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Blood & Sand!

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REALLY enjoying this!!!! Brax with a secret daughter is a GREAT idea!!!!!! That was cooooooooooooooool, especially ......

 “Hey guys, are you hiding from Colleen? All I wanted to do was order a coffee and well now I know every detail of what she is wearing to my wedding let me tell you it’s not pretty”

 “Hey Charlz” Ruby said giving her mum a small smile. “You’re late! Did Brax keep you up late last night?” Ruby asked with a grin and raised eyebrow. Charlie gave her daughter a disapproving look, which only sent Ruby and April into a laughing fit.

 “Like I said it doesn’t matter who I am, I am just warning you to back off, your nothing but a toy to him and soon you will realize that, the Braxton’s don’t do marriage” Bianca looked over at the teenager.

 “I am Allie, Alexandra Braxton and I have all the say in the world on who the Braxton brothers marry and the oldest brother will not be marrying you” She said with a confident smile before pulling down her sun glasses and breezing out of the diner.

 “Never, Charlie maybe she was just joking I mean she could just be jealous. I know she looked young but everyone wants themselves a Riverboy” Charlie shook her head.

 “Don’t Alexandra me, you cannot marry Charlotte Buckton! I will not let you daddy”

 But now you know the truth he’s keeping secrets! Can you really be sure he isn’t keeping things from you?” Allie smiled at Charlie and as she walked past touched Charlie arm briefly. “Remember you’re only a toy and soon he will see he can find better things to play with” Allie grinned and strutted down the stairs into the Surf Club leaving Charlie stunned.

 “I didn’t tell you about Allie because I didn’t want to hurt her, I could tell you all about her life growing up but you wouldn’t understand it. Allie has had to watch many women come and go, most of them before she even got the chance to say hi. She doesn’t have a mother, she never has! Her mother didn’t want her and that’s part of the reason why Allie is the way she is” Brax took a deep breath. “I love you Charlie, but I love my daughter too, I was only trying to protect her. I didn’t want her to have to watch you walk out as well, but once I knew nothing was going to break us apart I couldn’t find a way to tell you” Brax walked up to Charlie, holding her free hand. “I love you, I am so sorry I keep Allie a secret, especially since you told me about Ruby” He said as his eyes looked over towards the 16 year old who was holding onto her mother tightly.

“I understand Brax, ooh at least I think and hope I do” Charlie looked into his eyes. “But you better not have any more secrets, including secret children” Charlie couldn’t help it she laughed.

 “You can both do better, and as for her being you fiancé it’s not happening” Brax glared at her.

 “But my mum is going to marry your dad; she is pregnant with his baby! And all you can think about is yourself! My mum and me are going to be your family” Ruby said not realizing she just blurted out a big secret.

“You’re pregnant?” Brax said sitting rigid in his chair.

“OH MY GOD!! Ever heard of a condom?” Allie screamed jumping up from her chair.

“Allie please” Brax said but his daughter just stomped her foot and glared.

“You couldn’t keep it in your pants could you dad” Allie said before running off to her room angry and crying.

Charlie stood up and grabbed her bag, motioning for Ruby to do the same.

“I’m sorry Brax I can’t do this, I can’t marry you knowing your daughter hates me” Charlie said with tears streaming down her face as she ran from the house.

 Heath knocked on Allie’s door and then slowly began to open it only to be knocked in the head by a pillow.

“Get out” The teenager yelled clearly not happy he was inviting himself into her room.

 “Oh believe me we will get to that, but right now I want you to really think about what you’re doing Allie. Your dad loves Charlie, you can see that when you look at them, he wants to marry her Allie doesn’t that show you he is committed?” Heath looked at his niece but she glared at him.

“Uncle Heath, dad doesn’t know what love is” Heath cut her off with a look.

“Your dad has changed Allie, you haven’t seen everything he has gone through to be with Charlie, today instead of being happy and welcoming her into the family, you chased her away. Your dad is out there right now drunk, angry and very sad because the woman he loves told him she doesn’t want to be with him if you hate her” Heath took a deep breath and lifted his nieces chin so they were looking at each other. “She chose to walk out so that you could be happy, that’s the kind of woman Charlie is Allie” When Heath finished he noticed his niece was crying again.

“I’m sorry Uncle Heath” He nodded but didn’t pull her in for a hug just yet.

“I know little one but now we need to talk about your behaviour because it was unacceptable, there will be no surfing for 2 weeks, no computer and no friends over” Allie nodded quickly and wiped her tears away. “Oh and Alexandra next time you behave like that I will have your ass, that I can promise you, do you understand me?”

