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BethFaye's Artwork


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Your icons are just beautiful, i adore the colouring :wub:

Have used a Liam/Bianca one, hope thats ok? i have credited you :)

Thank you :)

It is a honour that you want to use one so yes it is more than okay :)

Thank you :) look forward to more!

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Thank you guys! :)

I am back in business :)

I have been without internet for about a week now so all my time was making icons and was a lot! nearly 300 Esther ones alone.

Here are some of them:





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Thank you :D

One more post of icons before I find an easier way to post mass amount of icons (I am working on it :))


^^ That one has reason behind it, it was going to say something like Cops wins I think then I thought it looked like the Hollywood sign so decided last minute to change it to Summer Bay to be like the Hollywood sign :)





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