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Exposure of the Beast

Guest pembie

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Story Title: Exposure of the Beast.

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

BTTB Rating: A to be safe

Main Characters: Heath, Braxtons, Hammer,Jake, Ruby Leah, Miles, VJ,Elijah,Watson,Gina,John,The Walkers

Minor Character: Charlie

Genre: Comedy Fantasy.

Does story have any spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual Content

Summary: This Story is about how Heath is coping with his life as a werewolf plus how Charlie and Brax are coping having their relationship in the open. Sequel to "The Beast Within".

Warning sexual references

Chapter 1.

Flashback of the night when Heath bit off Elijah’s hand.

As the darkness and the mist of the night falls upon the sleepy town of Summer Bay high pitched wails of panic engulf it’s hospitals corridors.


Sid, “Elijah that is only the disaffection gel.”

Elijah, “Sid I know that, I was only messing with you.”

Sid, “Mm.”

Elijah pulls back his stump where his hand used to be with a look of utter terror on his face.Sid sighs rolling his eyes.

Sid, “Now I know I have asked this question before, but would you like me to give you something to put you to sleep while I do this procedure? It could get very painful.”

Elijah, “Oh no Sid do not waste your medicines on me, I am a man of God he will summon my pain away. Plus I plan to take the lovely Watson out for a slap up meal tonight.”

Sid, “Er.”

Elijah, “No time for er’s Sid the faster you have attached my hand to my arm again the faster I can woo my woman.”

Sid chuckles and says……

Sid, “Oh yes what do you plan to woo her with? Haven’t you seen the time? Its 3am I don’t think the diners open at this time.”

Elijah, “3am? Where has the time gone? It was just past midnight a few minutes ago.”

Sid, “Well I would say time flies when your having fun but…..”

Elijah, “Well hurry it up abit here Sid either you’re a very slow doctor or not a very skilled one. Look at my poor half chewed hand I‘m surprised it’s still of any use after all this time.”

Elijah somehow misses the glint of anger in Sid’s tired eyes.

Sid, Are you? Are you really? Well in that case you might be also surprised to hear that the reason your hand is still somewhat healthy despite Heath’s teeth marks in it. Is because each time I have asked if you’re ready to start and tried to lift it out of it’s cooling ice box you snatch it away from me and shove it back inside.”

Elijah, “Oh don’t be utter ridiculous I do not remember doing any such thing.”

Sid, “Oh abit like you don’t remember shouting no, no, no while shaking your head.”

Elijah, “What are you implying here Sid that I am some kind of wimp? I would have you know I am one of God’s warriors.”

Sid, “Oh in that case will we begin?”

Elijah quickly twirls round in his swirly chair facing away from Sid.

Sid, “Elijah would you mind turning round?”

Elijah, “If it’s alright with you I would rather not.”

Sid, “God dam these hospital cut backs with this God dam twirly chairs.”

Elijah,” That’s twice Sid my good man.”

Sid, “What is?”

Elijah, “You have used the Lord’s name in vain.”

Sid, “Oh what does that matter? We do have a werewolf living in the town now.”

Elijah, “Yes I must admit those Braxtons weren’t joking with their claim of being bad boys, I just wasn’t expecting one of them to bite my hand off lets hope they don’t try and bite my head off next time.”

Sid rolls his eyes and sighs loudly.

Elijah, “Problem Sid?”

Sid, “Would you made facing me please?”

Elijah,“Oh no I couldn’t possibly look.”

Sid, “Then shut your eyes but I do need to see your arm while I attach your hand to it.”

Elijah twirls to face Sid, who smiles and processes to get Elijah’s hand out of the ice cooling box. Elijah’s eyes follow Sid as he picks up a long sharp needle.

Elijah, “Sid your abit of a ladies man”

Sid, “That I am Elijah.”

Elijah eyes Sid as he picks up a couple of screws and bolts and places them down on his small sliver operating tray. The next time Elijah speaks his voice has raised in volume ever so slightly.

Elijah, “WHAT would YOU say IS the MOST ROMANTIC meal you HAVE ever HAD with a WOMAN?”

Sid, “Is your voice alright? You sound tense remember shut your eyes.”

Elijah, “What ME TENSE?”

Sid looks at Elijah who is sat bolt up right in his chair a look of terror upon his face.

Sid, “Are you sure you don’t want to be knocked out for this? Your eyes look like their about to pop out of your head.”

Elijah, “I will admit Sid I am ever so slightly worried here but God will summon my pain away.”

Sid, “Are you sure?”

Elijah, “OH yes HIS JUST BEING abit SLOW THAT IS all.”

Sid, “Well could you tell him to hurry it up I would like to get a few hours sleep I have the morning shrift tomorrow.”

Elijah, “Oh Sid that was rather silly of you wasn’t it?”

Sid, “What was?”

Elijah, “Agreeing to work tonight as well.”

Sid just stares at the one handed man seated before him who is shaking head disproving while tutting very loudly.

Sid, “Elijah I’m not working tonight.”

Elijah, “Funny it looks like we are in hospital and your about the perform surgery on me.”

Sid, “Elijah I am here because you were daft enough to get your God…..”

Elijah, “SID”

Sid, “Oh yes, yes don’t use the our lords name in vain blah, blah, blah.”

Elijah, “Thank you.”

Sid, “So you were the one daft enough to get your hand bitten off by a werewolf.”

Elijah, “Must I remind you Sid that werewolf is dating your daughter?”

Sid, “Its statements like those which might make me slip with his nice big needle here.”

Elijah, “Ah jury noted.”

Sid, “Anyway back to your original question.”

Elijah, “Ah yes how in the word did God create the earth in seven days? Well I just put it down to good faith Sid my good man.”

Sid, “Errrrrrrrrrrr no that wasn’t the question.”

Elijah, “It wasn’t?”

Sid, “No, Watson where should you take her for a meal out?”

Elijah, “Oh I am well past that now my friend, I have the prefect most romantic date planned.”

Sid, “You do?”

Elijah, “We will break bread and have red wine strip it back to basics you know?”

Sid, “Er Elijah I don’t think women these day go for the whole the bread is the body of Christ and the wine is his blood thing.”

Elijah, “It wont just be that I will engage her with my wit and ever so interesting personality.”

Sid, “Mm I see, well are we ready to start now?”

Elijah, “Oh yes I can feel the good Lord with me now.”

Sid, “Of course you can well here we go.”

Sid picked up Elijah’s hand as well as his hammer and few nails this was meet with a loud yelp from Elijah. Sid looks up to see Elijah sweating with fear.


Sid who has now reached the end of his tether lets out a long loud moan as well as throwing his arms back over the top of his head. This quick action causes Sid to toss Elijah’s hand backwards and send it hurling out the open window. Soon after this there is a loud clonking sound as Elijah’s hand connects with a moving car as it drives past. Sid takes a shocked look at Elijah as to say oh my what have I done and then quickly dashes over to the surgeries open window (Left open to air the room and not for hurling half chewed hands out of.) As Sid starts to poke his head he can already feel the dread sweeping through his body as he knows the sight which would be awaiting him.

Elijah, “Sid am I dreaming? Because I could have sworn you chucked my hand out of your window.”

Sid, “Errrrrr I wish this was a dream, how mad would you be if I had?”

Elijah, “Well the good Lord teaches us to try and not to feel anger towards our friends. So no I wouldn’t be mad I would be extremely put out mind.”

Sid, “Well that’s good because I can see it down there in the road and it looks fine, which is very lucky don’t……………….”

Just then there is a loud rumbling noise.

Sid, “Oh no”

Elijah, “Oh no what? What was that sound?”

Sid, “Now don’t panic but that sound was the sound of a large ten ton truck crushing your hand.”

Elijah, “Can you see it? Is it alright?”

Sid, “Errrrrrrrrrrrr”

Sid quickly twirls round looking rather panicked in search of something he could use as a replaced for Elijah’s hand. As he shoots Elijah with worried little smiles his darting eyes fall upon the one thing which could save the day.

Sid muttering quietly to himself “Thank you Dex”

Elijah watches Sid walk over to him with a small hopeful glint in his eyes.

Sid, “Elijah how about we try this abit of nifty piece of kit out? Curtsey of my son.”

Elijah’s eyes widen with fear.

End of flashback.

One year later.

Elijah has been and come back from Africa. Watson has just finished a intense police training course of werewolf awareness, while Charlie who was meant to join her on the course found herself far too distracted by Brax to go. Leah and Miles have had a baby son which they have named Bamm-Bamm.

Leah, “Miles please be careful with him his just eaten.”

Miles grins at Leah as he bounces baby Bamm- Bamm on his shoulders.

Miles, “Hear that Bamm- Bamm? Your Mummy thinks you will throw up all over my head silly Mummy.”

Bamm-Bamm giggles.

Leah, “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you Miles.”

Miles, “Leah I can ensure you our son has no plans to grace us with his already eaten lunch. He is having far too much fun to do that.”

Leah, “Oh Miles you are naïve, his a baby they are known to be sick.”

Miles, “Woo Bamm-Bamm your Mummy is funny, she thinks a gentle piggy back ride is going to make you ill.”

Leah, “Gentle, gentle Miles you have been running up and down the beach getting him to pretend he was a cowboy for like a hour while I read my book.”

Miles, “Yeah that was so much fun.”

Leah, “Miles sometimes I wonder who is the bigger kid you or Bamm-Bamm.”

Miles gives Leah and goofy grin as they approach their house.

Miles, “That would probably be me.”

Leah, “Mm I think you are right there, now where are the house keys?”

Leah starts to search her handbag.

Miles, “Oh no your Mummy can’t find her keys.”

Bamm-Bamm, “Back beach Dada?”

Miles, “Yes looks like it maybe we can get a ice cream.”


Leah, “Miles do not get him overexcited please oh come on where are they?”

Miles quickly tugs on Leah’s arm stopping her in her tracks as he gazes over at their doorstep with utter shock.

Leah, “Miles what is it? What’s wrong?”

Miles, “Heath”

Leah, “Oh no really you don’t really think Heath could of eaten our keys do you?”

Still with the look of utter shock on his face at the sight he was seeing. Miles reaches a hand into Leah’s bag and fishes out the door keys and holds his palm out under Leah’s face. Leah takes them giving Miles a curious look.

Miles, “Leah I think we should go back to the beach and continue to enjoy our fun family day out.”


Leah just stares at Miles.

Miles, “Yes that’s it keep looking at me and slowly back away from our front door.”

Leah starts to back away but then stops and throws her hands over her head.

Leah, “Miles why don’t you want me to look at the house?”

Miles, “Let’s just say you could be scarred for life the sight you would see would stay with you forever which I would be slightly jealous about.”


Miles, “Yes indeed it is good old Heath in all his glory.”

Leah turns her head and lets out a loud shocked scream which causes Heath to look up from his sun lounger with a big grin he gives Leah and a quick wave.

Heath, “Alright hot isn’t it?”

Leah, “Quick Miles cover Bamm-Bamm’s’ eyes his far to young for nudity.”

Heath watches Leah as she marches over to him.

Leah whacks Heath hard with her handbag.

Heath, “Hey Leah OUCH that hurt.”

Leah, “Heath?”

Heath, “That’s my name don’t wear it out, what’s up?”

Leah, “Heath where are your clothes?”

Heath has a quick look round.

Heath, “Not here”

Leah, “Yes I can see that.”

Heath, “Well that’s good it would be abit silly to have them when I’m doing abit of naked sunbathing don’t you think?”

Leah, “Yes but where……WAIT YOUR SUNBATHING NAKED?”

Heath, “Yes Leah that’s why I’m out in the sun naked.”

Heath rolls his eyes at Leah’s oblivious statement.

Miles walks over to them covering Bamm-Bamm’s eyes.

Miles, “Did you remember the sun lotion?”

Heath, “Yes I did thanks for caring.”

Leah, “Miles really is that your question?”

Miles, “Er”

Leah, “Heath is sunbathing naked on our doorstep and you’re worried if his remembered to put sun lotion on?”

Miles, “Well sun burn really is painful.”

Leah turns back to Heath giving him another whack with her handbag.

Heath, “Hey can you stop that? I’m busy.”


Heath, “Getting a tan what else would I be doing?”

Leah, “Have the neighbours seen you?”

Heath, “Oh yes but I’m not complaining mostly were giggly teenage girls they whistled at me and took photos.”

Leah, “Oh I’m going to tell VJ off for this.”

Heath, “Why, his only responsible for me when I’m a wolf.”

Leah lets out a cry of anger as she marches into her house Miles smiles at Heath as he passes.

Miles, “You bad boy you.”

Heath, “Why thank you.”

Inside the house.

Leah, “Miles I’m furious I really am I…….”

Leah stops as she hears loud protesting voices coming from the living room.


Brax, “Charlie just calm down.”


Brax, “Sure we can just take it slowly.”


Leah looks at Miles.

Leah, “Their not breaking up again are they?”

Miles shrugs.

They both go back to listening.