“Yes Uncle Heath I understand” The teenager replied slightly scared, she knew her Uncle was letting her off lightly but she also knew he could be very, very strict. Heath pulled her onto his lap and hugged her.

“And you will apologize” Allie didn’t move, Heaths only response to her not answering him was to stand her up and land a loud smack to her bottom.

“Sorry Uncle Heath” She said immediately. “I will apologize”

“Good you can start now, Bianca and April are here still” Allie rolled her eyes but with one look from Heath she started out the door.

 “I’m sorry for the way I behaved at dinner it was unacceptable and I know that. My dad has never had a relationship that has lasted this long, nor has he ever loved anyone. But it is clear he loves you and I’m sorry I destroyed that I want you to get back with my dad Charlie, I want him to be happy and I want you to be happy too. I’m so sorry, I was so stupid I promise to behave myself from now on and to not be so mean an judgemental” Charlie nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes.

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Brax having a secret daughter! Interesting! I think Charlie forgive him a bit to quickly if I am honest, I can't believe he didnt tell her about her. Allie seems like a right little madam, but hopefully everything works out and they can work at being a nice little family with Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Allie and the bub! :)

Great stuff so far. Update soon :)

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Chapter Six:


Charlie barged her way into the Braxton house and straight down to Brax’s room. When she opened the door her heart dropped she didn’t expect to come in here to see drunken Brax shoving clothes into a bag.

“Brax please don’t tell me your running away” Charlie said clearly about to start crying, when she broke up with him she didn’t mean it and now he was going to leave he, when he saw and heard her Brax almost choked on his beer.

“Charlie” He murmured rushing over and embracing her.

“Baby I’m sorry, so sorry please don’t leave me” Charlie said beginning to become hysterical, seeing her standing there beginning to cry sobered Brax up a little.

“Oh Charlie baby I’m not going to leave you okay?” She nodded her head weakly and looking up into his eyes.

“Brax you have to know it wasn’t your fault, I spoke to Allie she apologized and said she would like us to be happy. Brax baby I’m happy when I’m with you, I love you so much and I really still want to be your wife Brax if you’ll have me?” Brax picked her up and kissed her passionately before swinging her around.

“Of course I will still have you Charlie, you’re my girl! I love you so much okay? I want to spend the rest of my life with you” He said as he put the giggling Charlie on the ground.

“Good, good because I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you” Charlie said smiling at her husband to be.

“Oh baby you have no idea how happy that makes me” Brax said as he lifted Charlie up and kissed her passionately while walking towards the bed, the breakup forgotten.


Ruby, April and Allie sat comfortably in Ruby’s bedroom with pizza, coke and lollies as they talked girl talk.

“You’re not as bad as you make out to be Allie” Ruby said smiling as the 14 year old broke out laughing.

“Oh I know, but I’m a Braxton” She said acting like it explained everything. “You will understand when your dad marries my mum Ruby and we become step sisters and it defiantly wouldn’t be a surprise to me if April becomes out cousin soon” April laughed.

“I wouldn’t mind that” Allie took a sip of her drink before responding.

“You wouldn’t mind being our cousin? So Bianca is basically your mum right?” Allie asked and April nodded.

“Yep, she’s raised me since I was little even though we are half-sisters” Allie nodded and shared a smile with Ruby.

“Well that will make Heath, oops Uncle Heath like your stepdad and all I can say is could luck. I have enough trouble being his niece and you get role of daughter” April gasped, while the two other girls broke into laugher.

“Well you’ll just have to give me all the details on how to avoid his bad side” April said smiling at Allie.

“I wouldn’t ask her Ap, all she sees is Heaths bad side” Allie threw a cushion at the two girls on the bed.

“I’m not that bad!” Allie exclaimed. “Plus Ruby it’s Uncle Heath remember that one, see I do have tips for you” Allie said taking a bite of her pizza as Ruby’s phone went off.

“Just a text” Ruby said not rushing to get it, but Allie wanted to know who it was so she grabbed it.

“Let’s see who it is!” Ruby went to lunge for her phone, but Allie held it out of her reach.

“Don’t worry Rubes I got hers” Allie’s head snapped up as she noticed April had her phone, jumping up on the bed and went to grab her phone.

“No you don’t” Ruby said whacking her with a pillow.


When Bianca, Charlie, Brax, Heath and Casey went to the house to collect the girls in the morning they didn’t expect to see the 3 girls cuddled up on the bed covered in feathers obviously caused by a pillow fight, coke spilled all over the white carpet, lollies all over the floor and pizza hanging from the roof.

