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Lives of Tomorrow

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Story Title: Lives of Tomorrow

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic (Two Shot)

Main Characters: Charlie, Ruby, Brax, Hugo, Xavier, Martha, Melody, Gina and Morag.

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Drama/Thriller/Mystery

Does the Story Include Spoilers? No spoilers.

Any Warning: Contains violence, murder (Not graphic) and possible distressing scenes of a nature.

Summary: One ordinary day in Summer Bay is where it all began and suddenly all hell broke loose.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey everyone. This is my third fanfic, a prequel to Tomorrow and Forever. It's a special two shot for anyone who has gotten confused or would be interested to know what happened previously. If that's you then the answers are here. It's much darker in tone to TAF, but don't let that stop you. Go read, enjoy. :)

Cause we're like outlaws stridding while suckers are hiding,

Jump behind the bush when you see me driving by,

One of Rage Against the Machine's songs blared out of the speakers as Geoffrey King's car barrelled down the road. "Don't worry Hugo." He spoke, gripping the steering wheel. "It won't be long now."

Hugo tried to respond, but with the duct tape covering his mouth it was impossible. He struggled with the ropes that bound him to the passenger seat.

"I'm sorry, did you say something? Think you'll have to speak up."

Hugo kept fighting the ropes causing King annoyance. "Will you shut up Hugo? Jake, do what I told you."

Jake, who had been quiet in the backseat, took his order.

Hugo's eyes were full of fear, as a pistol now aimed at his head.

Here is something you can't understand,

How I could just kill a man

King adjusted the rear-view mirror and noticed a car behind them. "Well would you look at that."

Hugo glanced out the window and saw Brax's car.

King swerved and parked his car outside the Pier. He turned off the ignition and looked at Jake. "Deal with Brax. I don't want him following us anymore than he already has. I'll take care of the people smuggler."


Melody opened and passed through the Iron Gate, which swung shut on its rusty and squeaky hinges. She made her way carefully amongst the many gravestones, some too old and too broken for any inscription to be read.

The silence was deafening, and tension hung in the air as she traced the headstone she had arrived to see. She stopped at a new headstone, and lowered herself to the ground.

"Hi Mum" She placed a bouquet of dark crimson roses at the head of the grave and ran a hand along the epitaph. "I hope you like them. The florist helped me pick them out."

Melody reached inside her pocket and pulled out a photograph of her as a young girl with her mother, both smiled happily. A lone tear rolled down her cheek, and before the waterworks really started she dabbed a tissue at her eyes.

"I really miss you Mum. Home hasn't been the same without you, and now, I'm like this outcast." Melody remembered her Dad's wedding to Natalie Franklin, and with the marriage Nicole was now an instant part of the family.

"I'm going to live with Miles. I know you never saw eye to eye with him, but I will be happier there. I hope. That's all you ever wanted for me, I know that now." She stood, ready to leave. "I love you Mum. I'll see you again soon."


Charlie clutched a sixteen-year-old letter in her hands. She had looked over it so many times that she could literally recite it by heart. She absorbed the contents; the inked words that once helped her decide the direction of her life. She still felt horrible, even to this day. How she had handed her baby over to her parents to adopt and raise. She forced herself to not dwell on the past and thrusted the piece of paper down. She began to make herself a cup of tea when she heard a knock at the door.

She spun round, surprised to see Xavier stood in the doorway. "Xavier. Hi."

"Hey. I left my iPod here the other day. I called Ruby about it, she said to just drop by."

"Ok. Well Ruby's out with Annie at the moment, but I know where she keeps things like that. Let me get it for you."

Xavier watched as Charlie disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Through the open doorway his attention was immediately drawn to the letter on the counter top. He thought it unlikely any of the residents of the Patterson household would leave something of importance in such a visible spot. He walked over and picked it up. As his eyes fell on the middle of the page, he began to feel uncomfortable. He knew he had no business reading it, but since he started he wanted to know more.