Leah and Miles raise their eyebrows.

Ruby, “Mom that will be cheating.”

Casey, “Come on guys get on with it me and Ruby would like a go.”

Miles, “Sounds like they are having a orgy.”

Leah, “What with Ruby and Casey surely not?”

Charlie, “Oh I’m sweating here.”

Brax, “Just pull it out babe.”

Charlie, “I’m trying Brax it seems jammed.”

Casey, “This is boring now just whip it out for her bro.”


The small group of them turn to face Leah.

Brax, “Just a game of Jega Leah would you like to join us eh?”

Charlie, “Yes I thought the tower was bound to fall that time.”

Ruby, “Oh Mom I don’t think I have ever seen you looking so nervous.”

Charlie, “I didn’t want to lose the game that’s all.”

Casey, “Come on Rubes I can’t take this excitement any longer lets go and get a burger or something.”

Ruby, “Alright then I don’t think Charlie can take the tension which comes with Jega any longer anyway.”

Ruby and Casey leave to go to the diner.

Leah, “Brax do you know your brother is sunbathing naked outside?”

Brax, “No but that would explain where my missing sun cream has gone.”

Miles is suddenly heard screaming from the kitchen.

Brax, “Sounds like Miles might of burnt himself.”

Miles comes running into the living room.

Miles, “Leah you were right Bamm-Bamm just puked up over my head.”

Charlie, “Oh dear”

Leah, “Miles quick get up those stairs and give him and yourself a good wash quick before you get it all over the carpet.”

Bamm-Bamm, “I done poo poo too Mummy.”

Leah, “Oh my I better come and help.”

Leah pushes a panicked looking Miles out of the room.

As soon as their out of sight Charlie gives Brax a lustful look.

Charlie, “So we are alone.”

Brax, “Yes we are.”

Charlie, “Do you want to fool about?”

Brax, “Charlie I have to talk to you about something serious.”

Charlie starts to cry.

Charlie, “Oh Brax please don’t dump me I love you so much.”

Brax, “Charlie no I would never dump you but I think we may be in some serious danger.”

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Thanks Sarah,Red Ranger 1,mizziette and JoiseTash for the awesome comments.

Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 2

Charlie bites down forcefully on her lip as she feels a howl of laughter trying its dam hardest to escape, as she watches Brax with his serious looking expression.

Brax, “Charlie did you hear what I just said?”

Charlie just nods her head as the build up of her laughter comes close to it’s breaking point.

Brax, “Well don’t you have anything to say?”

Charlie quickly shakes her head.

Brax, “Oh ok then I just thought you would have lots to say, considering I just told you we maybe in danger.”

Charlie can’t take it any longer. Brax watches her somewhat stunned as he watches his girlfriend laugh like some kind of mad woman. She even has tears rolling her cheeks as her insane giggling continues.

Brax, “Charlie stop please, this isn’t a laughing matter.”

Charlie looks up to Brax’s face again and laughs even harder.


Charlie’s laughter fades to be replaced by a look of slight worry.

Brax, “Charlie I am afraid of what this danger might bring us.”

Charlie, “Oh Brax don’t you think you might be overreacting a tiny bit here? This is Summer Bay nothing dangerous ever happens here.”

Brax, “Really?”

Charlie, “No apart from the odd shootings or the odd person turned wredio who is out for revenge against one of the locals.”

Brax, “Oh so we have nothing to worry about then?”

Charlie, “No nothing why else do you think everyone leaves their doors unlocked in this town?”

Brax, “Errr utter madness?”

Charlie, “Madness? No its because we live in a safe little town which never sees any drama.”

Brax, “Expect last year when I found out my brother was a werewolf.”

Charlie, “Well he was nice and behaved earlier wasn’t he? He never tried to hump my leg or anything and he played fairly in our game of jega.”

Brax, “Did he? I don’t think he was here didn’t Leah say he was busy sunbathing on the doorstep?”

Charlie looks confused.

Charlie, “Who Casey?”

Brax, “No Heath, Heath is the werewolf babe.”

Charlie, “Oh yes silly me I have been so distracted with your hotness it must have slipped my mind. But don’t worry Brax what ever this so called danger is it will be ok I’m a very good cop you know?”

Brax, “I’m not so sure.”

Charlie, “Hey cheeky.”

Brax, “Oh no I don’t mean your not a good cop, why you’re the best I have come across. What I mean is I’m not sure anyone can help us.”

Charlie gets up off the floor amongst the Jega bricks and walks over to Brax. She looks deep into his eyes as she takes his hands and guides him backwards to the sofa. Charlie sits on Brax’s lap looking worriedly into his eyes.

Charlie, “What is it then my lovebug? What has you so worked up?”

Brax, “Hammer and Ja……”

Charlie jumps off Brax and stands looking at him for a few seconds.

Charlie, “Wait there.”

Charlie dashes out the room.

Brax, “Charlie where the hell have you gone now? Hammer……..”

Charlie, “Yes I know I’m just going to ask Miles if he has one.”

Brax, “No Hammer…..”

Charlie pokes her head round the wall.

Charlie, “Oh you don’t want a hammer?”

Brax, “Charlie Hammer……”

Charlie, “So you do want one? Fine wait a sec.”

Brax, “Charlie no.”

Charlie, “Brax do you want a hammer or not? You are sending out a lot of mixed signals here.”

Brax, “Yes I mean no oh I don’t know you have me all muddled now Charlie. Now listen to me carefully I will try this again.”

Brax continues but hasn’t noticed Charlie is out in the hall again getting ready to shout up the stairs to Leah and Miles.

Brax, “Jake and H………”

Charlie pokes her head round the wall again looking very baffled having not heard Brax right.

Charlie, “You want a rake as well as a hammer? Strange request but what ever makes you happy babe.”

Brax, “No I didn’t say rake I said Jake.”

Charlie, “Oh Jake I see.”

Brax, “Yes so as I was saying….”

Charlie, “Oh hang on Leah’s calling me.”

Brax sighs.

Leah, “Charlie do you want anything? I can hear you shuffling at the bottom of the stairs.”

Charlie, “Yes Brax seems worried apparently he would like to give some guy called Jake a hammer. Do you have a hammer that Brax could lend to Jake?”

Leah, “Jake? Who’s Jake? Have we got a new neighbour? Hang on I will go and ask Miles.”

Charlie, “Ok its nearly sorted babe then you can stop worrying Leah has gone to ask Miles.”

Brax, “Ask Miles what?”

Leah, “Charlie?”

Charlie, “Yes Leah?”

Leah, “Miles says he hasn’t noticed any new neighbours moving in next door, but his very excited about meeting him his coming down soon to give Brax a hammer to give him.”

Charlie, “Thank you.”

Leah, “Now I must go and help Miles with Bamm-Bamm’s nappy.”

Charlie walks back into the living room smiling.

Charlie, “All sorted.”

Brax who had got bored waiting for Charlie takes his headphones out of his ears and switches off his IPod.

Brax, “Now listen to me Charlie I had a phone call off my ex girlfriend Tegan three days ago.”

Charlie, “Oh did you now?”

Brax, “You did hear me say ex didn’t you?”

Charlie glares at him. Brax coughs nervously and goes on.

Brax, “Well she said……”

Charlie, “Yes come on what did you talk about?”

Brax, “She said we are in danger.”

Charlie, What of you dumping me and going back to her?”

Charlie gets down on her knees.

Charlie, “Please Brax don’t go back to her please.”

Brax rolls his eyes.

Brax, “We are in danger from Jake and Hammer.”

Charlie, “What Jake from next door you mean? We are in danger from him and his hammer?”

Brax, “Jake and Hammer are from a rival…..”

Charlie, “Oh no they are not your insane fans are they?”

Brax, “What?”

Charlie, “Well you did write that novel last year even through I have never seen it.”

Brax, “Novel? Oh yes you mean the one I paid Watson back with using it selling sales That Casey conned Elijah into buying those fake sliver bullets to kill Heath.”

Charlie, “Yes.”

Brax, “Yes I’m afraid Jake and Hammer are a couple of my insane fans, Tegan said they wont stop at anything until they get revenge on me.”

Charlie, “Revenge?”

Brax, “Yeah for not sending them a autograph.”

Charlie, “They sound insane.”

Brax, “Yes that is why I think you should leave town for a while.”

Charlie, “Will you be coming with me?”

Brax, “No I need to stay and sort this.”

Charlie, “What how will I bear being away from you?”

Brax, “We can chat on Skype babe.”

Charlie runs from the room crying as she thinks about being away from Brax but soon calms down as she thinks of how lucky she is to be going out with a world famous novelist like Brax.

Brax meanwhile sits on the sofa plotting the best way to deal with his gang rivals Jake and Hammer.

Miles, “Hey Brax here’s that hammer you wanted for Jake.”

Brax looks stunned.

Miles, “For Jake and his rake next door.”

Brax just shakes his head.

Brax, “What on earth has Charlie been saying to you?”

Meanwhile at the diner.

Casey, “Man why’s this queue so long?”

Heath, “Hey you don’t mind me joining you do you?”

Ruby, “Naaa.”

Heath, “That’s good I want to surprise Indi you see.”

Casey, “Oh you sure will do that wearing that purple shell suit.”

Heath, “Why are people never happy? They moan when I have no clothes on and they moan when I do have some on.”

Casey, “Yes but there was no need to growl at that little boy to get him to give you his clothes.”

Heath, “Hey I’m a wolf its in a nature to growl.”

Ruby, “Hey look Cas.”

Casey and Heath both look at the big banner hanging above the diners counter.

Casey, “Find yourself a Heath/werewolf action figure, with such catchphrases as where are your clothes Heath? And also it’s a leaf Heath, with your burger and a fries and win one of our fun packed holidays. Competition run by The Costal news and Summer Bays Pier diner.”

Heath, “Cool I’m famous.”

Ruby, “Awww how cute I want my own little Heathy doll.”

Casey, “How lame.”

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Thanks Sarah,Red,JoiseTash,Aden-Belle and Zetti

Sorry it's taken so long to update.

I'm not so sure about this one. See what you think.

Chapter 3

We join Sid who is in a panic getting ready for his afternoon shift at the hospital.

Sid, “Right have I got everything?”

He quickly pats himself down checking his pockets.

Sid, “My phone, keys, IPod, for when obsessive patients go into a rambling worried states. my…….”

Sid grabs at his neck.

Sid, “Oh no where is my stethoscope?”

Sid starts to search the sofa wildly throwing the cushions away drops of panicked sweat drip from his brow.

Sid, “Oh where is it how does one lose such a thing as a stethoscope honestly?”

Tears of frustration start to fall from his eyes, as Sid lets out a massive grasp of annoyance.

Sid, “Well that’s it I will have to call in sick, I’m not being the doctor everyone laughs at because I lost my stethoscope.”

Sid turns and throws himself back on the sofa. Then he looks round the room with a very worried looking expression.

Sasha, “You lost something Dad?”

Sid looks at his newly found daughter who he had first friended on Facebook. Where she had insisted that she was his daughter, Sid had first waved this motion aside until Sasha had taken it upon herself to send a countless number of messages to his Facebook inbox, as well as finding him on Twitter which Sid only used as a virtual way of seeing his patients. Sasha had even faked illness to see him at the hospital so after a month of Sasha stalking him Sid had agreed to see her.

Sasha watches Sid as he looks blankly at her.

Sasha, “Dad?”

Sid, “MM?”

Sasha, “I asked you if you lost something.”

Sid just smiles at her, trying his very best to cover up the fact he was indeed in a bit of a prickle over his lost stethoscope.

Sid, “Yes’ Yes I have.”

Sasha, “It’s not your marbles is it? Because you look freaked.”

Sid, “No Sasha its not my marbles thank you. its…….. The remote control that’s all.”

Sasha, “Oh there it is right in front of you on the coffee table. Jezz Dad next time try and not to look so freaked out.”

Sid picks the remote control up off the table and tries to look casually relaxed as he flicks through the TV channels while Sasha starts to read a magazine.

Sasha, “Er Dad?”

Sid, “Yes Sash?”

Sasha, “Aren’t you supposed to be at work now?”


Sasha looks stunned by her Dads sudden outburst.

Sasha, “Hey is this about eating you favourite cereal? Because that was Dex.”

Sid, “No its not but that is just greedy of him to do that. I only brought him that cereal to teach him what the different hospital tools looked like, before he started his internship at the hospital. I didn’t expect him to gobble the whole box down.”

Sasha, “What’s wrong then?”

Sid, “I have lost my stethoscope.”

Sasha starts to giggle.

Sid, “Now tell me have you and Xavier taken to playing doctors and nurses with it in your bedroom?”

Sasha, “Dad now come on seriously I think me and Xav are too old to play doctors and nurses.”

Sid, “Mm I wonder if Heath’s eaten then I will ask Indi. I would like to take this time now Sash to tell you how much I am happy that you like Xavier.”

Sasha, “Thanks Dad.”

Sid, “Yes you are the only one in this family not obsessed with Heath Braxton.”