Charlie screamed Ruby’s bedroom was a mess and Leah was going to kill her after all this was her house, so when she came back from holidays she would probably ask the girls to leave. All of the girls stirred at the sound of Charlie’s scream but Allie was the first to speak.

“What’s going on?” Allie asked tiredly as she rubbed her eyes and sat up, when she noticed everyone standing there with their mouths hanging open she bumped April and Ruby.

“We’re busted” She said quietly as the two other girls realised what was happening.

“Brax your daughter stay’s one night and looked what happened” Charlie said burying her head in Brax chest unable to look at the mess.

“Excuse me this is not all my fault Charlotte Buckton” Allie said angrily but quickly quietened when she received a glare from Heath.

“What did I tell you about behaviour Alexandra” Heath asked harshly, Allie winced at his tone. “I’m waiting”

“That it’s unacceptable and to behave myself” Allie said quietly, she noticed the other two girls weren’t saying anything.

“Your damn right it is, apologize to Charlie now for the comment” Allie shook her head furiously. “Get here”

“Uncle Heath” Allie started but was cut off with a look, ‘damn it’ She thought as she walked over.

“Look at this mess” Turning around Allie was shocked ‘okay maybe it is bad’ she thought. “Now you know why she said that, so now you can apologize” Heath raised an eyebrow at his niece.

“Sorry Charlie” Allie whispered.

“Do you two have something to say?” Bianca asked her sister and Ruby.

“Sorry Charlie” Both girls whispered, Charlie didn’t say anything she just walked out with Casey and Brax, which left Heath and Bianca to deal with this mess.

“Alright this is how it’s going to work, today we were all going out for lunch but instead you three will clean this room top to bottom” Allie groan which got her a swift smack on the ass from Heath. “Don’t you dare” He warned her before looking towards the other girls. “April I told you to behave, this is defiantly not behaving” April looked down and was actually surprise when Heath didn’t smack her.

“Sorry Heath” He nodded.

“Ruby you should know this is unacceptable, you all should. Get it cleaned up NOW!” He said causing all three girls to move quickly as they began to tidy the room.


What did you guys think? (:

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Chapter Seven:

Warning child punishment in this chapter.


While the girls were cleaning everyone else decided to have a coffee and talk about the future what they didn’t realise is they had been talking for nearly two hours.

“I suppose I better go check on the girls” Heath said standing up.

“Would you deal with Ruby please Heath?” Charlie said smiling sadly at her soon to be brother in-law, Heath nodded slightly.

“Sure Charlie, but I’m sure she is really sorry”

“Deal with April as well will you Heath, she is going to be you sister in-law soon or more like your stepdaughter” Heath again nodded.

“Of course baby” He said as he walked towards Ruby’s room.


When Heath walked into the bedroom the girls were sitting on the bed looking exhausted but they were finished.

“Finished I see” April and Ruby looked like they didn’t know what to say so Allie chose to speak.

“Yes Uncle Heath, sorry about the mess” Heath raised an eyebrow.

“Hmm, I’m sure you are. They all want me to deal with punishments so where shall we start?” Heath asked plopping down into Ruby’s desk chair. “Allie you should already know how your being punished, since I did tell you I would have your ass the next time you misbehaved” Allie looked down.

“Yes Uncle Heath” She whispered.

“As for you two I suppose we can talk it over. You first April” The teenager looked up but quickly adverted her gaze from Heath. “You’re going to be my stepdaughter and as your dad I won’t put up with this behaviour” Heath said as he rolling the chair over to where April was sitting and lifted her chin so there eyes met. “You know from the moment I started dating Bianca you became very important to me April and that’s why I make sure your always protected, and that’s why I always tell you to behave because I don’t want you to be in trouble” April nodded.

“I know Heath, I’m sorry I really am” Heath nodded.

“I know you are little one, but you need to be punished for the behaviour that happened here” April nodded. “We will come back to you, Ruby your next” Heath said as he rolled over to his new niece. “Now you are my newest niece which means I care a lot about you, I have since you started dating Casey. Ruby this behaviour here was unacceptable and your mum is very upset. This isn’t just your home and you need to think about that. Do you have anything you would like to say?” Heath asked.

“Just that I’m sorry” Heath nodded and wiped away her tears.

“You’ll be alright little one, alright Allie you first considering you have been through this” Allie sighed but stood up.

“Uncle Heath” She whined.

“Sorry baby but you were the one who misbehaved”

“Can’t you punish me some other way” Heath shook his and Allie sighed and tried not to think about how embarrassing this would be.

“Oh my” Ruby gasped, as Allie caught 5 smacks from Heath, she tried to smile at her friends but it didn’t stop the sting.

