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New day...New smile!

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So...the week before last a very wonderful man, who I was lucky enough to call uncle, passed away after a long, brave battle with cancer. He did however leave a legacy of sorts. It proves what an AWESOME guy he was and it's good, sound advice which has helped me and my family get through an incredibly rough couple of weeks. We are hoping to spread his word as far as we can so I thought I'd share it with you guys...

New day... new smile!©

It's as simple as that... new smile for the new day.

After a poor night's sleep, and an even worse start to the day, positive thinking just didn't seem to be working. So, after some thought, a line was drawn and a new day was begun. A new day... a new smile. Four, maybe five seconds, that's all, but the feeling from that smile carries on much longer.

And it's so easy to pass on to others... just smile and, hopefully, they'll smile back. They may do it without a second thought, not even realising they're smiling... how nice.

Sometimes it may be harder to smile, for whatever reason, but that smile will be there somewhere, just waiting to shine, even if only for a few seconds. It'll be worth it.

And the beauty of it is that it won't matter when your new day starts, it's your new day... your new smile. Be it 04:00 on a cold and frosty morning in winter or midnight in the middle of a beautiful summer, it's still your new day... your new smile!

Please pass it on... the further the smile spreads, the bigger it will become and surely there's nothing wrong in smiling!

New day... new smile!

I really hope you guys take his words to heart and smile :D

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