Sasha, “Ewwww why would I? His a beast.”

It is at this point Dex walks out his bedroom wearing blowtorch mask.

Dex, “Well I don’t know if Indi would agree with me here, but it is his wolf side which truly brings out his bad boy side which still attracts me to him.”

Sid rolls his eyes.

Sid, “Dex are you nearly ready to go and start your shift at the hospital?”

Dex, “Yes aren’t you coming with me through Dad?”

Sid, “Oh I can’t today I have lost the one thing a doctor should never leave the house without.”

Dex looks over to Sasha and mouths what has he lost? Sasha mouths back his stethoscope.

Patting his worried Dad on the shoulder Dex grins down at him.

Dex, “No need to worry about that Dad I’m making use of it at the minute.”

Sid, “Why are you using my stethoscope?”

Dex, “For Marty.”

Sid, “Who’s Marty?”

Sasha, “Oh have you got a new little friend?”

Dex, “Marty is my robot I have been building.”

Sid sighs.

Sid, “I know I am probably going to regret asking this but how and why have you been building a robot Dex?”

Dex, “Well it all started about this time last year after I come to the realization of the fact that the man of my dreams was in fact a werewolf.”

Sasha, “That would be Heath right?”

Dex, “Yes of course have you seen anyone else that hot roaming round this town?”

Sasha, “Well yes there is Xavier.”

Sid, “I like Xavier his just so normal and not to mention human.”

Dex, “Yes blah, blah it’s really nice you like Xavier and all. But now back to Marty I asked myself what was the best way to get over Heath.”

Sid, “And you thought I know let’s build a robot in my bedroom.”

Dex, “Yes, I like your way of thinking Dad.”

Sid, “Where did you get all the parts from?”

Sasha, “Dad I know the answer to this one. You got them from those geeky science magazines I have seen you reading didn’t you?”

Dex, “Yep now wait here I will be done with your stethoscope in a jiffy Dad.”

Dex runs back into his bedroom slamming the door.

Sasha, “That’s a shame isn’t it Dad looks like you will be going to work today after all.”

Sid, “I wonder what he is doing with my stethoscope.”

Sasha, “Do you really want to know?”

Sid, “Now to come to think of it no I don’t makes me shudder to even think about it.”

Just then there is loud yelp of utter delight coming from Dex’s room.


Sasha, “Awww Dex has a new friend to play with.”

Dex, “Dad are we ready to go to work then?”

Dex hands him his stethoscope.

Dex, “I used it to monitor his heartbeat.”

Sid, “Your robot has a heart?”

Dex, “Yes he does even if it’s only a piece of metal being continuously beat with a drum stick on a piece of elastic.”

Sid hangs his stethoscope round his neck while pushing Dex outside. Sid quickly turns to Sasha giving her smile while he checked his pockets again to make sure he had everything that he needed one final time.

Sid, “Oh no.”

Sasha, “What?”

Sid, “I don’t have my pager.”

Sasha laughs as she throws it over to him.

Sid, “Thanks Sash.”

Sid walks over to his car and gets in while he listens to a rather hyper Dex waffling on about his robot Marty.

Sid, “Well I’m pleased you have a new hobby to keep you busy now Dex.”

Dex, “Yes and just think Dad if we ever get attack by some terminators from the future Marty will come in handy.”

Sid, “He will indeed.”

Dex, “Now come to think of it Marty’s not quite finished yet.”

Sid, “Oh”

Dex, “Yes his missing something quite vita its something I have been searching for ages if only I could remember what it was.”

As Sid continues to drive to the hospital he drowns Dex’s voice out with music thanks to his IPod.

Reverend Reggie, “Now listen Elijah I am very sorry we had to cut your trip to Africa short, but I don’t know how many times you have phoned me begging to come back now, but if you phone me once more I will have your number barred.”

Elijah, “I’m sorry it must just be because I’m abit bored without my sexy Watson here to keep me company.”

Reverend Reggie, “Well I’m sure your sexy Watson will be back soon.”

Elijah, “Tonight actually have I told you what she’s been busy doing?”

Reverend Reggie, “Yes countless times Elijah something about werewolf awareness.

Elijah, “I was supposed to be getting back at the same time as her, but my one year trip to Africa was suddenly turned into only three days.”

Reverend Reggie, “Yes and you know why that was don’t you?”

Elijah, “No not a clue.”

Reverend Reggie, “You were scaring the children Elijah.”

Elijah, “Those ungrateful little twits.”

Reverend Reggie, “They ran away screaming from you Elijah, after you took little Timmy in your iron like grip and shook him. Before tossing him into his newly built home with his family through their unfinished roof.”

Elijah, “I am very sorry about that but that was not in my control.”

Reverend Reggie, “Even so I think it is best if you stay away.”

Elijah, “FINE.”

Through his sudden anger Elijah ends the phone call by crushing the phone. He then desperately starts to brush the broken pieces of phone under the sofa as he hears the sound of keys turning in the lock of the front door.

Watson, “Elijah I hope your not brushing crumbs under my sofa.”

Elijah, “Oh don’t worry I’m not.”

Watson, “Then what are you doing?”

Elijah, “Just my daily prayers how did the course go?”

Watson, “Oh I will tell you later. I just want to lie down for a while, how did it go in Africa?”

Elijah, “Really good couldn’t of gone better.”

Watson, “How long you been back?”

Elijah, “A Yea…………five minutes.”

Watson, “Almost sounded like you were going to say a year then but I know that couldn’t be true. as we have had chats on Skype and it sure looked like you were in Africa.”

The Reason why Watson thought this was because Elijah had begged with Gina to let him have African type scenery back drops from the drama department from Summer Bay High.

Elijah, “Go to bed you said you were tired.”

Watson, “Oh tell me abit about Africa first.”

Elijah quickly twirls her round again to face the bedroom and tries to think of something else to distract her from asking any more questions about his time in Africa. After all there wasn’t a whole years worth of material he could come up with about Africa having only just spent three days there.

Elijah, “How about I come and give you an relaxing massage to wash all that build up of stress away?”

Watson, “Oh yes come on then I need to unwind.”

Elijah watched as she seductively slid her blue police shirt slowly down her body. She then unbuckled her black trousers and let them slide down her legs slowly taking a step out of her trousers Watson turned giving him the eye as she quickly removed her bra and underwear.. Elijah smiled back nervously praying to God he wasn’t going to lose control again.

Watson, “Well are your hands of magic ready to give me utter bliss?”

Elijah smiles at her as she crawls slowly against the bed covers.

Watson, “Oh come on Elijah don’t go all shy on me.”

Elijah, “Your naked.”

Watson, “Yes I am I’m just too tired to get into my pyjamas.Now hurry it up with that massage.”

Elijah dashes into the bathroom to collect some massage oils he is getting more and more nervous as he glances down at his sliver robot hand that Sid had cursed him with on that fateful night a year ago when he was being a scary cat.


Elijah, “Yes.”

Elijah climbs onto the bed and starts to pray that his robot hand wouldn’t go malfunctioning again like it had when he had threw little Timmy back in Africa.

Elijah starts to rub the oil into Watson’s shoulders gently.

Watson, “Come on Elijah do it abit harder than that I won’t break.”

Elijah can feel sweat begin to treacle down his face as he starts to rub harder.


Elijah, “I would love too but there’s something I would like to watch on the God channel now so are we done?”

Watson, “Done are we done? No we are not now go down lower on my back with those magical hands of yours.”

Elijah sighs as he feels his mechanical hand getting slightly warm.


Elijah, “Will you stop getting so hot? You naughty………”

Watson, “Elijah don’t go blaming me for feeling slightly aroused here that’s down to you and your magical gifted hands. Now do my shoulders their feeling rather tensed up.

Elijah gulps nervously as he moves his one good hand and his other misbehaving robot hand up to Watson’s shoulders knowing fill well what was likely to happen next.

Elijah, “Are you sure about this? Because I’m warning you now once I start I might not be able to stop.”

Watson, “MMM that sounds good to me.”

Elijah starts to massage her shoulders feeling his robot hand as it grew with intense heat. .Elijah knew what this meant it would soon be at the stage of heat overload, which would only result in a death defying iron like…”.


Elijah, “Oh for everything which is holy.”


Elijah pulls with all his might but there is no budging his robot hand. Which has clamped itself down on Watson’s shoulder.

Elijah, “It would seem I can’t let go.”

Watson, “What do you mean? Just lift your hand away from my shoulder.”

Elijah, “Oh it sounds so simple when you say it like that.”

Watson, “OWWWWWWWWWWW I thought your hand was back to normal now since Sid operated on it?”

Elijah, “Er I have a confession about that. Its a funny story really you know that night Sid fixed my hand?”

Watson moans with pain.

Elijah, “Oh don’t worry you don’t have to answer I can see your overwhelmed by pain. Well that night Sid threw my normal hand under a truck which obliviously crushed it, so being the good man he is he grabbed the closeness replaced he could find. Which just so happened to be this GOD FORSAKEN ROBOT HAND.”

Watson throws herself off the bed dragging Elijah behind her.

Elijah, “What are you doing? I think I just bruised my knee.”

Watson turns her head to look back at Elijah giving him an icy glare.

Elijah gulps as he sees the fierily look of anger in her eyes.

Elijah, “What are you going to do?”

Watson, “Elijah we have to go to the hospital. I would like to get you unattached from my shoulder if that’s alright with you.”

Elijah, “Yes ok I would say that is a reasonable request.”

Watson throws her clothes at him.

Watson, “Well don’t just stand there help me get dress.”

Elijah, “Of course, now then who’s going to drive to hospital?”

Watson, “We are not driving anywhere.”

Elijah, “Well how will we get there then?”

Watson, “Oh I don’t know I was thinking we could catch the bus.”

Elijah, “Oh I never thought of that.”

Watson rolls her eyes.

Watson, “Now I’m not too sure here but have you ever heard of a thing called a ambulance? We could give that a go.”

Watson then works through her anger by tossing Elijah into as much furniture as she could manage too, as she struggled to get dressed.

Meanwhile at the Diner.

Heath, “Well have you found me yet?”

Ruby, “Nope there was no action figure of you in the burger box.”

Casey, “Maybe it’s inside the burger.”

Ruby, “I don’t think it would be inside Cas.”

Ruby laughs and then goes back to chewing.

Heath, “Oh well must mean I’m too good for you Buckton.”

Members of Jake Pirovic’s gang, “Hey nice shell suit Heath.”

Heath turns his head and growls at them.

Casey, “Hey take it easy Heath.”

Ruby, “Who are they?”

Casey, “Oh just a couple of losers from Jake Pirovic’s gang.”

Heath Hey don’t get taking any midnight strolls.”

Jake’s gang member, “Oh yeah we are so sacred aren’t we boys?”

The rest of Jake’s boys laugh

Heath stares straight ahead at Ruby and mutters…..

Heath, “Yeah you should be sacred my beast within might just eat you.”

Ruby, “OWW”

Casey, “What’s is it Rubes?”

Ruby, “I think I may of chipped my tooth on……..”

Ruby opens her burger then lets out a loud yelp of happiness.


Heath, “Let’s have a look.”

Ruby shows Heath, Heath.

Heath, “Naaaa I’m much hotter than that.”

Casey, “Oh wow that’s neat if you press the little button on the arm you transform into the wolf.”

Ruby, “I’m just going to the bathroom to compose myself abit.”

Ruby runs off with her little Heath figure.

Casey nervously goes back to eating his burger as silence falls over them. As Heath sits and stares hungrily over at Jake Pirovic’s gang.

Casey, “So it’s cool about Ruby winning……”

Heath, “SHHHHHHHHHHH quiet your disturbing me.”

Casey, “What you doing?”

Heath, “Deciding which one of Jake’s gang looks the juiciest to eat.”

After about five minutes of Casey having nobody for company but his burger Ruby returned just as hyper as before.

Casey, “Oh Ruby there you are thank goodness for that. I couldn’t talk to Heath while you were gone as it seems his too busy eyeing up his next meal.”

Ruby, “Where’s Heath?”

Casey looks confused at her question.

Casey, “His right here next to me.”

Ruby, “Err no his not Cas.”

Casey, “Heath where are you? Come here boy.”

Casey whistles trying to attract Heath’s attention.

Ruby, “Casey is that anyway to talk to your brother?”

Casey, “What? He likes it when VJ calls him like that I have seen VJ playing fetch with him in the park. Have you got any stringy cheese he might come back for that.”

Ruby, “OWWW.”

Casey, “Rubes what is it?”

Casey looks under the table to find Heath picking himself up off the floor.

Casey, “What you doing under there?”

Heath, “Bloody slippery shell suit slid right off my chair.”

Ruby, “That would be it’s extra shine which would cause that.”

Heath, “Yes thank you for your input Buckton, just goes to prove my point clothes are just overrated.”

Ruby, “Well don’t go stripping off here the only person here who would like to see you naked is Indi and she’s working.”

