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For You Are The One (by pembie) - comments


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Oh My God !!!!! THAT was SUBLIME !!!!!, especially.............

 Even as I stand and watch you from the cover of this tree I can’t help but smile. I’m smiling because your smiling that smile that you used to give me when we first met. The smile full of hope and dreams and deep happiness that you so long for.

 But through that mask of happiness buried deep down I know you still love Brax. But as you walk closer to your future wife I can tell the feeling that you feel for him does not even come close to the love that you feel for the person standing waiting to make you their wife. I’m so glad I’m your daughter Mom I love you.

 Doesn’t he know not to come between two best friends? No man is worth that much. Sorry I nearly laughed then because it would seem you think no man is worth it seeing as today you have found your soulmate to be a woman. And why not I say all men are trouble. I just hope you will find happiness Charlie I love you so much my friend.

 Oh God I feel so nervous. I hope I don’t trip in these heels oh no what if I fall and get tangled in this beautiful wedding dress? That would be so embarrassing what if I can’t stop blushing when I see her? Oh God I can’t believe she has come back and she still wants to be with me.

 Aww look at Rubes she’s so excited for me. I can’t help smiling back she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Oh and there is Bianca we two will be best friends for life. Thank you for being there for me to help me through my broken heart.

 but it is you I must thank most of all as I take your hand in mine and lift your veil back. For you are the one who came back into my life and showed me the true meaning of love. I never feel like I need to put barriers round myself for protection or try and impress you. Because I know you love me for me just like I do with you. I let my eyes wander round at all our friends it is then I spot him leaning up against a tree. Brax eyes meet mine for a few seconds both of us thinking of past times and what could have been. Then Brax turns slowly and disappears in the cover of tree. I turn my head and look into your beautiful eyes.

“I love you Charlie” I hear you say. I lean forwards and move in for a kiss just as our lips are about to touch I say quietly for only you to hear.

“I love you Joey my soon to be wife.”

Will admit that I thought for a while there that it was Charlie & Bianca getting hitched !!!!

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