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Forever Yours (by Danni02) - comments


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Just logging in quickly so that I can comment on all that I've caught up on. Crazy week...

Love your story and writing!! You update so frequently and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who is very grateful.

Glad that Ruby is getting supported by her mate and that at present it seems that he is just being friendly and not pushy which is nice.

Really feel for both Brax and Charlie but seriously Brax has been properly harsh and rude to Charlie and the drinking...you have got me concerned with that especially at little Jacob seeming to be scared of his Daddy :(

Hoping that looking after the girls wakes him up a little to the situation and he actually softens and he and Charlie talk...Please don't have him cause injury to the girls....think Charlie would walk if he did.

Love writing though - Thank you so much :wub:

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Good Chapter.

Brax is acting like a jerk at the moment. I'm not sure Charlie made the right choice with leaving the babies with him. His just not in the right head space at the moment.

I bet Matt felt waaaaaaaaay awkward walking in on Ruby in the shower I bet that woke him up :lol:

Look forward to seeing what happens next.

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Ruby and Matt's bit added the comic relief to these chapters -the much needed I might add. Sounds like something is going to happen between these two.....

Intense or what?? Brax really needs to wake up and see his actions are tearing him and Charlie apart; drinking whilst looking after the twins and leaving Riley to cry her heart out when she has colic and a dirty nappy- if DOCS got wind of that he'd have more than Charlie shouting at him. I feel so sorry for Jacob, he knows his mummy is upset and he knows his mummy and daddy are shouting at each other! I don't blame him for been scared of Brax. Cheryl doesn't seem to be helping matters either; she should know better, but then again, it is Cheryl. Bianca seems to be the only other person (other than Ruby) who is helping Charlie and offering her the support she needs. I hope Charlie packing her bags makes Brax see what he is doing is pathetic and stupid; I know his little brother is dead, but at the same time, he has his two very young daughters to think about.

Update again soon please Danni, these were amazing! :D

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