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Lost Your Mind Trying To Get It Back (by Jen) - comments


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VERY INTRIGUING opener, especially.............

 “Dex, do you remember what happened?”

It takes a moment. A couple of steady breaths, a few seconds to search his mind, and it’s only when he realises that Sid is staring, and the doctor has his pen poised in anticipation, that they expect him to reply. But he can’t.

Dex is searching and thinking, and coming up empty.

 “Casey was the one who found you-” she gulps, “-at the bottom of the stairs and brought you to the hospital. Then he called me,” Indi continues.

“Who’s Casey?” Dex asks.

All remaining colour seems to drain from Indi’s already pale face, but maybe it was just the harsh fluorescent lighting of the room.

 “The wedding,” Dex begins. “Is April back from Europe?” Indi and Sid exchange another glance that doesn’t go amiss. Dex feels like he’s given the wrong answer in front of a teacher, and quickly tries to correct himself. “Uh, Nicole is pregnant, right?”

“That was --” Indi stutters, “J--January.”

Dex’s eyes flick between his family members, trying to read their closed expressions.

“It’s now June,” Sid says resolutely.

 He watches his father sag back into a plastic chair at the side of Dex’s bed, his sister discreetly use the palm of her hand to squash a tear into her cheek, and feels like he’s somehow made everything inadvertently worse just by waking up.

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Thank you so much for all the comments.

Josietash - It's so helpful when people pick out the specific lines they liked. Thanks!

soph1303 - Thank you for reading.

Carina - You're always so incredibly sweet.

pembie - I've never written a fic like this before. Definitely something different for me.

Aden_Belle - Kristen, thank you <3

Red Ranger - I'm glad I've got you intrigued. When I started writing even I didn't know where I was going with it!

Next part to be posted shortly.

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LOOOOVE it !!!! This is REALLY intriguing !!!!, especially ......

 It’s a relief; not for Dex because he is still having trouble sleeping, a constant fear nagging inside his head that if he closes his eyes for too long he’s not going to wake up -- or worse: that he’s going to wake up and not remember his own name.

 Indi isn’t with them, choosing to stay at home, which Dex thinks might be secret code for something -- if only he could work out what.

 whether there should be some memory attached to it, like a balloon on a string. But he’s let go, and can’t get it back.

 The room is slightly dishevelled, and Dex picks up the faint scent of baby powder and then he notices the blue blanket with yellow ducks hanging over the arm of the chair. He files it away as something else he should know about but won’t ask.

Glad you like the way i do my comments !!!!!

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