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Blood & Sand!

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Story Title: Blood & Sand!

Type of Story: Long Fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Home And Away.

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax & Others.

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst & General.

Spoilers: Not Sure Yet, will warn at start of chapter if any.

Any Warnings: Sexual Scenes/References, Violence, Language, Drug Use/References.

Summary: She's here to stop there wedding, but who is she? Why is she angry? Why does she matter to the Braxton's? She's there hidden secret!

Chapter One:

Charlie walked into the diner ordered her usual morning coffee before turning around to see if she could see her bridal party, seeing them in the corner of the room Charlie walked swiftly over to meet them.

“Hey guys, are you hiding from Colleen? All I wanted to do was order a coffee and well now I know every detail of what she is wearing to my wedding let me tell you it’s not pretty” She said sitting down with a plop, it was an extremely hot day which meant she had no motivation, and no energy to put up with the gossiping Colleen, Bianca sighed and looked towards Colleen she knew exactly how Charlie felt.

“Hey Charlz” Ruby said giving her mum a small smile. “You’re late! Did Brax keep you up late last night?” Ruby asked with a grin and raised eyebrow. Charlie gave her daughter a disapproving look, which only sent Ruby and April into a laughing fit.

“Seriously Charlie what were you and Mr Braxton doing?” Bianca giggled flashing her a sneaky smile.

“Actually Colleen is who held me up you dirty minded people” She said giggling herself, when the flash of gold caught her eye. Charlie looked up to see confident young girl heading towards them, she wore a white singlet with a gold vest and white shorts, which Charlie might say were very short, but the gold that was flashing in Charlie’s eyes wasn’t from her gold vest or sandals, but was from her expensive looking gold sun glasses that were sitting nicely on top of her blonde hair that was flowing loosing over her shoulders.

“Charlotte Buckton?” Charlie couldn’t speak she was still shocked by this teenager that was standing in front of her, she reminded her of someone but Charlie couldn’t quiet put her finger on who.

“She’s soon to be a Braxton actually” Ruby said smiling at the girl in front of her. “Who are you though?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. Ms Buckton I am only going to say this once stay away from Darryl Braxton from now on his off limits, you will never be a Braxton, do you get that?” Charlie felt a hint of anger burst through her body.

“Who are you to tell me whether I will be a Braxton or not?” Charlie asked standing her ground.

“Like I said it doesn’t matter who I am, I am just warning you to back off, your nothing but a toy to him and soon you will realize that, the Braxton’s don’t do marriage” Bianca looked over at the teenager.

“Well excuse me when I bust your bubble, but Brax and Charlie are getting married in a couple of months and who are you to do anything about it?” The teen looked over at Bianca with a sly smile.

“I am Allie, Alexandra Braxton and I have all the say in the world on who the Braxton brothers marry and the oldest brother will not be marrying you” She said with a confident smile before pulling down her sun glasses and breezing out of the diner.


Who is Alexandra Braxton?

Review guys, the more reviews the more chapters (:

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Chapter Two:

“Who the hell was that?” Charlie almost shouted only controlling herself at the last second, she didn’t want the whole diner to know what was happening especially Colleen.

“Alexandra Braxton!” April said matching Charlies tone, Charlie turned to face her.

“Alexandra Braxton? Brax has never mentioned her, has Casey?” Charlie asked looking at Ruby, Charlies daughter shook her head.

“Never, Charlie maybe she was just joking I mean she could just be jealous. I know she looked young but everyone wants themselves a Riverboy” Charlie shook her head.

“No, she wouldn’t lie about being a Braxton if she wanted to be with a Braxton”

“She wasn’t lying about being a Braxton” Charlie looked towards Bianca.

“What? What do you mean” Charlie asked giving her an odd look.

“She had a Blood & Sand tattoo, on her wrist just above the palm of her hand, she has to be a Braxton” Bianca said giving Charlie an odd look back.

“She could just have a tattoo not all the Riverboys are Braxton’s” Charlie stood up and grabbed her bag.

“Charlz where are you going?” Bianca asked looking up at her best-friend.

“To see my husband to be, to figure out who Alexandra Braxton or not is” April looked towards Charlie; April thought of Charlie as an aunt she was nice and caring but at the moment she looked almost dangerous.

“Are you sure you should Charlie?” April asked hesitantly, she wasn’t really sure if it was her place to say anything but she didn’t want to see Charlie say anything to Brax that she would later regret.

