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Great couple of updates

glad that Charlie finally let Brax in on how she was feeling

the promise ring :wub: Brax is so sweet

Glad that Ruby denied Matt's advances but she is drifting from Xavier hope they fix it soon

looking forwards to your next update :)

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Chapter 18 - I had to laugh at Charlie hitting Brax. :lol: I hope Charlie is ok.

Chapter 19 - It's so sad that Charlie had to have a hysterectomy. I love the names Paige and Riley. :wub:

Chapter 20 - That was such a cute chapter. I hope Brax is buying an engagement ring.

Chapter 21 - I hope Brax is looking at engagement rings. I feel really sorry for Brax.

Chapter 22 - I felt sorry for Xavier with Ruby not turning up. I can't believe what Brax did. Poor Charlie. :(

Chapter 23 - I'm glad Brax didn't mean what he did and that he is helping out more.

Chapter 24 - I love the idea of the promise ring. :wub: That was so nice of Bianca to get Jacob a present and card.

Chapter 25 - I'm glad Ruby didn't cheat on Xavier.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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That was cooooooooooooool, especially ......

 “Aww and I see you’ve dressed them the same” Bianca gushed as she looked at the girls who were both wearing the little yellow dresses that Bianca had bought for them.

“Just for their Auntie Bianca” Charlie smiled

 thankful that she hadn’t actually been to see them. Coping with Jacob and the twins was hard enough; she didn’t need Colleen to be popping round either.

 “Oh” Colleen said. “Eh well....and where is Brax? I hope he’s not leaving all this parenting up to you?”

“He has taken Jacob to the park, if that’s okay with you Colleen” Charlie answered.

“Yes, I suppose” Colleen sighed “Just as long as he is pulling his weight too”

“Yes, he is” Charlie answered.

 “Beside the fact I know my daughters cries, it’s always Riley” Charlie yawned. “Paige is always so content. She never cries, like I mean, never. Occasionally, if she is hungry but mostly she’ll just wait till I come too her. She is so easy, but Riley” Charlie shook her head. “God Riley. It’s a good job I love her, I tell you” Charlie shook her head. “She cries. All the time. If she’s not sleeping, that is. She just won’t settle at all”

 “Well at least let me watch Paige and Jacob for you” Bianca said. “That way you can ask the doctor about Riley without having the other two there as well”

 The WHOLE sequence involving Ruby ….in particular the speechless fans

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Great two updates,

Glad that Ruby's career is going so well, but it's definitely looking like loosing Xavier might be the price to pay if she wants this :(!!

Haha classic Colleen :lol:!!

Aww Bianca's such a good friend :)!!

More soon please :D

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Amazing updates Danni! :D

I'm so glad Charlie told Brax how she felt about the hysterectomy; and how she felt cheated because she couldn't bottle it up any more, and Brax's response to that was so :wub: The gifts were lovely and at least marriage isn't out of the question. I feel sorry for Xavier and hope Ruby realises that Xavier is still there, I know her career is kicking off but she'll find she'll loose those she can trust and fall in with those who she can't. Bianca is such a great friend, helping Charlie when and where she can. Colleen's interaction with Charlie :rolleyes: she never changes! Jacob is just amazingly cute! wanting to play pirates at 3am bless him!

Update again soon Danni :D

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