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Irene's Children

Guest Edward Skylover

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Irene's children should be mentioned more often.They are the reason she originally moved to Summer Bay.I know many of the current H&A fans were not watching when Finlay and Damian were main characters on the show so they don't care,but long term viewers notice these things.It's bad writing.

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Although I agree her kids should be mentioned more often especially since her grandkids to Finn are in their mid teens now (ideal H&A character ages) but last year didn't she leave for the city to tell "her kids" she had cancer? if this is the case she needed a few weeks withKim & kit in the city, Will in jail, jesse in jail, Joey traveling the country so he probably ended up in the city, kirsty, Kane and Ollie are probably in the city, I wonder how hayley and Scotts visa is going or Robbie and tashas for that matter, theyre probably in the city.

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