“I’m sure April, aren’t you guys wondering who this Alexandra girl really is?” Bianca stood up and grabbed her bag.

“Your right I am wondering, come on you two slow coaches where going to find Darryl Braxton” She said in a spooky voice as she giggled her way out of the diner.


Alexandra breezed into Angelo’s after leaving the diner, she was happy with herself she had come to Summerbay to get rid of Charlie and her plan was already falling into action, she couldn’t believe there relationship had gotten this far.

Brax turned around when he heard footsteps, almost dropping the glass when he saw the person standing there was Allie.

“What are you doing here?” Brax said putting the glass down carefully and walking around the bar to stand in front of the young girl.

“I’m here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life” Brax ran a hand through his hair and gave her a disapproving look.

“Alexandra” He started, but was cut off by her.

“Don’t Alexandra me, you cannot marry Charlotte Buckton! I will not let you daddy


The bridal party and Charlie came to stop outside the door of Angelo’s when they heard the name Alexandra being spoken; it was spoken by none other than Brax.

“Don’t Alexandra me, you cannot marry Charlotte Buckton! I will not let you daddy” Charlie gasped as her heart and stomach dropped, Brax was her father?


How will Charlie react?

Thank you all for the reviews and alerts, it means so much. (: (:

Review guys, the more reviews the more chapters (:

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Chapter Three:

Charlie couldn’t believe what she had heard, Brax had a daughter? Oh she was angry, actually she was furious! He had promised no more secrets and lies! Charlie was just about to tell her friends and daughter they were leaving when Allie walked out with the biggest grin.

“Wow Ms Buckton, I didn’t expect to see you here so soon. But now you know the truth he’s keeping secrets! Can you really be sure he isn’t keeping things from you?” Allie smiled at Charlie and as she walked past touched Charlie arm briefly. “Remember you’re only a toy and soon he will see he can find better things to play with” Allie grinned and strutted down the stairs into the Surf Club leaving Charlie stunned.

Was she really a toy? Is that really what Brax thought of her? Deciding she wanted answers Charlie stormed into Angelo’s to see Brax sitting on a stool.

“You have a daughter? Geez it was nice of you to share that bit of information with you wife to be” Brax looked up shocked, ‘Damn it Allie’ was all he could think.

“Charlie” Brax started but was cut off by Charlie’s angry glare.

“Don’t you Charlie me! We’re engaged Brax, why didn’t you tell me?” Charlie screamed at him, Ruby walked silently over to her mother and wrapped her arms around her.

“Please babe, I can explain” Charlie looked at him and then at Bianca who nodded her head.

“You need to hear it Charlie, don’t make rash decisions” Charlie nodded and turned to Brax.

“Go on I’m listening, it better be good”

“I didn’t tell you about Allie because I didn’t want to hurt her, I could tell you all about her life growing up but you wouldn’t understand it. Allie has had to watch many women come and go, most of them before she even got the chance to say hi. She doesn’t have a mother, she never has! Her mother didn’t want her and that’s part of the reason why Allie is the way she is” Brax took a deep breath. “I love you Charlie, but I love my daughter too, I was only trying to protect her. I didn’t want her to have to watch you walk out as well, but once I knew nothing was going to break us apart I couldn’t find a way to tell you” Brax walked up to Charlie, holding her free hand. “I love you, I am so sorry I keep Allie a secret, especially since you told me about Ruby” He said as his eyes looked over towards the 16 year old who was holding onto her mother tightly.

“I understand Brax, ooh at least I think and hope I do” Charlie looked into his eyes. “But you better not have any more secrets, including secret children” Charlie couldn’t help it she laughed.

“I don’t have any more secrets or anymore secret children Charlie, now I would really like for you to get to know Alexandra, she only 14 but you can tell she acts a lot older” Charlie nodded and she heard her friends mumble agreeing with him.

“Okay dinner at your house tonight” Brax nodded his head.

“Okay baby, Bianca April you can come. I know all about you and Heath” Bianca laughed nervously.

“Um yeah okay we will be there.


How will dinner at the Braxton’s go?

Review guys, keep them coming. Really loving what you guys have to say (:

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Chapter Four:

Charlie, Bianca, Ruby and April stood outside the Braxton house when the front door opened slightly.

“Oh it’s just you lot” Allie said opening the door completely. “I thought I got rid of you, hmm maybe you like being used” Allie said a Brax came into view.

“Hey baby, Rubes, Bianca, April. Aren’t you going to invite them in Allie?” The teenager looked up at her dad and shrugged.

