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Promise Me...

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Story Title: Promise Me

Type of story: Medium Fic.

Main characters: Belle, Aden, Plus Main cast

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama,

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Summary: When Belle and Aden married they believed they would only have a short time together before Belle's illness took over. Then they heard of a pioneering treatment in the US and moved there. Now a year later they are back but no longer the happy couple that left. What happened to them and will they find a way back? Will they find that some promises aren't meant to be kept.....


I can't see tomorrow

What the future holds

But I believe my heart knows enough

Ooh, though sometimes I'm confused

And I guess I stand to lose

I don't wanna risk missing your sweet love

Aden Jefferies looked over at his wife sitting next to him, Belle Taylor-Jefferies; noting the dark circles around her eyes and the sunken cheeks, she still looked achingly fragile despite the exclusive clinic stating her cancer was in full remission. It had been over two years since they had left Summer Bay and he knew that there were a lot of changes in that time.

Nicole was gone, after of all things having a baby. He still had a look of surprise on his face whenever he thought about that, let alone the fact that she’d left with Angelo of all people. Irene had faced her own battle with Cancer. Liam Murphy was still around, and wasn’t he glad about that one, he thought with the merest touch of sarcasm remembering the other man’s infatuation with his wife. Irene assured him that he was hooked up with someone called Bianca, which only made him slightly less of a threat. Miles was gone too, after whirlwind romance with Leah that ended almost as quickly as it started.

He had the feeling that a lot of things had changed apart from them. He would still need a job and Belle was infamous for the Blog she’d started at the beginning of her treatment, receiving an advance from a publishers to turn it into a book. An advance they’d spent most off on returning home. Their flight going via the UK where they’d spent two weeks sightseeing.

He breathed out slowly thinking of the kind of reaction they would have pitching up in the Bay. Who would remember them and how would they fit in? All the questions they had asked themselves over the past month waiting out her final release from the clinic in the States. Fraught phonecalls to Irene had arranged a place for them to live but hadn’t reassured him that much.

He hadn’t told Belle about the gang Irene had called the River Boys, nor the various drug related crimes that had been going on. It wasn’t so much that he was fearful that Belle was going to get herself involved with drugs again, she was still taking a course of tablets and would be on them for the next year, no, it was that she still wanted to save the world. Getting involved trying to bring down a surfer gang would be just the thing she would get wound up in.

She turned her head towards him in her sleep and he sighed. There was so much they didn’t say to each other these days, so many silences they didn’t fill and now as they were finally on their way home they would have to work on their relationship. She was alive and he should be thankful, but there were days, no not days, moments when he would never admit that he felt trapped because she survived. She was Belle Taylor-Jefferies and she was his wife. Till death do them part. He’d promised.

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This is amazing.... and its great to see that Adelle have not died in the fanfic section.... I thought I was the only one left still writing about them!

Interesting start, will be interesting to see where you take this.... and what will happen when they go back to the Bay!

Lovely incorporating the current cast as well! :D

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Chapter One

And, ooh, if I knew

Ev'rything would end soon

I'd still choose to be with you

Belle looked around the small apartment and sighed. She could see a crack in the far end wall and the paper was peeling off from damp. She could also see that Aden wasn’t happy but they had paid a deposit and the first month’s rent. Unpacking took them a few hours, first the boxes that had been kept in storage and then their clothes. They didn’t have much, and that seemed to be an understatement in its own way. She rarely had a conversation with her husband these days remembering with angst all the nights filled with hoarse words back and forth between them while she was in the throes of her illness and he was her supportive husband, her carer, and nurse.

Was it just that their rolls had changed, she mused silently, that maybe now he had to adjust to her being somehow Belle again and he was back to being Aden, just her husband and not the one who did the million and one little things that helped her get through the illness, the Cancer. They still had issues with calling her disease: cancer, like naming it made it all the more scary? She didn’t know.

“I need to start looking for a job,” Aden announced his voice reverberating off the bare walls.