Heath, “I bet there are loads of people who would like to see me naked.”

Casey quickly changes the subject.

Casey, “Rubes you were so excited about getting your own Heath action figure you forgot to check what holiday you have won.”

Heath, “Yeah come have you won a prise like you can only be in my presence for the whole weekend or what?”

Casey hands Ruby two little tickets which had been stored in the bottom of her burger box.

Ruby screams with overjoyed excitement, which causes Heath to slide under the table once more.

Casey, “What is it?”

Ruby, “I have the chance to appear in a modelling fashion show.”

Casey, “That’s great Rubes.”

Ruby, “Only thing is I need to find someone to come as my modelling partner.”

Casey, “Oh well that wont be me no way, Heath would you like to go and do some modelling with Ruby?”

Heath is too busy barking with excitement to hear the question as he watches Indi walk over to them.

Indi, “Aww my boyfriend is glad to see me.”

Ruby, “Who do I take Cas?”

Casey, “Errrrrrrrrrr MMMM………”

Indi, “How about Charlie? She’s pretty.”

Ruby, “Yeah Charlie, now to come to think of it she does look like a model.”

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Thanks Sarah and Red :D

Hope you like this one.

Chapter 4

Charlie, “Oh noooooooooooooo no way I somehow don’t think so Rubes.”

Ruby, “Why not?”

Charlie, “Seriously you think so?”

Ruby, “Yeah you have a great figure doesn’t she Brax?”

Brax, “Yeah the best why do you think I’m with you?”

Charlie looks into his eyes dreamily and says giggly.

Charlie, “Is it because you love me?”

Brax, “Maybe.”

Charlie hits him on his chest lightly.

Charlie, “Oh stop teasing me you love me right? RIGHT? BRAX SAY YOU LOVE ME.”

Brax, “Charlie stop stressing I can’t say it to you right now.”

Charlie, “Why not?”

Brax, “I’m shy.”

Casey, “Yeah right.”

Charlie, “Well I love you baby.”

Charlie flings her arms round Brax and starts to kiss him all over his face.

Ruby, “MOM.”

Charlie turns back to her daughter a look of concern on her face.

Charlie, “What is it Rubes what’s wrong?”

Ruby, “Mom just try and focus will you?”

Casey, “I think she was Rubes on Brax.”

Charlie, “Oh I’m sooooooooooooooo sorry I get so easily distracted these days for some reason.”

Ruby, “Mm don’t we know it, anyway how about it Mom?”

Charlie, “I’m afraid Ruby the answers still no.”

Brax, “I think you should go babe you need to get away from here. Jake and Hammer could be here any day now demanding their autographs off me. Things might even turn nasty.”

Charlie laughs.

Charlie, “Oh well I guess that is the price of being a famous novelist baby.”

Casey, “I beg your pardon?”

Brax, “Shut it Case will you?”

Ruby, “So you see Charlie Brax doesn’t mind if you go.”

Charlie, “No I can’t come.”

Ruby sighs.

Ruby, “Why?”

Charlie, “Because I’m no model, no sorry modelling isn’t for me. Plus I don’t have anything sexy enough to wear do I Brax? Brax?”

Ruby, “Where’s his gone did you see him go Case?”

Casey, “Nope.”

Charlie, “Oh my God his left me.”

Brax then reappears in the doorway of the lounge holding up several mouth watering and some very revealing skimpy binkies and tops.

Charlie, “Brax take my clothes back upstairs.”

Ruby, “WOOOOOOO let’s have a fashion show, Charlie go on.”

Charlie, “Go on with what?”

Brax, “Model for us babe.”


Brax and Ruby turn to glare at Casey.

Ruby, “Hey behave that’s my Mother.”

Brax, “Yeah behave that’s my……errrr…easily manipulated girlfriend there.”

Charlie, “Hey.”

Brax, “Only joking babe.”

Charlie, “Oh you what are you like? Ok then hand over the black bikini.”

Brax hands it over and watches as Charlie goes behind one of the armchairs to get changed.

Ruby, “Case do you mind taking some photos? The competition says we need some.”

Casey, “No not at all, not at all.”

Charlie, “Ok I’m ready.”

Casey raises his camera phone up as Charlie emerges up from behind the armchair.

Charlie places her hands on her hips as she swishes her long brown hair back. Just like most of the women did in those hair shampoo adverts on tv. Then very slowly she stretches one of her long legs out from behind the armchair.

Brax, Casey and Ruby look on as they watch her move seductively round the chair. As she flicked her face round all the while making sure Casey caught every shot.

Charlie then falls back crossed legged into the chair. Her hair draped about her face.

Charlie rather breathlessly says….

Charlie, “So you see I’m not that good at this modelling game.”

Brax, Casey and Ruby can only sit there with their mouths hanging open in awe.

Charlie, “I was awful wasn’t I?”

Meanwhile Leah, VJ, Miles and baby Bam- Bam have returned from a shopping trip.

Leah, “VJ now be careful of how many of those cheesy chews you go feeding Heath. If he has too many he will get diarrhea.”

VJ, “Ewww that’s gross Mom.”

Miles walks in behind them with Bam Bam on his shoulders both of them are holding ice creams.

Leah, “Miles you do realise you have ice cream in your hair?”

Miles, “Oh Bam- Bam I told you to lick round the side of the cone first.”

Bam- Bam, “I’s Sorry Dada.”

Miles, “No more piggy back rides when you’re eating ice cream Mister.”

Bam- Bam, “Naaaaaaaaa Dada naughty, naughty, naughty Dada no fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Miles, “Come on little man let’s go and see if any cartoons on the tv.”


Leah watches as Bam- Bam throws his hands up in excitement causing his ice cream to go flying and to come to a splat on one of her far windows.

Miles is busy eating his ice cream as he enters the lounge.

Miles, “Quiet little man don’t be so noi…………………”

Miles chokes on his ice cream as he sees a very sexy and sweaty looking Charlie wearing her black bikini sitting in his armchair.


Charlie blushes as she looks back at Brax, Casey, Ruby and now Miles as they all watch her in awe.

Charlie, “You know what that was kind of fun I’m coming with you Rubes. Hey what do you think of the name as Esther Anderson for a modelling name does that sound sexy enough? I have always liked the name Esther for some reason.

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Thanks Sarah and Red.

Here is the next one for you hope you like it.

Chapter 5

We join Sid and Dex in the hospital canteen eating their lunch.

Sid, “Now Dex do I need to tell you how bad all that grease and fat is for you?”

Dex, “No you don’t so please don’t.”

Sid, “Well as a doctor I feel very much like it is my duty too.”

Dex, “Dad……..”

Sid raises to eyebrows giving Dex an disproving look.

Dex sighs.

Dex, “Sorry I mean Dr Walker.”

Sid, “Very good Dex, please go on.”

Dex, “Please don’t spoil my yummy cooked all day breakfast for me.”

Sid, “I won’t I just think that five sausages and five rashers of bacon is abit too much of a fat intake that’s all.”

Dex, “Well the sign did say help yourself to as much food as you want. Which is quite a bad but very tempting promotion to have at a hospital don’t you think?”

Sid gazes hungrily over Dex’s cooked breakfast with great jealously. as he tucks into his tuna salad.

Dex, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM runny fried egg. Mmmmmmm bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm hash browns. Mmmmmmmm sausage.”

Sid, “Dex must you make all that noise? Its very off putting.”

Dex, “I’m just showing my appreciation for my food, anyway you’re only jealous.”

Sid, “I’m not I’m very happy indeed with my tuna fish and pieces of carrots and lettuce.”

Dex, “Don’t forget your nice healthy yogurt for afters. I must say you’re doing very well with your heath kick.”

Sid, “Why thank you.”

Dex, “Yes Roo would be very impressed.”

Sid, “Roo and I are just good friends Dex. And the reason I’m trying to get a six pack has nothing to do with her.”

Dex, “Then your not trying to get a well toned body like Heath then?”

Sid, “No.”

Dex, “Listen Dad it’s not your fault that Marilyn went all gaga over Heath just like the rest of us.”

Just then Sid’s pager starts to beep.

Dex, “WOW what is Dad? Has someone get mulled by a tiger or is it someone with their head stuck in a bucket? Or do they have coco coco pops stuck in their ears?” Or…………”

Sid, “It just says emergency let’s go.”

Dex, “Right you are Batman lead the way.”

Sid sighs.

Sid, “Ok boy wonder lets go.”

In the waiting area.

Nurse Julie, “Try not to panic just stay still.”

Elijah, “Yes I think that would be good advice there Watson.”

Watson, “OOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Your not the one getting your shoulder intensely sneezed Elijah.”

Elijah, “Very true but I’m quite bruised and battered. You walk too fast for me to keep up. You didn’t even wait for me to get back up in the car park after I fell over. You just dragged me across the tarmac.”

Watson, “Oh didn’t you ask our good Lord to take your pain away?”

Elijah, “Yes I did.”

Watson, “And what did he say?”

Elijah, “Nothing he was too busy laughing at me to listen.”

Watson, “Of course he was.”

Sid and Dex come running through the doors.

Sid, “Ok what have we got?”


Watson, “Oh Dr Walker please help me.”

Nurse Julie, “Dr Walker the good reverend here has got himself attached to constable Watson.”

Sid, “Attached?”

Elijah, “It’s my hand Sid it has a life of its own.”

Sid and Dex step round to look at Elijah’s out stretched arm with Elijah’s robot hand grasping at Watson’s shoulder.

Sid, “Oh dearly me that seems jammed.”

Dex, “Hey Dad? Errr Dr Walker?”

Sid, “Yes Nurse Walker?”

Dex, “Why has Elijah got Marty hand? I just knew he was missing something.”

Watson, “Marty who’s Marty?”

Sid causally says like it is the most normal thing in the world.

Sid, “Dex’s robot.”

Everyone takes one look at Dex and quickly just accepts it as the most normal thing in the world for Dex to have.

Sid, “Right Nurse Walker you take hold of Elijah’s behind I will take hold of Watson.”

Dex goes and bear hugs Elijah from behind while Sid stands before Watson.

Sid, “Ready Nurse Walker?”

Dex, “Ready Dr Walker.”

Sid, “PULL.”





Sid stops pulling breathing heavily.

Dex, “Dad errrr Dr Walker I can see now why you are eating all that rabbit food your unfit.”

Sid, “Well there’s no budging that hand of yours.”

Watson, “Oh no.”

Sid, “Don’t panic has anyone got any Fairy Washing up liquid?”

Back at the Walkers Farm.

Indi, “Sash its only me and Heath.”

Heath, “lets just go to your room babe don’t stop and chat to your sister.”

Indi, “SASHA.”

Sasha, “Yes, what? Hey, whatever.”

Heath, “See she doesn’t care that we are back.”

Indi, “Yes ok let’s go to my room then hot stuff.”

Indi pulls a naked Heath over to her room.

Indi, “I’m glad you ditched your shell suit that just looked so stupid on you.”

Heath, “Yes, Yes just open your door already.”

Indi, “Ok stud muffin.”

Indi goes to turn her doorknob.

Heath, “Oh hang on a sec. Is that Dex’s room there?”

Heath is gazing at the door next to Indi’s.

Indi, “Well of course it is. Who else would have a sign on their door saying genius at work.”

Heath, “Let’s go in there and see what a so called genius does.”

Sasha who is making her way to the kitchen to get a drink stops as she hears Heath.

Sasha, “I think that would be a very bad idea to go in there.”

Heath, “Oh yeah why is that?”

Sasha, “I just wouldn’t I heard some very strange noises coming from in there earlier.”

Heath, “Well just because you are chicken doesn’t mean I am, Indi you coming in?”

Indi, “Heath I’m not comfortable with you making fun of my brother so no.”

Heath opens Dex’s bedroom door.

Heath, “Well I guess its just me you two losers wait………”


Heath just stares ahead not quite believing what he is seeing.

Heath, “What the hell, Why is there a talking tin can in your brothers room?”


Heath takes a step into the room.


Heath, “Oh yeah what you going do?”

Marty’s shoulder blades are suddenly replaced by two cannons this causes Heath to get down on all fours and start to growl.

Indi, “HEATH.”

Indi grabs Heath and drags him away from the room she then dashes forwards slamming the door.

Sasha, “Will I get your werewolf of a boyfriend some warm milk to calm him down?”

Indi, “Yes please.”

Meanwhile at the bus stop

Casey, “Well have a good time guys.”

Ruby, “Aww thanks Case I will miss you.”

Brax, “Yeah go and show those other models how it is done.”

Charlie, “Yeah knock them dead Rubes.”

Ruby, “Errr Charlie?”

Charlie, “Yes.”

Ruby, “You’re coming with me on this holiday.”

Charlie, “I am.”

Brax, “Yes babe you are. we are saying goodbye to you as well.”

Charlie, “Oh yes silly me I’m just getting distracted again, OH BRAX MY LOVER I’M GOING TO MISS YOU.”

Charlie hugs Brax tightly as he tries to walk her onto the bus.