“Oww, Uncle Heath” He just laughed.

“You know that didn’t hurt” He said shaking his head, Allie turned around and poked her tongue out. “Allie” He warned as he landed another smack this one harder.

“Now you will not behave like this ever again it’s unacceptable if you are going to behave like this you will never be allowed home alone again, do you understand me Alexandra? I will not put up with this behaviour from you, I am glad you have put effort in to be friends with April and Ruby but I never want to see something like this again” Heath landed two more smacks, before he pulled his niece into a big hug, he knew she was crying not because it hurt but because she understood he was disappointed in her.

“Sorry Uncle Heath, I promise to behave” Heath found himself smiling as he hugged his niece and kissed her head.

“I know sweetie and I would really like to see you start behaving. But you still need to remember you are not allowed to go surfing, no computer and no friends over for 2 weeks” After she calmed down Allie sat on the bed and looked at her friends. “April do you want to talk about your punishment? I won’t punish you the same way as Allie” April started to talk but she felt Allie’s hand on her arm.

“That was over in 2 minutes, if you’re grounded he will ground you for two weeks. Yes it’ll sting but it’s over and I’m forgiven” Allie looked at her Uncle and smiled.

“I can see your growing up baby” This made Allie beam.

“Alright I guess I will take what Allie went through” April said hesitantly standing up and making her way over to her one day stepdad, only hesitating for a second.

“You will be alright sweetie” He said as he brought down his hand a quick 5 times.

“Oww” Heath smiled and turned April to face him.

“April your my daughter and I love you, but I will not accept this behaviour, when I told you to behave this is not what I had in mind. I want you to know I’m not mad at you sweetie, I’m just disappointed” Heath landed two more smacks before pulling able into a big hug.

“I’m so sorry daddy” April said through her tears, April wasn’t crying because she was hurt but because she knew Heath loved her and that she had disappointed him. Heath kissed her head and smiled, April had called him daddy.

“It’s alright little one, it’s all forgiven now” He said as he guided April back to the bed and wiped away her tears. “Alright Ruby, what about you?” Heath asked turning to his other niece.

“Ah hell, I guess that” She said quickly walking over to him, but before he even started he gave her a stern look.

“Do not speak like that” Ruby nodded and Heath landed 5 swift smacks to her bottom before turning her around to face him.

“Your my newest niece and even though you aren’t technically family yet I treat you like it and I love you the same as I love Allie, but I won’t take this behaviour from you just as I won’t take it from your two friends, I’m not mad Ruby I want you to understand that, I’m just disappointed that you would take advantage of being home alone” Heath landed two more smacks, before pulling his into a hug.

“Sorry Uncle Heath” He smiled when she called him Uncle Heath, he kissed her head quickly and guided her back to the bed.

“It’s alright little one, now I would like the three of you to go out there and apologize please” All three teenagers nodded before jumping up and walking out the door.


April saw Bianca and through herself into her mother figures arms, Bianca only just managed to stop herself from falling off the chair.

“April sweetheart, are you okay?” April buried her face in Bianca’s neck.

“I’m so sorry mum, so sorry” Bianca froze but after a smile from Heath she stroked Aprils hair.

“Oh baby, it’s okay” Bianca said hugging her ‘daughter’ tight.

Ruby was the next she ran to Charlie and threw her arms around her hugging her tight.

“Oh mummy, I’m so sorry” Charlie smiled and mouthed a thank-you to Heath.

“It’s okay baby, you’re okay now” Charlie said smiling at Brax.

Allie was the only one who didn’t hurl herself in anyone’s arms, this made Casey and Brax realise what went on in the bedroom, Allie instead walked over and kissed her father’s cheek lightly, she knew better than to just hurl herself at him after all she was punished for a reason and he wanted to know she understood that.

“Sorry daddy, I promise to behave from now on” Brax nodded his head and smiled.

“Good baby, I am glad to hear it. Uncle Heath wasn’t too hard on you all was he?” Bianca and Charlie were now watching Allie, while they hugged their daughters.

“No daddy, I deserved it” Allie said as she walked over and kissed her Uncles cheek.

“Sorry Uncle Heath” He nodded and pulled her in for a hug.

“I know little one, I know” He said smiling. “Girls do you have something you would like to say to Charlie?” Allie and April both looked over.

“Sorry Charlie” They murmured, April then turned to look at her mum.

“Mum, it’s going to be okay to call you that right?” Bianca laughed and smiled.

“Oh April sweetie of course it is” April smiled and turned to Heath.

“And to call you daddy that’s okay?” Bianca gasped as Heath nodded and took his arms from around Allie to hug April.