I'd never be able to take care of her.

I'm just a child myself.

This decision is for the best.

He wasn't exactly sure what it was about, but it didn't take him long to figure that there was something major Charlie hadn't told Ruby. Then he noticed the small penned date in the top left corner of the page.

29 June 1993

Ruby's birthday... It all made sense. The reason Charlie had always been so protective of Ruby, way more than a sister would naturally be.

"Found it." Charlie's voice travelled through the living room.

Xavier quickly placed the letter back as he had found it, and tried to appear as casual as he could. Charlie handed him the iPod and he tucked it into his jacket pocket and headed toward the door.

"Thanks for the iPod."

"No problem Xavier." Charlie closed the door behind him and rushed to put the letter away.


The darkened shadows surrounded Brax as he stumbled across the parking lot; he had sustained mild concussion due to a blow at back of the head from Jake. He hadn't been conscious long, but he needed to find King.

It appeared most of the businesses that lined the Pier had closed for the night, only for a few scattered lights here and there.

"Geoffrey?" Brax called out, as a gust of wind blew in from the bay. "I know you're out here." He pulled out his mobile phone and scrolled through his contacts until he heard a confrontation, coming from a container down past the Pier.

He set off toward the voices. Nearing closer Brax heard King and Hugo's argument.

"You're lying. You're been using my premises to hold your Smuggling ring." King shouted.

"I didn't know it was your building, seemed pretty empty to me." Hugo replied.

"It's my problem when the cops start sniffing around."

"Ok. I know that now. Now can you let me go. I have people who will be wondering where I am."

King chuckled. "You think I'm that stupid? You're not going anywhere. No one messes with Geoffrey King and gets away with it." His gloved hands, strong and merciless tightened round Hugo's neck and closed off his air supply. He could hear nothing but the blood pounding in his ears, not even the waves lapping across the shore in the background. Then he was gone.

Brax, horrified at what he had witnessed stepped into the entrance of the container.

"Brax old chum." King said, noticing him. "Now, you need to do exactly what I say."

"What the hell Geoffrey? You just killed Hugo. Are you insane?"

"I need a boat. Know of any?"

"Well that old guy, Alf Stewart owns one, but I doubt he'd lend it to me."

"Well go ask. I need a damn boat."

Later that night, on the Blaxland, out at sea, King had begun to explain everything to Brax. "He was using my warehouse for his Smuggling, so I took him out."

Brax gave a half laugh. "That can't seriously be it. There's gotta be more to it, well unless there's money involved."

"He got a little too close to my organisation, that's all."

"What if the cops get whiff of this? We'll be dead ringers for sure, eh. I could be prosecuted and seen as conspiring to commit murder here."

"Keep your mouth shut and it won't be a problem. But it really is funny to see you all worried about the cops finding out about this when, ages ago you wouldn't have given it a second thought."

"I've got two businesses. If everyone knew the sort of stuff I get up to I'd have no customers."

"Yes, a murder would put those customers off their pizza."

"You're sick you know that."

"At least he won't be standing in your way."

"What you mean by that?"

King placed Hugo's body in a wooden box and added anything heavy to make sure it sank to the bottom of the seabed. "Martha. You're a dark horse Brax."

"It was a one off. She's my employee. I'm with Charlie and that's the way it's gonna stay."

"That's what they all say." As King nailed the lid on the box he dropped the hammer to the floor. "Now, help me push this box over the side of the boat."

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Thanks Pembie :) This is last part, enjoy.

Charlie dangled her sock-covered feet off one end of the couch while she stared happily at the television. “How’s that cup of tea coming along?”

“Yep, it’s getting there.” Brax called back. He tried to shake the incident with Geoffrey King away, but it was all he could think about until a knock at the door pulled him from his thoughts.

“Darryl Braxton?” A police officer asked.

“Yeah, what can I do for ya?” Brax noticed two coppers stood in the open doorway.

