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Promise Me...

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  • 1 month later...

Chapter Two

I can feel your body

Promise me the pleasure

Move me even closer to you

I can read your mind and

I believe it's time to

You don't have to ask

Just promise me this time

Won't be the last time

Ooh, ooh, ooh

How easy it was that they slipped back into a routine, Aden working down on one of the boats at the dock and her, well she was back in the diner, talking and laughing and smiling just like she hadn’t left. Looking at Colleen busying herself around the tables with her usual mix of gossip and work Belle sighed happily. Being back in the Bay had already made her look a hundred times better, according to Irene at least, the other woman giving her compliments and ego-boosting comments every day. But there was more, she could feel her body healing and changing in good ways. The muscles in her arms becoming toned once more and her cheeks filling out from all the snacks and food that Irene and Leah passed on to her. Aden too seemed fitter for his working back on the trawlers.

She thought to the flat that they had finished decorating. The walls painted with a cream paint making it look cleaner and brighter and the woodwork cleaned up too. Like even where they were living was coming back to life too.

“You ok Darl,” Irene murmured bringing Belle back to the present.

“Just daydreaming.”

Belle half shook her head and moved over to the large sink scrapping off a couple of plates before rinsing them under the tap and stacking them into the commercial dishwasher.

“I can bet what about, that husband of yours!”

Belle felt her cheeks flushing and knew they had turned red when Irene shot her a look and grinned.

“Er..” she stuttered wondering how to tell the other woman what was going on in her marriage. At night she and Aden were more like brother and sister then husband and wife and while a part of her mourned her marriage, fearing to even think that it could be over, she knew that it just wasn’t the same.


Leah stomped in, clearly not her usual self.

“What is happening with you Darl?” Irene muttered talking a step back and looking at the petite brunette.

“Oh, just…”

Leah stopped and said something in Greek that luckily neither woman understood from the hand movements that accompanied the strange sounding words.

“Leah, calm down and tell us, look let me get you a coffee,” Belle murmured softly, her eyes seeking out the other woman’s and sending out calming vibes. Not that she fully believed in them, thinking of how ridiculous she felt going to therapy and hearing all the ‘new age’ stuff sprouted at her as part of her treatment. Busying herself making the drink she half heard Leah explaining that VJ had cut class to go and spend time with Brax. “Well that doesn’t sound too bad, spending time with one of his friends.” Belle murmured before turning and placing the cup and saucer in front of Leah on the counter top. She missed the look that the two women exchanged before they laughed at her. “What?”

“Brax is one of the River Boys,” Irene said when she stopped laughing.

“And they would be?”

“A surfer gang that moved into the Bay a while back,” Leah explained.

“So your son, who is still in high school is hanging out with the leader of a gang?” Belle said encapsulating her understanding of the situation.

“Yeah,” Irene said when Leah remained silent.

“Ok I have missed a lot,” Belle said slowly and before the sentence was finished all three women looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Is this a bad time?”

Belle’s gaze shot to Aden’s at his quietly murmured question and she found herself still smiling as she looked into his bright blue eyes.

“Hey you, I wasn’t expecting to see you until later,” she told him and before she could stop herself she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. She could feel her face heating up from another blush as Aden returned the kiss and stroked his hand down her arm.

“Weather warning so we came in early. Thought we could go for a swim?”

“She most certainly can, Darl,” Irene butted in.

Before Belle knew it she was bundled out of the diner and after they went home to change back on the beach with her husband. He kept smiling at her and she found herself smiling back and even if they didn’t kiss again she was happy. Something had changed between them. And it felt good.

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Chapter Three

Promise me forever
Don't just say whatever
A broken vow is better than none
Don't dare leave me in fear
As if you were not real
We both know this memory will live on

Belle rolled over in the bed hearing the creak from the old wooden boards underneath her. She was alone, Aden having left a long time before to head out on the boat. The past three days had been amazing. First there had been the trip to the beach and swimming. For once it had felt like they were a real couple as they held hands and kissed, even did some talking about things without a strained silence falling in amongst the words like what normally happened between them.