“Of course baby” He said kissing her head.

“Good” April said. “Because now I have a real family” Heath smiled.

“Yes and you know what that means?” April shook her head. “I would like you to call Brax and Casey Uncle, yes even if Casey is your age if shows respect, and Charlie Aunt” April smiled.

“Charlie was already my aunt, but yeah I can call them that, there my family” Heath smiled and hugged her again.


Who is that?

What’s going on?

Hey guys keep the reviews coming, I’m loving them (:[/b]

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Chapter Eight:


Charlie and Bianca finally sat down in their usual booth at Angelo’s, the place was booming which made both women very happy. Since Heath decided to get on the straight and narrow for Bianca, Brax decided it was only fair if he had some faith in his younger brother so he offered Heath a share in Angelo’s which Heath took after a long think about what it would mean. But when Heath became a partner business drop dramatically and only the past week has it picked up.

“So Charlie do tell me how the wedding plans are coming along, we haven’t had a conversation about it in weeks” Bianca said a small smile planning on her lips.

“Well that would be because Heath and you won’t leave your bedroom” Charlie giggled. “But the wedding plans have been put on hold until the baby is born, so you know we can have the whole family there” Charlie said sharing a smile with Bianca.

“Oh yes, how is the whole baby thing going? You know I love kids, but I’m not sure I could do the whole pregnancy thing just yet” Charlie laughed and took a sip of her OJ.

“The baby thing is going fine thank-you, I am enjoying every moment, so different to when I was pregnant with Ruby” Bianca nodded in understanding.

“Of course it would be Charlie; this time you are having a baby with the man you love and he is going to be there to support you, all of us are going to be there to support you” Charlie smiled and nodded her head.

“I’m going to need a lot of support I think, how are you and Heath going anyway?” Bianca grinned.

“We are going fantastic, you know he’s changed a lot since we started dating. But when April called him dad he seemed to…I don’t know how to explain it, he is just so wonderful about it Charlie” Charlie smiled.

“I can see the change in him to B, I really can. How you going with the whole April situation?” Bianca beamed.

“I have been raising April since she was little Charlie, our mum wasn’t really up for raising April so I took it upon myself. I never knew she thought of me like a mother figure, but I always thought of her as my daughter, Charlie when I heard the word mum come out of her mouth I froze” Charlie patted her friends hand an gave her a gentle smile.

“But you then came through Bianca and told her it was okay to call you mum, do you regret it?” Bianca shook her head fiercely.

“No, no, no I really don’t I just guess I’m still in shock” Charlie nodded.

“You’ve been a mother to April for a long time B, all that has changed is April now calls you mum” Bianca nodded slightly.

“Oh look what we have here” Charlie’s head snapped up when she heard Tegan’s voice.

“What are you doing here Tegan? Didn’t Brax tell you to stay well away from Summerbay” A look of fear passed over Tegan’s face but she quickly shook it away.

“Don’t get your undies in a knot Buckton, I’m only here to drop off Darcy” Tegan said as she turned to leave.

“Wait what do you mean drop her off?” Charlie asked as she stood up and glared at Tegan.

“Pregnant?” Tegan stated looking at Charlie’s baby bump, which was showing proudly against the black maxi dress she was wearing. “Look I don’t want the kid anymore, its Darryl’s turn to have her after all it’s his daughter” Tegan said as she turned on her heals and stuttered her way out of Angelo’s.


Charlie stood staring at the place where Tegan had just been, she was angry all she could think was that Brax had been lying to her again! He promised after Allie there were no more secrets, but yet now there’s Darcy.

“Charlz you have to say something, the poor thing looks absolutely terrified” Charlie shook out of her thoughts and looked down towards the little girl, she could be more than four years old and of course she was the spitting image of Brax. Charlie sent her a small smile but still continued to stare the small girls hair was in a ponytail; Charlie gave the little girl another small smile when she noticed the girl was a little princess dressed in a pink dress with purple flowers and purple sandals to match.

Darcy looked at the woman in front of her the one her mummy had been talking to, the lady really did look like a princess but she was just staring.

“Charlie” Darcy’s eyes darted over to the other woman who spoke and then back to ‘Charlie’

Charlie quickly shook from her thoughts and smiled at Darcy again before crouching down to the little girls’ level and pushing her fringe to the side.

“Hi Darcy my name is Charlie, I’m going to marry your daddy and you see this lady here” Darcy nodded her head but didn’t move her gaze from Charlie. “Well that’s Bianca my friend, she is also your Uncle Heath’s girlfriend” Darcy smiled as did Charlie.

“Hi Charlie, hi Bianca” Darcy said shyly, Bianca waved, but left the talking up to Charlie.