“I’d rather not, not that my opinion counts much at the moment” Brax sighed and ran his hand through his hair as he watched his teenage daughter skip into the lounge room.

“Sorry about her come on in, Heath should be home in a few and Case is in his room Ruby” Brax said Ruby and April walked towards the bedrooms while Charlie and Bianca followed Brax into the lounge. “Time for a proper introduction, Alexandra this is Charlie my fiancé and Bianca your Uncle Heath’s girlfriend” Allie looked up from the couch giving them a quick look over.

“You can both do better, and as for her being you fiancé it’s not happening” Brax glared at her.

“Don’t start” He warned.

“Don’t start” She said mimicking him, but didn’t say anything more as Heath walked through the door and kissed Bianca.

“Hey babe, Charlie” He said before turning to his niece. “I heard you from outside, drop the attitude” She looked up towards her Uncle and nodded slightly.


Dinner came around quickly and they all sat at the dinner table Allie across from Charlie, Allie thought this worked well for her as she would be able to annoy Charlie.

“So Allie are you going to be attending Summerbay high?” April asked smiling, Allie shrugged but didn’t speak.

“Alexandra is a nice name does it mean something special to your dad?” Charlie asked smiling, Allie just stared at her not saying anything she was more concern about how she was going to be able to get rid of her.

“Do you surf? Maybe we could go surfing together, get to know each other” Ruby said looking towards Casey niece.

“Would you all stop trying to be nice, I don’t want to know you! I don’t want my dad to marry you Buckton! Okay get that through your heads you will not be part of this family” Allie said slamming her fork onto her plate.

“Alexandra!” Heath yelled she looked over at him.

“What Uncle Heath? I’m allowed to have an opinion and my opinion is my dad will not marry her” Allie said point a finger at Charlie.

“But my mum is going to marry your dad; she is pregnant with his baby! And all you can think about is yourself! My mum and me are going to be your family” Ruby said not realizing she just blurted out a big secret.

“You’re pregnant?” Brax said sitting rigid in his chair.

“OH MY GOD!! Ever heard of a condom?” Allie screamed jumping up from her chair.

“Allie please” Brax said but his daughter just stomped her foot and glared.

“You couldn’t keep it in your pants could you dad” Allie said before running off to her room angry and crying.

Charlie stood up and grabbed her bag, motioning for Ruby to do the same.

“I’m sorry Brax I can’t do this, I can’t marry you knowing your daughter hates me” Charlie said with tears streaming down her face as she ran from the house.


Will Brax get Charlie back?

Keep reviewing guys; I’m loving your thoughts.

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Chapter Five:

Just a quick note guys, the characters in the story are aged differently so here are their ages:

Ruby, Casey, April, Dex and the other teens will all be 16.

Allie is 14.

Charlie and Brax are 30.

Heath and Bianca are 27.


Heath knocked on Allie’s door and then slowly began to open it only to be knocked in the head by a pillow.

“Get out” The teenager yelled clearly not happy he was inviting himself into her room.

“No, we need to talk” Heath said sitting down on the edge of the bed next to his crying niece.

“No Uncle Heath I don’t want to” She said looking up at him with a pout on her face.

“Nice try little one but we have to talk” Allie poked her tongue out.

“I thought you would be all for punishing me” Heath laughed at her, and she wiped away her tears.

“Oh believe me we will get to that, but right now I want you to really think about what you’re doing Allie. Your dad loves Charlie, you can see that when you look at them, he wants to marry her Allie doesn’t that show you he is committed?” Heath looked at his niece but she glared at


“Uncle Heath, dad doesn’t know what love is” Heath cut her off with a look.

“Your dad has changed Allie, you haven’t seen everything he has gone through to be with Charlie, today instead of being happy and welcoming her into the family, you chased her away. Your dad is out there right now drunk, angry and very sad because the woman he loves told him she doesn’t want to be with him if you hate her” Heath took a deep breath and lifted his nieces chin so they were looking at each other. “She chose to walk out so that you could be happy, that’s the kind of woman Charlie is Allie” When Heath finished he noticed his niece was crying again.

“I’m sorry Uncle Heath” He nodded but didn’t pull her in for a hug just yet.

“I know little one but now we need to talk about your behaviour because it was unacceptable, there will be no surfing for 2 weeks, no computer and no friends over” Allie nodded quickly and wiped her tears away. “Oh and Alexandra next time you behave like that I will have your ass, that I can promise you, do you understand me?”