Brax, “Yes, yes now let me go.”

Charlie reluctantly sits down on the seat while Brax walks off the bus rubbing his slightly sore neck. As the bus drives away Brax and Casey watch a rather hyper Ruby and a rather heartbroken looking Charlie. As they went further and further away into the distance.

Brax, “Case are the boys ready?”

Casey, “Yep.”

Brax, “Good Jake won’t know what has hit him when we have finished with him this is war.

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Thanks everyone.

Hope you like this chapter

Warning Sorry if you have ginger hair no offence attended :lol:

Chapter 6

Miles, “Oh no Bam- Bam that is very naughty.”

Bam- Bam, “Pretty colours.”

Miles, “Well yes they are, but my students wont be very happy when I tell them they have to start their homework again, because my great artist of a son covered it with crayon.”

Bam- Bam claps his hands excitedly as there is a knock at the door.

Miles, “VJ keep a eye on your brother please.”

VJ, “Wow would you take a look at all these neat dog tricks in this book I have found. Maybe I could teach Heath some.”

Bam- Bam, “Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Heathy.”

Miles leaves the room to go open the door.

Miles, “You do know you could of just walked in? All the doors are unlocked in this town.”

Miles freezes on the spot as a feeling of dread fills him. A ginger haired man wearing a long white coat stands before him.

Duncan Foster, “Hello there.”

Miles, “Oh no.”

Duncan Foster, “Oh no what?”

Miles, “I haven’t seen her in ages you know.”

Duncan Foster, “I’m sorry haven’t seen who in ages?”

Miles, “Errrr no one absolutely no one.”

Duncan Foster, “Ok then.”

Miles, “Did Leah call you? Did she say I have been seeing her?”

Duncan Foster, “Yes Mrs Paterson did call me but don’t worry she doesn’t know.”

Miles, “Doesn’t know what?”

Duncan, “I take it you are talking about your secret love affair?”

Miles lets out a loud nervous laugh.

Miles, “What a secret affair with Rabbit not likely.”

Duncan, “Rabbit? Why are you talking about a rabbit now? I’m confused.”

Miles, “So your not here to take me away then?”

Duncan Foster, “No why would you think that?”

Miles, “Because of your long white coat, You know the saying the men in white coats will be coming for you soon, especially if you start talking to little girls called Rabbit again.”

The ginger haired man just stands scratching his head at Miles.

Miles, “Oh dear I do feel we got off to the wrong start here.”

Duncan, “Don’t worry its forgotten.”

Miles, “Oh good for a minute there I thought you might be thinking I’m abit cuckoo.”

Duncan, “Not at all.”

Miles, “How may I help you?”

Duncan, “I’m Duncan Foster I’m one of the vets from animal planet in the Yabbie Creek. I understand your son VJ is it has a dog called Heath.”

Miles, “Yes well more like…”

Miles stops mid sentence, how could he possibly tell Duncan that Heath was in fact a werewolf? Considering how he had greeted the poor ginger haired man.

Duncan, “Is there a problem?”

Miles, “Oh no, no problem.”

Duncan, “Well that’s good Its nothing to worry about I have come to give Heath his vaccine shots that’s all.”

Milles, “I see.”

Duncan, “Yes I don’t really make home visits but Mrs Patterson said it was quite difficult to make it down to the surgery.”

Miles, “Yes you could say that. In fact that is some understatement your making there.”

Duncan, “Oh is Heath a hard dog to handle?”

Miles, “Oh yes very bad tempered.”

Duncan laughs as Miles leads him inside.

Miles, “Now let me see would you like a biscuit while you wait? Ginger nut?”

Duncan, “I’m sorry?”

Miles, “Biscuit while you wait for Heath? Ginger nut?”

Duncan, “I beg your pardon?”

Miles, “Would you like a biscuit? Ginger nut?”

Duncan, “I do not find this funny I would have you know.”

Miles, “Well neither do I. What’s funny about offering someone a biscuit?”

Duncan, “Well you are always finishing the offer off by insulting me.”

Miles, I am? What’s insulting about offering you a biscuit? Ginger nut?”

Duncan, “There you go again insulting me.”

Miles, “Errr ok but I have got to say I don’t find anything I am saying insulting. All I’m saying is would you like a biscuit? Ginger nut?”


Miles, “Ok then jezz

Duncan, “I have never been so insulted about my hair colour before.”

Miles, “Oh I am sorry I never thought. You thought I was calling you a ginger nut because of your ginger hair, When all the time I was only offering you a ginger nut biscuit. Oh my dearly me we just can’t seem to get it right now can we?”

Duncan sits at the kitchen table stony faced with his arms folded. The awkward silence carries on between the two men until Leah walks through the door.

Leah, “Oh hello who is this cheerful looking man sat at our table Miles?”

Miles, “His the vet you called for Heath.”

Leah, “Oh yes why don’t you come through to the living room.”

Duncan, “Can I just see your dog please I would like to leave.”

Leah and Miles are at this moment between the kitchen and the living trying to usher Duncan through.

Leah, “Miles what did you say to him?”

Miles, “I only offered him a biscuit.”

Leah, “Was that it?”

Miles, “Yep I don’t think his a lover of biscuits.”

Leah, “You can say that again. He has a face like thunder.”

Duncan walks stiffly over to them giving them a evil glare.

Leah, “That’s it Mr Foster please take a seat.”


Duncan, “Well where is your dog?”

VJ, “What Heath?”

Bam- Bam, “HEATHY.”

Leah, “VJ Mr Foster has come to give Heath his vaccine shots.”

VJ, “You have come to early.”

Duncan, “I’m sorry? Where is he?”

VJ, “His out.”

Duncan, “What by himself where has he gone?”

Miles, “His girlfriends.”

Duncan, “Your dog has a girlfriend?”

VJ, “Yep I share him with her.”

Duncan shuffles back in his seat as he tries to understand what the hell was happening to him.

Duncan, “What is this?”

Duncan holds up a very skimpy pair of knickers.

Leah, “Oh sorry about that their my housemates, she was doing a modelling show in here earlier.”

Miles, “Yes what a delightful heavenly treat that was.”

Duncan, “I’m sorry I’m just a vet I didn’t ask for any of madness today when I woke up.”

Leah, “Miles go and make him some tea he looks beside himself.”

Miles, “Sure would you like a biscuit? Ginger…………….”.

Duncan, “NO.”

Miles rushes off just as Heath and Indi come through the door.

Indi, “Do you feel calmer now that you had that warm milk?”

Heath, “Yes but did you see that tin can try and shoot me?”

Indi, “Hey Leah I just thought I would bring Heath back now what with tonight being a full moon.”

Leah, “Oh yes hi errrrr Brax.”

Heath, “Eh? No its me He……………”

Leah, “Oh shush Brax.”

Duncan, “Did the young lady just call him Heath and say something about a full moon?”

Leah, “No I don’t think so this is Brax and Indi.

Miles runs into the room.

Miles, “Is Brax here?”

Heath, “What is wrong with your woman?”

Miles, “That isn……….”

Leah, “Yes it is Miles its Brax.”

Miles looks across at a very confused looking Duncan.

Miles, “Oh yes it is Brax how you doing?”

Miles slaps Heath on the back while giving Duncan a wide grin.

Bam- Bam, “ITS HEATHY.”

Duncan, “Something doesn’t seem right here. Where’s you pet dog VJ?”

VJ, “His here errr I mean…………..”

Duncan, “So your dogs name is Brax not Heath?”

Heath, “Yep I’m Heat…….. I mean Brax.”

Duncan, “But your not a dog.”

Heath, “You cheeky sob I would have you know I’m a werewolf.”

Duncan, “You’re a what?”

Leah quickly ushers Duncan up out of his seat.

Duncan, “What did he say?”

Leah, “Don’t know didn’t catch well very nice to meet you.”

Duncan, “But what about Heath’s shots?”

VJ, “Come back at round midnight.”

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Thanks Everyone. :rolleyes:

Hope you like this one. :unsure:

Chapter 7

The darkness of the night has taken its hold over Summer Bay. The gentle noise of chirping crickets can be heard through the peaceful air. Everyone should be sound asleep but for one man this is his favourite time, for this is the time where he can enjoy the guilty pleasures that his hungry stomach so desires. Because to him food tastes so much better when one should not be eating at this late hour. But as he lets his eyes wander over all the glorious mouth watering treats before him on offer his stomach rumbles. Oh there is so much choice here, left over chicken, spare ribs little pork balls, cheesecake or a chocolate cake oh dearly God he just can’t take any more. Licking his lips viscously he is all but ready to pounce to devour the tasty treats before him well that is until there is the sound of some annoying tapping at the door and a voice calling out which confuses the hungry man.

“Hello there.”

Miles, “Hello?”

Duncan Foster, “I didn’t know whether to come back or not. I really didn’t expect anyone up at this time what are you doing?”

Miles, “Oh just getting myself a light snack. Would you say six chicken drumsticks a slice of cheesecake and some……. Woooo left over pizza is enough?”

Duncan, “My word I would say so yes, that is more than a light snack through. Abit more like a feast.

Miles, “Oh no that is light trust me.”

Duncan, “Well you know your own stomach.”

Miles, “Oh yes that I do.”

Miles gives his stomach a affectionate pat.

Duncan, “Is Heath about? I have his shots with me to give him.”

Miles, “I think he went over to his brothers place.”

Duncan once again finds himself to be in a somewhat confused state, as he tries to clear wax from his ear in the event he had just heard wrong.

Duncan, “I’m sorry?”

Leah, “Miles what are you doing in here? Are you talking to the food again? Shut that fridge door your letting the heat get to it.”

Duncan, “Ah Mrs Patterson maybe you can help me out here.”

Leah, “Oh its you, so you came back.”

VJ walks sleepily into the kitchen.

VJ, “Mom Heath got out again.”

Leah, “Well I did tell you to get a better lock for his cage at night.”

Miles, “Its ok Casey called his over there.”

VJ, “Phew.”

Leah, “Yes phew how would you feel if he had eaten someone again?”

VJ, “Oh Mom please don’t I’m tired.”

Duncan, “Excuse me but where is your dog?”

VJ, “Over with his brothers.”

Leah, “Here we will drive you over there. Miles put that cheesecake down and go fetch Bam- Bam from upstairs.”

Leah and VJ then start to guide a very confused Duncan Foster outside.

As the clouds and mist depart on a sliver lit moon all is quiet in the Austin household. Well that is apart from John Palmers snoring which sounds to Gina like a automatic drill.


Gina gives him a sharp jab in his side.


Just then there is the sound of a loud gunshot.

John sits bolt upright in bed.

John, “What on earth was that noise? I bet that woke you up Gina didn’t it?”

Gina, “To be asleep would be a fine thing.”

John, “Well the noise has stopped now so goodnight.”


John, “What is that?”

Gina, “Well what ever it is its better than your snoring.”


John leaps out of bed a rushes over to the open bedroom window.

Brax, “Well done Heath eh you actually hit the can that time.”

Heath growls at his annoyance of being patronize.

Casey, “Heath its time to come in now.”

Heath, “Naa just one more shot.”


Brax, “Oh yeah if Jake thinks he can mess with our turf he has another thing coming eh.”


Brax, “Ok JOHNNY BOY.”


Just then Leah’s car pulls into the driveway.

Miles, “Hi John nice jim jams.”

Duncan, “Can someone tell me where this blasted dog is now?”

Brax, “You mean wolf don’t ya?”

Duncan, “Oh fine wolf dog whatever their all the same.”

Brax, “No their not mate.”

VJ, “Where’s Heath?”

Brax, “He was here a minute ago. Casey is Heath in the house?”

Casey, “Nope.”

Duncan, “Look I’m just a very tried vet can you please just find him?”

Miles, “Let’s spilt up and look for him.”

Leah, “Oh God no Miles.”

VJ, “Yeah people are never seen again when they do that in horror films.”

Brax, “I say lets live dangerous.”

Leah, “Well that’s easy for you too say that’s your lifestyle.”

Brax, “Case come and help bring some of those raw steaks out with you.”

Duncan, “Maybe I will just wait inside your house until you come back.”

Brax, “Oh no I don’t think so its easier if you join this little search party eh. Heath is in a very aggressive mood right now.”

Duncan, “Is he why do you say that?”

Brax, “Because his out on the hunt right now, we are his food.”

Miles, “Speaking of food does anyone have something to munch on? My stomach is rumbling.”

Bam- Bam who is sat high on Miles’s shoulders lets out a clap of enjoyment.

Bam- Bam, “Can we get ice cream Dada?”

Miles, “MMMMMM ice cream.”

Leah, “Miles I can’t believe you are hungry at a time like this, when we just happen to have a River Boy turned werewolf hunting us.”

Duncan, “You people are utter bonkers werewolves are mystic creatures.”

Brax, “Hey don’t call my brother mystic, ah Case good you’re here with the steaks.”

Casey hands out the pieces of meat.

Brax, “Now then who wants to go with who?”