“You know what Darcy, Bianca and I ordered too much pizza would you like some?” Darcy grinned and nodded her little head, so Charlie helped the little girl up into the booth. “Okay well how about you put some onto a plate for Darcy B, and I will go and get the little angel a coke and try and find her daddy” Charlie said as she put Darcy’s bag down under the table, flashed a nervous smile and walked off to find Brax.


Entering the office Brax grinned to see his fiancé standing there.

“Hey baby, I thought you were having lunch with Bianca” Brax said as he pulled her down onto his lap.

“I am, Brax we need to talk Tegan was here” Charlie could see the anger in Brax’s eyes and she quickly decided to tell him about Darcy. “She’s gone now, but um she left Darcy her daughter” Brax looked at Charlie with a concerned gaze.

“Darcy’s only 4! Why would Tegan leave her alone” Charlie shook her head.

“Actually she left her with me, to give to you. You’re her father Brax didn’t you know?” Brax looked at Charlie with his mouth hanging open in shock. “I am going to take that as a no”

“Of course I didn’t know Charlie, um it’s possible but Tegan insisted she wasn’t mine. When she actually said she was keeping the baby, I guess I didn’t argue because I was happy at least she was raising one of her kids” Charlie looked at him.

“What do you mean one of her kids?” Brax sighed and ran his hands over his face.

“Allie” Was all he said.

“Allie, is Tegan’s daughter? Tegan was the one who abandoned Allie because she didn’t want to be a mother and now she is doing the same to Darcy” Brax thumped his fist on the table and Charlie actually jumped. “Sorry baby” He said immediately as he got up and walked over to her grabbing her in a hug.

“You should go and see Darcy Brax” He pulled away and nodded his head.

“Does she even know who I am? Does she know I’m her father is what I mean?” Charlie nodded slightly.

“She didn’t seem fazed when I called you her dad, so I am assuming she knows. When did you last see her?” Brax looked thoughtful.

“She was…um I would say 2 maybe. I honestly can’t remember Charlie, Tegan never brought her around much, not that Tegan ever came to the house, but when I went to meet her Darcy was always at her grandmothers. I am going to kill Tegan when I get my hands on her” Charlie rubbed Brax’s arm soothingly.

“She’s gone Brax and Darcy is now the priority” Brax sighed nodded and allowed Charlie to lead him to the table where he would find his daughter.


“Hey Darcy, look who I found” Darcy looked up quickly when she heard Charlie’s voice, she liked Bianca a lot but she would much rather Charlie be here.

“Is that daddy? Charlie” Charlie sat down in the booth next to the little girl and nodded.

“Did you mummy tell you much about your daddy?” Darcy shook her head.

“Mummy didn’t like daddy cause she said daddy likes pigs” Charlie grimaced at that as she knew what it meant.

“Well my little lady, I would like you to meet Darryl Braxton, he’s your daddy” Darcy looked at the man who was holding hands with Charlie.

“Hi Darcy” Brax said smiling; Darcy gave a small smile and held out her hand for him to shake.

“Hi daddy” She said as Brax shook her hand.


What did you guys think? (:

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Chapter Nine:


Charlie lay quietly in Brax’s arms thinking the last week over, since Tegan had come to Summerbay to drop that bombshell so much had changed, for nearly a whole week Charlie and Ruby had been staying at the Braxton house to try and help out but nothing seemed to be working or even changing.

Allie still didn’t like Charlie, the teenager constantly stomped around the house making smart comments, she hadn’t taken the news about Darcy to well and when Charlie finally went to talk to her about it Allie refused to listen. Charlie was running out of ways to get through the teenager.

Darcy was still unsettled and spent most of the day clinging to Charlie, why? Well Charlie didn’t know but Darcy seemed to only calm down when she was safe in Charlies arms. This was mainly the reason Ruby and Charlie had been staying at the Braxton house night after night for a week.

Charlie looked up at Brax, he was sleeping and yet Charlie was okay with that as she was finally getting a moment alone with him, between the craziness of the last week, Brax and Heath had been at Angelo’s the majority of the time, when Charlie had asked Brax why he hadn’t been home the simple answer was the restaurant was booming and he was spending most the days going over paper work, ordering more stock and hiring more staff. This meant that Charlie never got a moment alone with the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and if a point had to be proven Ruby walked into Brax’s bedroom carrying Darcy who was crying hysterically.


“Mummy take her please” Ruby pleaded, yes she loved kids, she loved Darcy but the little girl just wouldn’t settle. Charlie quietly got off the bed and took Darcy into her arms, the young girl settled immediately and Charlie was grateful the crying hadn’t woken Brax.

