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The Hunger Games- Help

Guest Cecil

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Currently in design we have to create a folio board in which we have to display our work on our campaign. I have chosen to base my campaign on The Hunger Games.

But instead of doing the typical- designing posters and banners to advertise The Hunger Games I am basing my campaign on the fact that The Hunger Games (The actual game) is something that is unfair and unjust. So I decided to create a campaign on 'Anti Hunger Games'

I'm pretty much treating it as a real life situation (you could refer to it as kind of like the Kony situation)

We have to come up with 4 briefs. One being a logo, and the rest were up to us. I've chosen to do a poster, a website design, and the designing of bands and other accessories to advertise the injustice of The Hunger Games.

What I need help with is a name for my campaign. This name will be on my logo and everything else I create so it must suit what I am trying to do and achieve.

If anyone could help me out that we totally be appreciated!

PS. I need to finalise my name by tomorrow eeeeek.

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