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GREAT opener !!!!!, especially.............

 April gaped at the large letter written at the top of the page in horror.“D?!But that’s not possible.I…I did loads of research, I learnt all the facts to do with the subject.”

“The factual content was good,”Simon confirmed,“But you failed to apply the facts properly.It’s no use knowing everything about anatomy if you can’t use it for correct diagnosis and treatment.”

 Something about the way he said it made April’s ears prick up.“You think I won’t?”

 Unfortunately, he’d forgotten that Heath was the manager there these days.And for some reason Xavier couldn’t quite fathom, he didn’t seem to like him.

 He could see someone sitting on a fence down by the beach and instantly realised it was April.Since her break-up with Dexter a few months earlier, he’d often seen her on her own.She gave off the air of being quite a solitary person these days.But something prompted him to head down towards her.

 Xavier sat down beside her.“So you often hang out on beaches on your own in the middle of the night?”

 “Want to swap?You can do essays on human anatomy and I can wait tables and get shouted at by River Boys.”

 “Well, you never know.Stick it out a few years and you could be running that restaurant.”Xavier laughed. “No, I mean it,”April insisted,“You might not be into the book learning but you’re pretty smart in your own way too.”

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Xapril! You have no idea how much I have missed these two in the show and even in fanficdom! I am so so glad that you are writing them together and on the plus side..there was Heath! :wub: I hope there is more of Heath soon in the story...even if it is just a few lines..

Looking forward to reading more Red :)

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LOOOVED that, especially.............

 “Woah, hang on, back up.Xavier?When did you two get back together?”

April seemed surprised at the comment.“We’re not.”

“But you’re going to the movies with him?”

“Yes, as friends.”

“Then why is it so important what you wear?”

April floundered for a moment.“Because…I’m going to the movies and I want to look my best.For me, not for Xavier.I don’t get a chance to dress up much these days, what with uni and coursework.”

“Okay, but why are you going with Xavier?”

“Because, well, he’s a friend.”April paused, as though considering the matter herself for the first time.“A good friend.We’ve kind of been spending a lot of time together these past few weeks, he’s been helping me take my mind off things.”

 She smoothed out some of the creases in his shirt, earning herself a scowl from her son in the process.“I’m sure April will be pleased you’re going to this much effort for your date.”Xavier opened his mouth to respond. “Yes, I know,”she continued before he could,“It’s not a date.”

“It’s not,”Xavier reiterated.

“So if it’s not a date, why did you borrow my aftershave?”John called over from the kitchen.

“Because…because I’d just shaved?”Xavier suggested rather feebly.

“Likely story,”John retorted with a snort.

 “It’s okay, Mrs.Palmer,”April interceded,“Xavier and I are just going to the cinema as friends. Complimenting each other’s appearance is entirely optional.”

John gave an ironic laugh.

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