hopefully Ruby won't make a mistake.

Update again soon Danni, I'm hooked! :D

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Aww I love that Charlie asked Ruby to go to the hospital with her! :wub: Glad Romeo stuck up for Ruby! :)

Loved, loved, LOVED Charlie's talk with Rachel..so happy she told her how she feels..secretly hoping Ruby heard too! :P Brilliant once again Danni, please update soon! Xx

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Great update,

It's good that Charlie and Ruby are slowly starting to thaw the ice between them :)!!

I think that it's good that Charlie let Rachel know how she feels about the situation, at least she's being upfront about it.

More soon please :D

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I absolutely love this story! It's so well written! Angelo is such a jerk blaming Connor for Lily's death I'm so glad that Charlie reassured Connor that it isn't his fault at all. Hope Charlie and Ruby can become closer as the story continues! And loved Charlie and Brax too :wub:

Update soon please x

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