Leah, “What so we are really splitting up?”

Brax, “No for heaven sake Charlie we are not.”

Leah, “Huh?”

Brax, “Oh sorry its just I have heard that question so often from Charlie that I was just on autopilot. But yes we are splitting up into small groups we will find Heath quicker that way everyone take a steak.”

Leah, “Oh I don’t know about this.”

VJ, “Mom stop being such a wuss.”

Miles, “Leah I guess your with me and Bam- Bam.”

Leah stands frozen to the spot.

Casey, “Come on let’s go already, Ruby says she wanted to show me her hotel room on Skype in half hour.”

Miles, “At this hour?”

Casey, “She said she can’t sleep. Charlie keeps pacing the room.”

Miles, “Sounds like she’s abit lovesick to me.

Brax rolls his eyes as he grabs Leah and ushers VJ to follow.

Brax, “Hey you.”

Duncan, “Who me?”

Brax, Yeah you’re the vet right?”

Duncan, “Yes.”

Brax, “Well come on VJ here will calm Heath because his the only one Heath will listen to in his dog/wolf state, and then you jab him with your shots.”

Duncan, “What is that your plan?”

Miles, “Sounds reasonable to me. Leah don’t worry Bam- Bam will be safe with me.”

Leah, “He better be.”

Gina, “John will you come back to bed?”

John, “Just a minute Heath’s gone walkies I cant miss this.”

Gina rolls over in bed having a little moan to herself.

Gina, “So much for an good nights sleep. Oh well I just have a little dose tomorrow in the governors meeting. I will make sure I sit right at the back.”

Miles, “Hey one question what happens if we find him?”

Brax, “Yell and scream would be good I guess.”

John watches from his bedroom window as the people below moved away in their search of a very hungry Heath.

As the silence was invited back into the nights air and as the crickets started to sing their smoothing song once more, which was occasionally disturbed by the sounds of nervous and slightly frightened grasps of heavy breathing. As Heath’s search party edges their way ever so slowly amongst the undergrowth of the neighbourhood.

John, “Oh well this is disappointing I thought it would be far more entertaining than this.”


Brax, “Leah VJ?”

Leah, “Yes?”

Brax, “Just checking if you’re still with me.”

VJ, “Yep we are but where’s that vet guy?”

Brax sighs.

Brax, “Wait here.”

Brax runs round a brush making it rustle.

VJ, “Mom don’t look so scared it was only the rustle of some leaves.”

Leah, “VJ I’m sacred lets hope Brax is back soon.”


Miles, “Bam- Bam quiet please. Heathy is hiding and being very naughty.”


Casey, “Yeah just a juicy steak instead.”

Duncan Foster’s eyes darted round as he peered round the silent undergrowth. He had tripped over a branch which had caused him to twist his ankle, the sudden sharp pain of it all had rendered him speechless, when he had tried to call out to Brax it had been too late he had disappeared into some very thick overgrown grass. Duncan Foster at this very moment in time could hear sounds which gripped him with fear. The noises included the slight snap of a twig, a rustle through the grass but the most terrifying noise of all was the heavy breathing as it neared ever so closer, causing the disgusting smell of the creature’s breath to waffle through the air. Duncan covered his mouth as he started to gag.

Duncan, “Errrrrr hello can anyone help me?”

John, “Hey you alright down there?”

Duncan, “I don’t think so.”

John, “Hey Gina love this looks like it’s going to get good.”

Duncan, “His behind me isn’t he?”

John, “Well I shouldn’t move mate let’s just put it that way.”

Duncan peers over his shoulder to see bright red eyes staring back at him. A long pink tongue hangs from the dark form of the wolf. It is at this point that Brax appears in front of Duncan Foster.

Brax, “Don’t move eh.”

Duncan, “What do we do?”

Brax, “Well I’m going to try and talk calmly to him he is my brother after all.”

Duncan, “Does he listen to you?”

Brax, “No not normally eh.”

Duncan, “Oh my that is very comforting thank you.”

Brax shrugs.


This is answered by an angry sounding growl from the wolf.


Heath takes a paw closer.

Duncan, “I tell you what mate.”

Brax, “What?”

Duncan, “I’m just going make a run for it.”

Brax, “I shouldn’t do that eh he has four legs at the moment you only have two eh.”

Duncan doesn’t seem to hear this as he raises his arms high above his head and lets out a high pitched girly scream and then begins to run. Heath sees this as a fun game and dashes after the screaming vet.

Brax, “Well it looks like your on the menu tonight eh.”

Brax then starts to run as Leah’s screams can be heard.

Brax, “Wow what is it?”

Leah points to a naked Heath sitting down in the long grass tearing chunks of meat off bone.

Brax, “Heath?”

Heath, “Yeah I know, Heath where are your clothes?”

Brax, “No what are you eating?”

Heath looks down at the half eaten meat.

Heath, “I don’t know were we having spare ribs tonight?”

Casey, “Oh no.”

Heath, “What? Do you want some here its very tasty.”

Miles, “Oh phew you found him, hey where’s that ginger nut vet got too?”

Brax, “I do believe that’s him.”

VJ, “Oh Heath’s that’s gross.”

Heath, “What is?”

Casey, Your eating your vet Heath.”

Heath licks his fingers.

Heath, “Very nice abit too much ginger flavouring through I think.”

Later that night in Charlie and Ruby’s hotel room.

Ruby is grinning happily at her boyfriend courtesy of her laptop screen.

Ruby, “Hey Case how’s it going?”

Casey, “Oh fine if your werewolf of a brother eating his vet is fine.”

Ruby, “Wow that’s intense.”

Casey, “Yeah Rubes is that Charlie I can see in the background?”

Ruby, “Yes she’s like a priming puppy ever since she left Brax.”

Charlie, “Oh Rubes isn’t this just beautiful?”

Charlie shoves a golden framed photo of a grinning Brax in front of the laptop.

Casey bursts out laughing.

Charlie, “What? What’s funny?”

Casey, “I don’t think I have ever seen Brax looking so goofy.”

Charlie, “Hey that’s my baby your talking about, my sexy Braxy.”

Casey, “Is she drunk?”

Ruby, “Yep let’s hope she isn’t when we are on the catwalk tomorrow.”

Casey, “Rubes I miss you, a week is way too long.”

Charlie crawls over to the laptop and shoves her head down so it covers the whole of the screen making the only thing Casey can see is her.


Charlie then falls backwards giggling.

Ruby, “I don’t know Mothers embarrassing or what?”

Casey, “No, No Charlie is very entertaining. This is the most I have ever laughed.”

Charlie, “Why are we here again Rubes?”

Ruby sighs.

Ruby, “For a modelling week workshop Charlie.”

Charlie, “Where’s Braxy Waxy? My sexy lover.”

Ruby, “His at home Charlie.”

Charlie bursts into tears.

Charlie, “I MISS HIM.”

Ruby, “Your see Braxy Wax…I mean Brax in a week.”


Ruby sighs shaking her head.

Ruby, “Goodnight Casey.”

Casey doesn’t even notice when Ruby cuts off their Skype call as he is too busy laughing.

Casey, “Ah Braxy Waxy that’s a good one.”

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Thanks Red,Sarah and JoiseTash

Hope you like this one I'm not too sure.

Warning Scenes of slight nudity

Chapter 8

The next glorious morning as the tweeting birds sang their pretty little song, Ruby was busy gazing into the depths of the room service waiters eyes.

Waiter, “Excuse me Madam I said tea or coffee?”

Ruby, “Have you anything sweeter?”

Waiter, “Errrr well I have….”

Ruby, “The most dreamy eyes ever.”

The waiter coughs nervously.

Waiter, “Yes well, we have hot chocolate Madam.”

Ruby, “Oh yes what else is on offer?”

The waiter looks nervously over at Ruby who is fluttering her eyelashes.

Waiter, “Toast, sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms fried tomato?”

Ruby, “Yummy, now tell me do I get you for desert?”

Waiter, “Madam this is breakfast if you feel not quite satisfied after you have finished, you may have fruit salad.”

Ruby, “Woo juicy shame you aren’t on the menu through.”

The waiter blushes.

Waiter, “Does the breakfast interest you Madam?”

Ruby, “Errr yeah I guess so as your serving it to me.”

The waiter quickly looks over to a semi conscious Charlie on the bed.

Waiter Would your sister like the same as you

Ruby, “Woo kinky, no I’m all yours sexy eyes and she’s my Mom.”

Waiter, “No I mean the same breakfast Madam.”

Ruby, “Oh yes there’s nothing better than a good old cooked breakfast for a nasty hangover cure.”

Ruby grabs a rasher of bacon and waves it under Charlie nose.

Ruby, “Wakey, wakey Charlie.”

Charlie begins to stir.

Charlie, “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my God my poor, poor head it feels like it’s going to explode, oh what is that smell?”

Ruby, “This is the smell of five star hotel bacon.”

Charlie, “Oh I think I’m going to be sick.”

Waiter, “I won’t tell the chef you said that about his cooking, would you like a sick bucket Madam?”

Charlie opens her eyes as she sits up in bed.

Ruby, “Mom?”

Charlie, “What?”

Ruby, “I’m officially mentally scared for life.”

Charlie, “Why?”

Ruby, “You are nude, you slept in the nude.”

Charlie, “Oh yes I did sorry, in my drunken state last night I must of thought you were Brax.”

Waiter, “Oh my oh my.”

The waiter starts to busy himself trying his best to avert his eyes away from Charlie’s naked form.

Charlie, “I normally sleep in the nude with Brax we get rather fruity in the bedroom.”

Waiter, “Melons? Er lemons no I mean…….”

Charlie, “I beg your pardon?”

Waiter, “I mean would you like lemon juice Madam?”

Charlie, “Ew no thank you I just feel so rough.”

Waiter, “Very well Madam I…………”

Ruby, “Wooooooooo their some big coconuts you have there.”

The waiter’s eyes instantly fall to Charlie’s naked breasts.

Waiter, “Yes they are aren’t they?”

Ruby, “What does the milk taste like inside them?”

Waiter, “Delightful I would imagine.”

Ruby turns her head from the breakfast trolley where the two brown coconuts are sat.

Ruby, “Hey I think your dribbling my leg.”

Ruby looks up at the waiter who is just stood there in a trance before hers and Charlie’s bed.

Ruby, “Would you like a tip?”

Waiter, “Errrrr yeah sure.”

Ruby Stop preving over my hungover mother.”

Ruby throws a cold glass of water which soaks his face.


Ruby, “GO.”

Ruby points to the door and a very embarrassed blushing red faced waiter trips over himself as he stumbles out of the room.

Ruby, “What is it with men and their fascination with our coconuts?”

Charlie rolls over in bed once again not really aware that there had been a man moments ago who had been mesmerised by her breasts.

Charlie, “I’m sorry for last night Rubes.”

Ruby, “Oh yeah why?”

Charlie, “For spooning with you, and giving you a tiny love bite while you were asleep.”


Ruby dashes away to glance at her neck in the bathroom mirror.

Ruby, “Oh Charlie it’s massive.”

Charlie, “My Braxy Waxy would of liked it.”

Charlie starts to cry into her pillows as Ruby looks at the bright red love bite meant for Brax.

Jake Pirovic and his brother Hammer watch as the models enter the room.

Jake, “Now Hammer do you remember the plan?”

Hammer, “Yes we take the pretty copper and her daughter hostage while you pay Brax a visit and kill him.”

Jake, “Yes I want to strip Brax of all he is worth before I kill him. How dare he think he can steal from our crop of drugs and get away with it.”

Hammer, “How did you know we would get the copper and her daughter to win that competition?”

Jake, “It was a gamble. But once that stupid girl at the Costal news had the stupid find a doll idea to win a week at our lovely modelling giveaway I just knew.”

Hammer, “Oh what doll did they find?”

Jake, “Who cares.”

Hammer, “Oh come on I want to know.”

Jake, “I don’t know. Do I look like I give a dam about what doll it was?”

Hammer, “No I guess not seeing as we are both very hard men.”

Jake, “Have you practised your intense glaring to put the fear of God into people?”

Hammer, “Oh yes.”

Jake, “Show me.”

Hammer gives Jake his most threatening looking glare. Jake just laughs.

Jake, “No add abit more fear into your look. At the moment you just look like your suffering from a bad case of constipation.”

Hammer, “Oh shut up lets see yours then Mr I’m so dangerous and scary.”

Jake gives Hammer his look of utter death causing Hammer to let out a girly scream.

Jake, “You big wuss.”

Hammer, “Jesus it was like you were glaring right into my soul.”

Jake look down over the sign in sheet with all the names of the models.

Jake, “Whatever, now the women we are looking for are called Ruby Buckton and Charlie Buckton.”

Charlie and Ruby walk over to Jake and Hammer.

Ruby, “Hey woooooo how exciting is this Mom?”

Charlie, “Yes, yes Rubes its great calm down please.”

Ruby, “How can you be so calm? We could be on the road to being famous models.”

