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Great two updates,

Glad that Brax and Charlie seem to have been able to sort through all their problems for the minute :wub:!! Loved the promise ring too!!

Glad that Charlie finally talked about how she was feeling about not being able to have any more kids and that Brax was so supportive :)!!

Ruby and Xavier, at the way their going at the minute, I'm not sure how much longer they're gonna last :(!!

More soon please :D

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As much as I don’t like Xave, I HOPE Ruby doesn’t succumb!!!

That was ACE !!!!, especially ......

 Ruby walked into the hotel room and placed her suitcase down on the floor. She ran over to the balcony door and pushed it open before she walked outside and stood on the balcony, overlooking the city. The sun was setting in the distance, and the sky was a lovely shade of pinks and reds.

 “Oh” Ruby said “I might actually see if Xav is available to skype”

“C’mon Rubes, you can see him when you get home” Matt smiled. “Don’t leave me all on my own” Mat pouted as he walked closer to Ruby, and touched her arm. “C’mon, my treat and everything” Matt pouted. Ruby smiled as she looked up at Matt, looking into his deep brown eyes. He smiled lightly as he flicked brown locks from his face.

“Ahh.....sure” Ruby smiled as she walked in from the balcony and closed the door. “But we can’t go out for too long we have a gig tomorrow”

 Jacob nodded before he slid under the covers and rested his head against Charlie’s stomach.

“I be careful on your tummy. It okay”

 “Sweetie we can’t play pirates” Charlie laughed lightly. “It’s almost 3 in the morning”

“But we’s have time to play” Jacob said sadly. “You’s busy wiff the girls all the day”

“Sweetie, Mummy still has time for you” Charlie said.

“No” Jacob shook his head. “You an Daddy been wiff the girls all the day”

 “Yeah, I know, but I think you are drunk enough for the both of us, plus I am diabetic so I can’t really afford to get stupidly drunk all the time”

“I’m not saying all the time” Matt slurred. “You’ve not gotten drunk yet since I’ve known you. I’m sure once in a while is fine”

“Maybe so” Ruby said. “But doesn’t mean I have to do it”

 “No” Ruby shook her head. “I like you as a friend” Ruby said. “Nothing more”

Matt sighed lightly as he stood up and placed his drink on the side table. “I get it” Matt said. “Cheating on your fiancé, it’ll be a big thing to do. I’ll wait till you’re ready” Matt said. “Because I know you want this” Matt whispered before he leaned down and placed a kiss on Ruby’s cheek. “Sleep tight beautiful” Matt smiled before he left the room. Ruby sighed lightly as she placed her hand over her cheek. She couldn’t deny she liked Matt, but she was sure it was only a silly crush that would soon go away.

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