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My Smile Shows A Lie While My Eyes Hide The Truth

Guest Summer2011

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Story Title: My Smile Shows A Lie While My Eyes Hide The Truth

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Brax,Heath,Casey,Cheryl,Bailey

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Family,

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: sucide, (A, V/D)

Summary: Based on the braxton family,

Chapter 1

Its been a year since the gang war between the riverboys and jake's gang, Brax and Ruby were still missing Charlie, casey was still getting over his time spent in juvie and Heath was mixed up with bianca again as she doesnt no who the father is to her unborn baby.

Cheryl was back on the drink and gambling since her son's had left home.

14 year old Bailey Braxton feels more alone since her brothers moved out of home.

Everyone know Bailey as the happy girl who always has a smile on her face.

Bailey looks around her the house that she has lived in for the 14 years she's been alive, this house has seen alot and most are bad memories.

The house isnt filled with love or laughter of a family, or a mother getting the dinner ready for her children like an normal home, this house is full of pain, misery drink and gambling debt.

Bailey trailed back down to her bedroom she couldnt walk straight that would be the tablets kicking in by now, she sat on her bed and sent a message to brax.

The moblie phone fell onto the bed, then her head flopped down on the pillow and she drew her final breath.

Brax was in Angelo's he toke his phone from his pocket and read the message "Sorry X" He thought it was a strange text message to get from his sister, so he thought he would go home and see her.

Brax arrived at home in mangrove river the house looked empty he called out but no one answered, he went into Baileys bedroom she was lying on the bed.

He thought she was asleep at first and then he spotted the empty tablet boxes scattered at the end of the bed.

Panic hit him and he rushed over to her and tried to find a pulse but there was nothing, he grabbed his phone from his pocket and rang an ambulance.

He tryed giving her CPR but deep down he knew he was too late, he cradled her in his arms with tears streaming down his face. He kissed her forehead and whispered "please baby wake up"

The paradmics arrive and his fears are confirmed shes dead. In that moment his already broken heart had been shattered to tiny little pieces.

The braxton family were sat in their living room trying to figure out why Bailey would take her own life, heath was questioning cheryl did she see any signs that she felt sucidal? cheryl didnt like the questioning her son was giving her and yelled at him " please shut up and leave me alone ive just lost my little girl"

They were interupted when Casey walked in with a piece of paper, he stammered itss its Baileys sucide note. He read it to everyone.

Dear Mum,Brax,Heath and Case

As your reading this now i have gone, first i want to tell you i love you all and im sorry. Im sorry for doing this to you all but how i feel i hate it, and it will never change because ive been feeling like this my whole life really.

Im not like you boys im not brave or strong i cant deal with things like you do. Im scared, ever since i can remember my life has involved cops,prisons, gangwars,fights,mums gambling addications.

I know you tried your best mum, even you brax tried to give us all a better life. Im not blaming anyone if you want to blame somone blame our dad for walking out on us and leaving mum to bring us up alone.

Its just after this year so many people got hurt, two people were even killed i dont want that life no more living in fear for my life thinking thats how i could end up one day.

I dont want that lifestyle so i cant carry on no more i want to feel safe and i dont, theres no escaping from it either, brax you tried to and look what happened charlie died, casey ended up in juvie. Mangrove river is a black hole no one gets out and i dont want this life anymore its the only way out.

Maybe if things turned out different known of us would have to have this lifestyle but we will never no.

Dont forget i love you all, be safe.


Bailey X

Brax and heath look at each other, how did they let things get this far, they were suppose to protect her.

Cheryl wiped the tears with the sleeve of her jumper and said she needed a drink.

2days later funearl

Everyone gathered in the church to say goodbye to Bailey.

Brax's goodbye speech

saying goodbye to someone you love is the hardest thing to do in life,but its even harder when your saying goodbye to someone who toke their own life.

your constantly going over in your mind if i got their an hour early maybe if i said something it would have made her change her mind and she wouldnt have done it. Or you keep going over and over in your head too see if there was any signs she felt how she did.