Jake, “Yes that is right after this intense course you might very well be blown away with it all.”

Hammer laughs.

Charlie, “My that’s a evil sounding laugh you have there.”

Hammer, “Is it? Its just I can be quite ruthless with my coaching I don’t mean to come across evil.”

Jake, “May I take your names please?”


Jake looks to Hammer with a smile and nod indicting that this was the daughter of Charlie Buckton.

Jake, “And what’s your name?”

Jake starts to get excited as he feels his plan of killing Brax falling into place. Surely this woman before him would turn out to be Charlie Buckton.

Charlie, “Oh my name?”

Jake, “Yes what is it?”

Charlie, “Esther Anderson.”

Jake, “Excuse me?”

Ruby, “Oh Mom are you really sticking with that name?”

Charlie, “Yes after all it is my name.”

Jake, “Errr its just we have a Charlie Buckton and Ruby Buckton marked down here on the sheet.”

Charlie, “Well I’m Esther Anderson.”

Jake gives her his death like glare.

Jake, “Are you sure?”

Charlie, “Errrr yes I am I’m Esther Anderson soon to be a world class model.”

Jake, “Now come on your Charlie Buckton really aren’t you?”

Charlie turns to Hammer.

Charlie, “Now would you say I look like a Charlie or a Esther to you?”

Hammer shrugs.

Hammer, “An Esther I guess.”

Charlie, “What are your names?”

Jake, “I’m Jacob your course leader.”

Hammer, “I’m Hammy his assistant.”

Charlie laughs.

Charlie, “Hammy seriously?”

Hammer, “Yeah what’s wrong with that?”

Charlie, “It’s a name that someone would give there pet hamster.”

Hammer’s face goes red in anger.

Hammer, “How dare you…………..”

Jake, “Ha very funny Hammy’s really cuddly just like a hamster.”

Ruby, “Really? Looks like he wants to murder Cha…… Esther here.”

Charlie, “Well I would love to stand round and chat but I need to go paint my fingernails, give us a yell when you are ready to teach us something.”

Jake, “Oh don’t worry we will.”

Ruby and Charlie walk away from them.

Ruby, “Mom that was rude what are you doing?”

Charlie, “Cool isn’t she Rubes?”

Ruby, “Errrr who?”

Charlie, “Esther Anderson the character that I have created.”

Ruby, “I thought Esther Anderson was only going to be your modelling stage name.”

Charlie, “Yes it was to begin with but then I thought I would create her as a character.”

Ruby, “Errr ok.”

Charlie, “Yes Esther Anderson is going to be a very high maintenance, bitchy and a right diva, just like so many other supermodels. Hey Rubes if I manage to pull this off maybe I should think about going into the acting profession.”

Ruby, “Charlie…..”

Charlie, “No Ruby from now on you call me Esther, hey if my acting classes go well maybe I could even end up having a role in an Australian soap now that would be great.”

Ruby sighs.

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Thanks Red, Sarah,Mizziette and Joise Tash

Hope you like this next one

Chapter 9

Summer Bay’s little chapel has seen a number of different occasions and people within it’s time. Occasions of happiness, sadness and other kinds of events within its stone walls, but today it would hear people’s secrets because today was the day people came to release their demons of guilt.

From behind his little red curtain Reverend Elijah Johnson was getting himself seated on his comfy little stool. He stared at the brown wooden wall before himself grinning with glee. As he feels the excitement build in himself, as he wonders what juicy confessions he would hear today. Because let’s face it there were bound to be some nice juicy ones if there was one thing certain about Summer Bay it wasn’t dull. Elijah presses his ear to the curtain as the chapel falls quiet.

Elijah, “Ah are those footsteps approaching? Oh yes, yes they are.”

Liam Murphy sits himself down in the confessions area a silence falls.

Elijah, “Take your time my child.”

Liam sighs heavily.

Liam, “Thanks.”

Elijah, “We have all the time in the world. Well that is until 6pm tonight I am cooking for my girlfriend you see, I have been in her bad books of late for being to clingy.”

Liam, “Right well good luck with that, but I think I am the one who is suppose to be telling you what is bothering me.”

Elijah, “Oh yes go ahead my child.”

Liam, “Just give me a sec this is hard for me to say.”

Elijah, “That is fine my child the good Lord will wait. Have a cookie and a glass of milk on the tray next to you my child while you are preparing yourself.”

Liam is shocked to see a tray of cookies by the side of him he slowly picks one from the tray.

Liam, “MMM these are good and this milk is chocolate favoured.”

Elijah, “Is that better my child? Do you feel more relaxed and ready to carry on now?”

Liam, “Well here it is I’m not too sure if you would consider this as a confession or a apology.”

Elijah, “Let’s hear it my child.”

Liam, “Ok here goes firstly I’m very sorry to my fans……”

Elijah, “You have fans Liam……Oh I mean my child because I have absolutely no idea who you are.”

Liam looks nervously over at the curtain separating them both.

Liam, “Anyway I would like to apology to my many fans…..”

Elijah, Ha that’s a good one, many fans.”

Liam, “Excuse me you aren’t suppose to be judging me here.”

Elijah, “Oh no Liam I’m not judging far from it, I’m just poking fun at you.”

Liam, “Errr Reverend you called me Liam again.”

Elijah, “Oh did I sorry must have been a slip of the tongue please continue my child.”

Liam, “Well I was going through my back catalogue of my material……”

Elijah, “Really?”

Liam, “Err yes there’s no need to sound so surprised, I am a singer well I would like to call myself a rockstar but I’m not so sure anymore.”

Elijah Rockstar have you heard your songs?… I mean why is that my child?”

Liam, “Well I was listening to some old songs of mine and I realised….”

Elijah, “Yes?”

Liam, “I’m not a very good singer.”

Liam can hear the man of God giggling behind the curtain.

Liam, “Er your not doing much here to ease my guilt.”

Elijah, “Hallelujah well done my child.”

Liam, “Well done for what?”

Elijah, “For realising that your music is just beyond awful and very painful to listen too.”

Liam, “Oh thank you very much.”

Elijah, “Oh do not thank me Lia……….my child thank the good Lord.”

Liam, “Well you can go tell the good Lord to go shove his revelation to me up his………”

Elijah, “Watch your language in the house of God my child.”

Liam, “Oh yeah why should I?”

Elijah, “Because did you or did you not come here for some kind of answer today? If so I feel the good Lord has provided it for you.”

Liam, “Oh yes I’m sorry what was his all and so glorious answer I must of missed it.”

Elijah, “That would be that you’re a sucky singer Liam………my child I mean.”

Liam, “Oh yeah?”

Elijah, “Now you do realise that these are his words and not mine, but now come to think of it I do happen to be using one of your so called rock albums as a coaster at the moment.”

Liam, “Oh I’m so glad your enjoying it.”

Elijah, “Enjoying is a strong word Liam. I would just say I am making good use of it.”

Liam stands up glaring at the curtain with clenched fists.

Liam, “Elijah may I advise you to get thicker curtains I can see you sitting on the other side.”

Elijah, “My word my child you must have x ray vision because there is no one named Elijah here, I am but a messenger of God who passing on people’s guilt.”

Liam sighs and turns and begins to stomp out the chapel.

Elijah, “Bless you my child hope to see you soon don’t be a stranger.”

The next resident of Summer Bay steps up to rid themselves of guilt.

Alf, “Stone the Flaming Crows Elijah is that you behind there?”

Elijah sighs.

Elijah, “No I am only an anonymous voice aiding you through your confession.”

Alf, “Fair enough.”

Elijah, “Well my child what is it that bothers you?”

Alf , “Well to start off I’m no flaming child.”

Elijah, “Oh yes we are.”

Alf, “No we flaming aren’t.”

Elijah, “We so are.”

Alf, “Oh I’m sorry have I walked into a panto here?”

Elijah, “Oh no you haven’t.”

Alf, “Then would you be so kind to stop acting like a such a great galah and take my confession?”

Elijah, “Yes Alf.”

Alf, “Elijah this is anonymous isn’t it? I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am.”

Elijah, “Oh yes completely anonymous Alf.”

Alf, “Well that is good Elijah but I could swear you keep calling me Alf because I have no idea how you might of flaming guessed it.”

Elijah, “Oh I’m so sorry slip of the tongue.”

Alf, “Well here it is I throw Marilyn’s tofo meal she cooked for me in the bin.”

Elijah, “Oh no not Marilyn’s tofo that’s a crime.”

Alf, “I know she means well but I just can’t eat the flaming stuff no more.”

Alf can hears Elijah tutting on the other side of the curtain.

Elijah, “Well I think you should be very ashamed Alf.”

Alf, “Well of course I am why else you think I’m flaming here for?”

Elijah, “NEXT move it along now my child and the good Lords advice is become one with the tofo.”

Alf, “That is the most useless flaming advice I have ever flaming heard.”

Elijah, “Are they your parting words for our good Lord?”

Alf, “No his a flaming galah.”

Elijah, “He says thank you my child.”

Alf turns muttering to himself as he leaves the chapel.

Elijah, “Next.”

Indi, “Now come on you cant carry on going round doing this.”

Heath, “How many times it’s…………………”

Indi, “Yes, yes I know it’s the beast within who does it.”

Indi points to the confession stool Heath sighs heavily as he plonks himself down Indi jumps onto his lap.

Indi, “Wooo someone is happy to see me.”

Heath, “Indi please not in front of the priests they might die in shock.”

Elijah, “Hello my child.”

Heath, “Alright RoboReverend.”

Elijah, “Why do you call me that?”

Heath, “Because I can see you have a mechanical robot hand.”

Elijah, “Oh yes that is because of an unfortunate accident I had last year.”

Heath, “Oh nasty.”

Elijah, “Yes anyway enough about me what would you like to share with our Lord today?”

Heath, “Nothing.”

Indi, “Babe now come on.”

Heath, “Fine I might have been abit greedy.”

Elijah, “Ah gluttony one of the seven deadly sins.”

Heath, “Gluttony what the hell are you going on about? Did you just say something rude to me?”

Indi, “Gluttony babe it means greed.”

Heath, “Woooo get you, now listen RoboReverend stop it with all your fancy words or I’m out of here.”

Indi, “Babe you’re not going anywhere you need to stop eating……….”

Elijah, “What have you been eating my child which has made you feel so guilty?”

Heath, “Nothing.”

Heath takes a look at Indi as she gives him a stern look.

Heath, “Fine a ginger nut.”

Elijah, “Oh that’s not so bad my child.”

Heath, “I know right can’t see what the big deal is.”

Indi, “It was a rather big ginger nut babe wasn’t it?”

Heath, “I guess so.”

Indi, “You guess so?”

Elijah, “I can sense a lot of tension here I take it your talking about ginger nut biscuit here?”

Heath, “No stupid why the hell would we be on about biscuits?”

Elijah, “Well that is what ginger nuts are.”

Heath, “I think you might be wrong there RoboReverend seeing as this ginger nut was called Duncan.”

Elijah, “I don’t understand do you give your biscuits names before you eat them?”

Heath starts to growl as his anger starts to build.

Elijah, “My child are you growling at me?”

Indi, “Babe stop that bad Heath.”

Indi whacks Heath round the back of his head.

Indi Don’t start with the growling and face the fact that you have eaten your vet not to mention Romeo last year.”

Heath, “Oh Romeo was a tool and you know it.”

Heath and Indi are to busy arguing to notice Elijah’s robot hand advance out from behind the curtain and slowly begins to take Heath in a iron like grip round his neck.

Elijah, “So we meet again demon of the night, you bit my precious hand off a year ago.”


Indi begins to pull with all her might.

Meanwhile back at the farm a awkward and nervous Xavier sits gazing into his newest girlfriends eyes. Sasha awaits his tender kiss as he smiles shyly at her.

Sasha, “Well here we are Xav alone in the house.”

Xavier, “Yeah.”

Sasha, “So…….”

Xavier, “When you say we are alone that’s not really true there is Dex’s robot in his room so……. It’s hot today isn’t it I am sure hot I……”

Sasha, “Xavier your babbling.”

Xavier, “I am aren’t I? I don’t mean too I……”

Sasha, “Xavier are you nervous or something?”

Xavier, “Who me noooooooo way not me.”

Sasha, “You seem very uptight when your with me do I make you get butterflies?”

Xavier, “Butterflies no I’m not nervous at all.”

Sasha, “So you going to kiss me or what? It’s just seems like that’s what you wanted to do here for a while.”

Xavier, “Look Sasha if I wanted to kiss you I would of already.”

Sasha, “Well go on then its very sweet watching you get all tongue tied and talking about the weather and all that but now enough with the small talk.”

Xavier, “Fine.”

Xavier gulps as he moves in close to Sasha anglings his head slightly to the side as he moved closer in towards her face.

Xavier, “One more thing.”

Sasha sighs.

Sasha, “Yes?”

Xavier, “Do you want to kiss with eyes open or shut?”

Sasha, “I will follow your lead. Were you this nervous when you used to date Ruby?”