“We need to speak with you.”

“What about? I’m kinda busy.”

“No one’s too busy to accompany us to the station.”

Charlie upon hearing the conversation rushed into the kitchen. “What’s going on?”

“I’m going down the station to help these officers with something.” Brax replied.

Charlie looked wide-eyed at her colleagues and then back at Brax. “What? Why?”

Brax shrugged. “Guess I’ll find out soon.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“Nah, I’ll see you later.”

“Come on you two we haven’t got all day.” One of the officers said.

“Alright, but if you need anything just call me.” Charlie insisted.

Brax gave her a slight smile. “Yeah, will do. So you officers not gonna handcuff me this time.”

“Very funny Mr Braxton, now if you don’t mind we have somewhere to be.”


Geoffrey King shut his car door and walked over to Brax, who leaned against the top of his car.

“So what’s so important that I had to drop everything and get here in hurry?” King asked.

“The police questioned me this arvo about Hugo.”

“Oh yeah. Is that it?”

“A diver found the box Geoffrey. He got a local fisherman to bring it up out the water and when they prized it open, you get my drift now?”

“Well of course, but I wouldn’t go getting those Braxton knickers of yours in a twist. Even if they do an autopsy, it probably won’t reveal that we had anything to do with Hugo’s murder. For all they know it could be one of those immigrants he shipped here.”

“No.” Brax began. “There’s just too much at stake, I can’t lose what I have. I’m gonna have to back out of our agreement.”

“I thought our agreement had been settled.”

“Well things change.”

“What things? Is this a ‘Brax has something up his sleeve moment’?”

“Yeah, guess you could say that. I’m gonna teach you a thing or two about swimming with the fishes.”

“What are you playing at?”

“You know Geoffrey you’ve always been the cause of most of my problems and now I’ve got the opportunity to end that.”

“Come on Brax we can talk about this. Settle another deal, I’ll go away.” King begged.

“Goodbye Geoffrey.” Brax fired two bullets into King’s chest, and made a quick retreat.


“Murdered?” Gina’s heart sank as she clasped a tissue in her hands.

Xavier looked solemn as a police officer relayed the news. “I understand this must be difficult to take in, but there is a grievance counsellor on hand to help if you need to talk.”

“Who would do such a thing?” Xavier asked.

“We’re looking into that.” The officer answered.

Martha walked into the living room, tears swelled up in her eyes. “Can I see him?”

“Right now it’s not advisable.”

“I just want to see him.” Martha cried.

“He’s at the coroner’s office, but I’ll see what I can do.” The officer stood to leave. “I’m sorry for your lost, I’ll see myself out.”


“That’s horrible Xave.” Ruby said, as she eyed her strawberry milkshake from the tray in Colleen’s hands. “But Hugo wouldn’t want you to be down; he’d still want you to live life to the fullest.”

Colleen placed their drinks on the table. “Ruby’s right Xavier, life must go on and all that. I am so sorry to hear about poor Hugo, he didn’t deserve a sticky end.” She scooted back into the kitchen, where she dabbed her eyes with her apron.

“Hey guys.” Melody said as she came bounding into the diner.

“Hey Mel.” Ruby said. “Take a seat.”

Melody sat down in the seat beside her friend. “I heard about Hugo. Do the police know who did it yet?”

“Not yet.” Xavier began. “But they will.”

“So what have you guys got planned for the day?” Melody asked them.

“Not much.” Ruby said as she drank some of her milkshake.

“Well if you guys need something to cheer you up, I know of a party that’s starting later.” Melody replied.

“I’m not really in the partying mood.” Xavier said.

“Come on Xave. Mel, don’t you think Hugo would want Xavier to get on with things?”

Melody merely smiled as she brushed a strand of her long blonde hair out of her eyes.

Later that evening the party was in fully swing. Ruby popped a cork from the champagne bottle and squealed as bubbles spilled over her. She tipped it back and took a swig. “It’s really nice Mel, try some.”

