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In the Adult World (by Red Ranger 1) - comments

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I dont know how I missed the first two, but I'll definately be checking them out when I get time! Love the Romeo/Ruby pairing! :D Indi and Xavier is a surprising pair, but for the little I read of them, I seem to like it! Romeo is going to ask Ruby to marry him! :wub: I hope she says yes.

Update soon :)

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ACE opener !!!!!, especially.............

 Indi looked at her glass of orange juice without much enthusiasm.“I can’t believe you two managed to drink this stuff for nine months,”she remarked to Ruby and Matilda,“I’ve got another three months of it and I’m already dying to cut loose.”She noticed Xavier looking at her warningly.“Not that I will.”

 “Well, yeah.Morag was married to Ross, who was my grandfather I guess, and she’s your grandfather’s sister so that makes us…”Ruby floundered.

“Step-second cousins,”Matilda supplied.

“Right!We’re practically brother and sister.”

 “I’m a firm believer in the tradition that the women have the babies and the men pick up the bar bill.”

 Romeo took a deep breath.“I’m going to ask Ruby to marry me.”

 It was about an hour later that Xavier and Indi arrived home.Since Indi had discovered she was pregnant, Xavier had moved in with her and Sid

 “You know what they say about pregnant women getting frisky.”

 “Do I have to see this?”complained a female voice from the doorway.

Xavier and Indi looked round at Sasha.Indi’s half-sister had come to live there a month previous, joining the Year 12 class of Summer Bay High, and was certainly making her presence felt.“I’m just showing your sister how much I love her,”Xavier replied with a smile.

WAAAAAAY looking forward to see where it goes.

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ADORED that, especially.............

 “You need to take her to the garage with you,”Matilda insisted.

Ric looked at her, frustrated.“Morag’s never minded you taking Elizabeth into the office.”

“But it’s not Morag at the moment,”Matilda reminded him,“She’s on holiday and this guy she’s got covering for her is starting.I want to look professional and turning up with a baby isn’t gonna do that.”

“What and having a baby in a garage is a great idea?Health and Safety would love that.”

 Matilda stood outside the office door for a long time, straightening her outfit, adjusting her hair and doing her best to look as professional as possible before taking a deep breath, putting a respectful smile on her face,

 “Yeah but…sometimes it’s easier just to do as you’re told.”He went over to join Romeo.“And besides… don’t tell Mattie but it kind of helps not having to pay for a childminder for once.”

“Because of this place?”Romeo asked cautiously.

 The ENTIRE scene featuring Ruby, Julia and Indi.

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