“Me too,” Belle responded and turning she saw the familiar look on his face, a mixture of concern and something she couldn’t put a name too. She was too cautious these days to challenge him about what he was thinking and feeling in the fear that he’d leave her. They had married too young, too quick and they both knew it. They had married for the wrong reasons. Forcing the pieces to fit between them rather than marriage being the natural progression of their feelings and if she were honest, which was something that she was so rarely these days, she’d never forgiven him for sleeping with Nicole and getting mixed up with loan sharks, As for Aden, she wasn’t sure that he’d forgiven her for surviving her cancer.

“Are you sure that you are up for that?” He asked a note entering his voice.

She couldn’t decide if he was upset with her or not. Although either one didn’t make much difference to how they were with each other.

“Maybe Irene could swing me a few shifts in the diner,” she suggested.


He stood and moved over to the last box of things ripping open the top.

“Perhaps she can give you some shifts too.”

He shot her a look without saying anything as he took out the things in the box.

“I don’t remember this stuff,” he muttered.

Belle moved over to his side catching the scent of his body spray and feeling a strange tingle go through her before she dismissed it and focused on the items in the box. Looking down she spotted a white envelope and after picking it up she opened it and read the enclosed card.

“Darl, thought you’d like some bits from your old room so I’m including them, plus a few things for his nibs so he can feel at home too, love Irene,” Belle sighed, “That is sweet of her.”

Aden nodded beside her before he lifted out a large throw she used to have on her bed.

“Oh that has to go on the sofa,” Belle declared looking over at the cream and pink patterned sofa stuck on the end wall. She’d wondered how she could have lived with it, seeing cheery pink flowers day in and day out when she was no-where near cheery, in fact inside, inside her soul she was screaming with frustration and unhappiness and sadness. The only thing that had made any sort of sense was to come home to Summer Bay.

“Not liking the roses myself.”

Belle smiled at his words, feeling tightness in her cheeks from the unfamiliar facial expression before she looked into the box again. She took out the string of lights she’d had on her headboard and looked at them.

“I bet they don’t work anymore.”

Aden looked at them before he took them out of her hands and walked over to a power socket. He fiddled with untangling the plug for a minute before putting it in the socket and flicking the switch, both of them watching as the lights flickered before erupting into life before them.

“Seem to be ok,” Aden told her as he checked the bulbs, “Where do you want them?”

Belle looked around before pointing to the far wall where the sofa was.

“Is there a way we could fix them above the sofa?”

Aden left them plugged in and resting on the floor as he moved to the far end of the room, not that it took him long she noticed, seeing the way he paced out the room, like somehow the small space couldn’t contain him.

“Yeah, we could put some nails in and hook them along the wall,” he paused and shot her a look, “we could even get a pot of white paint and freshen up the place.”

“You painting?”

Aden shot her a look at her question and smiled. She had no idea what he was thinking but he looked happier in that one moment than he had all morning.

“I think it would make it more like ours babe,” he told her.

Belle felt herself flush at the endearment and lowered her head so her hair would fall covering her face. Oh was she glad of having hair again if only for this moment of hiding her feelings, thinking of the dark brown tresses that were even darker than ever before. With the bounce of her hair around her face she remembered the day Aden had looked at her crying in her bed as she faced the loss of her hair due to the Chemotherapy and then the Radiotherapy and had instead of comforting her gone into the bathroom off the small room she had at the clinic and picked up the razor and shaved off his lovely blond hair. He’d walked back into the room ruefully rubbing a hand over his shaven head and giving her his usual grin. She’d stopped crying and begun laughing so much that the nurse walking past the room looked in on them to check they were all right.

‘But Aden, your lovely hair,’ she’d protested later. ‘It’s just hair babe, it’ll grow back,’ he’d replied simplifying it in those calm words and she’d never grieved for the loss of her hair again.

“Maybe,” she conceded when she’d realised she’d been quiet for too long.

“Don’t like that idea?”

Belle lifted her head and looked at him noticing something in his face that she hadn’t seen for a long time, a kind of excitement.

“Let’s go for a walk to the diner and see if Irene is there, we should say hello,” she murmured. “Maybe borrow her car so we can go to the hardware store and pick up a few things.”

Aden nodded and grinned at her suggestion. A couple of minutes later they were walking down to the sea front, not hand in hand like they would have done a year ago, but together and without arguing and maybe that was something, she thought as she breathed in the salt air feeling her cheeks warming under the sun.

Belle Taylor-Jefferies was home in Summer Bay, with her husband.

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