“It’s okay Ruby, I’ve got her. I will call you if I need you” Ruby nodded slightly and left the bedroom quickly. “Come on Darcy tell Charlie why you were crying” Darcy buried her head in Charlie’s neck and sobbed quietly.

“Mum” Darcy muttered out which caused Charlie to sigh. Why did Tegan abandon the little girl? How could she think it would be alright and that Darcy would be able to go on, the young girl was clearly distraught. Charlie sat on the edge of the bed with Darcy in her lap.

“Baby you know that mummy was wrong to leave you, but you have daddy and me, you have a big family now little one” Darcy tried to move closer and Charlie could see the little girl was tired. “It’s okay baby, you go to sleep”

“Your the only one she will settle for” At the sound of Brax’s sleepy voice Charlie had to will herself not to jump because of Darcy.

“I know, but I don’t know why” Charlie looked up and meet Brax’s eyes, which gave him a chance to kiss her softly. “You know I always knew we would have to move in together, you know since we are getting married and all but I never thought it would have to happen right now, Brax we need a house together for Darcy’s sake” Brax looked shocked as he stroked his youngest daughters hair.

“Charlie we can’t just move in together for Darcy, we have to do it because we want to” Charlie sighed angrily.

“Well Brax we can’t live like this, I’m letting my 16 year old daughter sleep in a room with her boyfriend! Allie is defiantly not happy about sharing her room with a 4 year old and April. Brax we need a bigger house with more space, we are living on top of each other here. Darcy needs her own room, a room that lets her know this is where she belongs” Charlie let a few tears slide down her cheeks and as Brax went to wipe them away Charlie shook her head. “No I want everyone in the lounge room now it’s time we had a family meeting” Brax opened his mouth to protest but soon new it wasn’t worth the argument.


After laying Darcy down into Brax’s bed Charlie walked out into the lounge room to see everyone seated.

“Alright” She said shaking her head and taking a deep breath. “I may be pregnant but I think I have more sense than the lot of you” Bianca smirked at her friend and Charlie sent her a look. “We cannot live here like this anymore, it’s a four bedroom house and we have 9 people living here so we are moving into a bigger house and no one is going to argue with me about this, would you like to know why? Because you all know I’m right, you also know that there’s a little girl in that room right there was has been abandoned and clearly not coping, and see needs a home and a family who love her” Allie jumped up and glared at Charlie.

“We are not a family and I will not live with you Buckton” Charlie shook her head.

“Sit down Allie” Charlie said calmly, but when Allie didn’t sit down Charlie glared at her. “Sit your ass down Alexandra Braxton! I have had it with your attitude, you know I’m thinking of you as well or would you like to share a room with Darcy and April forever?” Allie stood shocked, but Charlie continued. “I’m trying so damn hard Allie but you are making it so difficult. I’m going to marry your father and I’m going to become a part of this family, we are going to be a family Allie so would you cut out the attitude” As Charlie stomped her foot as if to get the point across, she heard a sob from behind her and turned around to see Darcy.

“Angry?” Darcy said pointing at Charlie from where she stood; Charlie shook her head and quickly picked the little girl up.

“No baby, not at you okay?” The little girl gave a small nod and leaned into her protector. Charlie turned around and her eyes fell on Brax, Heath and Bianca. “Find me a house and now!” Charlie said as she fled for the bedroom with Darcy in her arms.


What did you think?

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Chapter Ten


Brax sighed as he plopped himself down at the kitchen table, he watched silently as Bianca and Heath looked at the computer screen, why did Charlie need a house right now?

“Have you guys found anything yet?” Heath shook his head.

“Nah mate none of these houses are big enough, or are big enough but not affordable” Brax shook his head.

“Just give me the ones you think will do” Brax sighed and buried his head in his hands, he did want to give Charlie a house, but he wanted to do it in time.

“How’s Charlie Brax?” Bianca asked Brax looked up.

“I honestly don’t know, she’s asleep with Darce, but I’m scared if we don’t find a house soon...” Brax stopped himself and shared a small forced smile with his brother and Bianca. “Let’s just find a house aye?”

After 2 hours of house searching the three adults had 3 possible choices, Brax took the papers into the bedroom to see Charlie stroking Darcy’s hair. Charlie looked beautiful laying there, her baby bump clearly visible now.

“Hello! Earth to Brax, are you in there?” Charlie asked giggling when Brax shook his head as if clearing away thoughts.

“Sorry was thinking of you” Brax said with a smirk. “We only found three suitable property’s baby, so you’re going have to choose from them” Brax said leaning in for a kiss when he gave Charlie the papers. “You know I love you very much Charlie” This made his fiancé smile.

