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Ada Nicodemou Announces Pregnancy

Guest Stephanie

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Thanks Stephanie for posting this article.

I'm so happy for Ada and Chrys. I'm glad that Ada believes in the element of surprise when it comes to the sex of her unborn child. I also like her positive attitude that it doesn't matter so long as the baby is healthy.

Congratulations Ada and Chrys! :D

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Will be interesting to see how they write Leah out for Ada's leave.

The most obvious/predictable thing would be for her to go to Cyprus for a few months because of a family emergency or something, but you're right, it will be interesting to see if they take the easy option (nothing wrong with that) or use it as an opportunity for a more exciting storyline for Leah.

Really pleased for Ada - reading this news actually brought me out in a big smile. :D

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PREGNANT TV star Ada Nicodemou is as relaxed as she has ever been - but it's about to be the opposite for her on-screen character.

Writers on the long-running soap Home and Away are hurriedly writing Nicodemou's pregnancy into the show's storyline.

Speculation is mounting a "baby" plotline could follow a developing relationship with her character Leah and Brax, a Summer Bay bad boy played by Steven Peacocke. But Nicodemou suggested a newcomer may be the father.

"I think maybe we should get a new character in," said Nicodemou, host of Seven's reality show Please Marry My Boy.

Pictures: Actress Ada Nicodemou

Pictures: Stars with sexy legs

"I think Leah should have a one-night stand. I think she needs to live a little. I sprang it (her real-life pregnancy) on the producers like I did everyone else and I think they're trying to write it in as we speak."

Nicodemou, 34, said her decision to embark on IVF in a bid to have a first child was the "best thing I have ever done".

She and husband Chrys Xipolitas have reached the 15-week mark in their pregnancy. The couple made their announcement last week after their first IVF attempt.

Dark days of Ada's marriage shown on Please Marry My Boy

It had been a "pretty stressful time" for Nicodemou who admitted she had become frustrated.

"I'm a control freak and I started getting really stressed about not falling pregnant," she said.

"But the minute I decided to do IVF, it took all that stress away and you feel more in control.

"Now I'm really calm. I think I'm the most relaxed I have ever been."

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