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Shock that I’m on Ruby’s side re the whole wedding thing and, man, that was soooooo anguishing with Charlie !!!!!

LOOVED that,especially ......

 Charlie tightly wrapped the towel around her body before she walked through to her bedroom and opened her drawer, pulling out some clean underwear. She let the towel fall to the floor and she put on her panties, before she lifted up her bra. “Hey, Charlie I just -”

“No, get out” Charlie yelled as she quickly picked the towel up and wrapped it around the lower half of her stomach.

“Okay, so firstly” Brax started. “I’ve seen you naked plenty a time so I don’t know why you are freaking out and secondly, you’ve left your breasts showing, but covered you bum, while you have underpants on. It doesn’t make sense”

“It’s not about seeing me naked” Charlie exhaled. “Well, it is...or well a part of me” Charlie looked down as Brax moved closer to her.

“Charlie” Brax shook his head immediately knowing what Charlie was referring too. “I’ve told you already, your scar isn’t going to make a difference to me”

“You’ve not seen it yet” Charlie said sadly.

 “It’s not just the scar” Charlie shook her head. “I still have baby weight, my stomach is all flabby and I have stretch marks”

“Yeah, but look what we got” Brax smiled. “Don’t you think having the girls are worth it? And you’ll lose it all soon enough. Not that it would matter if you didn’t. I mean, I’d still find you attractive and stuff”

Charlie smiled lightly at Brax. “I’m lucky to have you” Charlie said as she dropped the towel, feeling confident enough to let Brax see her body. Brax smiled lightly as he pulled Charlie close to him and gently ran his hand over her scar, before he bent down and placed a soft kiss over it.

 Charlie exhaled lightly before she walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a red spaghetti strapped dress

 “You know what Ruby, these past few months I have tried my hardest to put up with this. Sudden changes in plans, cancelling on dinners, you’re knew ‘I’m better than you attitude’, but wanting to cancel our wedding” Xavier shook his head. “If you don’t marry me in September and then come to Bali with me” Xavier shook his head. “We’re done”

“What?” Ruby asked as she felt herself close to tears. “But Xavier this is my job”

“Then it’s time to make a choice. What’s more important to you?” Xavier asked. “You’re job or me”

 “They’re just so little and cute and they don’t want me to leave either. Look at their faces. They’re saying ‘Mummy please stay’”

 Charlie sighed as she looked once again down to the moses baskets, her two little girls sound asleep, not having a clue at the state their mother was in at the thought of leaving them.

Charlie wanted this night with Brax more than anything. It had been a long time since they’d been out just the two of them. “Two hours” Charlie sighed. “We leave them for two hours”

“That’s all I ask” Brax smiled.

“Okay, let’s go before I change my mind” Charlie said and she and Brax left the house, leaving Bianca with the children.

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Good Chapter.

I found Ruby quite annoying in this chapter. seriously she can't see the big deal about canceling the wedding? But saying that she does have a chance to go on a big tour so yeah I can see her point abit I guess. :lol: Glad Xavier put his foot down through but sadly I think Ruby will pick the tour over him.

I bet Charlie will drive Brax bonkers while she's at dinner worrying about the kids. :lol:

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Great chapter, brax is so caring, making charlie feel at ease about her body :) he is the sweetest guy ever. I also found ruby a bit annoying, she's stuffing xav around and it's not fair on him. Finally charlie is leaving the girls even if it is only for 2 hours. I feel sorry for brax coz he doesnt get much alone time with her. More soon please xx

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Great couple of updates! Loving Charlie in Mummy mode...bless her and love Jacob making sure he's still getting time alone too.

Brilliant writing...Brax trying to get Charlie out of the house and giving her support about her body changes is gorgeous!! Glad they are getting a date!

Ruby...that is getting very moody...Xavier is being harsh as well trying to make her choose but can't see this turning out well.

Can't wait for next update! Thanks so much!! :wub:

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Interesting chapter since I'm not entirely sure whose side I'm on.I can understand Charlie not wanting to leave the babies but I don't know whether the attitude's healthy or not;hope nothing happens while she and Brax aren't there.And I can kind of see both Xavier and Ruby's point of view: Ruby should realise that cancelling/postponing her wedding is a big deal but she did offer alternatives and Xavier stubbornly insisted on sticking to the original plans.Be interesting to see how it all works out.

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Great couple of chapters there! :D

Not gonna lie, was slightly disappointed that Brax didn't buy an engagement ring. Ah well, as long as he marries her one day...

Wow, im really not liking Ruby at the moment. She just seems to be treating Xavier so badly. I can understand her wanting to progress her career but to cancel/postpone her wedding is going a bit far. Hope she realises that before its to late.

Aww... Love Chax being all cute. Hope Charlie isn't to distracted on their date.

More soon please :)

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