I cant describe how much pain my family are in now,Bailey was just a kid she had her whole life ahead of her,yet she didnt see it that way.

My little sister didnt have a great life she seen things and been through things most kids her age will never go through, but i thought she was happy we all did she never once said she felt depressed or alone. She was kind, caring,a smart kid, she wasnt like us boys always in trouble she was different because she was a better person she had a heart of gold.

He walked down and stood beside the coffin, tears filled his eyes, he kissed his hand and placed it on the coffin and softly spoke "goodbye Bailey watch over us eh"

Brax went an sat beside casey and his mum, cheryl was a mess she couldnt stop crying brax put an arm around his mum to comfort her.

Heath walked up to the alter and spoke i havnt prepared anything because brax was talking for us all but i just wanted to say a few things.

Last night i was lying awake in bed and thinking how i always took Bailey for granted as my annoying kid sister.

We all thought Bailey was a strong girl she never seemed to let things get her down and always had a smile on her face.

I wish i could turn back time and change how me and brax choose to live our life because maybe this wouldnt be happeneing, i wish i could tell Bailey we all love her, that she beauitful and a wicked surfer for a chick ( everyone laughed at that commented) most of all i wished i could have saved her.

Heath looked at the coffin " love you princess, sleep tight"

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance

For the break that will make it ok

There's always some reason to feel not good enough

And it's hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction oh beautiful release

Memories seep from my veins

They may be empty and weightless and maybe

I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms of an Angel fly away from here

From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie

You're in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

Everyone went back to the braxton house, cheryl went to bed she couldnt take much more of today, casey was sat in the garden staring out at the lake, heath walked out to him "you alright mate. Casey looked around at him " ye i just cant believe shes gone, its only feels like yesterday we were kids playing in the river splashing each other.

Brax had gone to the graveyard, he placed some flowerd on the grave, he softly spoke " i really miss you baby, charlie please take care of bailey for me. He looked up to the sky i love my two special angels. He looked down at his feet a feather had landed at his foot he picked it up and looked back up at the sky " thankyou charlie i knew she be safe with you"


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Thankyou Beezzz and pembie for the comments :) This is only a short chapter

Chapter 2

It had been a couple of weeks since Bailey's death,the Braxton family were still coming to terms with their loss.

What really got to Brax was that he didnt know his little sister at all, everything he once thought he knew about her was wrong.

He thought she was a happy kid but that was proven wrong, he didnt know she knew so much about what he and Heath got up to he tried to hide as much as possible from her when dealing with that.

He had been the very first person to hold Bailey when she was born, as their father wasnt around Cheryl went through the labour alone, her eldest son was the first person to vist and see his little sister. He could remeber that day as it was just like yesterday he picked up the little small bundle and she nestled into his chest, Brax would never forget that feeling just like he would never forget the feeling of cuddling his dead sister's lifeless body.

Casey was back at school he couldnt miss anymore this year was it he had to do it, it was now or never.

Casey felt a little bit of hate towards Brax and heath because of the death of Bailey but the one thing he knew he would take from this would be that he was going to live his life very different to Brax and Heath. He is going to finish school this year and get his HSC and leave summrtbay for a better life. No more riverboys no more trouble no more pain and suffering and no more deaths.

Heath spent his days surfing and drinking with more drinking and more drinking, he felt terribly guilty about Bailey's death.

He couldnt cope with all the things going through his head so he turned to the drink to block them out.

Cheryl had also hit the drink and gambling again in a big way, it was hard to find a day when she was sobor now.

Brax was in Angelo's he was getting ready for tonight, it was the renaming of the restaurant and he wanted everything to be perfect.

Everything was set up the new name above the door ready to be shown to the community, he was just waiting for everyone to arrive.

Heath was sat on a bar stool already drinking and Casey was helping out behind the bar tonight.

Once everyone had arrived and drinks were served Brax stood up and announced the the new name of the restaurant, Everyone stood in silence and then Brax unravled the curtain from the sign and up in big bold writing was Bailey.

Everyone raised a glass to Bailey and to the new restaurant Baileys.

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