“Yes Uncle Heath I understand” The teenager replied slightly scared, she knew her Uncle was letting her off lightly but she also knew he could be very, very strict. Heath pulled her onto his lap and hugged her.

“And you will apologize” Allie didn’t move, Heaths only response to her not answering him was to stand her up and land a loud smack to her bottom.

“Sorry Uncle Heath” She said immediately. “I will apologize”

“Good you can start now, Bianca and April are here still” Allie rolled her eyes but with one look from Heath she started out the door.


Bianca and April glanced up when Heath came into the kitchen with his niece, there guests had offered to do the washing up after the tantrum that sent Charlie and Ruby running.

“Bianca April, Allie would like to say something” Bianca could see the teenager had been crying.

“I’m sorry for my behaviour tonight” Bianca nodded.

“Okay not to be rude or anything but Allie you really shouldn’t be apologizing to us it’s your dad and Charlie that you should really apologize to” Allie nodded her head.

“I know, but you were here for my outburst which makes me owe you one as well” Allie said as her dad entered the room. “Daddy I’m so sorry” Allie said, but Brax ignored her and left with yet another beer.

“Little one I think you need to talk to Charlie before you talk to him” Heath said as he kissed his nieces head.

“Um we better get going Heath, I need to go and see Charlie” Allie’s head shot up and she gave Bianca a sweet smile.

“May I come? I need to talk to her” Bianca looked sceptical.

“Don’t worry she’ll behave, won’t you? What did I tell you would happen if you behaved like that again” Heath asked looking at her, when she didn’t answer him so he raised an eyebrow.

“I will behave otherwise you’ll have my ass, just like you promised Uncle Heath” He nodded.

“Good girl, now my 3 favourite girl’s better get going” Allie went over and kissed her Uncles cheek. “Call me to come get you” She nodded and went to grab her bag.

“Bye Heath” April said as she kissed his cheek and hugged him, April had to admit Heath wasn’t a bad guy and since he began to date Bianca he watched over April to make sure she was always protected.

“See you later sweetie, make sure you behave for Bianca” He said kissing her head, April giggled and nodded as they broke from the hug and Heath went to his girlfriend. “I will see you later baby” He said kissing her passionately.

“Bye babe, I will call you tomorrow”


When Ruby opened the door it was clear she had been crying.

“What is she doing here?” Ruby asked rather rudely as she let them in.

“I want to talk to Charlie, don’t worry I will be nice” Allie said as she strode past Ruby and into the living room.

Charlie was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea it was clear she too had been crying but had now come to a halt, though when she saw Allie all those tears came back again.

“Please don’t cry Charlie, I not here to cause trouble I promise” Charlie looked up at Bianca her best-friend.

“It’s okay Charlz she’s not lying, Heath won’t be very happy if she isn’t good” Allie nodded her head agreeing with Bianca before taking a seat next to Charlie.

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved at dinner it was unacceptable and I know that. My dad has never had a relationship that has lasted this long, nor has he ever loved anyone. But it is clear he loves you and I’m sorry I destroyed that I want you to get back with my dad Charlie, I want him to be happy and I want you to be happy too. I’m so sorry, I was so stupid I promise to behave myself from now on and to not be so mean an judgemental” Charlie nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I know it’s going to be hard, but your dad loves you Allie he always will” Allie smiled at Charlie and leaned over and gave her a quick hug.

“I know he does, I was just being a spoilt brat before something Uncle Heath didn’t like too much” Allie said giggling. “Just wait till he starts on you two” She said looking at Ruby and April, who looked at each other.

“What?” April asked innocently.

“Oh I heard him, make sure you behave for Bianca” Allie said mimicking her Uncle, which cause everyone to laugh. “You should go see my dad Charlie” Charlie stopped laughing and sat up straight. “When I’m not there, it’ll be easier” Charlie nodded and grabbed her bag.

“Time to go see my husband to be, well if he still wants to be” Charlie said starting to get worried.

“Oh of course he does silly” Bianca said as she grabbed her bag. “I want to see my man so I will come, you three will be okay right?” Bianca asked looking mainly at Allie.

“Oh I’m on best behaviour, and April should be too Uncle Heath gave her a warning” Charlie laughed again and looked towards Ruby.

“Behave” Was all she said before she was gone.


A night in with the teenagers!

Will Charlie and Brax make up?

Thank-you for the reviews and keep them coming guys (:

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