“Oh Brax, I love you very much as well. Now you should be at work get going, I am going to choose us a house” Brax leaned in for one more long passionate kiss.

“See you after beautiful” Brax said as he closed the door behind him.


Charlie looked down at the papers in her hand, this is what she wanted, to live with Brax to become a proper family. Running her hand through her hair Charlie lifted the first piece of paper.

Propriety one:

7 Bedrooms.

2 Bathrooms.

1 Lounge room.

1 Small kitchen.

Big backyard.

Charlie shook her head, ‘This won’t do, we need a bigger house with more bedrooms, a least one more bathroom and defiantly a big kitchen’ She thought to herself as she giggled, Charlie couldn’t cook but she knew Brax could.

Moving on to the next house Charlie picked up propriety number two, immediately she frowned.

Propriety two:

6 Bedrooms.

2 Bathrooms.

1 Big kitchen.

2 Lounge rooms.

Charlie sighed angrily, from the moment she picked up the paper she knew this wasn’t the house, this one only had 6 bedrooms! ‘Seriously?’ Charlie thought to herself as she picked up the last piece of paper. ‘Please be the one’ Charlie thought.

Propriety Three:

7 Bedrooms.

2 Bathrooms.

1 Small kitchen.

1 Lounge.

Charlie was angry as she picked all the paper up and scrunched them into a ball. ‘Maybe moving in together just isn’t an option right now’ Charlie thought to herself as she looked down at a sleeping Darcy. ‘Why can’t it just be easy?’


Charlie had been sitting in the bedroom reading silently when she heard a faint knock at the door. ‘Just great, what is it now?” Charlie thought as she closed her book a little.

“Come in” Charlie called almost silently, Allie poked her head through the door and Charlie sighed. “Allie” But before Charlie could say anything else Allie gave a small smile.

“I’m not here to argue I actually brought you something, I heard dad only brought you 3 property choices, well I found another. Would you take a look please?” Charlie gave Allie a wary smile but nodded.

“Okay” She said taking the piece of paper from Allie’s hand and patting the bed, Allie sat and gave Charlie a smile.

“I know it’s a little out of the price range dad set, but who hasn’t heard of a loan? I mean dad should know what one of those is! Plus it has everything you want” Charlie nodded and continued to read.

‘8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 lounge rooms, big kitchen and a pool’ Charlie smiled slightly until her eyes caught the price and then she frowned.

“Allie it’s expensive” Charlie said.

“I know, but daddy has money you know that and you know I actually thought he knew what a loan was! Plus we have Uncle Heath and” Allie drew in a deep breath. “Aunt Bianca will be living with us” Charlie smiled.

“Did you just call Bianca Aunt?” Allie gave a shy smile.

“Uncle Heath will marry her eventually and well it might make him happy, but what do you think Charlie?” Allie asked.

“I will talk to your father about it, but I am sure we can work something out” Charlie expected Allie to say something so when she didn’t Charlie looked up from the paper and saw Allie looking quietly at Darcy. “What’s wrong Al?”

“Daddy is going to love her so much, he already does” The teenager breathed out.

“Just as much as he loves you” Allie shrugged.

“I’m trouble” Charlie laughed and Allie looked at her.

“You’re his daughter Allie, and no matter how much trouble you cause, he will love you to the ends of the earth” Allie gave a smile as the bedroom door began to open to revel Bianca. “Allie sweetie, could you give us a moment” Allie climbed off the bed.

“Sure Charlie, see you after. Hi Aunty Bianca” Allie said as she walked out leaving Bianca in shock.

“What did she just say to me? Is that some kind of new threat?” Bianca said sighing disapprovingly, Charlie only giggled.

“I think Alexandra Braxton is slowly coming around B” Bianca smiled at Charlie.


When Brax came home from work that night he was surprised to find Charlie sitting on the couch reading, she was usually tucked up in bed when he came home.

“Hey baby, I thought you would be in bed” Charlie only shrugged and lightly kissed his lips.

“No I wanted to see you, you know as my soon to be husband you’re not around much” Charlie said laughing quietly, but before Brax could say anything she continued. “Allie found us a house”


Come on guys, review it (:

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Uhm....I dont agree with Heath's punishment at all. Smacking his niece, Ruby and April....sorry I just didnt find it acceptable at all. :unsure: Smacking a child is bad enough, but 3 teenage girls, who are not your own?? :blink: Little Darcy is cute. Chax's family is getting very big, very fast! Sounds like a very big house as well!

Update soon.

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