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Thank you so much! :)

I have had very bad internet connection over last 48 hours, I wish was just the stormy weather last night but seems is our router. So I have over 100 icons made, I am heading to 260 icons of Esther related :o

here are just a few:





Also going to point out I may have made the same icons again I have lost track on pictures I have used and what colouring now

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Your icons are just beautiful, i adore the colouring :wub:

Have used a Liam/Bianca one, hope thats ok? i have credited you :)

Thank you :)

It is a honour that you want to use one so yes it is more than okay :)

My current avatar:


Come on Esther!

I shall be posting my mass amount of icons in the morning .. when I mean mass I mean mass made at least 100 Esther icons.

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