Melody opened her mouth as she let Ruby pour some of the fizzy liquid down her throat. Then she grabbed the bottle and held it to her lips like a microphone and began to sing, or rather shout, a tune that she, Ruby and Annie had designated as their song. “I come home in the morning light, my mother said when you gonna live your life right?”

Ruby took the bottle from Melody and sang in a bubbly voice. “Oh mother dear, we’re not the fortunate ones, and girls they wanna have fun-un. Oh girls just wanna have fun!”

Xavier could see there was a killer party going on, but he just wasn’t happy about being there. He knew he should be at home with Gina. He watched as Ruby turned to him, her wavy hair swished as she sang.

“I’m off home.” He told her.

Ruby handed the bottle to Melody and took Xavier by the arm. “But we’re having a party.”

“Do you really think I’m in the right mood for a party when my brother is dead?”

“I’m sorry Xave.”

“Don’t be, I know you were just trying to help, I love the caring side of you.”

Ruby smiled at him. “You do?”

He gave a slight smile. “I’ll order you a taxi so you get home safe.”

“Ok. Love my Xavey wavey too.” Ruby said, and realised how drunk she sounded.


King felt pain from his wounds as he attempted to sit up in his hospital bed.

Detective Robertson handed him a cup of water, before he reached into his jacket to retrieve his notebook and pen. “So you didn’t see the person who shot you?”

“That’s correct.” King replied.

“So what made you decide to go out into the middle of Hicksville?”

“I just thought about a drive down that way, took a stroll to kill some time, my wife and I have been having problems. I needed some air before I went back home.”

“Sorry to hear about your marriage Mr King. Do you think your wife could have followed you out there?”

“No, it was just me.”

“She has motive.”

“I doubt it was her.”

“Well whoever attempted to kill you may have been responsible for Hugo’s murder. I don’t think a small framed woman has the ability to push a very heavy box over the side of a boat Mr King.”

King mopped his brow. “No, no she doesn’t.”

Robertson stared down at King. “In light of everything, at least you don’t die properly. Now if you think of anything that might help us with our inquiries, don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

Robertson left the room, no sooner was he gone King heard someone enter.

“Did you forget something Detective?” King called out nervously.

Hands opened the curtains around King’s bed and Brax towered above him. “What’s the detective doing talking to you?”

“He wanted to know why I was left for dead in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well I’m here to finish the job.”

“Wait. Listen. I’m getting old I guess but I don’t want to die, not yet. I’ll do anything you want, I’ll disappear, and you won’t have to worry about me again.” King negotiated. “Come on Brax. What’d say?”

“Yeah, ok. As soon as the docs say you can go you get the hell outta this town. I mean it Geoffrey and don’t say anything about this Hugo thing to anyone. Is that understood?”

“You’ve got my word.”


Brax entered the house, Ruby in tow. “I found this one outside chucking up on the grass.”

“What have I told you about staying out till late?” Charlie said with a stern glare.

“It was just one party Charles.” Ruby replied.

“No surprises then that you’re all tanked up.”

“It was just one drink.” Ruby slipped her shoes off.

“And where have you been?” Charlie turned to Brax. “I phoned the station but they said you left hours ago.”

“Yeah, had other business to take care of.” Brax replied.

“Care to enlighten me on this other business?”

“Nah.” Brax gave a slight smile. “You do look hot when you get all worked up though.”

“Ew, that’s too much information guys.” Ruby walked over to the sink

“Well I’ll leave you both to it.” Brax headed out the door.

“As for you young lady we need to sit down again and talk about your curfew.” Charlie said.

“Listen Charles, maybe you should leave the mothering until you have a kid. You should definitely do more sister act.”

Morag who had been in the living room stepped into the kitchen, the phone still placed to her ear and forgetting about anyone nearby began to drop a bombshell. “Yes I have the documents of the adoption. Charlie had the baby sixteen years ago.”


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