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Call Me Maybe?

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Title-Call me maybe?

Spoilers?-Yes! UK viewers! (Some things will be different!)

Main Characters-Ruby,Romeo,Sasha and Xav

Genre-Romance and Drama

BTTB Rating: T

Any Warnings?- Possible death.

Type of story-Long Fic.

Song title- Call me maybe-Carly Rae Jepson

Summary-After Sasha and Xav's brake up Sasha finds out something terrible! Romeo and Ruby are being judged because of their relationship.

Chapter 1!

I'm trying to hold back tears as my ex-boyfriend slams the door. I thought I was strong enough for a relationship! Part of me wants to run out there and tell him to give it another shot...The other part of me tells me to let it go! The tears I was trying so hard to keep from coming out pour out of my eyes. Everything I ever wanted just walked out the door! He's gone forever! I hear the door open and shut again,I turn around to face my unexpected visitor. I immediately look down at my sparkly pink sneakers,Xav was standing there with a look of regret on his face.

"What do you want?" I ask in a bitter tone. Now all I need to worry about is myself,everything else doesn't matter.

"I think I just made a mistake..." I shrug my small shoulders. I could careless what he thinks anymore.

"Well...You can't turn back time!" I say turning back to celery I was chopping up.

"Sash please don't be like this!" I turn to Xav one last time.

"Please leave! You said yourself I'm not ready for a relationship!" I say louder then I wanted to. Xav walks out of the house.

Thats the very short first Chapter!

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Thanks Kristen,Steve and Red!

Chapter 2!

I slam two boxes of my possessions on the dinning room table. After the fight we put up to be together she can just move on so quickly? I just don't understand! One minute we're in Hawaii getting married the next minute she's telling me that she kissed some guy! That just proves that marrying young,is never a good idea!I sigh as I take a picture frame out of one of the two boxes and see a picture of me and Indi on our wedding day with Sid and Roo. In a fit of anger a throw the frame at the wall making the frame smash into a bazillion pieces. There was stomping coming from the stairs. Ruby runs into the room to see me with my head in my hands.

"What was that?" Ruby sounded a little annoyed for some reason. I walk to the couch and sat there for a few minutes "Well?" Ruby asked impatiently.

"I smashed a picture frame!" I say finally. My head was hurting so much, thoughts ran through my head,terrible thoughts! Ruby comes over and gives me a hug. Maybe I took the hug a little to seriously,because I looked Ruby right in the eyes and gave her the kiss that I really wanted to give her all of these days we spent together."Sorry..." Ruby shakes her head.

"Don't be!" Ruby and I kiss again."Are you sure about this?" Ruby asks in worried tone.

"I've never been so sure in my life!" Ruby and I kiss again.

I was looking over my work for the police academy,to be honest I wasn't really concentrating. Sasha was avoiding me! I know I made a big mistake,she doesn't have to prove a point! I give up on the academy work and turn on the TV, still wasn't concentrating! Suddenly my phone vibrates, I look down at the screen to see 'Sash calling!' flashing on the screen, I quickly answer it, finally she'll take me back!

"Hello?" I say pretending I didn't know who it was.

"Hi Xav...We need to talk..." I couldn't help but smile,she was coming around!

"Ok! I'll be at yours in ten?" I was about to hang when Sasha said something.

"Wait! I'll be at yours in ten!" I was confused I usually go to her place when we need to talk.

"O...K then! See ya soon..." I say wearily, something wasn't right,and I knew it! Sasha hung up the phone.

Thats it!

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Chapter 3!

I knock nervously on on Xav's front door. I had no idea how I was going to tell him the news. I start to wonder why Xav hadn't answered the door yet, I knock again this time I hit the door hard,so hard I hurt my hand.

"I'm coming! Get some patience!" I raise my eyebrows at the last comment. That was noway to win me back now was it!Xav opens the door and sees that it was me knocking on the door."Oh! Sorry..." I roll my eyes as I walk through the front door."What do you need to talk about?" I sit down on the couch. I still hadn't figured out what to say to him yet! Everything that I came up with didn't seem right! I couldn't send him a text because it was to personal,I didn't ring him because we needed to sort stuff out! Nothing was right! I know I have to tell him face to face but how do I tell him face to face,do I rush my words so he doesn't understand? Do I write a note? None of this is going to get me anywhere! So I just have to say it!

"I think I might be pregnant..." I say slowly and calmly even though I'm definitely not calm!

"You think you might be What?"

"Pregnant! I think I might be pregnant!" Xav rubs his forehead in worry. I don't want to be apart of Xav's life! But if I'm pregnant,well...I'm just going to have to suck it up!

"Have you taken a test?" I shake my head. I didn't want to find out on my own,but I really didn't want to find out with my family around either!

"I thought I would take the test here so we could find out at the same time..." Xav nods in agreement. I pull out a white box which contains the pregnancy test I'll have to take."I'm going to take it now...Is that Ok?" Xav nods. I sigh and walk off to the toilet.

Two minutes Later!

I walk out with the sit in my hands. I have never been so nervous in my life! I sit down on the couch and wait for the answer to flash on the screen.

"I never thought peeing on a stick would be so hard!" I saw trying to lighten the mood of the situation. The stick flashes the answer."Xav come here!" Xav walks over to me and we look at the answer together."Oh no! This can't be right!" I saw before bawling my eyes out. Xav starts rubbing my back trying to comfort me."There is noway I'm going to be able to live in that house when dad,Indi and Dex find out! Dad wont support me at all!"

"If he doesn't we always have a spare room!" Xav says still trying to comfort me.

"How the hell are we going to survive being parents?"

Thats all for now!

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Thanks Kristen and Steve!

Chapter 4!

Romeo and I were getting disgusted looks from everybody. We walk into the diner to see yet,more disgusted looks! But when Indi and Logan walk through the door people smile at them! What the hell is that all about?!

"We get disgusted looks and they get smiles! Tell me again how that's fair?" I whisper to Romeo beside me.

"I wouldn't have a clue!" I sigh heavily as we walk up to Coleen to order our food.

"You two together already? Just you wait till Madge Wilkins hears about this!" Sometimes I wish that women would mind her own business!

"Or,maybe,just maybe,you could mind your own business for once!" Coleen gives me a glared. I just poke my tongue out!

"Coleen can we please order now?" Romeo asks in the tone he gets when he's fed up.

"Sure Mr Smith what would you like?"

"Two chocolate milkshakes and two chocolate muffins please?" Coleen walks off to get our food.

"I can't stand that women!" I murmur to Romeo,who replies to the comment with a grunt.

I sit on the Walkers couch watching my pregnant ex girlfriend pace back and forwards. Thats right my PREGNANT! EX! Girlfriend! I can understand why she's worried! I mean her dads not really the type to just ignore something like this. I guess nobody can ignore something like this! Mum and John thought before they said anything. They said that Sasha might need a place to stay after Sid was informed. I think they knew that Sasha was going to need a new home after Sid was informed, and the thing is Sasha knew it too!

"Whats taking him so long?" Sasha asks me anxiously. I shrug my shoulders

Thats it!

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