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Cameron Welsh Quits

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Cameron Welsh has just Tweeted this

Thanks for all the support and well wishes. Working on HAA was a privilege - best 12 yrs of my life! Thanks all. As for future...We'll see!

Can't say I'll be sorry to see him go to be honest.

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I'm not happy to hear this as I don't think Cameron is anywhere as bad as it is made out.

Having just checked Twitter it appears he has left and Lucy Addario (?) will be taking over his position. It also says that Louise Bowes will continue as Script Producer, I thought it was Jason Daniel?

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Cam Welsh did bring a lot of good things to the show but wasn't a fan of the year long themes, especially 2011 being all about crime, drugs, violence and the River Boys and the way they made it seem sexy and exciting (kind of cheapens what happened to Charlie when they make out Brax and co are so hot and sexy because of their actions and so should be punished for their violence and crime) while the other storylines were not given the attention they needed. In the past few years, too much crime and violence has been excused and it's like justice doesn't matter - it's suppossed to reflect society (according to Cam Welsh), so justice should matter. It's a family drama and so the storylines should be more appropriate as is the message they send.

As long as they bring some balance back to the show with less reliance on violence and crime to make it exciting, I don't really care who is in charge. Also, less of the doom and gloom. It is possible to have couples stay together and keep them exciting and also to have exciting storylines without the need for criminal activity and violence, if the writers are good enough that is.

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I'm actually excited to see what Lucy has to offer the show ! Its time for Cam to go and give someone else a chance and give the show a breath of fresh air.....I would absolutely love if this girl was the best thing to happen to H&A :D

I've seen her credited as "associate producer" in a couple of episodes in 2011......I'm guessing this has been planned quite a while.

Just PLEASE GOD don't let her be absolutely rubbish, just when the show was on its way back to form. Does anybody know if shes produced any good work?

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