Xavier, “Well no she didn’t give you enough time to get nervous she sort of took charge, but with you there just seems to be something extra special.”

Sasha, “Xavier stop being all gooey will you and just kiss me.”

Xavier moves in closer, their lips are a matter of inches away from each other. Xavier can feel his excitement build within. Soon he would be kissing the girl he had once found to be somewhat annoying but now so desired. He can now feel Sasha sweet breath on his face…

Just then the Walkers front door slams open as a excited Dex crashes through it.


Sasha, “Oh thanks for head butting me Xav.”

Xavier, “I’m sorry the front door made me jump.”

Dex, “That was soo……”

Sid, “Yes, yes I know Dex you enjoyed it when I left my watch inside that man’s stomach today.”

Dex, “Yeah and here you are telling me to be a doctor and then you go and do something like that be ashamed Dad be very ashamed.”

Sid, “Well if you hadn’t kept driving me mad about a missing bedpan maybe I would of remembered to take my watch off, I mean do I look like I know about bedpans I’m a doctor you’re the nurse.”

Dex, “Then why were you on our ward Dad?”

Sid, “I had to have a private chat with one of the nurses.”

Dex, “Oh yes in the broom cupboard is that why you were so breathless when you spoke to me?”

Sid quickly turns away from Dex blushing as he does so he sees a sore looking Xavier and Sasha rubbing their foreheads.

Sid, “What has happened here?”

Xavier, “I moved in to kiss your daughter and I got it wrong.”

Sasha, “And we ended up head butting.”

Sid, “Dex get Sasha and Xavier a few bags of frozen peas will you, talking of food better get something to eat we are working a double shift tonight.”

Dex, “What we having?”

Sid, “I don’t know really haven’t really got time to cook.”

Dex hands Xavier and Sasha the frozen peas.

Dex, “Never fear Dad you may not have the time to cook but I know someone who does.”

Sid, “Oh really who?”

Dex, “Marty.”

Sid, “Oh no Dex I don’t know.”

Dex, “Dad just because his a robot that doesn’t mean he can’t cook.”

Sid, Xavier, and Sasha watch as Dex pulls out from his pocket what looks to be a control pad.

Dex, “What I need to get in touch with Marty in case we need help from a alien invasion. Now let me see I will just program Marty’s commands in and then sit back and watch him cook up a storm.”

There is the sudden sounds of Dex’s bedroom door being swung back on it’s hinges as Marty enters the kitchen.

Xavier, “You might need a new bedroom door dude.”

Dex, “You say that as if it’s a problem Marty here will just build me one.”


Sid, “Dex lets just go for take away I don’t really want your robot to mess up the kitchen.”

Dex waves this worry away with his hand.

Dex, “What does everyone want?

Sasha, “How about spaghetti Bolognese?”

Xavier, “Oh yes that sounds good.”

Sid, “Oh my dear God.”

Dex, “Did you hear that Marty? Everyone would like chocolate cake.”

Everyone, “Errrrrrrr no we didn’t say anything about chocolate cake.”

Dex, “You did seeing that is the only thing I have programmed in I need to update Marty’s food choices software.”


Marty moves forwards pulling out all the drawers and throwing their contents out until he had found what he needed.

Sid, “Look at the kitchen his messing it up.”

Xavier, “Oh and Mom thinks I’m untidy round the kitchen.”

Dex, “Dad please we have a top mechanical chef at work here.”

Marty looks at the ingredients out before him and as if in a whirlwind everything becomes a blur to the four people watching. Everyone jumps as there is a sudden dinging sound on the oven.

Sid, “What the……….”

Dex, “Dad you must of blinked and missed it.”

Marty comes forward presenting a cooked Chocolate cake.

Sid, “Oh my it really worked well that was fast.”

Dex, “Was there ever any doubt Dad that it wouldn’t work?”

Sid, “Well not even that much of a mess the drawers are put back in place I’m very impressed.”

Sasha, “Err Dad.”

Sid looks up at the ceiling to see big droplets of chocolate which is dripping on to the floor below which has numerous tyres tracks of flour a few smashed eggs were splashed up the walls.


Dex, “Calm down Dad Xavier and Sasha will clean the mess up for us wont you guys?”

Xavier/Sasha, “Errrrrrrr.”

Xavier, “Get Marty to do it he made the mess.”

Dex, “Xav he could but that would be sort of rude he just cooked for you.”

Dex grabs a piece of chocolate cake and leaves the room with Marty following close behind. Sid takes one look at his messy kitchen sighs and quickly leaves shaking his head.

Sasha, “Well I guess we know what we are doing now.”

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Thanks Red and Sarah.

Here's the next one.

Chapter 10

Elijah stands in his and Watson’s kitchen, preparing to cook Watson a meal to say sorry for giving her the massage from hell, when he became one with her shoulder thanks to his new hand.

Watson, “Elijah this meal better be good.”

Elijah stares down at the bread and cheese and red wine he has prepared having forgot to do the shopping.

Elijah, “Is bread and cheese ok my dear? We have red wine too.”

Watson, “You better be joking if you think abit of bread and cheese is going to fix the fact that you nearly turned my shoulder into mush you better think again.”

Elijah, “It’s a French loaf through?”

Watson, “Oh how mouth watering my taste buds can’t wait any longer.”

Elijah, “What really?”

Watson, “Elijah your joking right?”

Elijah, “Yes of course.”

Elijah fumbles round getting his phone out his pocket. He then tries to work his phone with his mechanical hand.

Watson, “Elijah?”

Elijah, “Yes?”

Watson, “Stop playing with your ringtones and get cooking I am staving here.”

Elijah has started to sweat as he finds his phone hard to operate with his hand.

Elijah, “Ok”

Elijah’s eyes light up as the number for Angelo’s whizz up and past on the phone’s screen.


Watson, “Well that is charming just because you are finding it hard to cook a nice meal for me you want to break up.”

Elijah, “You stupid bitching thing.”

Elijah watches as the fingers of his robot hand move at rapid speed through the phone’s contacts.

Watson, “How dare you say that to me I’m no bitch.”

Elijah, “Oh jumping Jesuses here we go.”

Elijah runs to the kitchen door and slams it shut as he waits for Brax to answer the phone.

Watson sits in the other room resting her chin in one hand feeling slightly bored. It is only when her phone starts to ring that she is snapped out of her bored state.

Elijah stands in the kitchen waiting for the ringtone in his ear to be answered.

Watson, “Hello?”

Elijah, “Oh hello there.”

Watson, “Err hello?”

Elijah, “Hello, oh yes your waiting for me to place my order.”

Watson, “I think you have the wrong number.”

Elijah, “Oh no my tattooed bad boy friend I don’t think I do. I was very careful when searching for the right number. Now then my order.”

Watson, “Your order?”

Elijah, “Yes Brax what is wrong? I have to say your sounding very feminine today is everything ok?”

Watson, “Brax? I’m not Brax.”

Elijah, “Oh are you one of his waitresses then?”

Watson, “What?”

Elijah, “What? Oh what do I want, one large bay meat lover please, oh I will I go for garlic bread what do you think?”

Watson, “Errrr.”

Elijah, “Ah your probably right there I don’t want garlic stinky breath now do I? Because as you probably know it’s not very nice to go kissing someone after they have had garlic, and I plan to do a lot of kissing tonight when I woo my girlfriend

Watson, “Elijah?”

Elijah, “Yes oh my how do you know my name?”

Watson, “Because I’m in the next room to you.”

Elijah, “Now come my child I know Angelo’s is practically on my doorstep, but I don’t think its as close as my living room.”

Watson, “If you just listen carefully for a second you will hear a voice coming from the other room.”

Elijah, “Oh that will be the good Lord trying to channel his way through to me.”

Elijah listens.

Watson, “Hello Elijah you dozy…………….”

Elijah, “I’m so sorry I seem to have the wrong number.”

Elijah quickly begins to busy himself as there is a knock on the kitchen door.

Elijah, “Yes come in.”

Elijah stands smiling as a smug Watson strides into the kitchen.

Watson, “Pizza is it for our smack up meal?”

Elijah, “Now that would be telling my Angel wouldn’t it?”

Watson, “Ah funny because I have just had the strangest phone call.”

Elijah, “Oh really? Well sadly there are some very strange people out there.”

Watson, “Yes but this was from a guy called Elijah and he wanted to order a bay meat lover pizza.”

Elijah, “Oh how strange.”

Watson, “MM now if I were Miss Maple I would say that it was you who just phoned me, but thankfully I’m not Miss Maple because I’m so much better than her.”

Elijah, “Oh no wasn’t me phoning you about a pizza.”

Watson, “Oh well I guess it will stay a mystery then. I’m going for a shower now shout me when the pizza arrives.”

After Watson leaves for her shower Elijah decides to give ordering a pizza another try. After he has double checked he was ringing Angelo’s this time, he is happy when the phone is answered. Elijah listens for some kind of greeting like a hello or maybe a hey but all he is met with is a low faint growl.

Elijah, “Hello this is Angelo’s isn’t it? I haven’t phoned a zoo or anything dam this useless hand of mine.”

This is answered with another growl which is starting to grow louder.

Brax, “Heath put the phone down, how many times do I have to tell you not to growl at our customers?”

Heath, “But it’s RoboReverend.”

Brax, “Who?”

Heath, “Elijah he had the cheek to try and throttle me today.”

Brax takes the phone off Heath.

Brax, “Who can blame him? I feel like doing the same sometimes too.”

Heath, “Oh cheers.”

Brax puts the phone to his ear but is only meet with the sound of the dial tone. Brax slaps Heath round the head.

Brax, “Thanks his gone now.”

Heath stands before his brother rubbing his head while growling.

Elijah, “Leah I have got through to Leah Patterson haven’t I?”

Miles, “Elijah it’s Miles.”

Elijah, “Miles is Leah there?”

Miles, “Maybe.”

Elijah, “What does that mean?”

Miles, “Depends what you want her for.”

Elijah, “Her skills my friend.”

Miles, “Oh yes I bet you do.”

Elijah, “Her cooking skills Miles, tell her to make something exotic and then bring it over please?”

Miles sighs.

Miles, “Fine I will get my sexy Greek Princess on it.”

Elijah, “Miles if you are trying to make me jealous it is not working.”

Miles, “Ok but I will have you know I make her scream Elijah. When we make love she begs me, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

Leah, “Miles will you stop showing off I take it that’s Elijah your talking too?”

Miles, “Owwwwwwwwwww.”

Leah, “Oh Miles it was only one of Bam- Bam’s nappies I flung at you.”

Miles, “Ewww it wasn’t dirty was it?”

Leah, “No lucky for you it wasn’t.”

Elijah chuckles to himself as he cuts the phone call off. This victory is short lived as there is a knock at the door. Elijah goes to answer it thinking Leah had been quite fast with her cooking.

Reverend Reggie, “Oh hello there Reverend Johnson.”

Elijah, “Hello Reggie.”

Reverend Reggie, “I come bearing gifts seeing as you were thrown out of Africa because of you freaky hand and scaring the children. I thought I would come and show you what you missed out on.”

Elijah watches as Reverend Reggie waves a DVD before his face.

Watson has only just came back from her shower and has missed the heart of what Reverend Reggie has been saying.

Watson, “Oh what is that?”

Elijah, “It’s DVD of my trip to Africa.”

Watson, “Oh let’s watch it.”

Reverend Reggie whispers.

Reverend Reggie, “Elijah you wasn’t there don’t you think she will notice that?

Elijah, “Ah didn’t think of that.”

Watson, “Elijah don’t be rude shake your old friends hand.”

Elijah holds out his robot hand in a panic and takes Reverend Reggie in a iron like grip and starts the hand shake.

Reverend Reggie, “Elijah yes that is quite enough thank you, you an let go now.”

Elijah, “I wish I could.”

Meanwhile in the City.

Hammer, “Jake, JAKE.”

Jake, “Shut up.”

Hammer, “But I can’t get her to come out of her trailer.”

Jake, “I’m on the phone.”

Hammer, “Well say hi to Mom from me will you? It is Mom your on the phone too right?”

Jake, “No.”

Hammer, “Who is it then?”

Jake, “Spanner.”

Hammer, “Idiot.”

Jake, “No not you I mean I’m talking to Spanner.”

Hammer, “Oh has he managed to join up with the River Boys yet as our spy?”

Jake, “I don’t know with you witting on like a old woman in my ear, now go away.”

Hammer, “But I cant get that demanding sexy……….”

Jake, “Sexy? If this is Charlie Buckton your talking about she is not sexy she is our bargaining chip to get to Brax. You can’t go falling for her.”

Hammer, “No no I think she’s called Esther, Esther Anderson.”

Jake, “She’s Charlie you stupid…………………”

Hammer, “Did it just work did my scary looking glare scare you? Is that why you stopped talking?”

Jake, “No I had to stop because I felt the urge to laugh at you.”

Hammer, “Hey.”

Jake, “I think I will go and pay our Esther Anderson a visit.”

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