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LOOOOVED that, especailly ......

 “Oh” Charlie smiled as she looked down to the boxes, one of them looking very much like an engagement ring box, but she’d learned from the past, not to get too excited just yet.

 “Now, don’t get too excited” Brax shook his head lightly. “It’s not what you think it is” Brax said, referring to the fact he knew Charlie was thinking it could be an engagement ring. “I’m not ready yet, for marriage, I mean. The thought of marriage still scares the crap outta me” Brax said before he took a deep breath. “But, this ring, is a promise ring, Charlie and it’s a promise that one day, I will make you Mrs Braxton” Brax smiled lightly at he opened the box and revealed a white gold bypass promise ring with 3 diamonds set in the middle.

“Brax” Charlie shook her head. “It’s lovely” Charlie smiled as Brax took the ring from the box, and placed it on her wedding ring finger. “Perfect fit” Charlie smiled before she pulled Brax closer to her and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Almost losing you, Charlie, it terrified me, and I want you to know that one day, I’m going to be ready for marriage, but until then, I hope that this is enough”

 Charlie shook her head lightly as she looked down to the ground. “I just....I feel empty inside” Charlie said as she let more tears fall. “And I feel less like a woman now”

“Aww sweetie of course you are still a woman” Brax said as he took her hand in his.

"How am I Brax? How am I still a woman?" Charlie cried.

Brax looked to Charlie, heartbroken at the sight before him. "Your maternal instinct" Brax began. "The way you look after everyone, and I don't just mean Ruby and Jacob, and Paige and Riley; but everyone" Brax took Charlie's hands in his. "That’s what make you a woman, not what’s inside you”

 “God Ruby, you’re only going away for the weekend what the hell do you have in there?” Matt laughed as he pointed to the rather large suitcase, stuffed full.

“Beats me” Xavier sighed. “Probably over the weight limit”

“A girl can never have enough clothes with her” Ruby said as she took the case from Xavier and wheeled it into the direction of Matt.

“It’s one weekend” Matt said again as he took the case from her and laughed.

“Shut up” Ruby laughed as she lightly his is chest.

Xavier cleared his throat. “Well have a good weekend in Perth” Xavier said as he took a step forward and gave Ruby a hug. He went to place a kiss on her lips but Ruby moved her head to the side and his lips brushed softly against her cheek. Xavier looked to Ruby confused before he stepped back.

 “I thought so too. And I won’t be offended if you don’t dress them in them at the same time” Bianca laughed. “I know you’re feelings on that”

Charlie laughed lightly as Jacob came running back into the room, proudly showing off his new pyjamas. “Aww sweetie you put them on back to front”

“Whoopsies” Jacob giggled. “You help me Mummy”

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You're updates are ALWAYS more than ok! Thank you so much!

Loved last two...Brax being sorry and getting involved and then building some confidence in himself was really nice.

Bless poor Charlie about her op...glad that she is opening up and being open about her feelings...hope they continue to support eachother about this.

I totally want my own Jacob!! He is too freaking cute and I loved Bianca with the present for him!!

Really loving every update and that they each continue to develop. Glad Brax gave promise ring and his feelings about marriage haven't changed wham bam style. (If you know what I mean). I'm ALL for marriage but feelings don't magicially change and I'm glad and love that you show this. I hope they do... but I am definitely enjoying the journey :wub:

Ruby...tut,tut,tut.... she best not be a cheater! Looking that way though..hope that she can either be honest with Xavier or give the guy some time at least.

Looking forward to next update! Thanks

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Bianca was really nice here. Glad that Jacob is not forgotten. :) It looks like Charlie and Brax are slowly getting into their routine, great for them! :) Amazing story Danni, can't wait for more.

I am happy Charlie told Brax about her feelings. I hope she believes him when he tells her she is still an attractive woman. He still loves her so much, and he should... she is the mother of his kids. It is so great to see how Brax thinks of Jacob as his son. I don't think he will ever love him less than the twins. :)

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Had several pages and chapters to catch up on.Liked that Xavier was there for Charlie when she went into labour but starting to look like Ruby might be going to mess him around...Nice touch that, even with the possible wake up call of not being Charlie's next of kin, Brax hasn't done a complete U-turn with his feelings.Charlie and Brax struggling to cope with being new parents is well-written. Lots of interesting plot developments going on and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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