And then there was dinner. Aden had cooked. There had been some swearing and some dropping of things before he’d placed a large bowl of spaghetti on the table with homemade sauce. She’d been strangely happy at the set table, seeing their mismatched plates and the lit candle in the centre of the table.

“Ok?” he’d asked as he produced a bottle of cheap red wine and poured that into their glasses.

She’d been quiet for too long, in a kind of shock at how nice it seemed and he’d retreated into silence again before she sucked in a breath and gave him a smile.

“It looks amazing.” She’d told him as they sat at the table.

The conversation stilled for precious minutes before she forced herself to relax and just talk. She convinced herself that it didn’t matter what she talked about just as long as they didn’t fall back into old habits, not when he’d made such an effort to make the dinner nice for her. She could tell that he was wounded in some way that he couldn’t afford to take her out to a restaurant for dinner or buy things and even worse was that he couldn’t articulate this pain to her and she grieved for him, on his behalf just like all the other times she felt his pain.

She should have been grateful that they had that connection still but a little part of her felt like it was unfair. Why should she deal with his pain too? She knew that stemmed from when she was ill and seeing him shrinking before her eyes when she was the one losing weight from the invasive cancer within her. Seeing his bald head when she’d lost her hair, and seeing the shadows of worry under his eyes when she was the one who was so scared and broken.

Of course she felt guilty for it; even more so now they were once more back home. He had no Nicole to talk to, no Roman. There was no compass to guide him with life decisions. She couldn’t help him, feeling in a kind of limbo herself.

Stopping herself from sinking into the depressive thought cycle that had once held her in its grip she stood and moved into the bathroom taking a quick lukewarm shower and dressed. She wasn’t roistered on for a shift at the diner until that afternoon so a walk along the beach with her camera seemed like a good idea.

Once on the beach she kicked off her shoes and after scooping up her discarded footwear, walked barefoot on the hot sand, her camera strap around her neck. The sea was broiling, that foamy white water encroaching on the sand and after snapping a couple shots of it she trained her camera on the surf.

Belle pressed the button snapping photo after photo before she checked the screen on the back of the camera, noticing the tattooed surfer cresting the waves. She had one of him sitting astride his board as he waited for the next wave, one hand trailing in the water as he lifted his other one and pushed it through his hair. She was so focused on the screen she didn’t notice that he’d come out of the water and was moving towards her.

“Hey!” Brax called out.

Her head shot up and she flushed, like she’d been caught in doing something wrong. Of course she hadn’t, she told herself hastily.

“Er, yeah hi,” she said slowly willing herself to stop blushing.

“I don’t appreciate my picture being taken,” Brax muttered fixing her with his stare.

“What? No, I was er…”

“Then you won’t mind me looking at your camera, will you?”

Belle flushed even darker at his question. She hadn’t intended to take his photo but something had drawn her to look in his direction and now she was up close to him, close enough to read those tattoos and she sighed.

“So why don’t you like your picture taken?” Belle asked going on the offensive.

“It’s an invasion of my privacy.”

She nodded remembering that lecture from her newspaper days. Not that the rag she’d worked on really cared that much if the boundaries were crossed in the pursuit of a story.

“And isn’t it an invasion of my privacy to insist on looking at the photos I’ve taken? Some of them are personal.”

Brax stepped closer to her, close enough now that she could feel the heat from his body and inhale the salty-musky tang from his body. The scent of him wove around her senses and all the words she’d been forming inside her head slipped away as did her thoughts of Aden.

“And do you like to get personal often?” He asked her.

She closed her eyes briefly and then when she opened them again she found she was once more focused on his lips. The shape of them suddenly fascinated her and the way they moved as he framed words and spoke. She could imagine how he kissed and found herself sighing with a mixture of desire and wistfulness. Only the sharp cry of child further up the beach brought her back to the present and under some sort of control. Her eyes flew to check that the kid was ok, noticing that he’d run back to his parents also on the beach, before she spun on her heel and scampered away from the tattooed surfer. If she was really lucky she wouldn’t see him again, those type of guys didn’t usually stay around long.

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